Best High Roller Online Casinos

If you are a player who enjoys depositing and spending big bucks at gambling sites, you deserve nothing but the best high roller online casinos.

Believe us! Choosing smart will get you so much more for your money than picking an operator that isn’t prepared for users of your calibre.

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If you are a player who enjoys depositing and spending big bucks at gambling sites, you deserve nothing but the best high roller online casinos. Believe us! Choosing smart will get you so..Show more

If you are a player who enjoys depositing and spending big bucks at gambling sites, you deserve nothing but the best high roller online casinos.

Believe us! Choosing smart will get you so much more for your money than picking an operator that isn’t prepared for users of your calibre.

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Introduction to VIP Online Casinos

Being on this page means you’re one step closer to the high roller casino site of your dreams. We have done all the research for you and listed the top brands right here. And if you’re unsure how to pick one from the numerous options, we’ve got you covered.

FAQ about High Roller Casinos
💎 What is high roller gambling?

An online casino high roller is a player who deposits and wagers large amounts of money. Consequently, high roller gambling is gambling with high stakes. There’s no specific amount we can mention as the qualifying one for gambling. Yet, we can say that some high rollers wager thousands of euros weekly, while others may wager tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros a week.

💎 How to choose a high roller online casino?

SmartCasinoGuide has listed the best online casinos available to you right now on this page. You can check out their reviews and see whichever suits your gambling style the most. You want to have lots of perks and exclusive bonuses, access to top-class games, and the option to use your favourite payment method.

💎 What are the best high roller casino games?

High rollers have been typically associated with table games like blackjack and baccarat in the past. However, VIP customers can play anything with the introduction of high roller online slots where you can wager hundreds of euros per spin. It’s always smart to play games with high payout rates. That hasn’t changed.

💎 Do high rollers get exclusive casino bonuses?

✅ Yes, high rollers often get exclusive and generous casino bonuses. Online gambling sites consider VIP customers their most valued users. That’s why they do anything possible to keep them happy and satisfied. The best way to accomplish that is, of course, through exclusive deals and perks.

💎 What payment methods are the best for high rollers?

The best high roller payment method for you may not be the most suitable option for others. Yet, bank transfers have been typically popular because they support high transfer limits, which work in favor of high-stake gamblers. Crypto is another popular option regarding fast, big, and secure transfers. Finally, some e-wallets could do the trick, though their limits tend to be lower.

💎 Is it better to play in an online or a land casino for a high roller?

Regarding player benefits, online casinos are generally the better option. Online sites are known for their lavish and personalized player perks for VIPs. Land-based casinos are preferred among players who want to play in person and with others. So, it depends on what you personally like.

As iGaming experts, we know what a VIP player deserves and wants. We’ve explained some vital ranking criteria below and listed the best perks you can get. Once you review them, you will better understand what matters to you as a player. Then, you’ll be ready to pick one of the high roller gambling sites here and enjoy it.

What Is a High Roller?

It is a person who spends a lot of money on gambling. Casinos consider such players high-value customers and often pamper them with various benefits and perks.

As for how much you need to spend to gain this status, it really depends on the casino. For example, some Vegas casinos would class anyone who initially deposits $10,000 as a VIP player.


Online casinos typically have criteria regarding who can boast the status. They usually have multi-tier VIP clubs with special perks offered to regular users.

If we take as an example, we can say that anyone with the Platinum and Diamond statuses is a high roller. To move between the four Platinum levels, you must wager between $250,000 and $1 million. Getting the Diamond status is possible after wagering $25 million.

Online gambling sites have organized their loyalty programs to suit everyone. Rest assured, however, that lots of perks will come your way if you deposit and wager solid sums every month.

High Roller Vs Low Roller

If VIP gambling is depositing and wagering huge amounts of money, low roller gambling is the opposite. While VIP’s look for games with high maximum bets, low rollers have small bankrolls and focus on penny slots and similar options.

The money that VIP’s spend in a week is often higher than what low rollers spend in a year. And please remember that that’s perfectly fine. iGaming is all about responsible gambling, where overspending is frowned upon.


If you have a small budget and want to spend cash here and there, do that. It’s never smart to chase the status with money you don’t have.

As for those who can afford to deposit thousands every week, excellent perks are coming. After all, they do bring the most profits to casinos. So, it makes sense that operators are invested in keeping gamblers engaged and happy.

Choosing the Best High Roller Online Casinos

Let’s say you have enough funds to enter the marvellous world of VIP’s. But, simultaneously, you don’t have enough experience in choosing where to play.

Let us tell you immediately – being cautious with your money is smart. Especially knowing the number of scam gambling sites out there.

We know how to help because we also have some VIP’s among us. All the experience and testing have helped us create our ultimate best high roller online casinos list found on this page. We also want to teach you more about choosing the gambling site of your dreams.

Scroll down and discover the main criteria you should consider – and the criteria we consider – when ranking casino sites for important customers.


