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Indonesia is home to beautiful beaches, historic sites, and a tropical paradise. Now you can enjoy many online casinos in Indonesia as well. These virtual casinos are brought to you by international casino companies. Indonesia casino online gambling is seen as unlawful, and in Indonesia, it is strictly banned. These companies operate outside of..Show more
Indonesia is home to beautiful beaches, historic sites, and a tropical paradise. Now you can enjoy many online casinos in Indonesia as well. These virtual casinos are brought to you by international..Show more

Indonesia is home to beautiful beaches, historic sites, and a tropical paradise. Now you can enjoy many online casinos in Indonesia as well. These virtual casinos are brought to you by international casino companies. Indonesia casino online gambling is seen as unlawful, and in Indonesia, it is strictly banned. These companies operate outside of Indonesia. Despite a long history of gambling of all kinds, the laws around it still haven't progressed.

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Many of the big names in the online casino industry have extended their services. They now include Asian countries like Indonesia. Seeing as Indonesia is listed as the fourth most populated country in the world, it makes sense for international online casinos to make this move. Some of the best rated online casinos are available for Indonesian punters, including new online casinos for real money.

You might consider this a bit strange given the history and current state of the gambling laws and regulations in Indonesia. But again, this makes sense when you think the vast majority, try 85%, of the country, is Muslim and is under strict Islamic law. This doesn’t stop the majority of people, though. You can still access all of your casino favorites with a few tricks. You’ll be enjoying casino slots online in Indonesia in no time.

Indonesian locals and eager punters, you can log on and enjoy all your international casino favorites easily. These online casinos in Indonesia will provide you with virtual tables. All in the comfort of your own home. Read on to find out how to play securely. You will also learn how to make the most out of your online casino experience.

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Indonesia flag roundCasino Online in Indonesia - the law for online betting in Indonesia

Once upon a time in Indonesia, its large population of casino lovers was free to gamble to their heart's content. In 1967 the governor at the time, Ali Sadikin, legalized gambling in Indonesia. Indonesia casino online didn’t appear until years later.

But it wasn't to last. Relentless pressure from the Islamic country and officials saw this revoked a short six years later. Later still in 1981, regulations were made even stricter, and that has been the trend ever since. The country has now and again tried to introduce some form of gambling. Like soccer in the 1980s and its national lottery. But neither of these were to last. Online Casino in Indonesia

The general world trend for the gambling industry has always been one that's driving forwards. This isn't the case for Indonesia, however, where gambling and casinos are banned outright. Gambling activities are entirely illegal, and it's likely got something to do with the devotion to Islam. Even casino Indonesia with no sportsbooks are viewed in a bad light.

Yet that's not to say gambling activities do not occur. Like for most things, when prohibited, an underground market for gambling was born. These strict policies operating in Indonesia will hopefully be lessened in the future. There's work to be done in terms of religion and politics before that can happen.

Indonesia also has one of the largest economies. The locals here represent a large part of online internet users worldwide. There is, without a doubt, so much potential for growth from the online gambling industry. Other Asian countries like Singapore and Singapore online casino had already shown that when it embraced local gambling casinos. Punters still want to enjoy the thrills of casino live online Indonesia however possible.

Indonesia flag roundLand-based casinos in Indonesia

All kinds of physical casinos, betting shops, poker rooms, and even bingos are banned. Indonesian also had its state lottery scrapped a few years ago. But the presence of illegal sports betting rings and some arcades are common.

This is especially seen in tourist-popular towns. Operating such underground activities comes with its own legal risks, though. You'd be far better off finding a reputable international online casino in Indonesia. As you would expect, many Indonesian punters still find ways to access different ones for Indonesia casino online, without getting caught.

Indonesia flag roundOnline gambling in Indonesia

Due to the country's strict ban on all gambling and casino activities, there aren't any Indonesian-based online casinos. This is expected, the punishment for breaking any gambling-related laws can be harsh.

But many international online casinos are available in Indonesia. There were rumors in 2012 of changes in legislation related to online gambling. But those are yet to happen. The hundreds of foreign online casinos are the best option for Indonesian punters. Simply because it's harder to control, imagine trying to watch everyone on the internet, at any time, that might be gambling. A huge task, so online gambling this way is seen as less of a risk in Indonesia.

