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WebMoney has over 40 million users, and you can use WebMoney as a payment method in online casinos. If you’re looking for the best WebMoney casino sites, then you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the correct payment method in an online casino is crucial. With card payments, you’ll have to..Show more
WebMoney has over 40 million users, and you can use WebMoney as a payment method in online casinos. If you’re looking for the best WebMoney casino sites, then you’ve come to the right..Show more

WebMoney has over 40 million users, and you can use WebMoney as a payment method in online casinos. If you’re looking for the best WebMoney casino sites, then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing the correct payment method in an online casino is crucial. With card payments, you’ll have to fill in your card information, and the withdrawal process can take several days. However, card payments are popular because everyone has one.

E-wallets, on the other side, are popular because it’s much more convenient when compared to card payments. It’s anonymous and faster. Commonly it’ll only take minutes to hours to complete a withdrawal process in an online casino when you use an e-wallet payment. You can’t depend on casinos for bank transfer regarding fast processes.

One of the e-wallet methods is WebMoney. If you’re looking to play in your favourite online casino using WebMoney, then you need to know these casino sites with WebMoney. We’ve chosen some of the best WebMoney casino sites with top performance and excellent security.

Before you dive into one of our trusted payment methods articles, I want to kindly remind you about other casino payments like Paysafecard casinos. Accepted in over 40 countries around the world can offer you a plant of casino games.

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Frequently asking questions about WebMoney friendly casino sites
❓ Is WebMoney Legit?

✅ Yes, WebMoney is a legitimate online payment service established in 1998 by WM Transfer Ltd.

❓ Where is WebMoney accepted?

Using e-wallets like WebMoney doesn’t require you to share your personal data. You only need to put in your WebMoney ID.

❓ Do I need to share personal data if I want to use WebMoney for casino games?

✅ Yes, you will need to share personal data on one of the best online casino sites that accept Maestro deposits. The casino will ask for your information during the registration process, and this includes your name, family name, phone number, email address, place of residence, and maybe more, depending on the casino’s policy.

❓ Do I need to verify my account to use WebMoney?

❌ No, you don’t need to verify your account to use WebMoney.

❓ What currencies are supported by WebMoney?

WebMoney accepts US Dollar, Euro, Russian Ruble, Vietnamese Dong, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Kazakhstani Tenge, Belarusian Ruble and Bitcoin.

❓ Who can use WebMoney?

Different countries have different rules for online payment services. As long as your country is accepted by WebMoney and you’re at the legal age (by your country’s law), you can use WebMoney.

❓ Do WebMoney cards expire?

✅ Yes, like regular bank cards, WebMoney cards have an expiration date.

❓ Are WebMoney deposits instant?

✅ Yes, WebMoney deposits are Instant.

❓ Is using WebMoney at casino sites safe?

✅ Yes, as WebMoney is a legitimate e-wallet, using WebMoney at casino sites is safe.

❓ Does WebMoney work at mobile casinos?

Every online casino implements different sets of rules. So, you have to check with your chosen WebMoney casino to know if you can use WebMoney using a mobile casino.

❓ What fees do I have to pay for a WebMoney online casino deposit?

When you deposit to your online casino account using WebMoney, it’ll charge you a 0.8% fee up to a maximum of €50.

❓ What is the minimum amount I can deposit via WebMoney?

Like every other e-wallet payment method, the minimum amount you can deposit via WebMoney is €10.

❓ What is the maximum amount I can deposit via WebMoney?

There are different tiers in WebMoney. The higher the tier, the higher the maximum deposit amount you can get.

❓ What are WebMoney payment method alternatives?

If you mainly want to use your e-wallet at online casinos, the best alternatives for WebMoney are PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, as they’re available at many online casinos.

❓ Is WebMoney offer casino bonuses?

✅ Yes, there are some casinos that give bonuses when you use WebMoney as your payment method.

best webmoney online casinosGeneral information about WebMoney

Company nameVISA Inc.
Company nameWM Transfer Ltd.
AddressVytenio g. 4, LT-03113 Vilnius, Lithuania
FoundedNovember 1998
Email[email protected]

best webmoney online casinosWhat is WebMoney?

