NoLimitCoins Review

Stepping into the world of NoLimitCoins is like discovering a hidden gem in the vast ocean of online gaming. Founded just a year ago in 2022 by A1 Development LLC, this social casino has quickly become a beacon of entertainment for enthusiasts who crave the thrill of slots and jackpot games without the risk of real-money betting. With its alluring offer of 100,000 free coins upon signup, NoLimitCoins invites players to indulge in over 65 engaging games developed by the renowned NetGame Entertainment. But what sets apart in a sea of sweepstakes platforms? Is it the constant innovation, the daily temptations of tournaments and rewards, or the fact that everything is wrapped up in HTML5 goodness, accessible without any app downloads? Could this be your next go-to for casino-style fun? Let’s delve into what makes NoLimitCoins a standout in the social gaming domain.

Key Features of NoLimitCoins
Feature Details
Company A1 Development LLC
Founded 2022
Social Casino Bonus 100,000 Free Coins on signup
Games Offered Over 65 slots and games
Licenses and Security Curacao license, Game fairness by Gaming Labs
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat, Phone +1 (208) 974-5349, Email
Payment Methods Cards, Apple Pay, Trustly
Geographic Restrictions No SC for WA, WY, ID residents

NoLimitCoins Welcome Bonus and Promotions

NoLimitCoins kicks off the gaming excitement with a range of enticing bonuses and promotions tailored to enhance the player experience right from the start. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, these offers are designed to give a warm welcome and continuous engagement within the social casino sphere.

Generous Signup Offer: Get 100,000 Free Coins

One of the standout introductory gifts at NoLimitCoins is the 100,000 Free Coins that new players receive upon signing up. This substantial amount of virtual currency allows users to explore the platform’s diverse gaming options without any initial investment. It’s a fantastic way for newcomers to get a real feel for the gaming mechanics and the variety of slots available on NoLimitCoins.

Daily and Hourly Bonuses: Spin the Lucky Wheel

The excitement doesn’t stop with the signup bonus. NoLimitCoins provides ongoing incentives through daily and hourly bonuses, ensuring that the sense of thrill remains constant. One such feature is the Lucky Wheel – a chance-based game that players can spin every 12 hours. This wheel offers opportunities to win more Free Gold Coins and Super Coins, adding an additional layer of engagement and reward for the players.

Email Confirmation Rewards and Friend Referrals

Further deepening the rewarding experience, NoLimitCoins offers additional bonuses when you confirm your email. This simple action puts players in the running for Gold Coin prize draws, enhancing their chances of obtaining more virtual currency to use in the games.

Sharing the fun with friends is also rewarded on the platform. Through the friend referral program, players can invite others to join the social casino. When friends sign up and engage with the platform, the player who referred them gets rewarded, creating a community-oriented environment where everyone benefits from the increasing participation and social interaction.

All these promotional activities underscore NoLimitCoins’ commitment to providing an exceptionally entertaining and socially rewarding casino experience. Players are given every reason to frequently return, making it an engaging destination for fun-seeking gamers.

NoLimitCoins Game Selection

Embarking on an online gaming journey at NoLimitCoins unlocks a treasure trove of vibrant and diverse entertainment options. With an array of games that cater to different preferences, the platform ensures that there’s something for everyone. Here’s a peek into the varied gaming catalogue that awaits those who join.

Extensive Slot Library: Over 65 Games to Enjoy

NoLimitCoins boasts a sprawling library of slot games, with more than 65 unique titles to choose from. This expansive array of options caters to slot enthusiasts of all stripes, allowing players to immerse themselves in worlds ranging from mythical adventures to classic casino vibes. Players can expect new additions regularly, ensuring the selection remains fresh and exciting.

  • Familiar favorites and fresh titles keep the gameplay intriguing
  • Themes that span historical periods, fantasy, sports, and many more
  • Enticing graphics and animations enrich the user experience

Unique Gaming Experience with Fish Table Games

Diving into the sea of NoLimitCoins games, players are greeted with a unique gaming experience: Fish Table Games. These immersive games blend the thrill of video games with the anticipation of gambling-style rewards. Instead of spinning reels, players are plunged into underwater adventures where strategy and skill determine success.

