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Crypto casinos are the new online trend when it comes to enjoying online entertainment. NEO casinos offer you to jump on the hype wagon and get in on the fun with instant transactions and exclusive bonuses. However, with thousands of options, finding an online casino that’ll suit your needs as a..Show more
Crypto casinos are the new online trend when it comes to enjoying online entertainment. NEO casinos offer you to jump on the hype wagon and get in on the fun with instant transactions and..Show more

Crypto casinos are the new online trend when it comes to enjoying online entertainment. NEO casinos offer you to jump on the hype wagon and get in on the fun with instant transactions and exclusive bonuses. However, with thousands of options, finding an online casino that’ll suit your needs as a player can be challenging. Each casino offers unique bonuses, games and functionalities that can be overwhelming for someone with little experience. Furthermore, crypto casinos operate differently from traditional online casinos, so the criteria to pick one are different.

Are you looking for your next NEO casino experience? Worry no more! SmartCasinoGuide is here to help you find the best NEO casinos. We have reviewed and selected the casinos that feature NEO for transactions, offer the best game selection and give generous incentives to NEO players.

If you want to learn more about NEO and how it differs from traditional casinos, keep reading. You’ll also find precious insights and our selection of the best NEO casinos to help you get started on your crypto casino adventure today.

Remember to have fun, but also to exercise caution when placing your bets on crypto casinos games. Is no exception at all. Good luck and happy playing on other our offered places like Cronos casinos.

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Frequently asking questions about NEO friendly casino sites
❓ Is NEO legit?

NEO is a legit cryptocurrency ranked in the top 100 of Coinmarketcap. NEO is more than an altcoin, it benefits from its own blockchain. This crypto has existed since 2014 and is well-known in the crypto market.

❓ Is NEO available in all countries?

Due to its decentralised nature, NEO is available in every country except for the few countries that have put a crypto ban in place. However, in some countries, you can get taxed when you convert your cryptos back to fiat. So, we recommend checking your local laws to ensure you’re purchasing cryptocurrencies legally.

❓ What can you expect to find on NEO spins casinos?

You can expect a wide range of games when you play at a casino accepting NEO. You’ll find a majority of online slots with Megaways or progressive jackpots. The selection will also likely include virtual table games using RNG and live dealers, allowing you to enjoy roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker or game shows.

❓ Who can use NEO?

Virtually anyone over the legal age and owning a bank account or card can use NEO. Crypto exchanges, such as Binance, let you create an account and purchase NEO tokens using your local currency.

❓ Are NEO deposits instant?

Yes. NEO deposits are, on average, processed within 15 seconds after the online casino has approved your deposit request. This is the time frame the blockchain needs to check and confirm the transaction. While it performs about 10,000 transactions within one second.

❓ How long do NEO withdrawals take?

NEO withdrawals take about the same time as deposits once the online casino has approved the withdrawal request. So, expect to receive them almost instantly. However, keep in mind that the casino could take up to a few days to approve your withdrawal request, depending on the number of requests they have from all players.

❓ How Secure Is NEO?

NEO is as secure as its blockchain network. The 0% risk doesn’t exist, but this network has never been hacked and uses the most secure protocols to protect its assets.

❓ What are casino NEO payment method alternatives?

If you don’t want to use NEO but still want to use cryptos to play, you’re in luck! The crypto market offers over 12,000 cryptocurrencies.

❓ Do NEO online casinos offer bonuses?

Absolutely, not only do NEO casinos offer bonuses, but they’re generally more generous than what traditional online casinos have to offer. You’ll find similar bonuses like deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback or free bets, but the amounts given overall are higher.

neo logo General information about NEO

Company nameVISA Inc.
Company nameNEO
FoundersDa Hongfei and Erik Zhang
Highest price:€161.76

neo logo What is NEO and how does it work?

NEO is an open-source, decentralized smart contract platform created in 2014. It was called AntShares when it started and was rebranded in 2017 as NEO. Unlike other cryptocurrencies using the Ethereum blockchain, NEO has its own network. It’s the first crypto created in China and the first crypto to use a dual token system. NEO is community-based, so its holder can elect the council running the network with the GAS token every 21 blocks created.

neo logo Our criteria for selecting NEO online casino sites

NEO tokens can also be used for transactions on the internet, like any crypto, and this includes playing at NEO online casinos. We have a rigorous process to ensure these casinos are worth your time, and here’s how we select them.

