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Slotmill slot games is a Stockholm-based casino game online provider that promises a high-end gaming experience to players and casino operators. Even though the provider is relatively new, it has continued to rise among its peers, and there is a chance that it might become one of the top choices..Show more
Slotmill slot games is a Stockholm-based casino game online provider that promises a high-end gaming experience to players and casino operators. Even though the provider is relatively new,..Show more

Slotmill slot games is a Stockholm-based casino game online provider that promises a high-end gaming experience to players and casino operators. Even though the provider is relatively new, it has continued to rise among its peers, and there is a chance that it might become one of the top choices in the iGaming space. To continue learning more about this impressive casino games provider, you should keep reading this SmartCasinoGuide review.

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Find out Slotmill slots features, RTP, volatility and game mechanicsIntroduction about Slotmill

In 2019, industry experts established a casino game development brand, which resulted in Slotmill. The brand is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and since its creation, it has continued to spread its wings across different countries in Europe and around the world. With the promise and delivery of high-end games and impressive aesthetics and visuals, the brand is becoming popular among players online. Slotmill slot games now have an average of 96% RTP, making it among the various slots providing a high return to players. The company is all about giving players a second-to-none experience anytime they decide to pick up a game from the brand. It doesn’t matter whether it is free Slotmill slot games or real money games. The gaming experience is impressive.

The company is focused on delivering fair and quality slots to online gambling sites, and impressively, new players will have access to various Slotmill demos. With that, newbies can have a clue on how the games look and feel and create a personal gaming strategy. Aside from that, as the brand’s games are gaining popularity among online players, there is no doubt that new online casinos will begin to feature its games. As a result, we expect to see Slotmill among the top choices as time goes on.

What do people ask about the Slotmill slots?
⭕ Where to play Slotmill free slots DEMO?

Visit the link and choose the Slotmill slot game which demo you want to try out for FREE!

⭕ When did Slotmill casino games provider release the first slot?

Slotmill released its first slot game in 2019.

⭕ What unique features do Slotmill slots have?

Slotmill slots have different unique features such as Burst Mode, Streamlined UI, and Fast Track.

Also, they now have 16 languages available, with more to come.

⭕ How many Slotmill online slots have a Jackpot feature?

❌ Unfortunately, there is no Slotmill slot with a jackpot feature at the time of this review.

⭕ What is the biggest Slotmill slot RTP?

The current highest Slotmill slot RTP is the Shields of Fortune slot, which has an RTP of 97%.

⭕ How many slots Slotmill has?

Slotmill currently has 12 slots in its game collection.

⭕ How often does Slotmill game provider release a new slot machine?

On average, Slotmill releases a new slot game every 6 weeks.

⭕ How to find the best casino to play Slotmill casino games?

To find the best casino where you can play Slotmill slots, you should check our site for a list of recommended casinos.

Slotmill slot games are popular all around the worldSlotmill video slots popularity and features

One thing about Slotmill is that the company is pushing boundaries with exciting innovations and features. Games Slotmill delivers are known to come with incredible visuals that different players will enjoy. It does not even end there, as each slot in Slotmill games collections come with some exciting features, including free spins, multipliers, and other interesting features. The company is focused on flawless execution. As a result, the team takes its time to pay attention to all the details from the starting point to production. Therefore, the development and design of each game are close to perfection, and there is a chance that the Slotmill team will continue to exceed expectations.

To ensure a continuous increase in popularity, the company seamlessly integrates its games into various casino systems. In that case, there is a proprietary Slotmill Client Area that casino operators can easily integrate into their systems. The client area is easy to navigate, making it worth the time and effort. In addition to that, the games are extremely lightweight, and with that, load time is reduced to the barest minimum. Furthermore, the company boasts of using the latest web technology to develop super lightweight games. Most Slotmill slot games are not more than 10mb, which is lighter than most provider’s games.

Best casinos to gamble Slotmill casino slots in your country

Slotmill Features

Aside from Slotmill slots being lightweight and including various impressive special features, different elements come with the company’s games. For a start, there is a Burst Mode feature that offers a boost auto-play to players. Since many players today consider the conventional games slow and exhaustive, Slotmill decided to mitigate that with the Burst Mode feature. In that case, most game rounds in most Slotmill slot machines is played within a second, and each of the reels is replaced almost immediately with a potential win. With that, slots from this provider are gaining more popularity among players in the online world.

The Burst Mode feature is so good that other providers are beginning to adopt it into their slot game development process. Also, the provider slots offer the Fast Track feature. It gives players the option to get directly into the bonus features of the games. Both Burst Mode and Fast Track are extremely popular amongst players.

Slotmill offers more with its Streamlined UI feature. Each Slotmill game features a simplified and intuitive user interface that is optimized for smaller screens. In addition to that, the company has eliminated the idea of coins in its games, with gameplay taking place in the currency provided by the casino to players. The company did this to ensure that playing its slot is simplified for players, and players can also get full clarity of how they wager and win. In addition, Slotmill slot games are available in 16 languages, making it easy for players in various countries to play their slots.