  • Action-packed gameplay with an arcade touch
  • A fresh alternative to traditional casino games
  • Combines the challenge of video gaming with the excitement of chance

Exclusive Jackpot Games and Themed Slots

Adrenaline-seekers and dreamers on the hunt for that big win will find NoLimitCoins’ exclusive jackpot games to be especially compelling. These games not only offer the potential for larger digital token payouts but are also sculpted with unique themes and storylines. Take, for example, the Squid Slot, which offers a unique spin on the immensely popular “Squid Game” phenomenon.

  • Jackpot games offer higher stakes and grander virtual wins
  • Themed games provide players with immersive narratives and engaging characters
  • Exclusive titles that can’t be found elsewhere, ensuring a unique experience

NoLimitCoins continues to redefine social gaming by presenting a medley of captivating games that appeal to casual gamers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Remember, while there’s no real-money wagering, the thrills and highs of gaming are abundant thanks to a robust selection that constantly evolves to meet player demands.

NoLimitCoins desktop screenshot

Social Casino Currency and Purchases at NoLimitCoins

Stepping into the vibrant realm of NoLimitCoins, players are introduced to a novel form of gameplay that doesn’t revolve around real money. Instead, a unique system of virtual currencies, namely Gold Coins (GC) and Super Coins (SC), fuels the fun and keeps the entertainment going.

Understanding Gold Coins (GC) and Super Coins (SC)

Gold Coins (GC) are the primary virtual currency used within the NoLimitCoins platform. Upon signing up, new players are greeted with a hefty sum of 100,000 free GCs. These coins are utilized to enjoy a vast array of slot games, participate in daily tournaments, and essentially partake in all the social casino offerings.

Conversely, Super Coins (SC) stand as a redeemable currency that adds an extra layer of excitement. These special coins can be earned through various promotions and activities on the platform. An interesting aspect of SCs is their conversion feature; these coins can be exchanged at a rate where 100 SC equate to 1 USD, providing a tangible reward for gameplay.

Gold Coin Packages: More Fun, More Play

Diving deeper into the exhilarating universe of NoLimitCoins, players have the option to elevate their gaming encounters by acquiring additional GCs. Doing so amplifies the level of entertainment and extends playtime. Packages are available for players to purchase, and they come in various sizes to fit different budgets and gaming appetites. For example:

  • Spend $4.99 and receive 50,000 GC, which includes a bonus of 500 free SC.
  • Opt for the $9.99 package and double the amount to 100,000 GC with an additional 1000 free SC.
  • For those seeking the ultimate gaming indulgence, $199.99 will secure 2,000,000 GC accompanied by a staggering 20,000 free SC.

Redeemable Currency: Turning SC into Real Value

While the thrill of NoLimitCoins emanates from its game-rich environment, the redeemable aspect of Super Coins (SC) provides an element of real-world value. Although cashouts are not available owing to the platform’s social casino nature, SCs offer players a means to convert their in-game achievements into a form of reward. Players can accumulate SCs and achieve a tangible sense of progression, making NoLimitCoins not just a place for fun, but also a platform where dedicated play is acknowledged.

As you can see, NoLimitCoins has ingeniously blended the essence of gaming with an economic system that encourages continuous play while rewarding its dedicated community. Engage in thrilling gameplay, collect Gold Coins, stack up on Super Coins, and immerse yourself in the diverse and vibrant virtual casino experience that NoLimitCoins provides.

Payment Methods for Coin Purchases

One of the most crucial aspects of a seamless social casino experience is the convenience of purchasing in-game currency. NoLimitCoins understands this well and offers users a variety of secure and user-friendly options to buy Gold Coins, ensuring that the fun never has to pause.

Secure Transactions with Major Cards and Apple Pay

When you’re ready to stock up on Gold Coins, NoLimitCoins has you covered with several payment methods. Players can rest assured that their transactions are protected as the platform accepts major debit and credit cards, recognized worldwide for their security features. What’s more, for those who prefer using a digital wallet, Apple Pay serves as an excellent contactless payment option, offering a swift and safe way to make purchases without the need to enter card details manually.

  • Use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express for secure payments.
  • Apple Pay provides an added layer of security through device-specific number and unique transaction codes.

Players can immediately dive back into the action, thanks to these streamlined payment services that prioritize your security and convenience.

