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Online casinos are known for their wide range of payment options. Most players may not look at a casino if they don’t see their preferred method on the list. It doesn’t matter how amazing the bonus is; you won’t get it if you can’t deposit your money. Over the years, operators on all levels have..Show more
Online casinos are known for their wide range of payment options. Most players may not look at a casino if they don’t see their preferred method on the list. It doesn’t matter how amazing..Show more

Online casinos are known for their wide range of payment options. Most players may not look at a casino if they don’t see their preferred method on the list. It doesn’t matter how amazing the bonus is; you won’t get it if you can’t deposit your money. Over the years, operators on all levels have put great effort into including more monetary services.

While that was happening, cryptocurrency, namely bitcoin, began a rampage on the financial markets. It eventually became one of the most popular forms of exchange. Many popular digital retailers like Microsoft and Expedia have started allowing purchases made with bitcoin.

At some point, these two industries met, and now we have bitcoin casinos.

It’s the most convenient convergence players could ask for, and it’s here to stay. Due to its aggressive progression, it quickly became difficult to find a decent bitcoin casino.

Lucky for you, this article reveals solutions to that problem. Smart casino guide has the most comprehensive bitcoin casino list, and here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this niche entertainment.

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TOP questions about ₿₿₿ Bitcoin Gambling
₿₿₿ ▶ What Is a Bitcoin Casino?

A bitcoin casino is a term used for any casino that accepts bitcoin as a form of payment. There are a few casinos that exclusively take bitcoin. However, most casinos that do accept bitcoin will also have other forms of payment that it allows.

₿₿₿ ▶ How Does a Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Depositing with bitcoin is very similar to any other form of payment. The upside is that most casinos that accept bitcoin don’t have any transaction charges, and you can request withdrawals at any time. Usually, other forms of payment do carry transaction charges, and some can only be withdrawn at certain times.

₿₿₿ ▶ Are Bitcoin Casinos Legit?

You will find that most bitcoin casinos are legitimate operations. There will always be one or two scams, unfortunately. Before you sign up with a casino and deposit your bitcoin with them, you should do a little bit of research about the operation.

₿₿₿ ▶ What are the best bitcoin gambling alternatives?

Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance Coin or Tron could be good alternatives to Bitcoin if you would like to experience faster and more cost efficient transactions.

Find out more about XRP casinos at the XRP Ripple casino 2023 article.

₿₿₿ ▶ Do All Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

There are not many casinos that accept bitcoin. More and more casinos are starting to get on board with bitcoin, though. Eventually, many more casinos will accept bitcoin as a method of payment.

₿₿₿ ▶ How To Use Bitcoin At Online Casinos?

When you deposit bitcoin with the Casino, you will go to the banking or cashier tab and select bitcoin as the payment method. You will be given the Casino’s wallet address. You will then go back to your wallet, where you will paste the address and authorize the transaction. Once the bitcoin has appeared in your account, you can carry on gambling like usual.

₿₿₿ ▶ How long does it take to Cash Out Bitcoin from Online Casinos?

Cashing out any money from a casino is instantaneous since this means that you are changing your chips for cash because you are done betting. Withdrawing your bitcoin implies that you take the bitcoin out of your casino account to your wallet. This process takes a little longer since the Casino needs to process the withdrawal. Most casinos process withdrawals within a day or two, but it may take longer to reflect in your wallet.

₿₿₿ ▶ Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?

The legality of bitcoin gambling falls into a gray area because it’s not regulated by the government. Rest assured that it’s not illegal to spend your bitcoin at a casino. However, keep in mind that while gambling with BTC isn’t against the law, playing at an online casino in a restricted country is.

₿₿₿ ▶ Are there Exclusive Bonuses For Bitcoin Players?

Yes. One of the perks of playing with bitcoin is you get higher welcome bonuses – often 110% instead of 100%. Depending on the casino, you may find extra rewards for depositing BTC. Bovada, MBit, and Golden Star are among the best bitcoin gambling sites that give generous offers to bitcoin players.

