Best Online Casino Rating List 2020

There are thousands of top online casinos on the whole Internet. They are all interesting, attractive, promising a fun time and significant achievements. But how to choose the best one from the thousands? Which is the most interesting, the most reliable, especially if you are a novice in this area? The SmartCasinoGuide team has set the goal of rating almost all online casinos, evaluating them, creating online casino ratings and a filter system to help the user to choose the best of them. In this article, you can find out more about the ranking of the best casinos 2020.

Not only the numerous criteria you will find below, but also the specifics of the country are taken into account in the evaluation of the casino. For example, in a specific country, we pay more attention to the top best casino sites that have served in that area, offering additional bonuses to players from that country.

We also are evaluating top casino sites that have best-rated licenses and the opportunity to deposit the money through local banks.

Online Casino chip colorOnline Casino List 2020 - How to rate and choose from TOP rated online casinos?

How to rate and how to choose Top rated online casinos - The best online casino list

Online Casino chip colorWhat are the main evaluation criteria for TOP rated Online Casinos?

We enjoy playing casino games a lot, so we are testing all the casinos ourselves. We test new games, as well as the new payment systems. That's why we have a good understanding of what a good and comfortable top internet casino is and why it is different from those which don't care about it.

We are investing real money in testing top internet casinos, we read the complicated rules of bonuses, challenge their support and evaluate how they solve our problems. That's why we understand the expectations of our visitors. And we want to help them to choose the TOP gambling sites that can meet their expectations.

The main best online casino sites for real money evaluation criteria are:


  1. Reliability
  2. Supply of games available
  3. Software
  4. Support
  5. Awards and bonuses
  6. Mobile version
  7. Live Casino

Online casino rating - Top rated online casinos and top casino sites Evaluation criteria

1. Reliability of Casinos Online

Reliability is the most important part while evaluating. When we evaluate this part we take into account the reputation of the casino and the website itself, together with the entire casino company that owns the website.

We give special attention to licenses and the duration of casino operations, e.g. how successful the company and the casino have been for years. We review the reviews given by the players on other websites and forums.

We evaluate the rules of casino games and bonus payouts, whether they are clear and clever. We also take into account withdrawal obstacles. We are not inclined to recommend you a casino website which, without giving clear reasons, will delay the payment of money, freezes players' funds, and so on.

The Best casino rating criteria - Reliability of Casinos Online and top casino sites online

2. Supply of games available

The bigger the game supply is, the happier the players are. However, it is important not only to have a wide choice of games but also to have them work smoothly.

We evaluate whether casino games work in the mobile version, as well as what the bet limits are. In addition, we evaluate whether the casino has unique gambling games.

There is also a great advantage - a constantly expanded range of games. We separately evaluate the main game groups and how the top best casino sites online are suitable for every game. The sort function in the top of our Best Online Casino Ratings List allows you to sort top online gambling sites according to the rating of a particular game. For example, you can find the best casino to play a Video Poker.

Our individually evaluated games include as follows: BlackJack, Roulette, Slot Machines, Baccarat, Keno, Bingo, Scratch Cards.

Card games: Texas Holdem, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, 3 Card Hold‘em, Red Dog, Tequila poker, High Low card game, 3 card brag, Pai Gow poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino holdem poker, 3 card poker, Oasis poker, Video Poker, Stravaganza.

The Best casino sites rating criteria - Supply of top gambling sites games

3. Software

Convenient and modern software has become a necessity.

Some casino companies are more focused on efficient management, while the others are trying to make the most of their services. Some offer a multitude of languages or configurations that allow you to use it without any problems.

However, not all company programs work on different operating systems, so they may differ between Windows and Mac. When choosing the best casino websites we pay attention to how often the program faces the errors, crashes and so on.

Frequent blunders indicate poorer reliability, while frequent updates are somewhat annoying. But there is a sign that casinos are concerned about the security and convenience.

Since 2019 we pay special attention to mobile phone versions, as more and more people want to enjoy casino games online on their phone.

Top Online Casino ratings main evaluation criteria - good Software

4. Client Support

The emerging problems must be solved here and now. For this purpose, there are help desks that make sure that the customers are satisfied.

The best casino online 2020 rating pays great attention to communication and that is what pleases us. It is very convenient to contact the casino using several methods. By phone, by email, live chat, Facebook or other social networks.

The more choices you have, the easier it is to get an answer to a question or to solve technical problems. It is even possible to ask questions in different languages.

We also evaluate whether the casino is communicating in polite manner, and is really trying to solve the problems, not just forcing a client to wait and be anxious about the outcome.

Top Online casino rating and top casino sites criteria - online casino ranking Client Support
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

5. Awards and bonuses

A variety of casino bonuses attract the players as well as us. Cash depositing, registration bonuses, free spins, gifts for new players are all a plus, which increases the attractiveness of best online casino in the world.

Bonus sizes and types vary widely, with 100% or even several times higher first deposit bonuses, cash bonuses or loyalty programs, promotions, etc. It is an opportunity to play casino with minimal cost and win without the risk.

We try to evaluate how the casinos are dealing with its players. Are they offering new and constant bonuses or award VIP service to their loyal players? What are the bonus rules, and how easy are they to implement?

Best online casino ratings evaluation criteria - Casino Awards and bonuses

6-7. Live casino and Mobile version

Nowadays it is no longer imaginable that best online casino in the world 2020 does not have a Live casino or a mobile version. Now it has become a necessity.

