Scratch cards

If you have a hectic life but want a bit of quick excitement, online scratch cards are an easy way to achieve this. Online is an easy, stress-free and fast way to gamble. You do not need to put a lot of effort into learning any rules of play. Also, more or less all the best online casinos offer this type of game. There are several different types of online scratch cards, which you can even play for free. Read more about this in the article.

Scratch cards

How to play scratch cards

Once you get fingers on to that you do not have to wait long. Open an account with the best online casino, and you will be scratching your first scratch card within a few minutes. Just click on the game you want to play to buy your first ticket. Most of the games allow you to choose your bet so you can bet whatever is right for you. Even more, the higher the bet amount you play with, the more you win. Once you’ve bought the scratch card, scratch your way or use the automatic scratch feature that many of the games have.

Increasing popularity

Scratch cards were first introduced in the ’80s and immediately became a big hit. It was an effective way to win money without having to put too much effort into it. One big advantage was that the tickets were cheap and everyone could play without having to have any prior knowledge or strategies.

Online benefits

Gambling games producer such as Macromedia is making it on Flash and Java technology. It makes it possible to play and win even faster than with physical one. You also have the opportunity to let the cards scratch themselves, which allows you to scratch as many cards as you want at the same time. You choose how many cards you want to play, and the cards are scraped automatically for you. The casinos which offer online scratch cards have a large number of high wins and jackpots which you can win.

Hence, forget about going to the store to buy the tickets. In our online casino you will find all the excitement you need. For many decades, scratch cards have been a gambling favorite around the world. Although most people link them with the real tickets, scrape them with a coin. If you’ve ever scratched any scratch cards (and who hasn’t), then you know just how it works. The only difference is that it is both faster and easier to play in the online casino than it is in reality.

go scratch cards

Selection of scratch cards

Furthermore, the selection on the web is much more extensive. You can choose between over 80 different types. Each ticket is unique. And you can win huge wins if you have the luck on your side. In Scratch Diamonds you have four chances of winning, as in Golden Fortune. You can scrape a win of 10 000 times your bet – which means that the first prize is a total of € 200 000 if you play with the biggest bet. For a more untraditional scratch card experience, we can recommend plundering the Plunder the Sea from Microgaming, or a hunt for valuable jewels in Lucky Gems. Well known and good gaming providers such as Microgaming and OpenBet are programming it. So that you can expect top quality games. Visit the game lobby and look around, many exciting and entertaining scratching experiences are waiting for you!

Go scratch cards and play

Play at the best online casino and experience the best selections of online scratch cards and scramble a win that can make you a millionaire in an instant! If you prefer to play on the go, look for the mobile icon in the games lobby to see if the games are available on the mobile. And as usual, online casinos customer service is available 24 hours a day via live chat, email or phone if you have any questions. Isn’t that amazing!

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