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Cryptocurrency is one of the rising trends in the fintech industry. The remarkable rise in the use of cryptos has benefitted many industries as a reliable payment option. In cryptocurrency exchange platforms, holders can trade in digital tokens, fiat currencies, and even play crypto lottery. ..Show more
Cryptocurrency is one of the rising trends in the fintech industry. The remarkable rise in the use of cryptos has benefitted many industries as a reliable payment option. In cryptocurrency..Show more

Cryptocurrency is one of the rising trends in the fintech industry. The remarkable rise in the use of cryptos has benefitted many industries as a reliable payment option. In cryptocurrency exchange platforms, holders can trade in digital tokens, fiat currencies, and even play crypto lottery. Massive innovations in the industry have seen investors in cryptocurrency come up with various ways crypto holders can earn passive income.

The crypto lottery is one of the most popular and recent ways in which crypto holders can earn passive income. Crypto lotteries combine the use of cryptocurrencies and online gambling, providing a revolutionary legacy of systems for the online gambling enthusiast.

Cryptocurrency lottery boasts of ever growing popularity. It’s available on various online gambling and cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Each of these platforms offers different features and prizes depending on the bookmaker. They also have different terms and conditions associated with crypto lotteries. How do you find the best token lottery?

Our experts have made it easier for you to find the best crypto lottery site for your online gambling needs. We have many years of experience reviewing and analyzing various products and services in the cryptocurrency and online gambling sectors. When analyzing the various cryptocurrency lottery sites, we looked at the following key factors:

  • Types of cryptocurrency lotteries.
  • Platforms where you can play lottery crypto.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of playing cryptocurrency lottery.
  • How to play cryptocurrency lottery.

Our guide is very comprehensive and covers the key factors of lottery blockchain and lottery coin crypto. We are confident that our detailed guide will equip you with all the necessary knowledge to dive into the digital coins lottery arena.

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Crypto lottery sites coming soon // Check out some crypto casinos meanwhile:

TOP questions about Crypto lottery
⌛ What is crypto lottery?

A crypto lottery is a game where players enter a draw by purchasing a lottery ticket, wagering or betting. Winners are awarded different prizes depending on the number of matching numbers they have. The win from the draw is paid in cryptocurrency and not cash like the traditional lottery games.

⌛ What are crypto lotto chances?

Crypto lotto is a game of chance, just like the conventional lottery system. So, players have an equal chance of winning because the numbers are selected randomly during the draw.

⌛ Where to play the cryptocurrency lottery?

At SmartCasinoGuide, we have a list of the best online gambling platforms where you can play cryptocurrency lottery and win crypto jackpot prizes.

⌛ Is crypto lottery legal?

Digital coins lottery is legal, and players must be of the minimum legal age to engage in any online gambling activity. Most bookmarkers have the minimum crypto lottery legal age at 18. Online gambling platforms providing cryptocurrency lottery are regulated and licensed by the concerned gambling regulatory bodies.

⌛ Are there any lottery coin cryptos available?

You can use any cryptocurrency available on your preferred crypto lottery sites when playing the lottery. Some of the most common digital tokens used are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC).

⌛ How big is the crypto lottery pool?

The crypto lottery pool size depends on the number of players and the number of lottery tickets purchased. The higher the number of lottery players, the higher the prize pool of the lottery draw.

⌛ Where can you get a crypto lottery NFT?

At SmartCasinoGuide, our team of experts have spent a lot of time reviewing the various crypto lottery NFT sites, and we have implied a list of the best and most reputable cryptocurrency lottery NFT websites.

⌛ How to win with cryptocurrency?

Winning with cryptocurrency lotto is very easy. You must purchase a lottery ticket or place a wager on any lottery game. You’ll win cryptocurrency from the prize pool if you are lucky during the draw. To increase your chances of winning, you should buy more lottery tickets and place more bets.

⌛ Is there a crypto lottery app available?

Yes. Different online gambling platforms offering crypto lotteries have a crypto lottery app, which players can use to play various cryptocurrency lottery games.

⌛ What are the best crypto lotteries?

At SmartCasinoGuide, we have developed a list of the best crypto lotteries for you, depending on your online lottery gambling needs. The top platforms are Rollbit, Binance, Lucky Block, and ApolloX. We also have a detailed guide on how to win bitcoin lottery.

⌛ How much can you win in the crypto lottery?

When playing any cryptocurrency based lottery game, the grand prize depends on the platform and the prize cash pool. Some online gambling platforms will have a higher maximum win than others. The win also depends on how many matching numbers you have to the drawn numbers.

What is Crypto Lottery?

Crypto lottery or cryptocurrency lottery is a lottery where wagering is strictly done using cryptocurrency. The wins from the lottery are also issued in cryptocurrencies. It’s the digitized version of the standard lottery system found in online gambling platforms. Any wagering, playing lottery games, and betting are done using one or two crypto coins, depending on the crypto gambling site.

best blockchain based crypto cryptocurrency lottery lotto tickets free legal game

Unlike traditional lottery systems, blockchain based lottery makes use of the policies and regulations of the crypto site and the smart contracts of the available tokens. But one key similarity between the blockchain lottery and the regular lottery system is that the higher the number of players, the higher the lottery prize pool is. Players must also purchase a lottery ticket with a unique serial number. During the lottery, a set of numbers is randomly picked. The ticket with the serial number closest to the selected serial number wins.

