Best Fantom (FTM) Casinos 2024

If you’re looking to find out more about Fantom casinos, then you’ve arrived in the right place. In 2018, Dr. Ahn Byung Ik created the Fantom platform alongside the FTM token. This token uses a “Proof of Stake” protocol that allows users to make faster transfers while using less energy than other..Show more
If you’re looking to find out more about Fantom casinos, then you’ve arrived in the right place. In 2018, Dr. Ahn Byung Ik created the Fantom platform alongside the FTM token. This token..Show more

If you’re looking to find out more about Fantom casinos, then you’ve arrived in the right place. In 2018, Dr. Ahn Byung Ik created the Fantom platform alongside the FTM token. This token uses a “Proof of Stake” protocol that allows users to make faster transfers while using less energy than other cryptocurrencies.

This option to save energy has made Fantom a highly popular cryptocurrency in many online platforms, including online casinos, which are beginning to accept it as a payment method.

If you’re interested in playing with cryptocurrency that uses less energy, you might want to read the following article. We have gathered all the information you need about the Fantom platform and the FTM token. We have also put together an excellent list of online Fantom casinos ready for you to start playing.

Our team in SmartCasinoGuide has worked for years with different types of online casinos, including the top Dash casinos in Europe. We have years of experience to speak about any online casino, and we are sure you’ll find a top Fantom casino from our list.

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Frequently asking questions about Fantom (FTM) friendly casino sites
❓ Is Fantom legit?

The Fantom Foundation is a legitimate website backed up by Fantom Operations Ltd. The FTM token is a real decentralised cryptocurrency that the majority has approved of exchange websites.

❓ Is Fantom available in all countries?

According to the Fantom website, the FTM is available in all countries.

❓ What Can You Expect To Find On Fantom Casinos?

You will find a great variety of games in Fantom casino like online slots, blackjack and roulette and poker tables. Some casinos even have a live casino section that allows you to play via streaming with real dealers.

❓ Who can use Fantom?

Anyone can use Fantom and run validator nodes. However, it would be best if you remembered to stake FTMs. You must save them in your wallet.

❓ Are Fantom deposits instant?

The deposits with Fantom can take one to two seconds to complete.

❓ How long do Fantom withdrawals take?

Like deposits, the Fantom withdrawals can take one to two seconds to complete. Remember that withdrawal times can vary depending on the casino you visit.

❓ How Secure Is Fantom?

Fantom uses a Proof-of-Stake system which selects random validators to confirm transactions and improve security while they create new blocks. The users of the Fantom platform can win rewards each time they run validator nodes.

❓ What are Fantom payment method alternatives?

If you wish to pay in crypto casinos by other methods, we recommend using Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple and Litecoin. Europe is home to some of the Cardano casinos available, so we recommend trying them all out if you have the chance.

General information about Fantom

Company nameVISA Inc.
Company nameFantom Operations Ltd
FoundedIn 2018, South Korea
FoundersDr. Ahn Byung Ik, Michael Kong
Highest price:€3.45

fantom logo What is Fantom and how does it work?

The Fantom Project is a blockchain network created in South Korea by Dr Ahn Byung Ik. This platform uses Lachesis, an advanced DAG-based algorithm that allows users to make fast transactions with low costs. This means that if you use FTM in a Fantom casino, all the transfers will be done in a matter of seconds, and it will use less energy than other cryptocurrencies.

The Fantom or FTM token is a cryptocurrency created as part of the Fantom Project. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the FTM token works through “Proof-of-Stake” protocols, which allows quicker transfers while using less energy than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What is a “Proof-Of-Stake?”

Each time someone makes a blockchain transaction, it must be validated. This is usually done through a Proof-of-Work, which involves solving complex mathematical problems. However, this method uses a lot of energy and can be very slow, depending on the complexity of each problem.

The Proof-of-Stake or PoS protocols are a different type of validation that has been in use since 2012. This method consists of making holders validate each transaction and reward them for each validated transaction.

total supply of ftm tokens is 3.175 billion

To be a validator, the holder must have a required number of tokens on their account. This is done to prevent harmful actions and motivate the holders to ensure the security and well-being of each transfer made.