₿₿₿ ▶ Is Bitcoin Gambling Safe?

Yes. As the only parties involved in your transactions are the casino and a blockchain service, it’s more secure than traditional methods. No one can get into your BTC wallet, so what you keep in there is always safe.

₿₿₿ ▶ Can I Bet on Sports with Bitcoin?

Yes. If the bitcoin casino has a sportsbook, you can definitely use it to bet on games. Some bitcoin gambling sites, such as 1xBit and SportsBet, offer many exclusive rewards for BTC players.

₿₿₿ ▶ What Is The Best Bitcoin Casino Game?

When gambling with bitcoin, especially if you’re a beginner, stick with the slot machines. The simple reason is that they do all the math for you. Things can get a bit complicated when dealing with tens of decimals. Playing sports or table games while not having mastered reading BTC values can easily confuse you.

Slot machines let you set betting limits, and will continue on with the same values. It’s a straightforward process that allows players to keep track of what they’re spending and winning.

Bitcoin-casino-onlineBitcoin Gambling Guide

Several factors can motivate a player to start gambling with bitcoin. They may have experience in online casinos, but are new to cryptocurrency, or vice versa. They could also have experience in both. Ideally, you should have some expertise in either gambling online or trading bitcoin. It wouldn’t hurt if you’re new in both fields, but it’d be a much longer road to profit.

The good news is, bitcoin casinos aren’t that much different from the regular ones. There are no special mechanics in terms of gameplay and payouts. You’ll only need to get used to the transaction process and the tiny digits on the screen.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a slick crypto player.

  1. Sign up for a bitcoin wallet. This is where you’ll keep your currency to make deposits. All your winnings will also transfer here. There are many types of wallets, including paper, mobile, and hardware. As you’ll be making frequent transactions, mobile wallets are the best option.
  2. Obtain some BTC. You can make private purchases through bitcoin owners or go to a BTC exchange. These platforms allow users to buy BTC with credit cards or other payment options. Some of the best ones include Binance, Coinbase, and eToro.
  3. Once you’ve funded the wallet, it’s time to shop around for a good casino with bitcoin payment. It’s not hard to find regular online casinos that accept bitcoin, but it’s better to play at pure bitcoin gambling websites.

Btc casino list with bitcoin gambling sites and Bitcoin wallet

It’s also useful to know a little bit about BTC value and compare it against the average betting range of a casino. One whole coin is worth more or less 10,000 USD, so on a slot machine, you’re obviously not going to bet that entire amount.

Unless you’re an ultra high roller with thousands of bitcoins, you’d be betting in bits. These bits are the equivalents of a mid-range slot (up to $200 per spin).

Bitcoin-casino-onlineBitcoin Gambling Sites

When looking for the best bitcoin casino, consider your region. Gambling with cryptocurrency is still illegal in the US, but popular in other places. If you live in a restricted area, the operators won’t show up on your search. Even when you do manage to find them, it would have to be under a proxy. Thanks to the anonymity of bitcoin, it’s perfectly sustainable to play that way.

SmartCasinoGuide provides you with the most comprehensive BTC casino list. Here are some of the best bitcoin casinos.

The above are only some of the best bitcoin gambling sites. There are hundreds of bitcoin casinos, each with different offers and bonuses. Keep in mind that regular casinos can also provide BTC payment. Read on to learn how to choose the right website for your wallet.

Bitcoin-casino-onlineChoosing The Right BTC Casino

A lot of factors make up a great casino. In most cases, you want to look for a high degree of control over the transactional process. Top bitcoin casinos often have a long list of available cryptocurrencies, including BCH, ETH, and LTC. These units only differ in values and won’t affect what the casino promises to provide.

Bitcoin Bonus

Welcome bonuses can make or break an online casino. Once you’re past the logistics, this is the threshold that will determine the quality of your experience. Bitcoin casino sites offer the same bonus systems as regular operators. You have the deposit match, reload bonus, etc. The point here is not to look for the biggest package, but the wagering requirements and max allowed bets.