Different platforms allow online gambling fanatics to take part in crypto lotteries. These platforms range from cryptocurrency exchange platforms to online casinos. Smart contracts are used by cryptocurrency lottery sites that require seamless and immaculate functioning.

Popular cryptocurrencies which are present in crypto lotteries include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC). Our experts recommend players always go for cryptocurrency lottery sites with the most popular digital tokens. However one isn’t limited to using any specific digital tokens, most crypto lottery sites will have a wide variety of digital tokens to choose from.

Cryptocurrency Lottery Types

There are different cryptocurrency lottery types, offering additional features and advantages.

Crypto Lotto at Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange is a digital tokens marketplace. In this marketplace, you can buy and sell your cryptocurrencies. These platforms offer more than trading digital tokens to crypto holders. Digital tokens owners can earn passive income from their tokens through lending, staking and playing crypto lotteries.

binance crypto exchange earn lottery

To participate in the cryptocurrency lottery at any crypto exchange, you must open a crypto exchange account and purchase digital tokens. While playing the crypto lottery at the exchange comes with plenty of perks, you will be limited as you can’t access lottery games found in online casinos. Binance crypto exchange and Coinbase are the top popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms where crypto holders can win digital tokens.

Lotto Crypto at Casinos

Best online casinos continue embracing the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method. Many online gambling platforms also come up with crypto-specific bonuses and promotions. Crypto lottery in online casinos is similar to traditional online lotteries.

Players can play online casino lottery games or buy a lottery ticket. Wagering, betting and purchasing the lottery ticket are done using cryptocurrency on the bookmarker’s platform. Playing the lottery at online casinos is amazing and exciting since you have the chance to enjoy other online casino games and sports betting products.

Different terms and conditions depend on the lottery crypto game you play. Online casinos will also have additional features, bonuses, and promotions which can increase your bankroll and wager.

Crypto Lottery NFT

NFT refers to Non-fungible tokens, which are blockchain cryptographic assets with metadata and unique identification codes that differentiate them from each other. They are different from regular cryptocurrencies because they can’t be exchanged and traded at equivalency. NFTs represent items in the real-world like real estate and art, and they can’t be replicated.

rollbit crypto lottery nft blockchain lottery system

The NFT market has been enjoying ever growing popularity in the cryptocurrency world. The blockchain lottery system now uses NFTs, giving crypto holders and investors a chance to win big prizes. Crypto lottery NFT is a new online digital coins lottery approach appealing to the increasing new crypto-savvy population.

You can play the NFT crypto lottery on various online gambling platforms. Popular gambling platforms offering NFT lottery include Rollbit, Lucky Block, ApolloX, and NFT Play.

Lottery Blockchain

Playing the cryptocurrency lottery means the only accepted payment method is cryptocurrency. Lottery blockchain accepts various digital tokens in the market; some of the most popular tokens are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC).

Bitcoin Lottery

The Bitcoin lottery is different from the Bitcoin Lotto. Bitcoin Lotto is a game; the innovative online game provides players with an opportunity to win Bitcoin prizes. Players don’t need to win BTC when playing; you can even make payments in other digital tokens and fiat currencies. However, all the prizes are awarded in bitcoin.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin lottery refers to the jackpot lottery system that awards various winners. The prize of the Bitcoin lottery may be determined by the price or number of Bitcoin lottery tickets. Unlike the traditional lottery at a brick-and-mortar gambling spot, the Bitcoin lottery is a digitized conventional crypto lottery.

Players are required to buy lottery tickets, and the lottery prize will be awarded in BTC. Various sports betting platforms and online casinos are now introducing the bitcoin lottery to their players. Players can wager on multiple bitcoin lottery games by buying several lottery tickets. They also stand a chance of winning free Bitcoin lottery games when wagering on some platforms.

how to win bitcoin btc lottery chances - lottery coin crypto

Once you win a lottery in the bitcoin lottery, you are awarded BTC wins. The wins will be debited to the player’s digital wallet as BTC. Some lottery platforms require players to verify their identity by submitting Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. Once you submit the relevant documents, the Bitcoin lottery platform will allow you to withdraw your wins.

Bitcoin lottery fans can also get or purchase lottery tickets through bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining allows players to enter the lottery draw without spending any BTC tokens in their digital wallets. Unfortunately, buying lottery tickets using BTC mining is only available on specific BTC lottery sites.

There are different BTC lottery sites in the industry. We recommend you go for BTC lottery sites with fast and secure payments. The best Bitcoin lottery platform will have different lottery options for its players. Online gambling platforms offer lucrative bonuses and promotions for new and existing players. Look for a platform that has relevant bonuses and publicity associated with your favorite lottery game.

