High Low (Hi-Lo) card game

This is a simple card game and it is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Players in the game guess whether the card in question (placed face-down) is higher or lower to the one face-up on the table. With the game, you can have a varying number of players but it will have two players contesting at any given time. The only participants here are the player and the dealer who runs the game.

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High Low card game rules

When cards are shuffled, the dealer will place one card face-down on the table and another one face-up. He will set aside the rest of the deck; players will then start predicting the value.

After cards are dealt, the player is required to make his first bet. The house will then match the bet to the pot. The punter is then required to predict whether the card is high or low, he will win or lose the pot depending on the results of his prediction. When this round is done, the player will be able to pass the bet to another punter or go double or nothing in the bet that follows.

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When it comes to the drinking version of this game, the punter stacks up drinks to pass them to the opponents. Every time the player makes a correct prediction he will take the card and new cards will be dealt. He has the chance to guess again and get dealt another card or have it passed to the next player. When the punter passes, the next punter will have to drink for every card that the first player wins. When the first player makes an incorrect guess, he has to take a drink for each card collected.

Depending on the card that shows, the player needs to make a guess on whether the face-down card will be higher or lower than the face-up card. When the guessing is over, the dealer will flip the face-down card to show. When the guess is correct, the player will win and is able to choose to either double or pass. When the guess is incorrect, the player will lose and the dealer will continue with the game.

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In this game, the cards are ranked similarly to poker apart from the aces which are taken to be low. The player is dealt a random card and as long as it is a 2 all the way to the queen, the player will be offered the chance to make a bet whether the card that will be dealt next will be higher or lower in value to his card. The player has the liberty to quit at will and collect his winnings.

High Low card counting strategy

This is the one strategy that has been talked about for a long time and might be one of the most used card strategies. This strategy was first brought to action by Harvey Dubner in 1963 and it has been widely talked about by Blackjack enthusiasts.

The first thing you need to do is assign the point value for each rank as follows:

Rank Value

The next thing should be running a count of zero at the beginning of the deck. As you get cards revealed, you will subtract or add from the running count and this will be according to the point system in the initial step described above.

On the third step, you will divide the running count by the number of decks that are remaining for you to arrive on the true count. This will be the part that newbie counters will not like. But the good news is that you need not be accurate; an estimate will work for you.

When you get the true count, the greater it is the bigger bet you need to place. At this point, card counting becomes an art and not a science. When you look at Blackjack books, you will learn in a better way how you should do the true counting. Note that dealers have also read about these patterns and older patterns will raise red flags and the way you get this done need to be in your unique style. This will come a long way in lowering the heat and getting the ratio of the maximum bet at the least and this is known as the bet spread.

For some of the hands, you will play with regard to the true count and an index number table and not necessarily the basic strategy. If the count is big, you will be inclined to stand, split, double or surrender.

Play High Low casino card game online

Playing High-Low card game is no longer limited to brick and mortar casinos but it is available in online casinos. This makes it easy for you to enjoy your games at your convenience. With the online casino gaming, you are able to access free play gaming which was not available in land-based casinos. You are able to play without spending any money which makes it a good platform to try out your gaming strategies. After trying out the game without spending money, you can proceed to play for real money.

Hi-Lo – online casino live card game

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