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Founded in 2014, Triple Profits Games is an Asian studio specialising in online slots, though it also develops table and casual games. Triple Profits Games casinos, or Triple PG casinos, is quite popular among players for providing a wide variety of games. Any game Triple PG Casinos provides is ..Show more
Founded in 2014, Triple Profits Games is an Asian studio specialising in online slots, though it also develops table and casual games. Triple Profits Games casinos, or Triple PG casinos, is..Show more

Founded in 2014, Triple Profits Games is an Asian studio specialising in online slots, though it also develops table and casual games. Triple Profits Games casinos, or Triple PG casinos, is quite popular among players for providing a wide variety of games. Any game Triple PG Casinos provides is cutting edge for increased conversion rates and Net Gaming Revenue (NGR).

There are over 70 slots to play when visiting Triple PG. Once someone signs up, Triple PG provides continual support for online and mobile-optimised websites carrying its range with continual reporting, retention bonuses in the software, various currency and language options, and innovative technologies to keep players returning.

Since Triple PG casinos is an Asian studio, most of their themed slots focus on the Asian market covering traditional Chinese culture, celebrations, and food. Most other casinos are European-based, so it’s a breath of fresh air to find an online casino based on its Asian roots. These slots also have high-quality graphics, free spins and multipliers, and features like expanding wild symbols. These designs appeal to as many punters as possible.

One of the best aspects of Triple PG Casinos is its user-friendly website. Players who use the website have access to some of the top Triple PG games and background information of who the company is and what it does. Being developed in HTML5, the slots are all available to play on mobile devices with identical performance to its counterparts on desktop computers. Not only that, but most of the Triple Profits Games slots are playable in both landscape and portrait display modes on mobile. Easy to play on both desktop and mobile, there’s a reason why many players praise Triple Profits Games casinos.

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Read the review about TOP rated Triple Profits Games casinosTriple Profits Games popularity

Despite existing for less than a decade, Triple Profits Games casinos has become popular amongst online casino players far and wide, as it’s luckily available in both Australia and the United States. Players can access this casino in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and other languages. This casino also supports various currencies, which is great for a casino with global appeal.

Triple PG primarily focuses on the Asian market, so there are naturally slots about fortunes, traditional Chinese celebrations, and even kawaii pets. For those outside the Asian market, Triple PG offers slots themed around ancient Egypt, Halloween, and Christmas slots, as well as a slot themed around famous footballers like Ronaldo and Messi.

What do people ask about the Triple PG casinos?
❓ How many slots does Triple PG have?

Triple PG has over 70 slots and counting. Visit the link and read more about Triple PG slots.

❓ Which countries allow Triple Profits Games?

Triple Profits Games is available in many Asian countries as well as Australia and the United States.

❓ What types of games does Triple PG create?

Triple PG specialises in slots, but it also makes table games, fishing games, casual games, and fun slots.

❓ Are Triple Profits Games slots popular on online casino sites?

✅ Yes, many players enjoy playing Triple Profits Games’ slots.

❓ What was the biggest Triple PG jackpot?

The biggest jackpot players can receive is up to 1688 coins and €67.250.

❓ Does Triple PG have a live casino feature?

Unfortunately, Triple PG does not have a live casino feature. However, you can visit the link and find out the best live casino online.

❓ Which casino is the best to play Triple PG slots?

Our team rated online casinos which offer Triple PG casino games and the best one is 1xBit casino. Click on the link and you will find the list of Triple Profits Games casinos.

These slots aren’t made by amateurs. The graphics on most of the slots are quite impressive when considering the number of people playing on mobile devices. Some slots have realistic graphics that would rival console titles, while others have simple yet cute graphics to match its cute characters and themes. Versatility in regards to aesthetics makes Triple PG stand out from many of its competitors.