Trustly Bank Transfers: A Seamless Buying Experience

For players who favor direct bank transfers, NoLimitCoins has integrated Trustly into its payment systems. This offers a smooth, secure, and instant way to transfer funds directly from your bank account, with no extra accounts or cards needed. Trustly is known for its high-security standards and enhances the purchasing experience with its simplicity.

  • Direct bank transfers with no need to leave the NoLimitCoins platform.
  • Trustly’s direct payment technology bypasses the need for app installations or lengthy registration processes.

Enjoy the ease of purchasing with a method that’s as straightforward as it is safe.

ID Verification Process for First-Time Buyers

In a world where online security is paramount, NoLimitCoins implements a basic ID verification step for first-time coin purchasers. This process serves as a protective measure to prevent fraud and ensure that the platform remains a secure environment for all users.

  • The verification step is simple and only required before your first purchase.
  • Upon completion, it unlocks the ability to play with Super Coins and partake in the redeemable currency joy.

While some might see verification as a hurdle, this necessary step helps maintain the integrity of the platform by confirming the identity of its players, fostering a trusted and safe community for everyone.

NoLimitCoins not only ensures a multitude of gaming opportunities but also prioritizes user-friendliness and safety in all transactions. With these secure payment options, getting more Gold Coins is straightforward, letting players focus on what truly matters – enjoying the thrilling world of NoLimitCoins casino games.

NoLimitCoins Daily Rewards and Loyalty Perks

Excitement at NoLimitCoins doesn’t stop after the initial bundle of fun with the signup offer. Every day brings new opportunities to boost your virtual balance and enjoy more of the platform’s vibrant selection of games without real-money wagering. NoLimitCoins keeps the party going with daily bonuses and perks that offer a rich, rewarding experience for regular patrons.

Daily Bonus Wheel: Spin to Win Every Day

Get ready to kickstart your day with a thrilling chance to win extra Gold Coins (GC) and Super Coins (SC). The Daily Bonus Wheel is your ticket to daily surprises that enhance your gaming sessions. Imagine logging in and spinning a wheel that could grant you a stash of your favorite in-game currency—now that’s a gamer’s delight!

  • Players can take a spin on this fortune wheel every 12 hours.
  • Generous prizes range from Gold Coins to the much-coveted Super Coins.
  • The excitement of the wheel creates a fun routine for members, building engagement and anticipation with the chance to win twice a day.

Remember, the more you play, the more you’re poised to rake in these daily extras, which means endless entertainment at your fingertips.

Refer a Friend: Share the Fun and Earn Together

NoLimitCoins is best enjoyed with friends, and the platform incentivizes spreading the word. Refer a Friend is an initiative that rewards you for inviting others to join the NoLimitCoins community.

  • Each successful referral translates into additional Gold Coins for you and your friend.
  • There’s no cap on the number of friends you can invite—so the benefits multiply with your social circle.
  • Sharing your unique referral link is simple and intuitive, making it easy to bring everyone into the NoLimitCoins fold.

Building your social network within NoLimitCoins not only offers extra playing currency but also enhances the gaming experience, creating a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Build Your Bonus: Customizable Coin Bundles

Flexibility is key at NoLimitCoins, and the platform’s innovative Build Your Bonus feature allows players to tailor their bonuses to their preferences.

  • Personalize your bonus by choosing Gold Coin bundles that catch your eye, providing more power over how you boost your playing funds.
  • These bundles come with both GC and bonus SC, incredibly handy for when you’re looking to convert into redeemable value.
  • The more you engage with the platform and purchase, the more attractive the bonus bundles become, offering increasing bang for your virtual buck.

Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated virtual coin collector, NoLimitCoins delivers an accommodating and enjoyable experience with its custom bonuses, daily treats, and friend referral rewards. It’s clear this social casino knows how to keep its players engaged and coming back for more fun.

Software and Accessibility

In the vibrant world of online gaming, software and accessibility play pivotal roles in providing an enjoyable user experience. NoLimitCoins catapults itself into the limelight by harnessing the prowess of NetGame Entertainment and leveraging contemporary HTML5 technology.

