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In 2018 Hacksaw Gaming was established. They wanted to take the experience of going to your kiosk or mini-market and buying scratch cards and give it a mobile feeling by making digital scratch cards for all to enjoy. Since Hacksaw games came on the scene, they have released over 40 games. More..Show more
In 2018 Hacksaw Gaming was established. They wanted to take the experience of going to your kiosk or mini-market and buying scratch cards and give it a mobile feeling by making digital..Show more

In 2018 Hacksaw Gaming was established. They wanted to take the experience of going to your kiosk or mini-market and buying scratch cards and give it a mobile feeling by making digital scratch cards for all to enjoy. Since Hacksaw games came on the scene, they have released over 40 games. More than 10 Hacksaw Gaming slots are available for all devices from android to iOS. Hacksaw Gaming is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commision.

Hacksaw has been a developer of some of the best slots and scratch cards online. With a large list of partners, we can expect some of the best names in slots to be presented here because many of these partners are also online gambling providers.

Hacksaw Gaming games were mainly focused on developing online scratch cards. In 2019, they chose to expand their roster by introducing some of the best Hacksaw slots to date.

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Hacksaw Gaming slots review about Free Spins, Buy Bonus and other featuresHacksaw Gaming slots popularity and features

With Hacksaw being a fairly new developer for slots, we think they have some of the best new slot ideas. Slot machines Hacksaw Gaming offers a range from classic slots to pocket slots. These are mobile-friendly and have some of the most innovative themes to date. Hacksaw Gaming slots online have been designed for their clients’ entertainment. All of their slots have a vertical screen design for more optimised gameplay for clients on the go. Another great feature is that these slots work on any device, from smartphones to tablets. For those homebodies, they are also compatible with desktops.

The games boast some great features: feature buy, autoplay, and variable bet levels. These games are also available in most jurisdictions that Malta Gaming Authority regulates worldwide.

What do people ask about the Hacksaw Gaming slots?
🙋 Where to play Hacksaw Gaming slots for Free in DEMO mode?

Visit the Hacksaw Gaming slots review ➔ choose the slot ➔ enjoy him DEMO for free!

🙋 When did Hacksaw Gaming release their first slot game?

Hacksaw gaming released its first slot in 2019, Stick’Em!

It is a 5-reel slot with an RTP rate of 96.1% and medium volatility. With ideas for some of the best casino games, Hacksaw developers did not stop there.

🙋 What unique features do Hacksaw slots have?

Hacksaw slots have features like Bonus Games, Extra Wilds, Free Spins, and some Great Multipliers to enhance your experience when playing one of their slots.

🙋 How many Hacksaw Gaming slots have a jackpot feature?

Hacksaw Gaming has several games with a ‘premium fixed prizejackpot feature and more are in development. These fixed jackpot features offer amazing win amounts.

Unlike a progressive jackpot in which the payout depends on how many people have been playing the game and for how long, the payout stays the same regardless, every time it’s won.

🙋 What is the biggest Hacksaw slot RTP?

Hacksaw’s Joker Bombs slot has the highest RTP in the Hacksaw slot game collection at 96.48%.

🙋 Which are the Top 5 Hacksaw Gaming Slots?

The TOP 5 Hacksaw Gaming slots:

  1. Toshi Video Club;
  2. Hop’n Pop;
  3. Chaos Crew;
  4. Wanted Dead or a Wild;
  5. Cash Quest.
🙋 How many awarded slot games does Hacksaw have?

Hacksaw Gaming has been awarded two awards:

  • The Trophy for the Instant win of the year in 2019;
  • A bronze award for the Casino Beats Game Developer awards in 2021.
🙋 How often does Hacksaw Gaming release a new slot game?

Hacksaw Gaming releases new slots annually and at times more often. New releases can be found on Hacksaw social media accounts.

🙋 How to find the best casino to play Hacksaw slots?

Click on the link, check our review about Hacksaw Gaming casinos and find your perfect spot to play Hacksaw casino games.

DEMO mode

A feature that we are most excited to share is a demo mode that clients can utilise. This means that most Hacksaw slots free online gaming are available for clients to test the water before jumping in headfirst to see which slot is made for them.

Jackpots games

It’s best to start where it all began with a small portfolio. Hacksaw Gaming slots online have some of the most exciting jackpot games out there since their release.