High Betting Limits

High bets are the ultimate thing for VIP players. Yet, not all casinos have them. Or, at least, not in all their games. Naturally, what’s a high bet for one player may not be that significant to another.

Still, the best online casinos often have dedicated VIP table games, for instance. They provide easy access to high roller gambling action and high-risk entertainment. If the standard tables come with limits between €1,000 and €5,000, tables may have limits going up to €50,000, €100,000, and even more.

The same applies to online slots, as some slot machines won’t let you bet more than €20 per spin. VIP players won’t like that. Playing at top high-stake sites means accessing online slots where you could bet €100 or €250 per spin.

High Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

We would never consider an online casino a good option for players unless it supports easy transfer of large cash amounts.

If you bet hundreds of euros per spin and play regularly, you will move thousands of euros to your casino account. Big bets also bring big prizes when you get lucky. In that sense, you will also potentially cash out significant funds.

That said, casinos that limit your max deposits to €4,000 and impose max cashouts of €2,500 a week will not work. Instead, we want to see max limits exceeding €10,000, and that’s the worst-case scenario. Ideally, you could send and withdraw €100,000 or even €500,000 in a single transaction.

The best casinos don’t impose any banking limits at all. At least not on their most valuable players.

No Max Payout

Since we mentioned betting and banking limits, we must mention winning limits, too. That’s right; you’d be surprised how many gambling sites have such a provision in their terms and conditions.

For example, a single line of text limits players from winning over €250,000 in a single round. Or, sometimes, players are limited to cashing out winnings smaller or equal to their all-time deposits. We don’t think that’s fair, and it’s especially restricting for players.

Winning €250,000 in a single round on penny slots isn’t likely. That’s why low and even medium rollers aren’t quite affected by possible max payout or max winning limits.

When considering a casino, though, we won’t have such restrictions. They must be very high and move around €1 million if they exist.

VIP Treatment

If you spend a lot of money, you deserve a lot of perks. That’s how things are in the world, and every business pampers loyal customers.

We can proudly say that the best online casinos sometimes take things too far. But in a good sense! Every option we have listed here ensures VIPs feel appreciated and rewarded for their loyalty.

Here’s what to expect from the ultimate VIP treatment provided by the best high-stake gambling sites:

  • Exclusive bonuses.
  • Improved or no banking limits.
  • Invitations to parties and events.
  • Luxurious gifts like holidays, plane tickets, and even branded items.
  • A personal account manager.
  • Better loyalty point conversion rates.
  • Access to exclusive high-stake games.

Suitable Banking Methods

A good casino must be able to receive and send large amounts of money. The only solution for that is suitable banking methods. Even though prepaid cards are cool and easy to use for low rollers, for instance, they aren’t useful for VIP players.

A suitable banking method for high-stake players would be an option that:

  1. Supports large money transfers.
  2. Provides fast processing.
  3. It’s 100% secure and safe.
  4. Doesn’t involve high processing fees.

In this sense, many VIP players prefer using cryptocurrencies, and many top crypto gambling sites attract high-stake users.

Online bank transfers are another solid option, though they involve fees and a bit longer processing. Some e-wallets like PayPal could do the trick if you own a verified account with high transaction limits.


Finally, we must mention the high roller casino bonus offered by the best online casinos.

Typically, when we rate casino bonuses, we focus on the following:

  • Minimum deposit amount – we want it low.
  • Wagering requirements – we want those low, as well.
  • Max cashout – this should be high or not present at all.
  • Game wagering contribution – the fewer restrictions, the better.

And all of these are important. Though, there are more things to consider when planning to make a massive deposit.

Bonuses are exclusive and have a high minimum deposit amount. They are also much more generous, and the max bonus amount is significantly bigger than the standard one. You want a big match percentage and a big bonus potential.

If the casino has some high roller casino no deposit bonus, that’s even better!

VIP Casino Bonus

If you are someone who stakes big bets and wants proper rewards and benefits for your business, this section is for you. Here, we will focus on the various bonus offers at the best online casinos.

VIP players are often considered a special and separate group of customers, and rightfully so. As such, they deserve unique and improved bonus deals. In addition to bonuses, various VIP perks are also in play.


Generally speaking, if you join any of the brands we recommend, you can expect nice things to come your way. In the sections below, let’s learn more about the most common casino bonuses for VIP players.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are standard offers at all established and new online casinos. These are the bonuses you get when you first join the site. They represent a welcome gift, and that’s why they have this name.

Any gambling operator that wants to attract high-value players will have a special bonus upon registration. Typically, these are some traits of such welcome deals for high-stake gamblers:

  • High minimum deposit amount, often of at least €1,000.
  • High deposit match percentage of 150% or 200%.
  • High maximum bonus amount, sometimes even up to €5,000.
  • No cashout limits.