WebMoney is a Russian online payment service or e-wallet that you can use for internet transactions and purchasing. You can use it for shopping, and peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, including online casino deposits and withdrawals. Being a Russian online payment service, WebMoney has a vast user base in Russia but is also famous internationally.

WebMoney was launched by WM Transfer Ltd in 1998, just after the Russian financial crisis. They take advantage of the increase in US Dollars due to the crisis, aiming to provide a USD-oriented payment service as a response. Like other e-wallets, WebMoney provides a virtual wallet to hold users’ funds, with a network of companies as guarantors to secure your fund.

In 2015, the company behind WebMoney was granted a license to issue E-Money in the European Economic Area by Financial Conduct Authority, allowing it to extend its operations further. WebMoney enables online casino and poker platforms to be seamlessly integrated. As a result, they’re especially popular in the iGaming community. It has gained global popularity, with over 40 million users worldwide.

What makes WebMoney great is it allows users to hold several different ‘purses’. You can use each purse to store different currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR. You can also connect your bank accounts or other payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals from your online casino. To make it easier, WebMoney offers you a physical Visa Debit or Credit Card, which you can order anytime you’d like. It also has an app, WebMoney Keeper, that you can use to manage your virtual wallet.

online casinos with webmoney

best webmoney online casinosOur criteria for selecting top WebMoney online casino sites

We’re dedicated to recommending you the best WebMoney casino sites available. There are several factors that help us determine the rating system we’ve implemented.


When choosing an online casino, safety matters the most. The best WebMoney casino sites we’ve chosen are legitimate, safe and licensed securely. They’re also established with great reviews and top performance to ensure your satisfaction.

The first thing we consider when determining an online casino’s safety is how long they’ve been operating. Casinos with 10 or more years of successful business operations or more than one license will earn higher ratings.

We’ll also check several trusted websites and forums that feature players’ experiences on the online casino we’re reviewing. To ensure all reviews are honest, we’ll often contact the casinos’ representatives to ask about the negative reviews or complaints sent to them. Of course, we’ll also ask if they’ve improved according to the complaints and see if the problems have been solved.

To add to the reviews, we’ll also jump hands-on to try every features the online casino offers. We’ll create an account, deposit, try the games and even contact customer service to rate the support quality. So, you’ll know how fast customer supports react to complaints and what they do to take care of the problems.

safety for best webmoney online casinos is on top

Game collection

What we test next to pick out the best WebMoney casino sites is their game collection. The bigger their collection is, the higher the rating we give. We also take the game variety into consideration. Other than that, we’ll see if the casino offers a demo version that’ll let you try the games without having to register an account or make a deposit.

Another factor we’ll check is your experience while playing the game. We’ll ensure you can open multiple windows simultaneously to play while doing something else. The game’s loading time must be acceptable, and if not, we’ll be transparent and list the casino’s plus and minus points, including the game betting limits.

Moreover, online casinos often accept very low and very high stakes. Still, some casinos ensure you’re responsible by giving a very low maximum stake. This point might be annoying to high-rollers, so we’ll list the information in our reviews.

Regarding games’ safety, some casinos implement unfair strategies to attract players.

You’ll find them promote their extensive game collection, but when you try, you won’t be able to open some games or find the games blocked in your location. We’ll reduce great points for these casinos.

top webmoney online casinos

Bonus and promotions

As it’s also competitive in the iGaming business, these best WebMoney casino sites offer various bonuses that can be exciting for players. Some casinos offer free bets specified for some games, like free spins for slots or free bets for table games and sports betting. Some others reward new players with free cash to kickstart their new accounts. It might be surprising, but you can also find some casinos with both free bets and free cash as welcome or reload bonuses. We’ll ensure to pick the best casino with offers you can’t refuse and ensure they’re fair with its wagering requirements.

Last, we’ll also check the localisation and list how many languages are available. Other details like special features, VIP membership and other details will also be included in our review.

best webmoney online casinosHow to use WebMoney in online casinos?

There’s not much difference between using WebMoney as a payment method and other payment methods. It mainly depends on the individual’s convenience.

Using WebMoney as a payment method is much similar to using your bank account, debit card or credit card. After you’ve verified your WebMoney account, they’ll ask you to connect your bank account, credit or debit card to it.

top webmoney casino sites

Besides using a bank account, or credit or debit card, WebMoney also allows you to transfer money with prepaid cards. You can buy prepaid cards in person or online stores using WebMoney VISA or Mastercard with cash at an ATM. Once your WebMoney account is ready to use, you can choose the best WebMoney online casinos and fund your account.