High-Quality Games by NetGame Entertainment

The secret sauce behind the captivating selection of games at NoLimitCoins lies with NetGame Entertainment, a reputable software developer renowned for its high-quality gaming creations. These games stand as a testament to the developer’s commitment to excellence, boasting stunning graphics, thrilling soundtracks, and engaging gameplay that keeps players returning for more. Their collection of 47 slots and counting ensures that players have a diverse array of themes and game mechanics to choose from, never allowing for a dull moment.

No Download Required: Play Directly in Your Browser

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and NoLimitCoins embodies this philosophy by offering a no-download gaming platform. Players can dive right into the action without the need to install cumbersome software. This means that regardless of your device, you’re just a few clicks away from your next gaming adventure. This hassle-free approach not only saves time but also spares users the worry of allocating precious storage space on their devices.

HTML5 Technology for Mobile and Desktop Gaming

At the heart of NoLimitCoins’ seamless cross-platform compatibility is HTML5, the modern standard for building interactive web content. The transition between mobile and desktop gaming is silky smooth, ensuring that players can switch from a large screen to the compact convenience of a smartphone or tablet without any loss of quality or performance. The HTML5 framework allows for:

  • Crisp, high-fidelity visuals that make each game a feast for the eyes.
  • Swift and responsive design, adjusting instantly to different screen sizes and orientations.
  • Increased compatibility, making games accessible across a wide array of browsers and operating systems.

The amalgamation of these technological feats into NoLimitCoins’ platform means that wherever you go, a world-class gaming experience is right at your fingertips, without the need for any dedicated apps or additional software.


Customer Support at NoLimitCoins

Exceptional customer support is a cornerstone of an enjoyable gaming experience. At NoLimitCoins, players are under a protective umbrella thanks to the platform’s robust customer support system which remains active around the clock, every day of the year.

24/7 Assistance via Live Chat, Phone, and Email

Whether you hit a snag in the middle of the night or need prompt answers during the day, NoLimitCoins stands ready to assist. Contact options are diverse:

  • Live Chat: The quickest way to get help. Click on the chat bubble on the website, and get connected with support staff.
  • Phone: For those who prefer more personal interaction, there’s the option to call the customer support team directly at +1 (208) 974-5349.
  • Email: Although not as immediate as the other options, sending an email to NoLimitCoins support can be a good route for detailed inquiries that are not immediately pressing.

One thing to treasure is the convenience that comes with such a broad range of contact methods, ensuring that players can get back to their gaming sessions as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Support for a Seamless Experience

NoLimitCoins does not just offer multiple channels of support; it ensures that the quality of service is top-notch across all platforms. The customer support team at NoLimitCoins is knowledgeable, friendly, and always eager to help with any issues players might encounter, such as questions about the latest promotions, account setup, payment processing, or game functionality.

Whether you are experiencing technical difficulties, need clarification on the rules of a game, or want more information about redemption rates and coin purchases, the support team is on hand to guide you through. The purpose is to ensure as frictionless an experience as possible, letting you focus on the enjoyment of the game without the burden of unresolved issues.

Moreover, the goal of NoLimitCoins’ customer support is to not merely address problems as they arise, but to anticipate potential complications and assist users proactively. With informative FAQs and tutorial resources, many common questions are answered even before they’re asked.

The omnipresent nature of customer support at NoLimitCoins ensures peace of mind, demonstrating the platform’s commitment to player satisfaction and continuous engagement, which is ultimately the lifeblood of any social casino experience.

Licenses, Security, and Fair Play

The trustworthiness of an online gaming platform is paramount, and NoLimitCoins recognizes this by upholding high standards in licensing, security, and fairness. A secure and fair gaming environment encourages confidence among players, providing peace of mind so they can focus on enjoying their gaming experience.

Curacao License and Regulation Details

NoLimitCoins operates under the legal umbrella of A1 Development LLC, which has secured a valid gaming license from the jurisdiction of Curacao. Although NoLimitCoins functions as a social casino and doesn’t require the same stringent regulations as real-money casinos, this license exemplifies their commitment to responsible gaming practices and legitimacy within the industry.

The licensing from Curacao means that NoLimitCoins adheres to certain operational standards, which include:

  • Implementation of responsible gaming practices to ensure a safe, ethical gaming environment.
  • Compliance with international gaming and financial standards.