No Deposit Bonus

Finding no deposit bonus deals these days isn’t easy. And if you find free spins or free cash deals, those tend to be modest. You may guess that high-value players don’t quite have such issues.

A no deposit bonus is a common sight. In fact, casinos frequently surprise their VIPs with such deals. Be it 10 or 20 free spins in their inbox or a playing free chip as a token of appreciation; there’s always something fun to look forward to.

It’s fair to say that the best no deposit bonuses are exclusive and standard players can’t claim them. In most cases, they are given privately through messages or via personal account managers.

VIP Bonus

We already mentioned some VIP bonuses and perks at the best online casinos. Let’s quickly review them again here for those who missed that part.

You can expect exclusive VIP bonuses with a massive maximum bonus amount. The best perks, however, are more special and personalized ones. VIP rewards often include invitations to VIP parties, cruises, and other events.

Other unique VIP bonuses given to VIP players are luxurious items such as branded clothing, gadgets, and even iPhones. Online casinos know those with thousands of euros to spare on a hobby are not easy to satisfy.

VIPs also get priority support, personalized customer care, customized bonus deals, access to exclusive content, faster banking, and much more.

Basic gifts and small bonuses won’t do the trick here. Instead, expect all the abundance in the world.

Best VIP Online Casinos Games

Everything we’ve covered so far has focused on the experience as a customer and handling your account.

By now, let’s say all the basics are in order. You can access bonuses and upload cash, so it’s time to consider the games. VIP casino games stand out in two ways than most other gambling options.

  1. They have a very high max bet.
  2. They have a very high or no max win limit.

Again, these two things don’t matter to low rollers but make all the difference for high-stake customers.

The best online casinos have plenty of options for their users regarding high-stake games. And the versatility is excellent, too. Below, we cover the most popular games and what to expect from them.


High roller Slots

These slots are any slots that accept a high max bet. As you know, traditional classic machines and even video slots will take between €25 and €50. It’s fair to note that modern online slots with many paylines offer more versatility regarding betting limits. So, they will let users bet €100 or €120 per spin.

A high roller slot machine is something like that and even riskier. We’ve listed some popular options below to help you find your new favorite high-stake online slot. As they are famous games, you can find them at any recommended gambling site.

  1. Big Bass Bonanza (Pragmatic Play) – max bet €250 per spin
  2. Buffalo Hold & Win (Booming Games) – max bet €250 per spin
  3. Go Bananas (NetEnt) – max bet €200 per spin
  4. Vegas Wins (Booming games – max bet €200 per spin
  5. Fruit Spin (NetEnt) – max bet €200 per spin
  6. Victorious (NetEnt) – max bet €125 per spin
  7. Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play) – max bet €125 per spin
  8. Benji Killed in Vegas (NoLimit City) – max bet €100 per spin
  9. Hand of Anubis (Hacksaw Gaming) – max bet €100 per spin
  10. 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed (Tom Horn Gaming) – max bet €100 per spin


Blackjack has traditionally been a top choice among online players and in land-based casinos. The game has a low house edge, and players can make smart moves with the right strategy.

There are two types of blackjack online. The first is Random Number Generator games, where you play alone, and the outcomes are computer-generated. The second is live blackjack games, streaming the action from a studio.

As always, you can choose whatever you like the most. We can say that the live casino options have been more popular; especially the tables by Evolution. Experienced dealers host them, provide a nice social element, and have dedicated VIP tables with high limits.

Here are some options to consider. But also be aware that some casinos have dedicated and exclusive rooms for their high roller blackjack players. Random Number Generator games.

  • Evolution Diamond VIP Blackjack
  • VIP Platinum Blackjack
  • Salon Prive Blackjack
  • Soiree Blackjack


VIP roulette is for those who like variety regarding betting options and betting limits. The situation with all table games is similar to the one we presented for blackjack. There are RNG solutions and live dealer solutions.

As always, those who prefer socializing and a more elegant atmosphere will have more fun on the live casino tables. The options are plenty again, and some of the best online casinos on this list have exclusive live roulette tables.

If you’re unsure what options to consider, these are some of the best high roller roulette games online.

  • Auto VIP Roulette
  • Salon Prive Roulette
  • Casino Malta Roulette
  • French Roulette


Choosing the best online casinos is the most important step of your iGaming experience as a high-stakes gambler.

Not only do you want to play at a safe and trusted destination but also at a generous one. That’s the only way for you to relax and enjoy the action instead of worrying if there’s something better you’re missing out on.

We promise the gambling sites for high rollers we tested and recommend are top-shelf. They meet our strict ranking criteria and know how to keep VIPs happy.

Our final advice for you would be to test out a few options. Sometimes, you will like one platform more than the rest, and that’s okay. Test several sites, see which one you enjoy the most, and check out with customer care if they’re willing to offer you something extra.

Once you have your favorite, give them your loyalty and expect plenty of perks and benefits in return!


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