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Are you looking for safety and security, instant payments, competitive odds, enormous bonuses and anonymity in online casinos? Consider looking into Ethereum casinos to play your favourite games. The best Ethereum casino will have the most impressive features and cater to players worldwide...Show more
Are you looking for safety and security, instant payments, competitive odds, enormous bonuses and anonymity in online casinos? Consider looking into Ethereum casinos to play your favourite..Show more

Are you looking for safety and security, instant payments, competitive odds, enormous bonuses and anonymity in online casinos? Consider looking into Ethereum casinos to play your favourite games. The best Ethereum casino will have the most impressive features and cater to players worldwide. Cryptocurrency isn’t only popular, but it’s accessible to people across the globe, making Ethereum casinos accessible worldwide.

If you’re already an Ethereum investor or trader, then betting sites accepting cryptos are for you. ETH betting sites will give you the privacy and fast transaction processing time you’re used to. Plus, to lessen the overwhelming job of choosing an online casino, we’ve shortened them to only the best. You can pick one that suits your needs best, depending on what else you want from an Ethereum casino.

If you’re unfamiliar with crypto, don’t worry. We’ll cover more information on Ethereum, how it works, and its pros and cons in this review. With more understanding and familiarity, you’ll enjoy slots, lottery and table games anonymously and instantly access your funds, whether depositing or withdrawing. Moreover, remember that the best Ethereum casino should be trustworthy and care for its customers.

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Frequently asking questions about Ethereum friendly casino sites
❓ Is Ethereum legit?

✅ Yes. The Ethereum white paper was released in 2014, and the organisation was launched in 2015. Users have been investing in the Ethereum primary coin and operating in its blockchain since then; hence it’s regarded as the leading altcoin today.

❓ Is Ethereum available in all countries?

It’s accessible to everyone except for those in countries where cryptocurrencies are considered illegal.

❓ What can you expect to find on Ethereum casinos?

You’ll find everything offered by traditional online casinos. But, with Ethereum casinos, there are faster payments, anonymity and extra security of data and funds.

❓ Who can use Ethereum?

Anyone can use Ethereum or another digital currency for payments, investment, or to play at online casinos. However, with Ethereum, you can use its smart contracts to create digital projects as well.

❓ Are Ethereum deposits instant?

✅ Yes. Ethereum casino deposits are confirmed and reflected in seconds, especially in a crypto-end casino.

❓ How long do Ethereum withdrawals take?

Like deposits, they’re processed and reflected in your wallet instantaneously.

❓ How secure is Ethereum?

Ethereum is very secure. Its transactions are confirmed and recorded by miners through nodes in the blockchain. This makes it impossible for hackers to do their dirty work or for anyone to alter the blocks appearing on the blockchain.

❓ What are Ethereum payment method alternatives?

There are many other cryptocurrencies you can use for payment at online casinos. They include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, XRP (Ripple), Solana, Cadarno, Polkadot, Avalanche and more.

❓ What casino games are available with Ethereum?

Similar like best Shiba Inu casinos The best Ethereum casinos offer various games you’d find in any other online casino. These include slots, table games, arcade, bingo, live dealer, craps and much more.

General information about Ethereum

Company nameVISA Inc.
Company nameEthereum is decentralised and, therefore, not owned by a single entity.
FoundersVitalik Buterin
Highest price:€4,779.63 (November 9th, 2021)

ethereum logoWhat is Ethereum and how does it work?

Ethereum (ETH) is a technology that can create applications, companies and cryptocurrencies through smart contracts. Smart contracts allow Ethereum to be flexible. They keep products created through the ETH blockchain unchangeable and ready to be used by anyone. This is a decentralised system where users control their data without third-party involvement.

Where do crypto and gambling sites come into play? Ethereum has a native currency called Ether or ETH. There are many other altcoins created on the Ethereum blockchain, which you can find and purchase through Ethereum wallets and crypto trading platforms. Once you’ve found the best Ethereum casino, you can use it to fund your casino account and withdraw your winnings to your Ethereum wallet.

Ether operates differently from traditional money. It works more like Bitcoin as it’s a cryptocurrency. You manage it as an investor through your crypto wallet or trading platform. There’s no intermediary to change the terms of use and impose taxes on your money. ETH is currently worth €1,223 (November 11th, 2022), but you can purchase the amount you’re comfortable investing in it. As the rule of crypto states, invest what you can afford to lose.

ethereum logoOur criteria for selecting Ethereum casino sites

Most Ether casinos will give you more benefits compared to their traditional counterparts. But this doesn’t mean you must pick the first one you come across. There are factors you should consider before choosing. Anonymity, fast payments, bonuses, transaction fees and casino games are a few of the many characteristics you should look for in an online casino. The best Ethereum casino should have these elements and implement them to the best of their abilities.

eth casino

A casino’s goal shouldn’t only be to attract players but also to keep them. Hence it’s important to check customer reviews to see if existing customers remain happy about their decision. Constant development and adaptation to the ever-changing iGaming industry show that a casino has the customer’s needs in mind. Here are some of the elements we’ve thoroughly looked at while compiling the best ETH casino list for you:


Remaining anonymous is one of the most critical factors for crypto players. Online casinos that support end-to-end transactions allow you to deposit and withdraw funds without requiring sensitive information. The process is simple: copy and paste your unique wallet address to transfer your ETH coins and fund your casino account. This way, your data is kept private and safe.