Curacao is a popular licensing jurisdiction for online gaming sites due to its more flexible and favorable laws. However, holding such a license is still a strong indication that NoLimitCoins is dedicated to upholding good business ethics.

Commitment to Fairness: Independent Testing by Gaming Labs

To instill even more trust, NoLimitCoins has subjected its suite of games to examination by Gaming Labs, an independent testing laboratory renowned for ensuring fairness in gaming software. The testing process by Gaming Labs is both rigorous and exhaustive, covering random number generation and game outcomes to ensure they are fair and unbiased.

By having games independently vetted, NoLimitCoins showcases the following:

  • Transparency in its operations, demonstrating that the games on offer provide the same chance of winning virtual currency to all players.
  • Commitment to quality by partnering with a reputable auditor in Gaming Labs.
  • An assurance to users that the playing field is level, which is an intrinsic element of player satisfaction in the social gaming sector.

It’s worth noting that since NoLimitCoins is a social casino, the emphasis on fair play is about the enjoyment of the games rather than monetary stakes. Nonetheless, ensuring that games operate correctly and outcomes are random contributes to a more engaging and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

In summation, NoLimitCoins presents itself as a platform that not only meets basic regulatory requirements but goes beyond by actively pursuing fairness certifications and maintaining a transparent relationship with its customer base. This level of diligence is what keeps users coming back for more engaging gameplay, secure in the knowledge that the platform is built on a foundation of integrity.

NoLimitCoins VIP Program and Exclusive Offers

Rolling out the red carpet for its players, NoLimitCoins invites frequent gamers to enjoy the luxury of tailor-made bonuses and privileges. While digging into the perks of a possible VIP Program, let’s explore the rewards system designed for players who keep coming back for more high-quality gaming action.

VIP Recognition and Rewards

NoLimitCoins has yet to specifically highlight a VIP Program, but this doesn’t mean that frequent players are left without perks. Devotion to the platform through regular play can often lead to personal recognitions and little tokens of appreciation from the company, assuring that your consistent gaming activity is rewarded.

Although details about a structured VIP program with NoLimitCoins are not fully detailed, players should remain on the lookout for updates as social casinos like NoLimitCoins are known for evolving and adding new features. The closeness you nurture with their platform might soon turn into a premium experience packed with luxuries and special treatment when a VIP scheme lands into play.

Exclusive Offers for Frequent Players

Love getting exclusive deals and bespoke bonuses? NoLimitCoins recognizes your frequent gameplay with offers that raise the stakes. While they might not be part of a structured VIP program, the offers are crafted to keep the most diligent players at the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for what’s up for grabs.

  • Early Access to New Games: NoLimitCoins could give devoted players a first look at their freshest reels, ensuring dedicated users are always at the forefront of innovative gaming.
  • Customized Bonuses: Depending on your gaming activity, you might receive personalized promotions that resonate with your style of play, making each session distinctively rewarding.
  • Higher Bonuses: As you consistently engage, expect bigger and better bonuses coming your way, from hefty coin drops to abundant sweeps of Super Coins.

To reiterate, without a concrete VIP Program, these offers are speculative and based on what is typically available to frequent players at social casinos. Delight in the array of promotions and exclusive deals, and keep an eye on any incoming news that might bring a VIP program to light at NoLimitCoins.

Ensuring the regulars feel valued and appreciated, NoLimitCoins’ approach to user rewards seems to be draped in excitement and allure, perfect for those who love a bit of the red-carpet treatment in their gaming adventures. Whether it’s lavish bonuses, personalized offers, or a pendulous VIP scheme, NoLimitCoins strives to keep your spinning experiences both rewarding and exhilarating.

Geographic Accessibility and Restrictions

Navigating the legal landscape of online sweepstakes can be akin to walking through a complex labyrinth. States across the U.S. have varying regulations that govern these activities, and it’s crucial for players to acquaint themselves with these rules to ensure they’re on the right side of the law when engaging in virtual games of chance like those offered at NoLimitCoins.

Understanding Sweepstakes Regulations in Your Area

At its core, a sweepstake is a game of chance where winners are selected at random, and it’s typically free to enter. Many of us are familiar with sweepstakes from promotions found on the backs of cereal boxes or giveaways from major companies looking to drum up interest in their products. However, online sweepstakes involving digital currencies add layers to the legal framework.

