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Bingo game – what is it?

Bingo is the game of chance, in which the result depends solely on probability and luck. It is one of the easiest games to play. To participate in it you just need to purchase special cards. The game is played by millions of lotto fans around the world each day.

This game has been known for about a hundred years (it has been active since the 1920s). Therefore, it is not surprising that during this period there was a variety of variations of the game. Indeed, there are plenty of differences in the Bingo game currently, and even the hard-core lovers of the particular game cannot list them.

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How to play Bingo? What are Bingo rules?

The rules are very simple, to start the game each player buys at least one ticket (card) which is made up of a grid of numbers. When the game gets going, numbered balls are drawn at random and called out. If a numbered ball corresponds to a number on your ticket (card), this number is masked off. The aim is to mask full column, row, diagonal or all these numbers on your ticket, depending on the type of the game you are playing. Some of the most common types are 75-ball, 75-ball variant, 90-ball.

75-ball Bingo and 75-ball variant

75-ball Bingo uses 75 numbered balls that can be called. And 75-ball Bingo tickets you can buy individually (not in strips). Each ticket (card) is made up with the 5×5 grid, with the number in each square apart from the center one. It is called a free square, and it can be used to complete rows, columns or diagonal lines with four masked numbers.

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You also may want to play 75-ball variant which is similar to 75-ball, but tickets made up in strips of three, and there are not any free squares. In both types of 75-ball game could be several prizes. For example, the first prize pays out to the first player to make a line in any direction. After that, it is just a horizontal lines and prizes payout for two, three or four lines. Ant the last prize pays out for the full house.

90-ball Bingo

The third type of Bingo is 90-ball Bingo. How to play this Bingo?

90-ball Bino has 90 numbered balls. Tickets are made up of a nine by three grids each with fifteen numbers on them, and the rest of the squares are blank. In ninety ball Bingo, prizes are awarded for making one line, two lines or the full house, and it is simple as that.

how to play bingo

Now you can start to play. Follow these simple Bingo rules.

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Other variations of Bingo

“U-Pick’Em Bingo”. It is a frequent variation that resembles a Keno game. The very essence of this little variation is the ability for the player to choose the number to be found on his card.

“Shotgun Bingo”. This variation is known as a “Quickie Bingo” or “Turbo Bingo. Most often, this kind of game takes place between the usual game breaks. It is a short while game with one or two cards, only. That is the only difference between the usual type game.

“Quick Shot Bingo”. The pleasure of this game is usually to wait for new numbers and tag them, but this variation radically changes this. In this format game, happy numbers are evident when you buy a ticket. When you buy it, check whether the numbers match the happy ones. However, this is not the same as instant lottery, since the game can take several days, weeks or months.

“Bonanza Bingo”. Usually, The numbers from 43 to 48 extracted before the start of the game. Players buy game tickets and have to check them right away. Then the leader of the game pulls one number and waits for a happy one. The game can take quite a bit time and become progressive, with a growing prize pool if nobody gets the chance to shout “Bingo!”.

“Death Bingo”. The opposite of the standard bingo game, since the essence of the game, is to remain the last. Every time a player shouts a Bingo! He falls out of the game. Finally, the winner is the only one who does not have the most number in his card. Funny, isn’t? Game variation is much more among them a variety of electronic games or even like a casino roulette game. Each player can find himself a cute variation if he wants.

Bingo strategy

You can find a theory that on the internet you can win Bingo using Tippet’s theory. Tippet was a British statistician. Theory proves that the longer game goes on, the more the numbers thrown away tend to average values. Thus, if you are playing a short game and you can choose a card with numbers, it is better to select cards with extreme values (close to 1 or 75). If you are playing a long game, then you should choose cards with average numbers around 38. It’s hard to say whether Tippet’s strategy is valid in all cases because it is a game of luck, where a lot depends on your success.


Tips for playing Bingo

Even if the bingo game wholly based on success, we can highlight some tips that will help you increase your chances of winning:

Get your Bingo experience. Try as many variations on this game. Communicate with people who play bingo – Regular players can have some tips to help you in the future.

Read the website related to this game and various reviews. You will find out which game organizers are the most reliable and which are not worth the start. It is valid regardless of whether you play online or at any Bingo event.

Use bonuses. Online bingo rooms provide a wide range of bonuses for new players, so you can maximize your benefits if you take advantage of bonuses.

Do not overload yourself with playing cards. You will not win even if you will have a happy card if the total number of your cards is such that you will not be able to see them all correctly. The number of cards must be such that you can check all of them without difficulty.

Once again, be very focused when you mark the numbers. By making a mistake, you can quickly lose the achievement to which you are emotionally attached. Fill the cards without errors, which requires concentration.

Work on your game emotions. After failures, it’s easy to discover the desire to “lean back”, but this is not always beneficial. Learn to win, but at the same time learn to lose.

Gambling entertainment for all

This game is a kind of gambling entertainment, the main goals of which are the fun pastime, intuition testing, testing of luck and, of course, the probability of winning. It is fair to say that this game has taken the world by storm and is incredibly popular in recent years. It is not the grandmas game only. Currently, especially in Europe and the United States, there are a considerable number of specialized institutions for playing, there are thousands of different kinds of lotteries around the world, including online. Men and women, young and old, all walks of life now know how to play Bingo, and do it regularly. Enjoy other fantastic casino games on the best online casinos.

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