Trends show that more and more players are choosing a game for their mobile phone. And more and more players are playing Live casinos. If you haven't tried a Live casino online websites yet, be sure to do it. There you can chat to dealers, communicate with other players, while being comfortable in your chosen place. Furthermore, there you can feel the real casino atmosphere.

We evaluate the choice of casinos with Live games. Almost everyone has the most popular ones like Roulette online, Blackjack. But does a casino have an increasingly popular Money Wheel game or Poker games? Maybe they have a Poker room? An additional plus to the casino is whether it has Bet games or no. Among the most popular are games.

Best rated online casino criteria - Live casino and Mobile version - Live dealer woman

Online Casino chip colorHow to choose Casino Online?

Our selection and top rated online casinos evaluation criteria are clear to you now, but you do not need to play at all casinos. You need to choose from our best casino list or other casinos you know only one or several you want to try out. Thinking about how to choose a casino online, think as simple as possible.

1. Put your priorities

  • What do you expect from the online casino?
  • What casino games do you like to play?

Look for online casino ratings based on your favorite game. In our online casino ranking list, you will find casinos rated by the most popular casino games. Take advantage of the filter system at the top of our page.

  • Which deposit system is most convenient for you?

Perhaps it is important for you to make deposits using the Paypal system or in the Crypto currencies? If you want to play in the best online casinos with crypto, check out our Bitcoin Casino List 2020.

  • Does it matter to you the language of the casino webpage?

Perhaps it is important for you to have a page in a specific language?

Top rated online casinos - Best online casino top gambling sites for real money awards

  • Are you looking for the best casino bonuses?

You can choose the casino that offers the biggest bonus. But don't rush to choose attractive promotions or registration bonuses. Always read the extra terms and conditions that aren't usually interesting to inexperienced players. 

If your personal criteria are not important to you, we recommend choosing our first-rank best rated online casino. You will be not disappointed.

2. Always check the Security and Reliability of casino

Security and Reliability of casino is still a very often debated issue.

Most of the companies are large, publicly listed (you can buy some of the shares as well) companies that are very fond of their reputation.

There is also a number of independent companies that test and inspect online casino top gambling sites. This is one of the pluses for the player. What’s more, those companies are created and licensed to protect the users by the law.

At the end of 2018, the UK tightened licensing conditions for online casinos. It is a significant step in providing more security and safeness for casino customers. We have also noticed that the safer and more reliable everything is, the more the big casinos themselves want to be as transparent as possible in the eyes of their customers.

Best online casino sites for real money - thumbs up - play best new online top internet casinos

However, every year hundreds of new casinos appear online. They are too new and too small to be properly evaluated. We are constantly looking for new, exciting casinos. However, please never risk the big amounts of money into the new online casino gaming sites. We recommend for you: test, play, but the precaution should always be taken with the new casino.

The casino does not have to go bankrupt to be unreliable. Some casinos have a very long id checking procedures. They take a long time to allow the withdrawals, hoping that the players will forget or gamble away the money while waiting for their money.

We have made our list of casinos that have been evaluated as unreliable for some reason after testing. Therefore, we would recommend that you avoid certain casinos.

Online Casino chip colorWhy have Online Casinos become so popular so quickly?

In the past years, the popularity of casino games grew extensively. It is quite clear that the highest merit belongs to the growing technology, the excellent Internet connection, and the young generation, which practically all have a mobile phone and can join the online world.

However, this is only one side of success, the other is the online casino itself. There is the possibility to play amazing games, from Roulette to various best Slots online, at a time and place convenient to you. No need to go anywhere or prepare for going out.

Online casino ratings - casino top gambling sites on smart devices

Sometimes a real casino is just an enrichment of everyday life, communication with other players. Sometimes there is live music or a party at the casino. But rarely things go so smoothly like that. Music may not be to your taste. It may be too loud and prevent you from enjoying casino games. So, in this case, online casino top gambling sites win unanimously. It is where you can find yourself comfortably in a convenient place for you.

Millions of players around the world are already familiar with the casino online. If you are just now considering the possibility to get involved and try it, don't hesitate. It is better to see it by yourself once than hear it many times.

Online Casino chip colorCasino Online Top vs Real Casino

Although we have already reviewed the advantages of the casino online, there is one more important thing to mention separately.

There are online casino games, which no real live casinos will ever match it. The best Online Casino Real Money has a wider variety and choice of gambling games. Top rated online casinos offer thousands of Slot machines online and all of them will be different. You can try them for free as well on our web page with Slots Demo mode.

Top best online casino in the world - top Gambling sites games variety in best rated online casino

Small European countries do not have huge real live casinos. Going to a real casino in smaller countries or cities you will find dozens of Slot machines, several standard Roulette tables, and several Card games tables, which will mostly include BlackJack, Russian poker, and Texas Holdem.

It is a rather poor choice compared to the online casino choice of 1000s different Slot machines, 20+ different types of Roulette, including such a crazy one as Lightning roulette. There are 20+ different Blackjack variations, a great number of Cards, Dice, Lotteries and other games.

Online Casino chip color Best Casino Online in your country

Those who want to play online can choose top rated online casinos that operate legally in their countries.

In our online casino ranking list, all the official gambling licenses for the best online casinos in the world are marked with an additional license number. So you can always check whether the casino is actually licensed. naujienlaiškis

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