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Ever heard of Atlantic City? Located in the state of New Jersey, this is the second-largest go-to spot for gamblers after Las Vegas. Although the city is not so glamorous, nor is it as pumped as its Nevada state counterpart, land-based casinos in Atlantic City also offer a plethora of fun and..Show more
Ever heard of Atlantic City? Located in the state of New Jersey, this is the second-largest go-to spot for gamblers after Las Vegas. Although the city is not so glamorous, nor is it as..Show more

Ever heard of Atlantic City? Located in the state of New Jersey, this is the second-largest go-to spot for gamblers after Las Vegas. Although the city is not so glamorous, nor is it as pumped as its Nevada state counterpart, land-based casinos in Atlantic City also offer a plethora of fun and friendly spots to gamble.

Besides the land-based casinos, Atlantic City is also a heaven for online casino enthusiasts New Jersey has one of the least restrictive laws in the USA.

In 2013 online gambling became legal in the state, and the land-based casinos started competing for the attention of the gamblers. In this article, you will be able to find out more about blackjack and where you can play it online in New Jersey.

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Playing legally in NJ means that you are using one of the state-approved casinos. The state regulation states that even if the casino doesn't have a land-based counterpart, it needs to have an office in the state. Playing by the rules is an excellent way for NJ-based gamblers to ensure that they are protected, as well as the money transfers being real, legal, and safe.

Best online casinos in New Jersey offer all the usual casino games: from poker to keno, from blackjack to slots and everything in between.

As much as Atlantic city is a heaven for gamblers, it is also a cool spot to get some sun on free family beaches. So if you are a mom or dad, and can't leave your kids anywhere while you have a little fun at a land-based casino, you can choose to play online and soak up the sun on the beach with your family! What could be better?

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cards AJ - real money blackjack onlineLive Dealer Online Blackjack NJ

As we have discussed, online casinos are legal in New Jersey so that you can enjoy your time in the safe environment of a state-regulated online platform. If you're an online casino enthusiast or at least have stumbled upon one, you'll know that the online casinos usually offer a wide range of games such as craps online NJ, slots, table games, and even show-style games like Monopoly Live or Wheel of Fortune.

You might have also seen a separate section for so-called "live dealer games." These essentially repeat the game titles of the table games section. So, let's look at the difference between those with the example of blackjack.

Live dealer blackjack is a version that employs a real person to deal your cards, accept bets, and perform all the actions a dealer would do in a land-based casino. In this case, the dealer is in a studio, and you are at your computer or your mobile device. Live dealer games are great for those who like the "real life" feel from the comfort of their house.

Online casino games are the ones where you play against the computer. These games are faster because they don't include the physical interaction of the dealer with cards and objects around. The computer algorithm randomly chooses the outcome.

Live casino games, although quite expensive to maintain, can theoretically serve an indefinite number of players; that's why they're quite profitable for the casino. Online casino games, on the other hand, lack the face-to-face feel of the real casino, because the player interacts with the algorithm.

In New Jersey, live dealer casinos on online platforms have closed a "gap" between Atlantic City's land-based casinos and the ones operating online. You might not believe it, but many people still have a hard time trusting online casinos. However, a real person on the "other side of the screen" makes the online casinos warmer and more approachable in some peoples' eyes.

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cards AJ - live blackjack new jersey or 21Online Blackjack New Jersey

Blackjack or "21" is a popular casino card game. Not only is it simple, but also there's mathematics in play, so if you count well and know your moves, you can be quite successful. You don't have to be a genius to play it right: attention is critical here.

NJ online casinos offer quite a lot of variants of blackjack to play with a few rule tweaks along the way. Although it's a matter of preference as to which modification to play, you need to be familiar with all rules to make the right decisions during the game.

To make it easier for the players, the online casinos offer a "free play" mode, where you can get used to the rules and make the game yours before trying the "real money" version.

All the versions of Atlantic City casinos offer quite high RTP-s. Return to Player rate is a critical factor to consider when choosing which game to play. The higher the RTP, the more chances for the player to win. So blackjack players are lucky because the highest RTP-s even reach 99.28%. NJ online casino blackjack house edge is lower than 1%.

However, you have to consider that the high RTP doesn't guarantee your winnings because it's a long-term metric for the casino's cumulative result.

Minimum blackjack bets for the New Jersey casinos can be as low as $1 and go as high as $10,000 in some platforms. Many casinos also offer side bets.

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Game types range from classic to more unusual ones. The most popular variations are:

  • Single-Deck Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Single-hand Blackjack Pro
  • Vegas Blackjack
  • Pro Blackjack
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Vegas DownTown Blackjack
  • Single Player Blackjack
  • High Stakes Blackjack
  • SideBet Blackjack

Due to computer calculations, online blackjack has a faster pace compared to live blackjack or playing in the casino. Because the random number generator algorithm shuffles the decks, card counting is off the table, so those of you who use card counting in their blackjack practice, have to either stick to the traditional casino experience or find a live dealer alternative that allows card counting.