Key pointers to understand when playing social casino games:
– No purchase is necessary to participate in sweepstakes, which is a cornerstone regulation to differentiate sweepstakes from gambling.
– Most states in the U.S. allow sweepstakes games, as long as they adhere to the ‘no purchase necessary’ requirement.
– Players should always check whether their local laws have specific provisions regarding sweepstakes.

States with Restricted Super Coin Gameplay

While the spirit of sweepstakes law is consistent across the nation, some states have unique regulations that affect how residents may participate in games like those offered by NoLimitCoins. As of the latest information, certain restrictions apply for residents of Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho:

  • Washington: The state prohibits residents from redeeming sweepstakes credits like Super Coins for cash or other prizes.
  • Wyoming: Similar to Washington, Wyoming imposes restrictions on sweepstakes that could affect the redeeming process of digital tokens.
  • Idaho: The state law of Idaho has specific caveats when it comes to playing sweepstakes that can be exchanged for money or prizes, making it complicated for NoLimitCoins players.

For players residing in these states, engaging with NoLimitCoins would mean enjoying the thrill of the games using Gold Coins, without the option to convert Super Coins into rewards that equate to real-world value. As the platform does not permit real-money betting, it bypasses many traditional online gaming restrictions. Nevertheless, it’s crucial for players to understand their state-specific rules regarding sweeps cash casinos and virtual token redemption before diving into the exciting virtual world of NoLimitCoins.

NoLimitCoins maintains a commitment to providing entertainment for its users within the confines of the law. The platform evolves and adapts to ensure full compliance with the most up-to-date regulations. Players are always encouraged to stay informed about the latest legal developments in their respective jurisdictions so they can continue to enjoy social casino games with peace of mind.


People are asking these questions
⭐ What bonuses do new players receive at NoLimitCoins?

New players at NoLimitCoins receive 100,000 Free Coins upon signing up, allowing them to explore the platform’s games without any initial investment.

⭐ What ongoing incentives are available at NoLimitCoins?

NoLimitCoins provides ongoing incentives through daily and hourly bonuses, including the chance to spin the Lucky Wheel every 12 hours for more Free Gold Coins and Super Coins.

⭐ What rewards are offered for email confirmation and friend referrals?

Players at NoLimitCoins receive Gold Coin prizes for confirming their email and can earn additional rewards through the friend referral program, creating a community-oriented environment.

⭐ What is the game selection like at NoLimitCoins?

NoLimitCoins offers over 65 slot games, unique Fish Table Games, and exclusive jackpot games with themed slots, ensuring there’s something for every type of player.

⭐ How do Gold Coins and Super Coins work at NoLimitCoins?

Gold Coins are the primary virtual currency for gameplay, and Super Coins are redeemable currency that can be earned through promotions and exchanged at a rate where 100 SC equate to 1 USD.

⭐ What payment methods are available for purchasing coins at NoLimitCoins?

NoLimitCoins accepts major cards, Apple Pay, and Trustly bank transfers for secure and convenient coin purchases, ensuring a seamless buying experience for all players.

⭐ What daily rewards are available at NoLimitCoins?

Players at NoLimitCoins can spin the Daily Bonus Wheel every 12 hours for extra Gold Coins and Super Coins, as well as benefit from the friend referral program and customizable bonus bundles.

⭐ What customer support options are provided at NoLimitCoins?

NoLimitCoins offers 24/7 assistance via live chat, phone, and email, ensuring that players have access to comprehensive support for a seamless gaming experience.

⭐ What licenses and certifications does NoLimitCoins hold?

NoLimitCoins operates under the legal umbrella of A1 Development LLC, holding a valid gaming license from the jurisdiction of Curacao, and has subjected its games to independent testing by Gaming Labs to ensure fairness in gameplay.

⭐ Does NoLimitCoins have a VIP program?

While NoLimitCoins has yet to highlight a VIP program, frequent players can expect exclusive offers, recognition for their loyalty, and the potential for a structured VIP scheme in the future.

⭐ What geographic accessibility and restrictions should players be aware of at NoLimitCoins?

NoLimitCoins encourages players to stay informed about state-specific regulations, especially for residents of Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho, where restrictions may affect the redeeming process of digital tokens.

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