Since the PoS doesn’t require massive calculations, they spend less energy than the PoW, making the Fantom casino transfers cheaper and faster compared to other crypto casinos.

fantom logo Why is it important for a crypto to spend less energy?

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most used payment methods in the last decade, allowing their holders to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and privately without interference from third parties.

Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies have one major disadvantage: their energy consumption. Thousands of people use and mine cryptocurrencies, which have a high energy cost, becoming a problem for many countries.

ftm token works through proof of stake protocols

That is where cryptos like FTM enter. Thanks to the PoS protocol, the players of any Fantom casino can make transfers that use less energy, becoming an excellent choice for the environment and energy saving.

fantom logo Our criteria for selecting Fantom online casino sites

Our team didn’t just select any random casino. To choose the best Fantom casinos, we considered the following criteria.

Game catalogue: Games are an essential part of any Fantom casino. We know that, which is why the casinos we picked have fantastic games waiting for new players. In these casinos, you’ll be able to find games for any player. So, whether you like slots, table games or poker, you can find them in these casinos.

Mobile compatibility: Every Fantom casino player wants to access their favourite games in any location. That is why all the casinos we picked are accessible from any smartphone. If you’re worried about memory space, rest easy, as all these casinos are also available from your phone’s web browser.

Safety and security: If you have ever played in an ETH casino, you must know security is a crucial part of any online casino that handles cryptocurrencies. That’s why we’ve only chosen licensed casinos with high levels of encryption and security. All the casinos on our list have also approved tests of fair play; you’ll be able to play all you want without worries.

fantom has partnerships with the uae

Promotions and bonuses: Do you like bonuses? Of course you do. We focused on choosing casinos with excellent promotions, from welcome bonuses to weekly reloads and free spins. You can access the promotions of these casinos by making transfers with Fantom, so you won’t have to worry about payments.

Customer support: Every Fantom casino must have customer support available to help its players anytime. The casinos we picked on our list have many customer support options available 24/7, so you can ask for help anytime.

fantom logo Pros of Fantom

  • FTM Tokens are used through a “Proof-of-Stake” protocol, which uses less energy than the “Proof-of-Work” protocol used in many other crypto tokens.
  • FTM holders can receive rewards for validating transactions through the PoS system.
  • The fWallet can be used through web browsers and smartphones.
  • FTM tokens are compatible with Ethereum apps.
  • FTM Tokens have lower fee costs compared to other, more popular cryptos.
  • Operations with Fantom can take from 1 to 2 seconds to be completed.

fantom logo Cons of Fantom

  • Currently, it has a low value compared to other, more popular cryptos.
  • It’s only available in very few casinos.
  • You can only stake FTM on the Fantom platform.
fantom has partnership with binance

fantom logo A short guide to Fantom playing

If you have never played in a Fantom Casino, then it’s time to catch up! Here, we will explain how to register on these websites and start playing.

Choose a Fantom casino from our list and register

Pick any of our recommended casinos and insert your details, email and password to register.

Buy digital currency (Fantom)

You will need to buy FTM in order to use it in a Fantom casino. You can acquire these tokens on most cryptocurrency exchange platforms, like Binance, Kraken, Gemini and Bitfinex. According to the Fantom website, we recommend Binance since it has the lowest slippage.

Arrange your Fantom

Once you have bought your FTM, you must transfer them to your wallet in order to use it in a Fantom casino. We highly recommend saving your FTM in your Fantom fWallet, so you can access rewards and stake your FTM.

Ensure you use the right deposit address

Once you have transferred your token into your wallet, you will need to transfer them to your Fantom casino account. To do this, you have to go to the cashier, choose “Fantom” as your payment option, and copy the address, be sure to copy the proper address to avoid any problems.

fantom casino

Deposit your funds and play

Once you have the address of your Fantom casino, you’ll have to access your fWallet, press the “Send” option and paste the address on the “Send To” bar. Set the amount you want to send and your password to complete the transfer.

fantom logo Conclusion of Fantom casinos

By now you can see that Fantom is an excellent option for making payments in online casinos. The platform has become one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies thanks to its Proof of Stake protocol and its Lachesis algorithm, which allow handlers to make transfers in any Fantom casino in a matter of seconds.

Although few platforms accept it as a payment method for now, we are sure this will change soon as more people join the Fantom platform.

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