Although casinos eliminated card counting from online blackjack games, NJ online blackjack offers more favorable rules than live dealer options do.

cards AJ - live dealer online blackjack njNew Jersey Online Blackjack For Real Money

As we've already established in this article, you can only play NJ casinos online, if you're physically in New Jersey. It's also worth mentioning that only land-based casinos are allowed to make real-money transactions on their online platforms.

Let's discuss the process you should go through before playing blackjack online for real money in New Jersey casinos.

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Sign up and Verification

Before being able to play New Jersey blackjack online real money at an online casino, you will have to sign up and validate your account. Signing up is easy; you just have to input some personal information, and you're done.

Validation of the account is also fast and easy. It's the usual process of giving the website a contact detail, such as your email or phone number. Then you receive a code via one of those channels and input it in the website. Voila!

These are the basic steps. However, as soon as you want to make a withdrawal, you'll also need to pass a very detailed identity checkup, which might take some time.

Privacy and Security

Usually, the New Jersey casinos will ask you to present a proof of address, as well as a copy of your passport. All the verification standards are there to stop any fraudulent activity if such might occur, but also to make the blackjack online casino environment safe for users.

While playing blackjack online with real money, it's essential to take precautions concerning your private information. When you choose your credit card as a payment method, many casinos will ask you to provide the picture of the physical card (sometimes both the front and the back). In that case, make sure to cover the first 12 digits of your card with a paper or a tape, and then place the card so that the 4 corners, as well as the card holder's name, are visible in the photo.

Protecting privacy online is sometimes really difficult, so many players prefer to keep themselves anonymous. In real money casinos, you can use cryptocurrencies to refrain from giving away your personal information.

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Choosing Your Payment Method for Deposit and Withdrawal

As you might know, online casinos usually provide a wide variety of payment methods. We might even say that there's a set standard for an online casino to rank well in review websites. The usual lot is traditional bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), bank wire transfer, e-wallets (EcoPayz, Paypal, Neteller, etc.), and the king of it all: cryptocurrencies (mainly Bitcoin!).

When you have chosen the payment method, you can already make a deposit. Most online casinos will offer a generous welcome bonus to new players. Depending on which game or slot needs promotion, the casinos might even add exclusive bonuses for those games.

As a rule of thumb, casinos usually set the minimum amount for the deposit. It might be as little as $5, but this is an incentive to keep you playing for longer.

In the case of winning, NJ online casinos deposit your money on your player profile account balance instantly. After you see the payment on your profile, you'll be able to request a withdrawal.

Real-money casinos in New Jersey, like those everywhere, are quite generous with their VIP clients. Those who are depositing substantial amounts and do it periodically get to enjoy the VIP tiers of customer care, exclusive bonuses, and more.

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cards AJ - blackjackLive Blackjack NJ

A few years ago, everything was different in the online iGaming market. Although there were online platforms, they looked very different. Can you imagine an online casino without the "Live Casino Games" section? It's a bit tough to do so because Casino Live Games have become the staple of online gambling.

So, what are "Live Dealer Games" in online casinos? These are the same dealer games that the traditional land-based casinos offer, with one substantial difference: your dealer is not at the casino with you; instead, he/she is in a studio, in front of a camera, streaming for the live audience. These studios might contain dozens of dealers streaming from different tables.

You could be on your couch in your PJ-s, watching the live stream, and having the time of your life practicing your Blackjack Basic Strategy.

The best NJ online casinos offer various games in live dealer table format. Blackjack is one of the most famous in this category.

Live dealer blackjack in NJ online casinos have rules of mediocre harshness for the player. Hands are dealt from a traditional shoe, which contains 8 decks and naturals pay 3:2. The house edge is 0.72%, which is up there for blackjack. "Doubling down" works on any two cards, re-splits are not allowed.

Most land-based casinos discourage card counters, so the live versions have adopted the discouraging rules mentioned above. Imagine a card counter that can use any trick while at home to tip the scales to his side, and there's no surveillance to restrict the action.

Some casinos allow tipping the live dealers like you can tip them in traditional casinos.

The minimum and maximum wagers are usually between $10 and $1000. High stakes or VIP tables are typically separate and might offer higher stakes than usual ones. If you're not in the mood to make a deposit, you will likely find exciting free play options on all websites.

Royal flush, cards, poker chips. casino, blackjack online for real money

The casinos offer welcome bonuses specifically for live dealer games, for example, one of the best online casinos in NJ Golden Nugget offers a $20 no-deposit bonus if you use their code to sign in. Betfair's $30 no-deposit bonus is another excellent example of a free play option.

In addition to the fancy bonus programs, online casinos in NJ offer a whopping 99.28% RTP at live blackjack New Jersey tables.

