Stravaganza casino game

Stravaganza is a casino game based on Blackjack and the objective of the player is to beat the dealer’s hand. This is a game specially built by Playtech and is to be played by a single player. The game’s name means extravagance and larger than life. The game is played with five decks and many of the variants to the game will offer huge progressive jackpots.

How to play Stravaganza

To start your gameplay, you need to choose your wager amount and this will be achieved by increasing your bet using the chip button. Every click you make will have your wager increased by a pre-set chip value. The bet your settle on will be highlighted on the interface on the area marked play. Continue by clicking on the deal button and you will have two cards dealt face up; in turn, the dealer will also receive three cards face down. The cards you get will have a point total. Depending on the point total, you will have options to get your money back, rescue your bet, play on or sit.

how to play stravaganza-casino card game

When you go for the money-back option, you will get a full refund of your bet and exit the round if you have a point total of less than five. You can go for the sit option and this is where you keep playing with the two cards and your initial bet when you have a hand value of 10 or more. With the rescue bet option, you will get a refund of half your bet and exit the round if you have a point total that’s between six and nine. You can also choose to play on and this is where you make another bet which is equivalent to the initial one and you will have a third card dealt as you continue playing.

Stravaganza-card game rules and strategy

When playing the game, there is the point where the dealer can reveal their hand; if he has a hand of higher value than you do, you lose the bet. When you have a stronger hand, you will get a payout of 1:1 of both bets.

When the dealer has a red ace as his first card, you will be a loser to the first bet; after placing the second bet, you will get the initial bet back.In this case, the point totals will not be relevant. When the red ace is the second or third card, you will lose both your bets.

The game is impressive and will be profitable to you in the long run since it has a return to player of 97.46% on the game. When it comes to the side bet, you will have a return to a player payout of 72.26%.

The Bonus Feature

Your chances of getting a bonus win will come to play on the three card hand. When you have a hand of three of a kind, you will be set on a payout of 3 x your initial bet. When the three cards are not of similar rank, you will have a payout of 1.5 x your bet.

Progressive Jackpot

Similar to progressive jackpots developed by Playtech, Stravaganza has the option where you can make a side bet for you to make it to the progressive jackpot. When you have an additional bet of €1 and get issued with a winning card, you will get a slice of the progressive jackpot. When you have three kings of hearts, you will earn the biggest payouts. With three face cards of a similar suit, you will get 10% of the jackpot.

With a hand of three of a kind, jacks to kings you will get 100 times your wager, three of a kind 5s to 10s gets you earnings of 50 times your bet and when you have a hand with a value of 30 you will get 10 times your wager.

All winnings from the progressive jackpot will be paid out at the end of the gaming session. You will have the progressive pay table shown when you click on the show pay table button on the game’s interface.

Stravaganza Strategy

When it comes to strategy information, you do not get a lot from this game; Michael Shackleford who is known for his expertise in card games has come up with a few pointers that will be of help when playing Stravaganza.

  • Go for the money back option when you have a hand with a value of five or less
  • Make use of the rescue option when your hand value is between six and nine
  • Sit when your hand value is 10 points; apart from when you have fives
  • Play on with a hand value of 11 or more

For such a game, the main thing here is to know when it is fit for you to opt out and when you need to continue playing. Generally, you need to opt out when you have a hand that’s low in value. The best strategy, in this case, will be to minimize your losses as much as you can. When you have a chance to make a winning combination, you can choose to play on.

Playing Stravaganza Online

When playing this game online, you need to adopt some smart tactics on how to become better and make the best of your bankroll. This will be achieved when you have the right mindset and understand that this is a game meant to entertain you and not make you rich quick.

  • As a new Stravaganza player, you can look for free versions of the game to sharpen your skills and familiarize yourself with the game before you can start playing using your money
  • Go ahead to play for real money but first of all make sure that you have a defined budget for your bankroll which you will not go over even when you are on a winning or losing streak
  • Are you worried about the appropriate casino? You have the right to be worried and this is the reason you need to play at a casino that has been recommended by a reputable portal like ours. Visit our list of recommended casinos, read the reviews and choose the one you think will suit your gaming needs.
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