Cash or Crash Evolution Gaming review

Online casino games just keep getting better. Just a couple years ago it was difficult to imagine that live casino games would be available and here we are now – where they are one of the most popular choices in various casinos. If you would like to find out more about that – feel free to visit our best live casino online 2024 article.

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Cash or Crash is a unique and super exciting addition to the live casino game show world. This game is very easy to understand and in general it is pretty simple. Yet, it is really interesting and has a huge winning potential of 50 000x.

In this review, we will take a look at how this game show works, what are the strategies to play it and will help you to make a decision whether it is worth trying out.

TOP questions about Cash or Crash Casino Game
💥 How much can you win in Cash or Crash?

Maximum win in this game is 50 000x.

💥 Is there a Cash or Crash demo available?

There is no demo version but everyone can spectate the game without spending money.

💥 What is Cash or Crash Evolution release date?

This game was release in September, 2021.

💥 What is Cash or Crash RTP?

RTP of this game is 99.6%.

💥 Can you play Cash or Crash using crypto?

Yes, if your online casino of choice accepts cryptocurrency then you can play Cash or Crash with it.

💥 Is there a useful Cash or Crash game strategy?

No strategy can guarantee that you will win but the most important thing in this game to cash out on time. In order to do that please set your multiplier goal before the round starts and stick to it.

cash or crash logoCash or Crash casino game – how does it work?

As we mentioned before, Cash or Crash is quite a simple game. There are green, red and golden balls available in it. Each spin a single ball is drawn and it’s color decides the future of the round.

If a red ball is drawn then the round ends and a player loses his money. If either green or golden ball appears then a player has a decision to make:

  • Continue – so you can risk your money for even bigger rewards;
cash or crash game show demo green ball
  • Take half – you can take 50% of your winnings and continue playing;
  • Take all – you can take all of your winnings and finish participation in the round.

So, as you can see, a player has to manage to cash out the money before the red ball is drawn, otherwise he will lose. The same concept is used in a very popular Aviator casino game where a player has to cash out his money before a plane crashes.

cash or crash logoCash or Crash best strategy – how to play it?

As you should know by now if either a green or a golden ball appears, the player has a choice to make – “Continue”, “Take half” or “Take all”. It is up to every individual to decide what he wants to do and what his goal is.

cash or crash best strategy big huge win

Before making a decision players need to know that in total there are 20 advancing balls (green and golden combined) and 8 red balls. That means, each spin there is a 71% chance that the game will continue. However, even though the chances that the game will continue are high you should be careful and being too greedy can result in a loss.

The most important thing here is to set your goal before the round starts and stick to it. 2x, 5x, 10x or 100x – it does not matter what the goal is but please always stick to it because otherwise there is a very high chance that you will lose your money.

cash or crash logoCash or Crash game functions and RTP

Before playing any casino game it is very important to pay attention to its return to player number. In our case, Cash or Crash offers a 99.6% RTP which is really high and it would be quite difficult to find a game with a higher RTP. Even blackjack games which usually have the highest RTP’s in online casinos sometimes have lower than 99.6.

cash or crash game stats history live chat

Cash or Crash is made by Evolution Gaming studios so that means it is a really innovative game with all the most important features. Players can see the multiplier table in the middle of the screen which shows how much every advancing ball will increase the multiplier. Also, in the right bottom corner players can see results of recent spins and how they ended up.

In addition to that, there is a live chat in the left corner where you chat with other players or write a message to the game show host and talk with him. Also, it is important to mention that the minimum bet size here is 0.20€ while the maximum goes up to 2 500€ per round.

cash or crash logoCash or Crash Evolution Gaming – summary

Cash or Crash went live in various online casinos in September of 2021 and it immediately gained a lot of attention. The game is unique and full of adrenaline yet it is really simple to understand. Also, it involves strategy, decision making after each spin, super high RTP of 99.6% and a maximum win of 50 000x.

We can without a doubt say that this live casino game show is worth trying out. You can start with low bets and get familiar with the game first and if you really like it then advance to higher bets. Just always do it responsibly and with money you can afford to lose.

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