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Developed by Forecast Foundations, Augur joined the world of prediction markets just a few years ago. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the Augur platform allows users to create a prediction market for any chosen topic. Read on to find the best Augur Casino which will meet your needs. You’ll also..Show more
Developed by Forecast Foundations, Augur joined the world of prediction markets just a few years ago. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the Augur platform allows users to create a..Show more

Developed by Forecast Foundations, Augur joined the world of prediction markets just a few years ago. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the Augur platform allows users to create a prediction market for any chosen topic. Read on to find the best Augur Casino which will meet your needs. You’ll also discover more in-depth information, Augur’s pros and cons, a short guide to Augur playing, and FAQs.

Forecast Foundation’s mission statement focuses on developing open-source protocols, oracle structures, and other associated technology systems. The main aim is to use these systems to help online markets that are solvent and trustworthy.

Augur is a decentralized platform where users are required to download and utilize the Augur software to access the platform. Users make their own transactions with peers via the Ethereum network.

There are two types of market including Categorical and Scalar. Categorical markets have a maximum of seven options. For example, ‘Yes’ or ‘no’ can be a possible choice. Similar to binary options, the winner takes all the profit. Scalar markets include multiple numerical outcomes.

Don’t miss your chance to try your lucky on Bytecoin casino. There are tips and strategies available online to help you maximize your winnings and minimize your losses. It’s important to gamble responsibly and set a budget for yourself before playing.

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Frequently asking questions about Augur friendly casino sites
❓ Is Augur legit?

✅ Yes, Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

❓ Is Augur available in all countries?

Augur is available in over 100 countries across the world.

❓ What Can You Expect To Find At Augur Casinos?

The Augur platform allows participants to launch their own events, set odds, and determine payouts.

❓ Who can use Augur?

Anyone who downloads the Augur software will have access.

❓ Are Augur deposits instant?

Augur casino deposits are usually instant.

❓ How long do Augur withdrawals take?

Augur casino withdrawals are usually instant.

❓ How secure Is Augur?

Augur has an open-source development infrastructure. It has a solid history of security audits as well as a bug bounty program. Augur wallets prioritize security by including 2FA, PIN requirements and regular security features.

❓ What are Augur payment method alternatives?

1inch, PlotX, Raydium, SmartDEX, Minswap, Dogeswap, Bancor, Saber, Cropper, Loopring, Serum DEX, Tokenlon, dYdX, DiversiFi, Opyn, ADA Finance, Balancer, Injective, DOEX, BakerySwap, PancakeSwap, DanaSwap, KyberNetwork, KyberDMM, APWine, Mango Markets, DexGuru, mStable, ACryptoS, MistSwap, Orca DEX, TangoSwap, Cream, AdaSwap, KwikSwap, Drift DEX, Orion Protocol, Alchemix,, HydraSwap, SnowSwap, Biswap, EverSwap, Opium Finance, Karura, Curve Finance, SpiritSwap, Venus, SeeSwap, Mooniswap.

augur casinoGeneral information about Augur

Company nameVISA Inc.
Company nameForecast Foundation OU
FounderJack Peterson, Joey Krug
Highest price:€118.81 per REP

augur casinoWhat is Augur and how does it work?

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Augur is a decentralized platform. The basic premise of Augur is to place bets inside the system. This can be done without control because the platform margin is lower than the bookmakers. Network control can’t occur as the platform works in a decentralized format.

The platform’s cryptocurrency, REP (Reputation), is used, and no fiat money is accepted. This makes it impossible to include the influence of other entities that might attempt to restrict activity on the platform. The issue of REP tokens equates to 11,000,000.

The gain and loss of REP are directly related to your activity on the Augur platform. Using REP, prediction markets can be created, outcomes can be disputed, and participation tokens can be purchased. REP can be obtained by purchasing from exchanges, reporting on a bet, or correctly disputing a bet.