Speaking of variety, Triple PG has a wide assortment of games that aren’t slots. It also has table games, fishing games, and even casual games for those starting out who don’t want to take gambling too seriously. These casino games online are themed around golf, popular TV mini-series, historical events, and even popular video games such as Pac-Man and Pokémon. Most of these slots are mechanically indistinct from one another, but similar gameplay isn’t always a detractor.

Triple PG has 6 different types of gamesTriple PG – all type games

Triple PG has table games, fishing games, and casual games, but specialises in slots; there are over 70 slots on its website, all with impressive and colourful graphics. A great deal of time and effort went into developing these TPG casino games. For most slots, it’s easy to win a round of free spins or a mini-game every once in a while. This is the case for every TPG demo. Some fun slots to play include Dessert, Candy Cart, and Selfie.

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Table games

Triple PG also provides table games for those who don’t care for the repetitive gameplay of slots. The company has traditional table games, like baccarat card game, but it has unique entries focused on its Asian roots, like San Gong and DragonTiger. These games, while less numerous, have more variety in gameplay. Instead of dealing with the repetitive movements of slots, these games have dice and chips to play with. Bets can go up to 500 coins, and there’s a good chance of winning something after each bet.

Fishing games

There are only a few fishing games. The gameplay, however, is unlike anything on offer in many other online casinos. One particular game, 4D Fishing Fortune, features the world’s first portrait fishing arcade game in a first-person perspective. Because the game is in portrait mode, players can use one hand to shoot with 360-degree map support. It’s easy to play, too. An average of 150 fish face up and dash towards the screen, making shooting and betting much easier. So, for those who want to play something truly unique, Triple PG’s fishing games are great options.

Casual games

Anyone who doesn’t want to bet a lot of money can play casual games that aren’t typical Triple PG online casino games. Games like DJ Mario and Dessert Mario include a Mario character, though not the Italian plumber created by Nintendo. Triple Profits Games does a great job of creating fun games for casual players.

Triple PG Casual Games - DJ Mario and Dessert Mario

Fun slots

For those who aren’t into betting at all, Triple PG has fun slots that don’t involve any wagers. There are only three, but they’re all fun to play. One such game is Lucky Gems, a game where players have to match three of the same gems. When scoring more than ten points, the game’s mascot jumps around and cheers, encouraging the player. Every type of game from Triple PG is fun and unique in its own way.

Read more about casinos which offer Triple PG gamesTriple PG online casinos

Rarely is an online casino complete without jackpots, bonuses, and live casino features; Triple Profits Games casinos is no exception. Like every online casino, Triple PG offers loads of bonuses, jackpots, and the ability to play for bitcoin and other forms of currency. Anyone who plays on Triple PG online casinos is bound to have fun with this Triple PG casino list.

Some casinos offer bonuses from 50% up to 100% when signing up to play at new Triple PG casinos. Wolfy Casino is one of those casinos that offer up to €1000 as a welcome bonus and a minimum deposit of €10 upon signing up, which Triple PG accepts. There is also a Triple Profits Games no deposit bonus and various methods of depositing and withdrawals. The usual depositing and withdrawing methods include MasterCard, Visa, and Neteller, but one unique method of withdrawing is bitcoin (new bitcoin casinos), which has had its fair share of controversy.

Wolfy Casino is the best to gamble Triple PG slots

Another fun part of playing Triple PG games is winning some fantastic jackpots. No casino is complete without jackpots, and Triple PG is no exception. At Triple PG, players can expect to win a good amount of money through the games. With a coin range of 0.2 to 40 coins, players can win a jackpot up to 1688 coins. With a range of €0.20 to €40, players can win a jackpot up to €67.520. That’s quite a lot of coins and money to win.

Triple PG currencies and live casino feature

Of course, no Triple PG casino list is complete without the wide variety of currencies players can use. Since Triple PG is available in many countries, many countries can use their currencies to play. Such currencies include the US Dollar, the Australian dollar, the Euro, and even bitcoin. Some people may not trust bitcoin due to its controversial history and debatable reputation, but some players have had some good luck while using bitcoin. So, if some casinos accept bitcoin as a currency, then bitcoin is a fair game to use for betting.

