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The Marvel brand is one of the biggest in the world, and although the brand starting off as comics, they now create some of the biggest action-packed movies we have ever seen. They have created some of the biggest name characters that we have seen too, including Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and many more.

The company had other names before becoming Marvel, but it was in 1961 that Marvel Comics was born, and their characters started coming to life. Fast forward many years and we are in the position we are now, where the brand is so big globally that they are expanding and using it to promote a wide variety of different things.

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One of those has been the creation of Marvel slot machine games, which we now see in many best online casinos across the internet. These games have a huge appeal to players for two very big reasons. The first is obviously because they have well-known characters in them and whether players are fans of the comics and films, or just casually interested and they have heard of them before, casino players love to play on a slot game that they are familiar with.

The second reason these games are so popular is all down to the creators, Playtech. They have put a huge amount of work into these slot Marvel games, to make them as user-friendly and playable as possible. Just like the movies, which are fast-paced and full of action, so are the Marvel slot online games, with each one having at least one great special feature that you can unlock while playing the game.

When you combine the great gameplay these superhero slots have, with the recognisable names and themes of some of the Marvel characters, you know you are going to make a great game. That is exactly what we have here with the series of Marvel online slots, and it is no surprise to see players continue to log on and play them.

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Most Popular Marvel Casino Games

If you are looking to play Marvel slots online then you are spoilt for choice. There are a number of online casino games available, each of them based around one of the Marvel characters, with the game focusing on them, their special powers and the troubles they face either in the comics or in the films that have been made.

If you are looking for a place to start with these superheroes slots games, and you have not played any of the Marvel series before, he is a look at some of the most popular Marvel slots casino that are available online.

The Incredible Hulk Slots

Another popular Marvel character is the Incredible Hulk. This green giant is a big fan favourite, and so is the Incredible Hulk slot machine game that is named after him. This slot is full of great features and additional gameplay modes, which is what makes it so popular. The smash bonus feature will take you to a big win, as you watch Hulk smash the police cars and helicopters to win cash for you. Elsewhere there is a great expanding wild feature and a free spin bonus where you could find yourself with up to 20 free spins of the reels as you search for a winner.

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The Avengers Slots

Perhaps this is the one for newcomers to the Marvel collection, as this game features all of the main characters of the series all on one game. The cool feature here is that all of the characters have their own free spin games inside the wall of heroes feature. The biggest and best to look out for is the Thor free spins game, where you can win up to 7000 times your stake if you strike gold on the game. If you want a general overview of the series and one game to play that has many characters, this is the one for you, the avenger slot.

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Thor Slots Casino

Speaking of Thor, and he has his own slot available to play, which is one of the newer Marvel heroes slots in the series. This game has four progressive jackpots and a huge free spin feature that can land you a huge win if you are lucky on it. The free spins are the key to winning here, and there are two free spin features in total that can help you win those. This Thor slot game is already proving to be a hit with Marvel fans.

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Captain America Slot

Captain America is one of the most popular Marvel characters out there, so it is no surprise to see his slot as one of the most popular. This superhero slot game has a great feature which is known as the super energy feature. If you are lucky enough to get this then you can free standard spins, +1 multipliers, expanding wilds and most importantly of all free villain/heroes super spins. These super spins are where you will win big, so be sure to look out for them in Captain America slots.

Iron Man Slots

When logging into an online casino, you will have more than one Iron Man slot machine to choose from, with three currently available (Iron Man slot, Iron man 2 slot, Iron Man 3 slot). These slots are all based around the different Iron Man films and offer great gameplay that follows the nature of the film. Naturally, the newest slots are the ones with the most advanced gameplay on them, and they are the ones that are proving to be popular with players right now. The newest game, Iron Man 3, is packed full of awesome features which give you free spins and the ability to win a huge amount of money, with 2500 times your stake up for grabs on some of them.

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Spiderman Slot Game

Spiderman is without a doubt one of the biggest names in comics and films from any collection, let alone the Marvel one, so it is fitting that Spiderman slots game continues to be one of the most popular. The feature to look out for with this game is certainly the snapshot feature. This is where you will see Spiderman randomly drop onto the screen while the reels are spinning, with the camera taking a picture of the moment. You will then win a cash prize anywhere between 3x and 10x your stake, which is a great prize.

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