Joseph Krug and Jack Peterson founded Augur in 2014 with the assistance Zack Hess. The InTrade prediction market closure in the US was the catalyst for their idea. Intrade became caught up in legal issues regarding financial non-compliance.

augur casino - augur is an ethereum decentralized application

Augur’s smart contract was established in 2015. One year later in Las Vegas, a code to the Ethereum blockchain was uploaded and system was launched. The irony of beginning operations in the gambling mecca of the US won’t be lost on most readers.

Since Augur is an Ethereum Decentralized Application, a Metamask wallet is needed for interaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

augur casinoOur criterias for selecting Augur casino sites

Take some time to read the top five factors that should be considered before deciding on the best choice of Augur casino site:

Withdrawals and deposits

Always have good knowledge of the casino’s specific requirements for withdrawals and deposits. Multiple currencies are usually accepted for deposits, but check to see whether the withdrawals are limited to certain currencies. A possible loss of cash winnings and unnecessary transaction fees can occur if REP isn’t accepted for withdrawals.

augur casino - very important to find licensed casino site

Casino titles

Even if a specific casino site boasts a decent selection of games you might discover that your choice may be limited. As it’s not guaranteed that all titles accept cryptocurrency. Always make sure that REP is universally accepted at your chosen casino.


Finding a casino site that is licensed and regulated by a recognized organization is very important. The casino site’s policy information should disclose this type of information. If these details are difficult to obtain, this should be seen as a red flag. Licensed platforms are thoroughly audited by an official governing body such as UKGA or MGA. You’ll be calm whenever you make financial transactions on a licensed platform, as your deposits and withdrawals are protected.

Bonus offers

Certain casinos will offer special bonuses and other promotions for crypto players. This incentive can boost your winning potential during gameplay.

Mobile compatibility

Finding a casino site that offers a high-quality mobile app should be a top priority. This allows players to place bets conveniently from any location. The app should include all the services and features that are available on the casino website.

augur casino - decentralized platform

augur casinoPros of Augur

  • Augur crypto’s issue is limited, with a total amount of 11 000 000. This will increase crypto prices when new members join the Augur network.
  • Augur prides itself on a navigable interface. Bets can be placed on an existing event.
  • The Augur platform allows participants to launch their own events, set odds, and determine payouts. This is a unique feature as it isn’t an option on all bookmaker sites.

augur casinoCons of Augur

  • Markets such as gambling could face legal issues from governments as the laws regarding operation are not always clear-cut.
  • Platform members need to be knowledgeable about REP currency and actively participate in market resolution to avoid penalties.

augur casinoA short guide to Augur playing

Read on to discover how to use augur at casino sites:

Choose a Augur casino from our list and register

Refer to our Augur Casino list to select your chosen site. You’ll need to follow the site’s registration process. Other popular crypto casinos include Avalanche casino.

Buy digital currency (Augur)

The Augur token (REP) is an ERC-20 token. REP can be obtained by purchasing it via online exchanges, reporting on a bet, or disputing an event correctly. Using a broker is usually the preferred choice for quick and efficient online trading. Once you’ve registered on the exchange platform, you’ll need to verify your account by submitting personal documentation.

Arrange your Augur

Instead of leaving your REP on the casino platform, store your REP in cold data storage for safety and security reasons. Always keep your personal key private. Ethereum software wallets such as Mist and MyEtherWallet are able to store REP.

augur casino - verify your account by submitting docs

Ensure you use the right deposit address

Before making the deposit, always ensure that you have enough REP tokens in your Augur wallet. Mistakes made with deposit transactions can often be permanently.

Deposit your funds and play

Follow the promotes for making a deposit at your chosen Augur casino site. Once the deposit reflects in your balance, you’ll be able to select a slot title and start playing.

augur casinoConclusion of cooperation between Augur and online casino

Based on Ethereum, Augur could be a leader in the prediction market. In September 2021, Augur set its sights on the sports betting market, with the intention of expanding its user-base. Augur is able to show optimal functionality and security against its competitors. It may become a recognizable force in the prediction and betting markets. Only time will tell.

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