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As cryptocurrencies popularity continued to soar, online casinos started accepting them as a method of payment. There are even online casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies. EOS is one of the cryptocurrencies many players use to play their favourite casino games, and, while an EOS casino isn’t..Show more
As cryptocurrencies popularity continued to soar, online casinos started accepting them as a method of payment. There are even online casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies. EOS is one..Show more

As cryptocurrencies popularity continued to soar, online casinos started accepting them as a method of payment. There are even online casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies. EOS is one of the cryptocurrencies many players use to play their favourite casino games, and, while an EOS casino isn’t as widespread as some other cryptocurrencies, you’ll find a number of excellent regulated casinos.

Crypto allows for anonymity and, due to blockchain technology, transactions are safe and secure. Playing with crypto casinos also offers a variety of benefits you won’t necessarily find with other online casinos, including unique games and EOS casino bonuses.

Our team of experts have worked tirelessly to bring you the best EOS casinos according to a list of strict criteria. We look past the attractiveness of the casino and look at the most important aspects that make for a good online crypto casino.

If you’re looking for the best EOS casinos, this review or best Ethereum casino will help you find them. Read more about EOS, where it came from, the process involved in playing with an EOS casino, and where to find the best EOS casinos. Take a look at the list of best online EOS casinos to enjoy the best casino experience.

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Frequently asking questions about EOS friendly casino sites
❓ Is EOS Legit?

✅ Yes, EOS is a well-known cryptocurrency that’s been around since 2017. It’s legit and safe to use.

❓ Is EOS available in all countries?

EOS is available wherever you can access crypto exchanges. While some countries have restricted access or completely banned it, EOS is available in many other countries.

❓ What can you expect to find at EOS casinos?

EOS casinos are just like any other online casino. You’ll find a variety of fun casino games, along with unique crypto games. You’ll also get bonuses and promotions when you play with EOS casinos, depending on which casino you choose.

❓ Who can use EOS?

Anyone who can access a crypto exchange can use EOS. There are no restrictions or limitations, depending on your country.

❓ Are EOS deposits instant?

✅ Yes, due to the incredible processing speed, EOS deposits are instant.

❓ How long do EOS withdrawals take?

EOS withdrawals are fast, but the exact time depends on the casino you choose. Some casinos can take up to a day to process withdrawals. Once the processing is done, the transaction is instant.

❓ How secure is EOS?

One of the benefits of using crypto is the security that comes with it. EOS is a secure currency due to the blockchain technology it uses.

❓ What are EOS payment method alternatives?

You can use any other cryptocurrency as an alternative to EOS. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can read a dash casino review to learn more about this type of cryptocurrency.

eos logo General information about EOS

Company nameVISA Inc.
Company nameEOS.IO
FoundersEOS.IO under CEO Brendan Blumer
Highest price:€22.12

eos logo What is EOS and how does it work?

EOS is a type of cryptocurrency that works on smart contract blockchains. It’s often referred to as the Ethereum Killer as it shares many similarities and is one of the biggest direct competitions.

EOS has a theoretical processing speed of up to one million transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchains available. It can also support smart contracts. As with all other cryptocurrencies, transactions are fast and secure. Once a transaction is made, it can’t be reversed or intercepted.

eos logo Our criteria for selecting the best EOS online casino sites

There are many crypto casino sites, but they’re not all made equal. We used a list of strict criteria to select the best EOS casinos similar to what we would use to find the best Ethereum casino.

Licensing and security

The most crucial factor we consider when choosing the best EOS casinos is whether they hold a valid licence from a regulatory body such as Curacao eGaming.

eos has no transaction fees

These bodies ensure that the casino follows rules to keep players safe. It also means that the casino has fair practices.

Site security is also an essential factor in consideration of the best EOS casinos. There should at least be up-to-date SSL encryption.

Game selection

The best EOS casinos offer a wide selection of games, which should include slots, table games and special crypto-games. We look for big developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, Playtech and ISoftBet.

Customer support

The customer support a casino offers can often make or break the platform. We look for efficient representatives who are well-trained, friendly and helpful. There should be multiple methods to contact the casino, including an email address and hotline number. The best method we look for is a live chat that should be available 24/7.

eos is a decentralized blockchain platform

Withdrawal times

Since the theoretical processing time of one million transactions per second, the casinos we choose should have fast withdrawal times. Normally, the casino takes some time to process withdrawals, but this should not be excessive. Generally, casinos take up to a day to process withdrawals.

Mobile compatibility

Most people play their favourite casino games on mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets. The best EOS casinos should be mobile-compatible. If the site isn’t optimised for mobile use, the second prize will be a well-designed and functional downloadable app.

Bonuses and promotions

The best EOS casinos will offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to new and returning players. While they will come with terms and conditions, these should be fair and attainable.

Bonuses we actively look for include: a sign-up or welcome bonus, reload bonuses and loyalty programmes.

Overall experience

The overall experience is key to the success of the platform. This includes the aspects mentioned above, as well as the site design and navigation. We also consider how easy the sign-up process is.

eos mainnet launched in 2018

eos logo Pros of EOS

There are plenty of pros to using EOS when playing your favourite casino games. The main benefit of this cryptocurrency is speed. While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies have a processing speed of about 15 transactions per second, EOS can theoretically process one million. EOS has an actual processing speed of 10,000 transactions per second.

Other pros include:

  • Very few costs involved
  • All accounts are anonymous
  • Users get voting rights on the currency
  • No documents required
  • Special casino bonuses
  • Unique casino games
  • Plenty of classic games to choose from

eos casino Cons of EOS

  • Value not as high as other cryptocurrencies
  • The number of EOS casinos in operation is limited

eos logo A short guide to EOS playing

Playing with EOS isn’t complicated, but we’ve put together a short guide to help you if required.

eos was created by the company block one

Choose an EOS casino from our list and register

We have an extensive list of the best EOS casinos that are licensed and proven fair. You can choose any of the casinos on this list, go to the website and open an account. One of the benefits of a crypto casino is anonymity, which means opening an account is an easy process.

Simply click on the link that says “sign up” or “open account” and follow the prompts. You won’t need to submit any documentation before making your first deposit.

Buy digital currency (EOS)

To deposit to the best EOS casino, you must first purchase the currency. To do this, you need a wallet such as Ledger, Edge, or Exodus, and buy EOS on a reputable exchange. Binance, Coinbase or Kraken are well-known exchanges where you’ll find EOS.

Arrange your EOS

Arrange your EOS and get ready to make a deposit to the best EOS casino. Choose how much you want to deposit and arrange your EOS in the digital wallet.

eos works on smart contract blockchains

Ensure you use the right deposit address

When you’re ready to make a deposit, make sure you use the right address. The best method is to make your deposit through the casino’s banking tab. You can copy and paste the address from here to ensure it’s correct.

Deposit your funds and play

Once you’ve made sure you have the correct address, you can transfer the EOS from your wallet to the casino. With the fast processing speeds, your deposit will reflect instantly. Once this is done, you can start playing your favourite casino games.

eos logo Conclusion of EOS casino

EOS is an exciting crypto that offers fast processing speeds and very few fees. You can use this cryptocurrency to play your favourite casino games with the best EOS casinos. We made a list of the best casinos that are reputable and fair, but are also worth your time and money.

Open an account with one of these casinos and make your EOS deposit. Once this is done, you can start playing your favourite casino games.

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