Stick’Em, the first slot developed by Hacksaw Gaming, is home to some of the best themes. It’s a bit unusual with a cartoon design and friendly characters. We like the little character wearing the bowler hat standing next to the reels to show encouragement to the player. This slot has some of the best jackpots to offer.

For instance, if you get three “thumbs-up” symbols, you’ll activate the Sticky Win Spin. The best part in those symbols will stay in place during these spins. You’ll see that this generates a big cash payout. You can also win up to 15 free spins when you land on the Free Spins scatter symbols that you can find on the reels. Boasting a bonus wheel that can award you with up to 1.000x your bet, this is a must-play slot in Hacksaw Gaming’s arsenal.

Stick'em online slot machine - Try out Hacksaw Gaming slots DEMO for free

Feature-Rich slots

The slots you find at Hacksaw Gaming are feature-rich and have lots to offer. No matter what type of slot you enjoy playing, there’s something made just for you to find at Hacksaw Gaming with great features like Free Spins, Extra Wilds, Bonus Games, and Multipliers that will enhance your gaming experience as well as your earnings. With a great immersive experience for new and old players to enjoy, Hacksaw has a lot to offer.

Stay up to date

With some amazing slots that have some of the best graphics and music as well as odds of winning, Hacksaw needs to be kept under a close eye to ensure that you stay up to date with any new releases. They make this easy for you as they have multiple social media accounts constantly posting about new releases and other updates.

Great RTP with high volatile

Clients can not only win with these popular online slot machines but also experience a new breed of eye-catching and highly volatile slots with great RTP rates that will help them when playing a fair game. These slots are surely a must-play, with many to choose from with these great features.

Toshi Video Club slot machine has amazing theme - try it outHacksaw slots RTP and Max Winnings

Hacksaw slot machines RTP average around 96.3%. With an array of ways to get to your max winnings, each machine has something different to offer. With free slots, Hacksaw Gaming lets clients get a feel for the game to see if they like the slot or would like to try another of some of the great slots Hacksaw has developed. Some Hacksaw video slot games can let you win up to 25,000,000€ from the comfort of your mobile device. Some slots, like ‘The Bomb‘ can payout up to 1,000,000€, and other slots offer great multipliers, which can range between 4x your bet to 400x your bet. Your hit rate can also increase to 32.88% when you get the right combination of symbols needed to hit that jackpot you want.

You’ll find that there’s a Fixed Jackpot on premium slots at Hacksaw that’s not dependent on the number of players playing the slot at that time. Some slots even allow clients to purchase bonus features like free spins to increase their odds of hitting a jackpot win. There’s no reason not to play Hacksaw slots today with these great odds. Slots at Hacksaw have a similar betting system for clients to make them all equal in what you spend, ranging from 0.20€ to 100€. They have a set rate regardless of what slot machine you are playing on.

Hacksaw Gaming create amazing slots with all the best features

One of the best Hacksaw Gaming game is Chaos Crew - Try out Chaus Crew slot on SmartCasinoGuideTop 5 Hacksaw games list

With many slots to choose from, here are five of the best Hacksaw has to offer.

Toshi Video Club

Toshi Video Club slot was released in 2021 and is a hit amongst clients as it has an immersive engine with some amazing artwork. The slot has high volatility, and an RTP of 96.17% of players can win up to 10.000x their bet back when they play this slot. Having a 5×5 grid and a bonus buy button, this slot is sure to enhance your experience. There is a minimum bet of 0.20€ up to a maximum bet of 100€ per spin. Boasting 15 paylines, this is a must-play slot.

Hop’n’Pop Slot

Hop’n’Pop is a farm-themed slot with multiplier symbols. It has a 7×7 grid size and 49 symbols that are based on food. The slot has high volatility and a 96.20% RTP rate. For a great experience try the Hop n Pop slot demo today.

Try out Hop n Pop slot DEMO on our website - Hop'n'Pop slot machine

Chaos Crew

With a quirky design, Hacksaw Gaming Chaos Crew is a must-play slot. The slots design revolves around a cat called Cranky, his sidekick Sketchy and their adventures. Chaus Crew slot has a 5×5 grid and is played with 15 fixed paylines. It has a minimum bet of 0.20€ and a maximum bet of 100€ per spin. This slot has an RTP of 96.3% and is highly volatile.