New Jersey online casino games have grown in popularity a lot after introducing the live game option. The pioneer in the field was the Golden Nugget casino, which established its first studio in 2016. The rest of the leading platforms soon followed, setting a new standard for online casinos. With the competition in place, even the smaller and newer players started adopting the live dealer trend.

Live dealer games enthusiasts will find the best experience in Golden Nugget, BetMGM, and Borgata.

cards AJ - new jersey online casino games - blackjack BJNew Jersey Mobile Blackjack

New Jersey online casinos are keen on offering games on the go because life is moving to mobile today. People are attracted to mobile gambling because it's easy, plus your casino is always in your pocket: no matter where you are.

The casino industry has been quite slow in adopting mobile into their world. However, the trend has been set. European casinos seem to be more reactive to the technology changes than US casinos, though.

New Jersey, and especially Atlantic City, has historically been more of a land-based casino hotspot. This is the reason why the majority of the user-base in NJ might not get the idea of mobile gambling just yet. Moreover, they might even be slow on taking up online gambling on desktop.

New Jersey Mobile Blackjack, casino chips, tablet, cards

In general, mobile gambling is more comfortable than desktop gambling for several reasons:

  • First, you don't need to install plugins and other small accompanying programs to run the platform. Generally, you just open the browser and log in to the mobile-optimized website and play there. Some casinos also offer downloadable apps specifically designed for your phone or tablet.
  • Second, security is better on mobile. It's harder to hack into mobile phones than into computers. The only way your profile security might be compromised is if you give your phone to somebody else or somebody takes it from you.
  • Third, you have the pure comfort of playing on mobile from wherever you want. You can choose to chill on a beach in Atlantic City simultaneously playing blackjack or just hang out in your luxe hotel room and mindlessly tap on the "Spin" button playing your favorite jackpot slot!

Maybe the aforementioned land-based mentality has also had its effect on casino owners because they are slow to adopt all the versions of games for mobile platforms. So the games don't have such variety on mobile as they do on desktop.

Online casinos in New Jersey tend to offer classic, non-complicated variants of blackjack to choose from. The little choice might be a tradeoff between a game on the go and more varying experience in the online casino.

As to what kind of device you should have to enjoy the online casino games in New Jersey, we do have a general answer. Any smartphone and tablet will do, as long as it supports the latest versions of Android and iOS.

Mobile versions of the casinos are not so rich in choice compared to the desktop versions. They usually have several hundred slot games, a variety of table games, and most of them also support live dealer games.

It's not a secret that smartphones usually prompt you to allow the apps to use geolocation, so it's not too difficult for the casino platforms to know where you are when you access their app or website. As we have mentioned above, you can only play real money games in NJ casinos, if you are physically in the state. You should input an address and pass verification to play for real money, so using a VPN just won't roll.

However, you can access many types of mobile games with "in-play money" from anywhere else. New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement has seen to it that the mobile and desktop versions of the casinos meet similar criteria.

FAQ for Online Blackjack New Jersey
⭐ Is Online Blackjack Legal in New Jersey?

Yes. Online blackjack is legal in NJ, as far as you are playing in the state-approved casinos.

To play in NJ casinos legally, you also have to be in the state of NJ physically. Furthermore, you should have a verified address you can give the online casino during the verification process.

When you’re playing in legal casinos, your safety is assured, you’re within the law and can even check the fairness of the games.

⭐ Where to Play Legal Online Blackjack in New Jersey?

You can play legal NJ online blackjack in any casino that’s approved by the state of New Jersey. Those usually have land-based counterparts and are based in Atlantic City. Check our picked best online casinos in New Jersey for blackjack play.

⭐ Where to Play Legal Live Dealer Blackjack NJ?

Many casinos in New Jersey offer live dealer blackjack. Check here for best live dealer casinos for blackjack.

⭐ Where to Play Legal Blackjack Online for Money NJ?

Most top online casinos offer both free and real money options for blackjack in NJ.

When you visit the online casino website and choose the version of blackjack to play, you’ll see the options right on the screen. If you decide to play “for fun,” you receive a virtual amount of money to bet with. However, if you want to try your skills and luck playing with “real money,” you will have to sign in and verify your account on the website.

If you win, you’ll be able to withdraw your money via the payment method of your choice, since the online casinos offer a lot of options.

⭐ What Blackjack Games Can I Play at NJ Online Casinos?

There are dozens of versions of blackjack in NJ online casinos. For example, Golden Nugget, the most prestigious of the lot, offers Atlantic City Single-hand Blackjack Pro, Live Dealer Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, and many others.

You can enjoy Single-Deck Blackjack, High Stakes Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas DownTown Blackjack in both Tropicana Casino and Virgin Casino.

Pala Casino’s most popular types are SideBet Blackjack and the Single Player Blackjack. There are many more casinos and blackjack games for everyone’s taste.

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