Fast payments

Traditional casinos can give players the privilege of instant deposits but never of instant withdrawals. Ethereum casinos do give you the best of both worlds. That said, checking and comparing the transaction processing time amongst ETH casinos is still vital. Though most crypto transactions happen almost instantly, some casinos can take hours and even a day to process your withdrawal. This can be due to the network or to players in certain regions. The best Ethereum casino processes your transactions in seconds. After requesting a withdrawal, you should find your ETH tokens loaded into your wallet as soon as you log in.


Some casinos will offer the best welcome bonus but only a few ongoing promotions. You must check other bonuses available to see if the welcome bonus is used as something other than bait for new players. A casino has to keep remaining customers happy through weekly bonuses, VIP programs, free spins and more. It’s also essential to check the terms and conditions of each promotion so that you’re aware of the wagering requirements and if there are any restrictions.

best ethereum casino

Transaction fees

Crypto transaction fees are primarily favourable to players, especially when compared to fiat currency. Ethereum’s implementation of proof-of-stake has made crypto casino fees even more competitive. ETH players fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings with relatively low to no fees.


Variety is essential in an online gambling site, and what best way to show it other than through games? Various sites will target certain players based on the casino games they offer. For instance, some sites specialise in bingo. So, if you’re interested in other games, then you need to find another online casino, or they should provide other games to keep you interested in staying on their site. However, the best Ethereum casino games are more expansive than just one category. You’ll find slots, table games, live dealers, bingo, craps, scratch cards, arcades and much more.

You’ll find categories within categories and some great sites feature an Ethereum online casino and a sportsbook in one platform. So, whether you want to experience most casino games or develop new interests in online betting, you get catered for without having to join another site to fulfil your gaming needs.

Gambling limits

Online casinos tend to limit successful players. Besides, you may have limited bonuses, games and other features because of your location. Check the casino’s terms of use and our site for detailed Ethereum casino reviews to see which is more convenient for you.

ether casinos


Check the user-friendliness of an Ether casino, it should be more comprehensive than just offering many games, and new users should be able to navigate it easily. For instance, some casinos that offer bingo games don’t have a category that specifies it, and the only way to find them is to either search or go through the long list of all the games offered. It should be easy to find what’s promised to you by a casino and check if its site is mobile-optimised so you can access it on the go.


The best Ethereum casino has an excellent reputation. Online casinos get away with a lot without compensating players. To save yourself from this, weigh positive customer reviews against negative ones before joining the casino. When you’ve found a good one, you’ll also notice that a few customers made some complaints that have been resolved.


Good Ether casinos are accessible to players in most parts of the world except for countries where crypto is prohibited. They’re also transparent and clear on who has access to which features. On top of that, they cater to most of their customers equally by offering the same bonuses, posing the same transaction fees and wagering requirements to players around the globe.

ethereum logoPros of Ethereum

The introduction to crypto and casinos that support it have addressed several customer needs that traditional online casinos haven’t been able to address. Traditional online casinos are fiat-centric and therefore have a lot of third-party involvement. Their services must go through a lot of paperwork before reaching the customer. Things are much more straightforward in crypto-end casinos and, therefore, faster, more accessible and more attractive to many worldwide. Here are some more details about the various advantages of Ethereum and using it in casinos:


Ethereum, on its own, is one of the most reputable cryptocurrencies. It has made a good name for itself as the leading altcoin and is considered to compete with Bitcoin, the leading crypto coin. Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s associated with gambling sites with an excellent reputation. The best Ethereum casino, as you’ll notice from the list above, should be licensed and have the best security technologies to protect player funds and information. That’s one of the main factors for how it gains more positive player reviews.

ethereum casino bonus

Faster transactions

ETH is a digital currency that operates on the decentralised Ethereum blockchain. As a seasoned investor, you may have experienced the fast processing of transactions when buying products, trading or placing bets using ETH coins. To be considered as the best Ethereum casino, a gambling site should at least meet crypto customers’ expectations and have them receive their funds instantly. Crypto-to-crypto customers never disappoint in serving this purpose. Hence they’re becoming more popular than traditional gambling sites. Players are tired of having to wait for days to receive their winnings.

Lower fees

Fees in ETH transactions, called ‘gas fees’, are there so miners can get paid for validating transactions. Miners are the people who make the ledger possible by confirming nodes. They are why you can go to the Ethereum blockchain and confirm your transactions. The existence of miners also ensures safety for investors, and their constant recording and confirmation of nodes make it extremely hard for hackers to do their malicious job. Crypto fees are much lower than what you’d be charged when using fiat currency to fund your casino account. Though, it’s slightly higher than what you’d find at the Dash casinos. However, Ether transaction fees are far lower than Bitcoin and after upgrading Ether network to PoS the fees should decrease even more.