In fact, the higher your bitcoin deposit, the less likely you’ll earn the welcome bonus. Every casino attaches wagering requirements to its bonuses. The requirements for the bitcoin deposit bonus are often very high. If you cash in for 5 BTC and get an extra 5.5 BTC while the betting condition is 35x in 14 days, it would take an unbelievable amount of betting to earn it.

Bitcoin casino list - casinos accepting bitcoin - and bitcoin gambling guide

Instead of trying to grab the tantalizing fortune, reach low. The top bitcoin gambling sites always set their wagering requirements at a reasonable rate. Of course, those will often come with smaller bonuses. Still, it’s better for it to be low but achievable than high but impossible.

Another thing you’ll notice when playing at bitcoin gambling sites is how strange their bonuses are. It’s not uncommon to come across rewards like 157% deposit, or 193%, or 105%. The house does this to protect itself against fluctuations. As a player, try to find a bitcoin casino bonus that offers even percentages, or as close to 100% as possible.

Easy Withdrawal

One of the strongest aspects of gambling with bitcoin is convenience. To qualify as convenient, a casino must have instant withdrawal for all players on any cryptocurrency. This is different from making deposits. When you first sign up, it could take a while for your BTC to process as there’s some verification to fulfill.

The first withdrawal often takes some time, but it should not repeat the delay in the future. If you find yourself waiting for more than a couple of days every time to withdraw, it’s time to find a new casino.

Bitcoin bonus in casinos - get bitcoin for jackpot in slots

Bitcoin-casino-onlinePros And Cons Of Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling with bitcoin is certainly entertaining, but, like all things, there are upsides and downsides. Knowing what they are can help improve your experience in the top bitcoin casinos.


Fast Transactions

Handling payments with bitcoin is significantly less complicated than with other financial services. Since the bank isn’t involved, you reduce waiting time or identification issues. BTC is also not controlled by the government or banks, so you can use it anywhere and at any time.

Many players like to stay anonymous while gambling online. BTC casinos allow them to do that without extra costs. If anything, you can make a profit in the long run if the market goes up. It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin is not the fastest or the most cost efficient crypto out there. For example, Ripple or Tron are way more faster and their transactions costs less than 0.001 cent.

Bitcoin gambling websites and bitcoin casinos - advantages and disadvantages

Higher Gameplay Value

Players who are familiar with Welcome bonuses know those always come with max allowed bets. These are often pretty low compared to the wagering requirements you have to meet ($5 - 10$). With a bitcoin bonus, the max allowed bets go up, and usually by a lot.

For a bonus condition of around 35x, you can expect the max bets to reach up to 0.002 BTC, which converts to roughly $20. That’s 2-4 times as much as the cash prices. You also get higher max deposits and withdrawals. Depending on the casino, some players can deposit twice as much with bitcoin.



Most bitcoin gambling sites usually give you odd percentages as bonuses, and fluctuation is one of the reasons. That’s an inherent problem when using cryptocurrency. You don’t always know what the market will decide to do. The juicy casino bonus you got today may come out all dried up tomorrow. A good strategy is to keep your deposits low to reduce offset.

Best btc casinos and best bitcoin gambling sites with bitcoin deposit bonus


As convenient and secure as bitcoin is, it’s still not cold, hard cash. You can’t exactly withdraw your 6 BTC bonus and immediately go buy a car. Crypto is simple, but the conversion process is rather long winded. When starting to play at bitcoin casino sites, consider carefully what you’re willing to commit.


Bitcoin is definitely revolutionizing the online casino industry. No longer are the days where your every move is tracked by financial institutions and the IRS. It’s becoming more common every day to see a casino with bitcoin payment. Gambling anonymously with cryptocurrency is one of the rising trends among players.

While it’s definitely a great time to start gambling with bitcoin, it’s totally okay to stick with traditional methods. Even the best bitcoin casino won’t guarantee you no risks. You don’t just start playing better or getting luckier because you’re playing with BTC instead of cash.

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