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Despite the fact, that communication over the internet, which we know now, in 1993 was only 1% Microgaming company developed the first internet gambling software in 1994. And it was the begging of smart casino online. Following that, for the next four years over 700 smart live casinos start their life on the internet. Smart players and dummies got the new way to gamble. No matter if it was smart live gaming or smart live gambling.

Do not be naive. Even before the smart, digitized casino start, the world was full of smart casino players. Why are some casino players smarter than others? It is obvious, as they act in a different way than the others.

How to enter the smart casino player league?

First of all, you have to know the rules. Then you should know the game’s strategy. No matter which game you will play. It can be BlackJack, Baccarat, Roulette, High Low card game, Bingo or even Slot machine. It will work for you if you follow the rules and game strategies.


One more thing, check the games RTP. Return to the player. Depending on the casino and game providers RTP can be different, even for similar games. I will tell you one more secret bellow. I want you to be a smart casino player. Don’t you?

Hit frequency

You should know, that the slot machines have pause time for the winning, so-called hit frequency, measured in percentages. We did not find any casinos online which present the hit frequency, unfortunately. However, you should know, that hit frequency can vary. The lower will hit frequency is the more significant big wins, such as Jackpot, are. That is why some slot machines have hit frequency of about three percent.

smart casino games

Meanwhile, different games have more than 40 percent hit frequency. It means that you will win almost every second spin. Do not be stupid. You should understand that payouts, in this case, will be small. Pay attention to it.

Casino game rules

Think, learn and play. If you are going to play for a long time, you should learn casino game rules. Video Poker, Slots, Roulette, Keno, Craps, Blackjack, Bingo, Baccarat with their simple rules became most popular over all of the casino games online. Even kids could play, but it is forbidden.

Video Poker

Poker is one of the smartest and the most psychological preparation demanding game of all the traditional casino games. That’s why game makers created a more relaxed game. Hands rank is the same as for the usual casino poker, and they are bellow.

video poker

The game starts when the player gets five cards. The player keeps those cards which he thinks is the best of all the best possible combinations. After that, players receive new cards instead of those cards which they did not keep. The payout depends on which combination they did.


One of the most popular choices among all the casino players. The rules are simple. Just put the coin in the machine or set the amount of bet on your device and spin. If it is so simple why are they so different? Namely, the simplicity allows having various designs, winning line options, additional gambling options. The core rules always stay the same.


It is the exiting online casino game. 36 and zero numbers spin on the wheel for you each time. Numbered table template is waiting for your bets. Heartbeat slows when the thrown ball is jumping on the wheel. When the ball stops, different emotions flow at the roulette table. The casino online Roulette is the same as the real one.


With the casino advantage less than one percent, BlackJack takes the top position of all other games. This online casino game attracts smart casino players. The importance of rules and strategy is colossal. The basic blackjack strategy allows you to increase your advantage. Find more information about blackjack strategy on our website. Be a smart casino player, click on the BlackJack rules and learn them.


Now you know where and what to learn. Don’t give up and pay attention, that all smart casino players follow the money management as well.

Why is it smart live casino?

1994 was the begging of the yearly growing new market in entertainment. Casinos gambling became smart and put tremendous effort into developing their games as real as possible. It became so real like in reality. Casino becomes live with a real dealer, tables and real players behind the intelligent devices connected to the internet. Dealers are working in front of cameras, and all games are transmitting live.

Live games became so real over 20 years that its popularity overcame the traditional casinos. The popularity of the internet and smart devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile devices allow players to reach the casino immediately. Deposit payments method variety in the casino is wide. Almost every player has a debit or a credit card such as MasterCard or Visa. Even more, there are plenty of electronic wallets available, such as Skrill, Neteller, QIWI, ecoPayz, Paysafecard, Neosurf, and Paypal. You can not deny that all this is the smart casino gambling way.

Smart casino evolution

1994 is the start of a new era. In 1995 encrypted communication protocols are starting to work to ensure secure financial transactions. It took one year till the 1st money wager. Finally, it comes to the internet world. The growth during the next five years was tremendous. The regular casinos, with their big shows and hundreds of slot machines, BlackJack, Roulette tables started to compete. The rivalry between the habits and the traditions is significant, even today.

In 2001 Isle of Man, Alderney, Gibraltar begin to offer licenses, and gambling goes global. At that time more than 8 million smart casino players are playing online. In 2008 the Gambling Capital estimates the worldwide online gambling revenue over 21 billion USD. In 2018 total iGaming gross
win was more than 44 billion USD. Microgaming is a pioneer of casino software. At the moment the market has at least 34 big and trusted casino software companies.

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