Game library

The main aspect of a NEO online casino is the game library. Since it’s what people come for, we examine what NEO games casinos have to offer. We consider a library good enough if it features various games.

Furthermore, we give extra points to a NEO bet casino, giving the possibility to play using your NEO tokens in-game.

neo casino

NEO casino payments

NEO isn’t as famous as Bitcoin or Ethereum, so it’s crucial to ensure that the online casino on NEO that you want to play at will provide NEO deposits and withdrawals with convenience. Finding a casino accepting NEO deposits is simple enough, but finding one that’ll also let you withdraw generous amounts without fees and fast is an entirely different story.


Almost every casino features promotional offers for new and existing players to engage them. However, the experience is even better if these promotions are available for NEO users or offer something extra for crypto users in general. These offers can range from welcome bonuses with free NEO spins casino and bonus funds to cashback offers and more.

Mobile compatibility

Smartphones are deeply intertwined with our entertainment consumption, and online casinos have evolved to reflect this change in our habits. Nowadays, many online casinos will offer a mobile version of their site to allow you to play on the go.

Safety & Security

A NEO bet casino should offer a safe environment to its players who will share personal information. That’s why we review the site’s licensing to ensure it provides its services legally. Likewise, the site must be secured with the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols to prevent data leaks.

neo bet casino

neo logo Pros of playing with NEO

When you decide to play at a NEO online casino, you benefit from unique perks not found anywhere else. Here are the main advantages you’ll benefit from by playing with NEO.

Instant transactions

Like all cryptos, NEO offers decentralised service. This means that your transaction is processed automatically without any authority controlling it, thus, speeding up the process.

Exclusive games

Some games offered at a NEO casino are exclusive to crypto players, like Crash Games or Provably Fair games. Using NEO, you can enjoy these games and discover new game mechanics.

Bigger bonuses

Cryptos like NEO are trending, so operators want to attract crypto players. This means that you can expect more generous incentives than with fiat payments.

neo games casinos

neo logo Cons of playing with NEO

Nothing is perfect, and playing with a cryptocurrency like NEO also has a few shortcomings. Here’s what you should be wary of when using NEO to play casino games.

Your mistakes are yours

The blockchain offers more financial freedom than regular payments. However, freedom goes both ways. If you send your tokens to the wrong address, there’s no authority to help you and cancel the transactions.

Cryptos are volatile

Unlike euros or dollars, a cryptocurrency can have dramatic price changes over the course of a night, for instance. Your tokens can be worth a lot on a given day and drop their price by 50% the next day.

neo logo A short guide to NEO playing

If you want to get started with NEO, then follow our quick guide to learn how you can play in a few easy steps.

neo spins casino

Choose a NEO casino from our list and register

Refer to our list above to find the NEO casino that suits your needs and offers the bonus you want, and start your registration process. The casino will ask you to fill out a form with your personal information, and the entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Buy digital currency (NEO)

If you don’t already have a crypto wallet, then you need to go to a crypto exchange site like Binance or Uniswap. There create an account and buy NEO tokens. You’ll have them stored in your e-wallet, and you can use them or swap them for another currency.

Arrange your NEO

Once you’ve purchased NEO, you may want to move your assets to another e-wallet for safekeeping or to keep your trading account distinct from the wallet you’ll use to play.

Ensure you use the right deposit address

When depositing using NEO, the site will provide you with an e-wallet address to send your money. You can copy it, but we recommend scanning the QR code to avoid any mistakes. In any case, check where you’re sending the money because any mistake can mean losing your coins entirely.

online casino on neo

Deposit your funds and play

Blockchain networks usually provide deposits within 15 minutes. So, your funds should arrive almost instantly in your casino account once the operator receives your payment. All that’s left is playing with your NEO tokens on your favourite games.

neo logo Conclusion of NEO casinos

NEO is a robust cryptocurrency, benefiting from pioneer status in many areas. It has existed for a long time, and its dual token model makes it more reliable than other cryptos. It’s an excellent way to enjoy your favourite casino games and discover exclusive titles with more generous bonuses and instant transactions.

Moreover, you can also check our reviews on the best Cardano casino if you’re interested in these cryptos or already own them.

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