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Gambling has been around us for ages and probably most of us like to do it from time to time. The whole gambling industry has been evolving really fast recently and nowadays people can make a bet for their favorite team or enjoy casino games in a matter of just a few clicks. Feel free to check out some of the best crypto casinos.

888tron coin trc20 trx cryptocurrency - 888 tron coin token - gambling cryptocurrency

But that is not all, there is a new wave coming into gambling space and it is crypto gambling. We would call that the ultimate gambling since you are not only making a bet but doing it by using cryptocurrency which usually has a very volatile price. In this article, we would like to introduce you to 888tron coin and 888starz platform which can really change the way you look at gambling.

888tron coin logo888 Tron token – what is it?

The whole cryptocurrency space can be quite confusing especially if you are new here so we will try to put everything as simple as possible. 888tron is a cryptocurrency based on the Tron (TRC20) blockchain which has some specific utilities such as staking, mining and yield farming.

TOP questions about 888tron coin
🕵 What is 888tron coin?

888 tron is a cryptocurrency based on the Tron (TRC20) blockchain which has some specific utilities such as staking, mining and yield farming.

🕵 Where can you buy 888 coin?

The easiest way to buy this coin is via JustSwap decentralized exchange

🕵 Where can you stake 888tron coins?

They can be staked in 888starz website.

🕵 What is 888tron price prediction?

Taking in consideration great staking and yield farming capabilities and if team continues to innovate this coin could really promise a return of 300-500% in a span of a couple of years.

🕵 888starz - what is it?

It is a complete online gambling platform which acts as a 888tron staking and mining platform while offering a sportsbook and a huge variety of casino games.

🕵 Is 888tron a legit cryptocurrency?

Yes, throughout the time it proved to be working as it should and the team continues to innovate in order to bring new features which can make the price go higher.

These utilities are something that adds value and it is really important to understand how they work before investing in this coin.

888tron coin logo888token mining in 888starz casino

The whole mining procedure of this coin is quite simple. 888Starz website works as a 888tron mining platform so that means you do not need any additional equipment to mine the coin except from having an 888starz account.

Once you make an account, every bet you make on the website will award you some 888 tron coins. The dollar amount of which you need to make bets to get 1 888tron is always increasing. At the time of writing this article a player would need to wager $100 in order to mine 1 888tron token. You can always see the amount of tokens that you have in the top part of 888starz website.

888tron coin logo888tron staking – earn passive income

Staking is probably the most exciting utility of this coin. You can earn passive income just by holding and staking 888tron coins. Sometimes staking cryptocurrency can be quite a difficult task but with this coin everything is really simple.

888tron staking earn crypto rewards

All you need to do is to hold your coins in 888starz website. Once they are there you will start earning your rewards right away. Staking rewards are being distributed every day in USDT currency which value is equal to US Dollar.

Currently, if those who are holding 888tron coins on 888starz website can earn 25.28% APY which is really high. It means that if you are holding $1000 worth of 888tron coins you will receive a $252 reward per year just for holding them.

888tron coin logo888 Token Tron Yield Farming

While understanding mining and staking of this coin should have been pretty simple, yield farming is a bit more complicated. By yield farming you can receive more 888tron coins but the question is how to do it?

First of all, to participate in yield farming you will need to install TronLink Wallet into your browser. Once it is installed and you have your own wallet, send 888tron coins to your wallet address or simply buy them via JustSwap.

888tron yield farming earn passive income

Once tokens are in your TronLink wallet you will need to exchange them for liquidity pool tokens. You can do so by selecting “Pool” in JustSwap and pressing the “Add Liquidity” button. Then just select the amount of 888tron and TRX tokens that you want to add to the liquidity pool and that is it – your coins will be delegated to a liquidity pool and you will start earning rewards for doing so. (Yes, you will need TRX tokens as well to add to liquidity. For example, if you want to add 10 888tron tokens to liquidity you will need to add 20 TRX as well).

Just remember that after providing liquidity your 888tron tokens will be swapped to 888tron LP tokens. They have the same value, but LP tokens can not be traded. If you want to trade the coins you delegated to the liquidity pool you will need to undelegate them and then they will be converted back to regular 888tron tokens which can be traded.

Also, it is important to mention that you can deposit 888tron LP tokens to 888starz and earn rewards not only for providing liquidity but also rewards for holding them on 888starz platform and it is a really good way of earning passive income.

888tron coin logo888 Tron – how to buy it?

If you are not mining 888tron then before enjoying staking and yield farming rewards you will need to buy them from the exchange. At the moment, the easiest way to buy this coin is via JustSwap decentralized exchange.

buy swap 888token justswap tron tokens

Before buying you will need to install TronLink wallet into your browser and create your personal wallet. After doing so, send Tron tokens to your wallet address (TRX cryptocurrency can be bought in most of the main exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.).

Once you have TRX tokens in your wallet just select Swap, choose 888tron token, enter the amount you want to swap and once the swap is complete you will receive 888tron to your wallet. After they reach your wallet we would recommend depositing them to 888starz platform so you can start earning rewards just for holding the coins.

888tron coin logo888 coin price

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile field where the price of each coin can encounter huge price movements in a matter of short time. 888tron is no exception here so before buying it remember that you are entering a high volatility market.

888tron price 888 tron token coin price

888 token should be consider as a small market cap coin since at the time of writing this article its MC is around $22M. Since it is a low market cap coin its price has a huge potential to go up. However, in order to do that, 888tron needs to be accepted and used in more places. If it continues to innovate that should be accomplished in a near future and together with great staking and yield farming capabilities this coin could really promise return of 300-500% in a span of a couple of years.

Also, you should know that the 888 token price moves together with the whole cryptocurrency space. If Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are up then this coin will move upwards as well so if you believe in crypto space as a whole then this should be another reason to invest in 888tron and earn some passive income at the same time.

888tron coin logo888tron and 888starz casino

As we mentioned before, holding your coins in 888starz website brings you great opportunities to earn some passive income so there is no reason not to do it. Besides giving you chance to earn some income 888starz acts as a complete online gambling company which offers you a sportsbook and a huge variety of the most interesting casino games.

So, if gambling is something that you enjoy doing from time to time then choosing 888starz could be a perfect choice. Buy some 888tron, stake it, enjoy yield farming and even if some of your bets lose, you can earn a lot of money back from 888coin utility.

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