Bitcoin Lottery Chances

Every lottery is a game of chance where each player or ticket has an equal chance of winning. Bitcoin lotteries function like traditional lotteries. Hence every player has an equal Bitcoin lottery chances. After purchasing a lottery ticket or wagering on a lottery game, the Bitcoin lottery system draws random numbers. These numbers determine which lottery ticket will be awarded the wins.

The lottery ticket with the serial number closest to the selected numbers will be awarded wins. If your lottery ticket has all the numbers chosen randomly from the draw, then you are eligible to win the maximum prize. Bitcoin lotteries are worldwide; players are from every corner of the globe.

Since Bitcoin lottery offers an equal chance to every player, there is no playing or wagering strategy you can use when entering the draw. However, players can purchase multiple lottery tickets, which means all your tickets will enter the final draw.

Ethereum Lottery

Ethereum (ETH) lottery is similar to Bitcoin lottery, the only difference being ETH is the primary payment method. Players can enter the prize draw by purchasing a ticket and stand a chance to win ETH. There is no limit to the number of tickets a player can buy, and the tickets can be purchased using any currency or digital tokens.

ethereum eth lottery

If you’re lucky enough to win the lottery, you’ll be awarded wins in ETH. The Ethereum lottery site will send the wins to a smart contract where the winner can access them. Once you receive your wins, you have the freedom of withdrawing, trading, exchanging, staking and lending them out depending on the ETH lottery platform. Players will be required to confirm their identity by providing KYC documents before making a withdrawal or using their wins.

Apart from purchasing a lottery ticket, players can play lottery games like crypto bingo, where the prize is awarded in ETH. When playing the online ETH lottery games, you’ll be required to wager or place your bet. During the grand draw, your bet will be part of the draw, and you stand a chance of winning the jackpot prize.

Crypto Lottery Game

The lottery games found in online gambling platforms are largely borrowed from the traditional lottery system. There are different types of blockchain based lottery games. The first type of the crypto lottery game is the one that is greatly borrowed from the conventional lottery systems. They are more popular among players who prefer a more simplistic approach to gamble online. These games involve simply purchasing lottery tickets to enter the draw for the jackpot prize.

The second option is the crypto lottery game, where the winner is drawn from the provably fair system. Even though the provably fair system doesn’t 100% guarantee fair play, players can verify that the game is fair. Hence it’s the first layer of confirmation of the financial security and efficiency of the betting and lottery system.

rollbit lotto crypto rlb lottery game pool bingo app

Players can also enter lottery draws when playing lottery games regulated and provided by third-party software providers. Online gambling platforms will partner with top gaming developers and software providers, ensuring their credibility and increasing their online lottery games catalog. These software providers ensure the system is fair and the outputs are random. Third-party software providers can partner with various online gambling platforms.

Depending on the software and bookmarker, players can have access to crypto lottery free games. The games are available in demo mode, and require no real money wagering.

Winning the crypto lottery is very simple. Players must purchase a lottery ticket or place a wager to enter the draw for the lottery. Since this is a game of chance, you don’t need any gaming or betting strategy to increase your chances of winning the lottery. When the game starts, it will draw different random numbers, and players will match the drawn numbers with the serial number of their crypto lottery tickets.

Crypto Lottery Tickets

Crypto lottery tickets are numbered tickets purchased by players to enter the draw for the lottery. Depending on the online gambling platform, you can buy lottery tickets using digital tokens or any other accepted currency. When you purchase a crypto lottery ticket, it comes with a serial number which is used to determine the winner during the grand draw.

If the ticket has six numbers in the serial numbers, prizes will be awarded to players with a minimum of three matching numbers. The more matching numbers you have, the higher your prize gets. Players with all the six matching numbers are awarded the grand prize. The numbers present in the lottery ticket’s serial number range from 1 to 49.

When playing conventional lottery games, you have the freedom to purchase as many lottery tickets as possible. The same case applies to crypto lottery tickets, and you can buy more tickets and increase your chances of winning the grand prize.

The prize of the lottery varies from one crypto lottery platform to another. For instance, some platforms sell one ticket at 0.0001 BTC. Players can purchase lottery tickets using any digital tokens or fiat currencies. Online gambling platforms have different payment options which players can use to fund their accounts and buy lottery tickets.

Crypto Lotto Pros

  • Players have a chance of winning big prizes.
  • The crypto lottery has low-stakes requirements.
  • You don’t need any gambling experience to play the lottery.
  • A wide variety of crypto lotteries to pick from.
  • Players can play it from any location and at any time.

Crypto Lottery Cons

  • The providers of crypto lotteries are probably unregulated.
  • There is a risk of losing your money.

Best Crypto Lottery – Conclusion

Our guide has looked at the key factors related to the best crypto lottery sites. We have carefully highlighted the gaming possibilities and features essential when looking for a reliable crypto lottery platform. While cryptocurrency in the online gambling industry is becoming very popular globally, crypto lotteries are still in the infancy stage. Very few gambling enthusiasts and gambling platforms have embraced crypto lotteries.

It means there is great potential for growth for crypto lotteries. Crypto lotteries come with plenty of perks for lottery enthusiasts. At SmartCasinoGuide, we have compiled a list of the best crypto lottery platforms where you can purchase lottery tickets and play lottery games.

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