Wanted Dead or a Wild

Wanted Dead or a Wild slot is a wild western-themed slot with high volatility and jam packed with great bonus features. Free spins with sticky wilds, respins, and random multipliers can get you to wins that are 12.500x the bet you placed. This is a 5 reel grid with 15 paylines with a minimum of 0.20 and a maximum of 100. The slot has a 96.38% RTP rate and has high volatility.

Cash Quest

We think that Cash Quest is one of the best Hacksaw slots that you can play. This fantasy-themed grid slot is set in a magical forest that’s filled with great treasures. This sums up a view that greets players when loading into the game. The slot has a 6×6 grid with a medium volatile and a 96.32% RTP rate. Your RTP is slightly nudged to 96.36% when you buy free spins. Cash Quest slot has a minimum bet of 0.20€ and a maximum bet of 100€ per spin. Try out this slot by Hacksaw Gaming DEMO version.

Try out new Hacksaw Gaming slot games DEMO versionsNew Hacksaw slot games

With their ever-growing roster, there are some great new free Hacksaw slot machines titles for you to play. We think that these new Hacksaw Gaming slot games are a must-play. With amazing graphics and great music, these slots are a work of art that clients will enjoy playing for hours. If you log in to try these new titles today, you’ll enter a world of creativity that you may not want to leave.

King Carrot

Introducing one of the newest editions to Hacksaw casino games: King Carrot is a 7×7 grid slot with a fruity theme. Sporting symbols are themed after fruits and vegetables. This is a cluster-playing grid slot with 49 symbols that pile onto the grid each time you spin; this will form clusters when five symbols match and land next to each other or even vertically or horizontally. The game is set in a peaceful meadow with a friendly atmosphere. This game has medium volatility, an RTP of 96.3%, and a maximum bet of 100€. This game is more mobile-focused than most but can still be played on devices with larger screens. Symbols you can find in this slot range from cute pears, grapes, lemons, berries, strawberries, watermelons and apples that are worth 5-100x the bet you placed.

One of the newest game by Hacksaw Gaming is King Carrot slot

Joker Bombs

The game is an amusement park-themed slot with a pay anywhere style game that relies on a different combination of multipliers and cascade symbols to power your way to win. Joker Bombs slot may appear like a chill environment but it has a high volatility rate and a 96.48% RTP.

Tasty Treats

The Tasty Treats slot is a sweet-themed slot with an RTP rate of 96.21% and high volatility. This slot has wild and scattered symbols. There is a max win of up to 10000x your bet, a minimum bet of 0.20€, and a maximum bet of 100€. The slot has features such as Free spins, autoplay and multipliers. The slot has a 5×6 grid.

Our rated review recommend you try Stake casino for the Hacksaw Gaming casino gamesBest casino to play Hacksaw Gaming casino games

All the newest slots by Hacksaw Gaming in the Stake online casino

Stake casino is one of the best online casinos out there and is home to Hacksaw casino slots. They not only have Hacksaw slots but many other games for you to choose from. With just the click of a button, you can enjoy some of the best Hacksaw has to offer all in one place.

Stake casino is still fairly new, being established in 2022, but they are slowly growing in their client base. They are an online casino and accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. They assure client account safety with two-factor authentication, giving you peace of mind that your data and earnings are safe.

There’s also a great support system that clarifies issues quickly and efficiently, and they can help in multiple languages. They also frequently house some of the best promotions for clients to participate in.

We hope that this review about the best Hacksaw Gaming slots was interestingHacksaw Gaming games review – conclusion

Hacksaw Gaming games may be a new gaming provider, but in the few years that they’ve been around, they have proven themselves over and over by producing award-winning and unique slots. They’ve grown into a reputable company. With over 60 games in their ever-growing portfolio, Hacksaw Gaming will, in no time, be sharing the spotlight with some of the most reputable igaming names in the industry.

Hacksaw games are a must-play for all to enjoy. The developers try to make fun of the game and use an intriguing art style that will capture the attention of the most ardent slot player. If you love scratch cards, they have you covered as one of the creators of online scratch cards.

Their slots are mobile compatible and can be taken along wherever you go. We’ve found that Stake Casino is an excellent choice to enjoy great titles by Hacksaw Gaming. Try out all the best Hacksaw games DEMO on SmartCasinoGuide.

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