There are ways punters work around this, so they can enjoy casino roulette online Indonesia more securely. The same can be said for those who enjoy a slot casino online Indonesia. You’ll see on an online casinos site if it’s available to you in Indonesia. The best rated online casinos have worked out to be pretty easy to access.

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The government is focused on shutting down any illegal local online gambling sites in Indonesia. As for now, international online casinos are open to Indonesian punters, from the safety of your home. The Indonesian government views any different online casino sites as illegal gambling activities. So be sure to tread carefully.

Indonesia flag roundBest online casinos in Indonesia

Your standard website casino online Indonesia has a large variety of mobile slots and table games. It's coupled with access to first-class customer service and more than a handful of accepted, trusted payment methods. These casinos, no doubt, will have high-grade security measures in place for your safety as well.

Dafabet Casino is a popular online casino open to Asian users from across the world. This includes its Indonesian punters. With a large Playtech selection of casino games and Asian live casino theme tables, it's easy to see how it's become a favorite.

Dafabet even goes the extra mile to accept a few Asian currencies. This casino has an excellent payout rate of 98.7%, which makes it an ideal choice for real money slot players. 1XBET has been rated as the top online casino for Indonesia. It boasts a great welcome bonus and selection of live games.

22BET takes second place as the next best online casino for Indonesia. It has a large selection of accepted depositing methods and sports betting. Intertops, Red casino and 32 Red casinos have also been listed as trustworthy online casinos for Indonesia. Betsson Casino and Vera & John are another two popular choices for online casinos in Indonesia.

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188Bet is another well-known international online casino. It also accepts Indonesian users with massive jackpots and a great welcome bonus. These casinos are all highly trusted and have been reviewed many times for your assurance.

International online casinos that accept Indonesian punters are all regulated and licensed by foreign gambling authorities and governing bodies—all of which are highly trusted and accepted everywhere. The powerhouses of gambling and iGaming development have provided fantastic casino games and slots available to you in Indonesia.

The world-over, slot machine games remain ever-popular and are the same in Asia. Indonesian punters love slot machines, and given that you have access to some of the best-developed games in the world, it's no surprise. Classic casino lovers need not fret as your standard casino tables are also available. Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette are amongst the others and are available in live casino tables as well.

You can expect only the best in iGaming developed casino games at these online casinos. Industry leaders NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and Playtech, are amongst many others that produce the top casino games and slots available.

Indonesia flag roundIs there a welcome bonus for online casino Indonesia?

Yes! Indonesian users will be met with a variety of different welcome bonuses on foreign online casino sites. Many of the welcome bonuses will be displayed in a foreign currency; however, due to many places not accepting Indonesian rupiah as currency.

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Dafabet casino offers its newcomers and Indonesian punters a matched 10% welcome bonus of up to 500,000 IR for the slots. Matched bonuses are the casino's way of rewarding you when you join, you make a deposit, and they will match it up to a specific value. 22BET's welcome bonus isn't quite as impressive as it's only up to $600, but you can use this site without needing to sign-up. 1XBET, on the other hand, provides you with a €1,500 bonus when you register online.

188Bet offers you a 100% matched welcome bonus of up to 500,000 IR to be claimed when you make a deposit. Intertops Red casino goes above with a 125% welcome bonus up to $500 and 32 Red casino tops that at 150% welcome bonus up to €150.

You'll have access to these welcome bonuses and any other regular promos or offers. Some sites even offer VIP or loyalty programs, like 22Bet. Here you'll also have access to exclusive VIP bonuses and promotions. Your rupiah will be converted to the relevant currency at a small fee if the casino you're playing online doesn't accept Indonesian rupiah.

Indonesia flag roundIs there a live casino online for Indonesia?

Nearly every foreign online casino site, and certainly those listed here, have a live casino service accessible to its Indonesian punters. Dafabet even provides an Asian-themed live casino, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

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Indonesia flag roundDo online casinos in Indonesia accept rupiah?

