Sannsynligvis det mest populære og mest kjente kasino spillet noen gang spilt i både ekte og virtuelle kasinoer. Et ganske enkelt, roulette, klart og godt vinnende spill tiltrekker et bredt utvalg av spillere med både minibanker og kasinospill med tusenvis av euro. I det minste er det en fin måte å tilbringe tid på å vente på en formue og håpe på seier.

How to play roulette? Rules:

They are simple. The goal is to guess on which number the ball will stop. Not only a particular number is possible, but other combinations are divided into internal and external ones.

To help you understand the bets and how much you can win, we have used some visual tools. The picture below shows various bets, and there is a detailed description of each number below the picture.

martingale system strategy roulette casino online

Inside bets:

  • Single number. (No. 1 in illustration)
  • Split. (No. 2)
  • Street. (No. 3)
  • Corner/Square. (No. 4)
  • Six Line/Double Street. (No. 5)

Outside bets:

  • Column bet. (No. 6 in illustration)
  • Dozen bet. (No. 7)
  • Low / High. (No. 8 and 9)
  • Red or black. (No. 10)
  • Even or odd. (No. 11 and 12)

Roulette Odds

How to play roulette: when you bet on a single number (No. 1 in the illustration) you are at significant risk, but the winning is also a significant 35:1. You can choose digits from 0 to 36 (depending on the type of casino can be 00). The odds of winning are 1 out of 38 in American type or 1 in 37 European type. If you have a happy number or a few of them - why not? To increase your bet 35 times is an excellent proposition.

More chances to win are when betting on two numbers (No. 2). It could be two adjoining numbers in different rows or adjacent ones. The online casino roulette odds of winning are twice as high compared to betting on one number which is 2 of 38 or 37, depending on the type. As the odds grow, and the winning is twice lower than betting on one number. Payout in case of success 17:1.

Corner/Square (No. 4) – this is a bet around one corner (4 digits). A chance to win 4 out of 38 or 37. Payout in the event of success 8:1. Those who want to win a little more - bet on the street (No. 3) (3 numbers in one line). Payout in time of success is 11:1, and the odds of winning are slightly higher - 3 out of 38/37.

Line (No. 5) there is a bet on 6 numbers touching the selected line. There may be bets and on 5 numbers if placed on a line at 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, and four numbers if it is European. The standard 6-number line allows you to win a 5:1 ratio and the probability of a victory is 6 out of 38/37.

Dozen bet (No. 7) is divided into three categories: from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 25 to 36. The probability of winning is considerable (12 out of 38/37), in case of success 2:1 is paid. The odds are good for winning, so a dozen is quite popular among gamblers. Similar are betting on the columns (No. 6) (there are also three columns, odds of the victory and payout are the same). By betting for a particular column, you guess that the ball stops on the number that is in the column you selected.

Low / High (No. 8 and 9), also called small and big numbers, gives you a chance to get a payout of 1:1, and the odds of winning are the same as for even or odd, only that the probable number is from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36.

Red or black (No. 10) or even or odd (No. 11 and 12) gives a lot more chances to win, but the wins are also far lower. The odds of winning are 18 out of 38 if you play American type (or 18 out of 37 if you play the European), which is almost half, but the payout is only 1:1 (you will get the double size of your bet amount). This type of bet suites for various winning systems or to play without the risk.

Casino Roulette Online

It is interesting both when playing at a gambling house or while sitting at home or on a trip with an internet-connected device that supports the online casino page. To play roulette online is so popular that millions of gambling fans around the world are playing at the same time. The whole game is necessarily the same, and just place is different.
Modern technology allows you to enjoy the Roullete casino just like playing in real gambling houses. Cameras broadcast directly to the crowd, and live gaming becomes possible. The ball throwes into the casino online roulette wheel, and the wheel itself like in reality, rather than using a virtual random algorithm. It feels as if you are in a casino, you do not need to put your foot outside your home. Besides, many casinos allow you to keep in touch with the crowd or other players. Isn't that great?

rolette casino

Like any other gambling game, can have a unique best roulette strategy to win that depends on your willingness to win and the choice to take more risk or protect your money. Some people create their strategies, combine various established theories and search for an ideal option, others take advantage of the most popular ones and do not bother. We immediately announce that any strategy cannot guarantee 100% victory. There are less riskier or more. The higher the risk, the higher possible achievements. It is not obligatory to choose a strategy, you can play and use intuition, especially if you come to the casino to have a good time and not necessarily win.

Roulette strategy to win

how to win at roulette rules tips

Very often the Fibonacci sequence, Labouchere, Martingale roulette systems are offered, and many people believe in fortune and pick one single number on which they bet many times in a row. However, methods are more often used not for big betting bets, but for payout combinations 1:1 or 2:1.

Fibonacci sequence – is a sequence of numbers, each of which is equal to the sum of the two numbers preceding it. These are not the numbers you need to bet on, and it's the amount of your bet. First, stack randomly as much as you want, and in the third bet already put the first two. When you lose, place the last two bets and when you win, return with two bets and bet again.

Labouchera sequencing system is a little more confusing. Here bets are made by selecting a random sequence and summing the first and last number in that sequence. So, first, create a random number of at least 5, for example, 3-6-1-2-4. Your first bet will be 3 + 4 = 7. If you lose, add the last bet to the current sequence, in this case, 7 and your new sequence will look like this: 3-6-1-2-4-7. Now put 10 because 3 + 7 = 10. In the event of winning, roll out the first and last number (3 and 7), continue to bet on the sum of the new first and last numbers (6 + 4 = 10). Repeat it ower and ower every time. The probability of making a profit with this sequence is quite high, but bets are often risky and quite large.

Martingale system does not have the same level of popularity in the list. Whenever losing, double the lost bet. When you win, you start over. This martingale strategy is advertised by many fans of guaranteed earnings, as it is almost impossible to lose (especially if you choose a bet on nearly 50% of the probability boxes). The biggest minus is the possible ceiling that practically all casinos have to offer. If you do not succeed many times in a row, you can break into the limit for the maximum stack, and you will inevitably lose, but the probability is tiny. Besides, the winnings are not very large, and the amounts that are under construction can be substantial.

Martingale system

As you know, there are different types of Roullete game (American, European, French) and all of these are table games.
Table games are perfect for those who like to play not individually but in a group. Many people can participate in the game, so it is a great game to play with your friends or get acquainted with other players.

American roulette

American type is what almost the equal as the European one, but here are two zeros: single and double.

european american french rouletteCasino Roulette Online

French and European roulette

There is only one zero in the European online type, so it is more attractive for players than casinos. French is forgotten, its table layout differs, as in the European one there is one zero only, but during the game, there is a kind of guarantor for an unlucky bet, half of the amount is returned to zero. It's attractive for players, but it reduces the profitability of the casino. So, it's best to look for a French type in an online casino, if you do not find it then choose a European one, every bigger online casino offers it.

Another essential criterion are the way to deposit and withdraw money. The more there are, the more convenient it is to you, your money movement is significant. The abundance of other games, bonuses are all additional features that we suggest you pay attention to before registering to a casino on the Internet.

online casino roulette

Roulette game tips:

  1. Always play European or French types, avoid American, extra 00 reduces your winnings and increases the advantage of the casino.
  2. Be sure to use the registration and first-payment bonuses. That way you will increase your capital right away. Be sure to take advantage of all the bonuses you are given by the casino, such as additional spins in slots, if you hit the luck, you can increase your winnings several times. naujienlaiškis

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