Slingo Casino Game – innovative hybrid between slots & bingo!

Slingo is a comparatively new concept in casino gaming. As you can tell from its name – Slingo is an innovative hybrid between slots and bingo games.

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When playing Slingo, everything is determined not only by the success factor, as in slot machines. Usually, a player can make his own moves and decide whether to take the offered deal or to risk and continue playing for a chance to win a bigger prize. Find out more about various casino games at the Best Online Casino Games category.

In this article, you will find out how various Slingo games work, what strategy you should use, and where you can play this game.

Always gamble responsibly and only with money you can afford to lose!

slingo casino game logo transparent warrior with shield pngSlingo Casino Game – how does it work?

The majority of the casino players probably have never even tried playing Slingo. So, it is important to know how these interesting games work.

slingo rainbow riches start game

The essence of Slingo games is quite simple – the game usually consists of the following parts:

  • The main 5×5 grid, where the numbers from 1 to 75 can show up;
  • 5 boxes at the bottom, where the lucky numbers will show up;
  • Payments and bonus table on the left.

In order to start the game, just choose the bet size and press Start. The minimum bet size in Slingo games usually goes as low as 0.50€ or 0.20€. So, that gives a chance to try out this game for both – high rollers and low rollers.

slingo showdown saloon sheriff star playing cards

After pressing Start the game will give you 10 spins. If a number in a box below matches a number in a 5×5 grid, that number will be crossed out. Your main goal is to cross out as many numbers as possible and to collect Slingo lines either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

The biggest prize in Slingo games is called Full House and you can reach it by crossing out all the numbers in a 5×5 grid and collecting all the Slingo lines. Full House usually can pay up to 200x.

slingo casino game big win full house

There are several additional numbers which can show up in the boxes below:

  • Free Spins – this number will give you an additional spin;
  • Joker – when it shows up, you can choose to cross out one number in the line above it;
  • Devil – this number does not have any value and it just fills up space for other numbers.
deal or no deal slingo top prize take the deal

After finishing 10 spins you will have a decision to make – to collect the deal or to make additional bets and risk for the bigger prize. The value of each spin is shown before making it. The closer you are to the big prize the bigger the spin value will become.

Always try to weigh the risks and do not place unreasonable bets!

slingo casino game logo transparent warrior with shield pngSlingo Casino – where to play?

There are several factors worth considering when choosing the right casino to play Slingo games. First of all, make sure that the casino is trustworthy and has a license. A casino that is working without a license could steal your personal information and money. Find out more about gambling licenses at the Casino Gambling license article.

Another important thing is the casino game selection. It is obvious that your chosen casino has to offer various Slingo games, but pay attention to their slots and live casino selections as well in case you will want to try out something else.
And the last thing – take a good look if the casino meets your personal requirements. Do you like its design, does it offer payment methods you use, does the customer support work 24/7, etc.

Find more on how to choose a good online casino at the Best Online Casino Rating List 2024.

slingo casino game logo transparent warrior with shield pngPlay Slingo Online – which games to choose?

There are dozens of Slingo games you can choose from and most of them involve interesting thematics. In this part, we will point out some of the highest quality and most popular Slingo games:

  • Slingo Rainbow Riches – games with a Rainbow Riches thematic are quite well known in the online casino’s industry. The game itself works on the classic Slingo principle – it consists of a 5×5 grid while payment lines and bonuses can be seen on the left side of the screen. In addition, there is a chance to draw Joker and Free Spins;slingo reel riches slot machine
  • Slingo Reel Riches – this game is really similar to the classic slot machines. It consists of a 5×3 grid. The wild symbol in this game will double your win while 3 Bonus on the reels symbols will give you free spins;
  • Deal or No Deal Slingo – probably most of the people have heard about this TV show at least once. The game itself consists of a 5×5 grid while potential prizes may disappear after each spin. At the end of the game, you will be able to win one of the remaining prizes. When 4+ lines are collected, you will receive a call from a “dealer” which will offer you a prize. Then it is your choice to either take the deal or to continue playing for a chance to win more;
monopoly slingo
  • Monopoly Slingo – it is one of the most interactive Slingo games which will transfer you to a virtual Monopoly world. Like in the real Monopoly game, you will roll the dice and travel through a Monopoly map. In order to cross out all the 5×5 grid, you will need to stop on the fields which coincides with the number in the 5×5 grid.
  • Slingo Showdown – it is an interesting Slingo game with Wild Wild West thematics where the cards are being used instead of the numbers. Your winnings in this game will depend on the combination of cards collected in the bottom box (Full House is the best possible combination while Two Pairs is the lowest). At the end of the game, your winnings will be multiplied by the number of collected Slingo lines;

Most of the Slingo games are provided by the Gaming Realms which is known for their high-quality products and reliability.

slingo casino game logo transparent warrior with shield pngSlingo Bonus – can you get a bonus?

It is always appreciated when you can get extra bonuses for the game. Finding exclusive promotions for Slingo games could be difficult as it is a fairly narrow category of games.

slingo bonus code number gifts promotions

However, it is important to mention, that in most cases Slingo games fall into the category of slot machines. This means that you can play Slingo when wagering various bonuses including bonuses for new players, reload bonuses, etc.

In order to be sure if Slingo games can be played when wagering, always read the Terms and Conditions section carefully.

The MOST asked questions Slingo
Are Slingo games fair ❓

Yes, most of the Slingo Casino games are made by Gaming Realms which is known for their high-quality and reliable products.

Can you play Slingo games on mobile ❓

Yes, Slingo games are optimized for mobile devices.

Can you find free Slingo games ❓

Yes, all of the Slingo bingo games can be tried out for free in demo mode.

What are the differences between slot machines and Slingo games ❓

The main difference is that in Slingo games you can make your own choices when it comes to taking a deal or making additional bets.

What are the best Slingo sites ❓

Some of the best Slingo sites are 888 Casino, Unibet, 777 Casino, and Party Casino.

What is the minimum bet size in Slingo games ❓

Usually, it is either 0.20€ or 0.50€.

What is RTP in Slingo games ❓

RTP in Slingo games usually varies between 95% and 96%.

Find out more about RTP at the Highest RTP slots list.

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