Unfortunately, this is one aspect that hasn't been covered by many foreign online casino sites. Most don't accept or have rupiah as an available currency. You might find another Asian money, as the Malaysian ringgit is available. But other than that, you will typically be shown the standard foreign currencies like euros, US dollars, or Great British pounds.

Your Indonesian Rupiahs deposit will be converted into your chosen account currency during the depositing process. It will be vice-versa for your withdrawals as well, turned back into rupiahs. You'll probably have to pay some small admin or transaction-related fees for the conversion.

Indonesia flag roundFAQs about online casinos in Indonesia

Here are the most asked questions regarding the online gambling industry in Indonesia.

FAQ for Indonesia Casino Online
⭐ Is online gambling Indonesia legal?

If you’re using an international online casino, no. Some local, i.e., Indonesian-based online gambling casinos, are legal. But any form of gambling is viewed illegally, so these sites don’t have as much to offer.

Given the massive revenue that gambling can bring to a country, and the Asian continent, hopefully, the progression of the laws will continue. Indonesian users are still given access to many international casinos, however, with many using a VPN to get around these issues.

It’s all a little confusing, but millions of Indonesians use foreign online casino sites. Technically you’re not placing any gambling wagers in Indonesia, hence the loophole in the legislation. Nevertheless, you should only access a legally operating international online casino. One that is licensed and regulated outside of Indonesia will be reliable and trustworthy.

⭐ Is it safe to gamble online from Indonesia?

Yes, when you use international online casinos in Indonesia, you don’t have to go anywhere. You use the websites and place bets from the comfort and total safety of home. Some sites even have mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones, which makes it even easier to use foreign casinos. All the sites listed in our page are mobile browser compatible as well.

You want to make sure that you can process payments and withdrawals online safely. Your security is any top online casino’s highest priority to minimize any risks. Only the best sites are secure and certified with various encryption certificates.

This ensures your details and sensitive information is protected from any fraudulent activity.

⭐ Best deposit methods for Indonesia gambling online.

MasterCard and Visa debit cards are generally regarded as safe for depositing into your online casino account. The same can be said for a Visa credit card. The best methods, however, are eWallets like Skrill for Skrill casino online and Neteller for Neteller casinos online. These methods are easy and safe to use, but you can also use Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, DANA, or GoPay.

⭐ Best withdrawal methods for Indonesia online gambling.

EWallets are the best option as the processing time is only 24 hours and can be withdrawn from as well. If you’re a fan of cryptocurrency, you’re more than welcome to make use of this anonymous payment method, allowing anonymous withdrawals.

It’s not recommended to use bank transfers for withdrawing from your sportsbook or online casino Indonesia account. Given the difficulties with the laws regarding gambling and online gambling, it’s wise to be cautious.

⭐ What is the legal age of online casino Indonesia?

The legal age for all foreign-based online casinos is 18 years old and is no different for Indonesian punters.

⭐ Is Sports Betting Legal in Indonesia?

It used to be that soccer sports betting was allowed for some time in the 1980s, but it wasn’t around for very long. At this current time, no, local sports betting in Indonesia is strictly prohibited. Many underground facilities likely operate but are done so at high risk. It is not recommended that any underground or illicit gambling behavior is enabled.

If sports betting is available on an international casino site that Indonesian users can access, you can make use of it. The government is and has been trying to clamp down on all and any forms of online casinos, but this doesn’t mean you can’t access them. Many of the international online casinos listed above are combined with fantastic sportsbooks. Allowing you to make bets and place wagers on massive international events.

Indonesia flag roundConclusion

As is currently stands, Indonesia is still a Muslim-majority populated country. This doesn't give much optimism in terms of laws and legislations changing anytime soon. Yet, you can tell, this hasn't stopped casino fans in Indonesia, with many taking the only option for betting at foreign casinos online. Hopefully, Indonesia will review its laws regarding gambling and see the massive economic potential.

For now, you can enjoy your favorite casino games, slots, and tables at any of the casinos mentioned above. Just be sure to be careful when you're withdrawing any winnings and bet only at licensed and regulated casinos.

There are plenty of payment options available to you as an Indonesian user as well; the most popular are eWallets. EWallets are the easiest way to request withdrawals of winnings as well. Skrill, in particular, has become a favorite in Indonesia.

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