Other than existing in the digital world, Ethereum’s privacy principles differ from fiat currency’s. With money in the bank, they manage it for you, know how much you earn and charge you fees for using this institution to store your funds. But when you have funds stored in your crypto wallet, only you manage, have access and know how much you have. The best Ethereum casino carries out this anonymity and allows users to only register on the site using their email and creating a password. Even when making transactions, you can use the unique wallet address option. Unlike in traditional casinos, you won’t have to fill in the KYC form and send identifying documents that make you cringe when you think about the possibility of data leakage.

ethereum casino games


Gambling is highly regulated in some countries. On top of that, cryptocurrency is also an issue, as governments have no control over it. Some states have even gotten to the decision to abolish its use. Now, combining the two in some places is considered a crime. Some Ether casinos allow complete user anonymity so that you can access them from anywhere in the world, while others are accessible through using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).


Speed has never been an issue with the Ethereum blockchain. Nodes are confirmed instantaneously, and transactions are in a matter of seconds. A crypto-end casino is bound to operate fast, and so is its connectivity speed. There are lesser chances of being distracted by buffering connectivity while gambling on the best Ethereum casino site.


Most casino sites feature live chat only for direct communication with customer support. A casino should have various contact methods available. Player preferences are different even when it comes to getting assistance. Some will communicate their issue verbally, and others rather have a lengthy issue that they can communicate better via email. But the most important factor is that support is genuinely available. Customer personnel shouldn’t only pick up the phone but be able to assist you to the best of their abilities. That’ll be the benefit of picking your personal best Ethereum casino from the recommended list above.

Security & transparency

When cryptocurrency transactions are processed, like Ether or Dash, an extra layer of security is provided. This is because there’s little or no chance of failure in recording transactions in the blockchain. No user can alter or influence the recording of each transaction or block. Not only is this more secure than fiat currency use, but it’s also more transparent as crypto transactions are recorded to be publicly available for users to see.

ethereum casino reviews

ethereum logoCons of Ethereum

Ethereum’s disadvantages are similar to many other cryptocurrencies. Casinos that accept this form of payment are also affected by these problems. But they aren’t as many advantages. Here are some to note:

Second best

Bitcoin is still the leading coin, and when casinos have to choose, they support BTC instead of ETH. You’ll likely find casinos that support the former rather than the latter. Finding a good Ether casino is a hassle; hence, we’ve recommended some for you in this guide.

Legality of crypto

Some countries don’t accept crypto as a form of payment, those that do, have no control over it. There’s no one to hold accountable when something happens to your crypto assets. It may be challenging to report or find help when something relating to your crypto balance happens. This is why you must be careful in the casino you choose because some can scam and rob you of your ETH coins.

ethereum logoA short guide To Ethereum playing

If you’re still getting familiar with online casinos and purchasing digital currency, then you’ll find this step-by-step guide helpful.

ethereum casinos

Choose an Ethereum casino from our list and register

We’ve made a list for you, but you can select one that resonates best with you. Once you’ve chosen an Ether casino, you’ll be required to enter your email address and create a username and password to join.

Buy digital currency (Ethereum)

Before funding your casino account, you must be familiar with an Ethereum wallet, buying and storing digital currency. Most Ethereum wallets allow you to buy coins, and others are integrated into trading platforms.

Arrange your Ethereum

Once you’ve bought and stored ETH in your wallet, you can move the amount you’d like to fund your casino account. To do this, go to the casino and click on the cashier tab. Select ETH as your payment option, and a QR code will appear.

Now go to your ETH wallet, click the send option, enter the casino address or QR code and the ETH amount to be deposited. By the time you go back to open the casino site, your funds should be reflected.

ethereum online casino

Ensure you use the right deposit address

The address provided by the casino will be a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. You can easily make a mistake when typing them in, so it’s safer to copy and paste them from the casino to your wallet. Remember that entering an incorrect address and the transaction going through is irreversible.

Deposit your funds and play

In a matter of seconds, your funds will reflect in your casino account, and you can start playing your favourite casino games.

ethereum logoConclusion of best Ethereum casino

If you’re familiar with online casinos, then Ethereum casinos aren’t so different but come with much more to offer. Many online casinos support ETH payments, but the most efficient are crypto-end casinos. Unlike traditional casinos that accept ETH, crypto-end betting sites don’t have to convert your crypto deposits to fiat. This makes them faster and has almost instantaneous payments. Other than fast transactions, anonymity, privacy and low fees are other qualities that come with betting in Ether casinos.

Paying with crypto has been proven to add an extra layer of security in casinos because of the blockchain’s transparency and almost indestructible recording of transactions. Of course, there are disadvantages to Ether casinos, but the good seems to outweigh the bad. However, remember to choose the best Ethereum casino from our recommended list above.

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