The only flaw Triple Profits Games has is that there is no live casino feature, which is a shame for those who enjoy live casinos. Other than that, playing Triple PG games in various casinos is a fun way to bet and win money.

Triple PG offers slot games, fun slots, casual games, table games, fishing fortune games

1xBit is the best casino to play Triple Profits GamesBest Triple PG casinos

Any online casino Triple PG is available is lucky. The games are fun and simple, and though the gameplay on some of them, particularly the slots, is unvaried, they all have unique graphics and designs. There are currently at least 10 casinos with access to Triple PG, but let’s only focus on three specific casinos. So, here are the three best TPG casinos.

1xBit Casino

The first casino on the list is 1xBit Casino. This casino is a licensed in Curacao and is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish. When playing Triple PG games on 1xBit, players can get up to 7 BTC as a welcome bonus. Players can deposit and withdraw money via national currencies and bitcoin, which is an accepted currency. 1xBit is both PC and mobile-friendly, making depositing and withdrawing easy for players. 1xBit is not restricted in many countries, which is a great advantage of this casino.

JVspin Casino

Another casino recommended for Triple PG is JVspin Casino, a casino licensed by the Curacao. JVspin casino is an instant play and mobile casino owned by Marikit Holdings Ltd. Players can access this casino in the English, German, and other languages. Upon signing up, players can get up to 150 Free Spins bonus and up to €1500 as a welcome bonus. Players can deposit and withdraw money via Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. Minimum withdrawals can range from €20 to €50 while withdrawal limits are €100,000 per month. However this casino is restricted in some countries. Those who can access JVspin casino are bound to have an excellent time betting while playing Triple PG games.

Wolfy Casino

The best of the TPG casinos, however, is Wolfy Casino. Wolfy Casino is a casino established in 2020 by Mirage Ent. Corporation Limited, licensed in Curacao, and available in German and English. Players using this casino get a 100% bonus and up to €200 as a welcome bonus. Players can deposit and withdraw money via MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, bitcoin, and many other methods with a withdrawal limit of €5000. Wolfy Casino accepts the euro and bitcoin as currencies. Most countries in Europe are not restricted from using Wolfy Casino, so anyone who wants to play Triple PG games in this casino is bound to have a great time.

Triple Profits Games release 2 games per monthTriple Profits Games news 2024

There’s no news like Triple PG news, and Triple PG is one of the few online casino gambling sites to have a newsletter. On the casino’s media central page, players can find newsletters from 2019 and 2018, which is great for archives. Most are announcements for new games uploaded onto the website. This newsletter isn’t like most others, but for a casino site, it’s pretty good. This won’t add much to the overall enjoyment of the product line unless you are interested in learning more about the casino, in which case you will find this newsletter informative and engaging.

Another good thing about the Triple PG website is the recruitment section. Yes, Triple PG has a recruitment section on its website, and it is one of the only casino websites to do so. This means anyone interested can apply for multiple Triple Profits Games careers. These careers include technical team lead, PHP software developer, and IT engineer.

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We hope that this Triple Profits Games casinos review was interesting for YouTriple Profits Games casinos review – conclusion

If there’s one thing that players can call Triple Profits Games, it’s unique. Triple Profits Games has an original, Asian-based market, beautiful graphics, fun games, and a fascinating website with a newsletter and job applications. Players can also call Triple PG high-quality with its games, website, and bonuses and jackpots.

The games, while mostly having the same gameplay, are fun to play and have original and state-of-the-art graphics. Even those who aren’t in the Asian market can enjoy the games aimed at the global market. The bonuses and jackpots are also wonderful to receive, and it’s easy to see why many casinos want to connect to Triple PG. Players can also bet with many currencies including bitcoin.

Anyone who loves to play simple, yet fun games with a wide variety, good bonuses and jackpots, newsletters, and job openings will love Triple Profits Games and its website.

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