To use WebMoney in online casinos, visit the cashier tab and find WebMoney as one of the payment methods listed. Select deposit or withdraw, then fill in the required fields. When you have a WebMoney account, you’ll get an ID number that the casino will ask you to put in as you’re making deposits or requesting withdrawals. Don’t forget to verify the payment request if the casino asks you to.

It may take several hours for the process to go through, but deposits will usually be made instantly. Another essential point to remember is that WebMoney usually has a €10 minimum deposit, the same as other e-wallets. Depositing into your WebMoney account is free, but depositing using a WebMoney account into online casinos with WebMoney will usually charge you around a 0.8% transaction fee. You’ll also be charged when you withdraw from your WebMoney account to your bank account.

best webmoney online casinosWebMoney pluses

Now that you know some of the best WebMoney casino sites, here are some of the advantages you can get when using WebMoney at online casinos.

casino sites with webmoney

Quick Transfers – One of the best advantages of WebMoney is it’s an E-wallet. E-wallets are known to be the fastest with the payment process, so you’ll be guaranteed instant deposits and quick withdrawals.

WebMoney Purses – WebMoney has a ‘purse’ system where you can store different currencies and use them accordingly. This is especially great for casinos you want to try but isn’t accepting your local currency.

Website and Mobile Friendly – Not only can you access your E-Wallet from your computer, but WebMoney also has a WebMoney Keeper app that you can download on your mobile devices. Then, you can use your E-wallet whenever and from wherever you want.

Well-Established – WebMoney has been operating for more than 20 years. Experience is crucial as it connects well with safety and great-quality performance.

Encryption – WebMoney is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, guaranteeing your personal data is safe from third-party breaches.

best webmoney online casinosWebMoney minuses

Less Popular Compared to Some Other E-wallets – When we mention e-wallets, most people would immediately think about PayPal or Skrill. As the slightly less popular e-wallet choice, fewer online casinos accept WebMoney.

Bonus Limit – Some bonuses will become ineligible to claim if you’re using WebMoney, so if you’ve already claimed a bonus (or are planning to claim one), read the complete terms and conditions. It’ll mention if you can use WebMoney and the bonus simultaneously.

Fixed Fees – As mentioned above, you’re bound to be charged a small percentage when using WebMoney for transactions.

best webmoney online casinosHow to deposit at WebMoney casinos?

online casinos that accept webmoney

If you’re looking for online casinos that accept WebMoney, then we assume your WebMoney account is loaded and ready to use. So, after you have both your online casino account and WebMoney ready, go to your online casino’s cashier tab and request to make a deposit. Clicking the cashier tab will show you the list of payment methods the casino accepts. Choose WebMoney as your payment method.

Fill in the required fields, which usually consist of the deposit amount you wish to make and your WebMoney login details. If you have a WebMoney account, then they’ll usually provide you with an ID number that you can use to fill in your WebMoney information at the cashier. Confirm the details you’ve filled in, then submit your request to the casino. The funds will appear immediately in your account.

best webmoney online casinosHow to withdraw from best WebMoney casino sites?

Making withdrawals from top WebMoney casino sites isn’t as straightforward as making deposits. Every casino has different procedures, but the most important point is to confirm if your chosen online casino allows you to withdraw using WebMoney. Not all casinos accept the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals.

Even if they allow you to request a withdrawal via your WebMoney, there’s a huge probability you’ll get charged an extra fee. The funds will arrive in your WebMoney account after several hours or days. Check your online casino to know how long you’ll have to wait.

best webmoney casino sites allows you to withdraw using webmoney

best webmoney online casinosFinal words about online casinos that accept WebMoney

Some players look for the best WebMoney casino sites, while others look for the best AstroPay casinos. Even if they’re not the most popular payment method choice, we can’t deny that it’s nice to have our favourite payment method available. Using an e-wallet is an excellent choice, especially when you’re playing in online casinos. It’s fast, it’s convenient, not to mention easy to monitor with apps like WebMoney Keeper. We’ve carefully chosen the top WebMoney online casinos for you, so make sure to check them out.

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