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If you are playing at a regular online casino then a word wagering might not have caught your eye yet. However, once you start playing at Stake, you will realize that wagering is a very important thing which can change the way you play.

In this article, we will explain why wagering at Stake Casino is so important. In addition, we will highlight the best Stake wagering strategies which will help you wager more efficiently. This will help both casino players and sports bettors.

Most asked questions about Stake wager
🧙 Why wagering on Stake is important?

By wagering you can reach new VIP levels and increase your bonuses.

🧙 How much you need to wager to reach Bronze VIP level?

You will need to wager $10 000 in order to start receiving VIP rewards.

🧙 How much do you need to wager to reach Platinum I VIP level?

You will need to wager $250 000. Once Platinum, you will get way better bonuses.

🧙 What is the best way to wager on Stake?

Sports betting on hand-picked sports events with low odds would be the best and the least risky strategy.

🧙 How much is Stake wager bonus?

For reaching Bronze VIP you will get $10 while Platinum I will give you 200$, Platinum II 400$, etc. In addition you will get an extra bonus for your recent playthrough + daily reloads starting from Platinum VIP levels.

🧙 When you get rakeback on Stake?

You will get rakeback when playing casino games. So, the more you wager the higher your rakeback will be. logoWhy Stake wager is important?

This online gambling website has probably the best rewards programs out there which works together with their VIP system. In order to reach a higher VIP level players will have to wager a specific amount. For example: in order to reach Bronze level you will have to wager $10 000.

stake wagering vip levels

Once a players reaches Bronze level on Stake, he will get a level up bonus and start receiving various rewards such as Weekly and Monthly Bonus. The amount of these bonuses will depend on your VIP level as well as on the amount you wagered and the amount you lost. So, basically the more you wager the better your bonuses will be.

Also, every time you reach a new level you will receive a higher level up bonus + extra bonus for your recent gameplay. These bonuses can be really nice, especially for higher VIP levels so it is definitely worth trying to wager more! logoStake Best Wager strategy

Some players like to play naturally and do not look for ways to improve their wagering but the tips we are going to give you can be really beneficial! We will share some cool strategies for both casino and sportsbook players so nobody will be left out! logoStake Dice wager strategy

Stake Originals games have high RTP, super fast gameplay and good customizations options for autoplay so they are the perfect choice for those who are looking to wager fast.

The least risky strategy on this game would be to set your winning chances at 98%, turn the animations off for faster gameplay and set autoplay. In the beginning we would recommend to get familiar with the procedure and do not set your bet size very high.

stake dice wager strategy best way to wager on stake

After you get used to how the game works, you can increase your bet size and start wagering faster. However, since it is a casino game which has an RTP of 98% you are destined to lose money in the long run. So, we would like to give some tips which should help to reduce losses.

When you are setting an autoplay on Dice, set your loss limits as well. In this way, once you lose a certain amount of money you can go somewhere else and reduce those losses. The best way to do it would be to do some research and make some sports bets on events which are easy to predict.

All in all, it is a cool strategy to make your wager go up really fast just try to not rush it too much. If you lose some money, try to recover it on a sportsbook or on blackjack before continuing. logoStake sports betting wager strategy

To start with, we have to mention that all sports bets count as 3x towards wagering progress. For example: if you make a $10 sports bet that will count as $30 in your wagering progress. That is the first reason why sports betting is the best way to improve your wagering.

Second reason why wagering on sportsbook is better than on casino games is because sports events can be more predictable if you have good knowledge. So, what is the strategy to make your wager go faster?

stake sports betting best wager wagering strategy

We would recommend finding certain events with low odds in a range of 1.01 – 1.03 and betting big amounts on them. There are many huge European and Asian handicaps in football markets with low odds so these are probably the best way to go.

You can also choose live betting and try to find events where a team has a huge lead with not a lot of time left so you will have to wait less for your bet to be settled and that could improve the wagering process even more.

Just be careful because you will be betting big amounts of money so always try to pick the best available events. Even if their odds are really low there is still a chance the bet can lose so try to lower your risks as much as possible. logoOther Stake VIP wager strategies

Two strategies we mentioned above are the best and the easiest one to make your wager go faster. However, there are more strategies which can work as well.

Usually, people love to play other Stake Originals like Limbo, Plinko, Mines, Keno, etc. All of these games have really high RTP and with their autoplay options wagering can go up very fast. It does not matter which of these games you choose, the strategy in general will be similar to one we mentioned in Dice. You will have to choose the least risky way, turn the autoplay and let it go. Other people just enjoy playing regular slots from providers such as Hacksaw Gaming or Pragmatic Play but they have even lower RTP than Stake Originals.

As we mentioned before, all casino games should lead you to losing money in the long run so if you decide to go for these strategies you will have to make up your losses somewhere else.

Knowing that, if you are looking to wager faster sports betting is the way to go. It will give you a 3x faster wagering process and reduce the risk. logoConclusion

Many people are asking: is it worth wagering on Stake? And an answer would be a definite yes. However, there are always risks when it comes to gambling, so you will have to be aware and stay in control.

Sports betting or Dice wager strategy can really help you reach higher VIP levels and improve your bonuses. If it would be up to us, we would recommend only using sports betting strategy because in that way it easier to keep your balance in positive!

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