Slotmill casino slots have Lightweight, Boosting Excitement and Streamlined UI features

Slotmill Careers

Slotmill currently consists of 15 employees across different countries, and each of them is an expert with many years of experience in the online gambling industry. To ensure that the brand continues to grow, the company is open to taking in more talents across the globe. As it stands, you can find different positions open on the Slotmill Careers page. If you believe that you are a good fit for any available roles, you can simply send your CV through the appropriate channels. On the Slotmill page, few instructions will help through the application process.

Impressively, even if there is no open position in your preferred role, you can reach out to the HR team, and there is a chance that you might just be who they are looking to hire at the time. Additionally, you can check them out on LinkedIn to learn more about the company and follow each update.

Slots by Slotmill RTP level are higher than 96%Slotmill slot games RTP and max winnings

Return to Player (RTP)

As we have pointed out before, Slotmill online casino slots come with impressive features that make the games worth your time and effort. The great part is that the brand has continued to ensure that players enjoy top-notch visuals and incredible return to player rates. If you are familiar with playing slots, you might already be familiar with RTP percentage and how it works. However, if that is not the case, return to player percentage is the amount you might get back after playing a particular slot for a certain length of time. RTP works because it is a theoretical way of calculating how lucrative a slot game will be for each player. We said theoretically because it does not necessarily say for certain if you will win big on a slot with high RTP or otherwise.


Currently, most Slotmill slots RTP are about 96% or higher. This is impressive as it is above the 96% average in the iGaming space.

Aside from the RTP, you should look at the hit frequency of each slot and the volatility and variance. In the case of hit frequency, it is the number of times a particular slot will hit a winning combination over time. Therefore, you should make sure that you should find out the hit frequency before you play any slot game.

The volatility and variance of slots, on the other hand, is the frequency of getting low wins or big wins in a slot game. When you play some slots, you might not hit wins frequently, but you will get a huge win when you do. So, low volatility slots mean that you will hit wins more regularly, although the payout will be small, while high volatility slots mean the wins are not frequent.

Maximum winnings

Aside from the Slotmill RTP, the max wins from each slot are also important. That way, you can know what to expect when you play the games. However, since Slotmill slots are still relatively new, it is quite hard to tell what the average max winnings are when writing this review. However, some games, such as StarSpell slot, boast a max win of up to €120,000 when you max bet. Because of that, you can see that there is a chance to win big when you play various Slotmill casino games.

Find out the best Slotmill online slots list - TOP 5TOP 5 the best Slotmill slots

Slotmill slots come in different forms, and even though the brand does not have a huge portfolio of games, they are quite exciting to play. In this section, we will be mentioning and highlighting the TOP 5 Slotmill slots for you. So continue to read to learn more about the top slots from this casino game development brand.

Sands of Eternity

Sands of Eternity is the Egypt themed slot machine. The game is designed and developed to be compatible across platforms and playable on small screens. Aside from that, the game has a Re-Spin feature that creates exciting winning potential in the base game and free spins round. If you want to get Free Spins, you need to collect more than 3 Bonus symbols to the collect meter. During the Sands of Eternity free spins gambling round, exploding Multiplier stone added one win multiplier, which stays during all free spins. In a similar situation with Extra Free Spins stone, you add one more Free Spin with everyone Extra Free Spin stone granted. This slot game is perfect for players who like Egypt themed full-featured slots. Do not forget to use the Slotmill Fast Track feature and unlock Sands of Eternity slot game’s special features for extra money.

Fruit Smash

Fruit Smash is an avalanche style slot game by Slotmill casino games provider. The slot is based on 6 reels and 6 rows. There are no fixed paylines in this slot. It means that you need to catch more than 8 matching symbols for a win.

Fruit Smash slot game has a Progressive Win Multiplier feature available on the basic game and during Free Spins. If you land at least 3 Bonus Symbols, you will trigger at least 10 Free Spins. Also, the slot has a Fruit Frenzy Free Spins feature, which can randomly be activated instead of original Free Spins.

Fruit Smash Free Spins lets you enjoy big wins and your fun leisure time

Very important to mention that Fruit Smash offers a maximum win of 6000x bet, and the RTP varies from 96.19% to 96.53 during Fruit Frenzy Free Spins. As with all other Slotmill slot games, this one also has “Burst Mode” and “Fast Track” features.

Merlin’s Fortune

Merlin’s Fortune slot machine is based on 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4096 ways to win. The betways can be increased in Merlin’s Expansion feature. It adds up to four additional symbol rows and expands the ways to win up to 262,144!

Also, the slot has two more features – The transform feature and Free Spins.

  • Transform feature can be triggered by two Bonus Symbols. The feature change all lower symbols (J, Q, K, A) to the medium symbols (gems).
  • Free Spins will be awarded when you spin more than 3 Bonus Symbols. The maximum amount of Free Spins is 16. However, you can get extra symbol rows, extra free spins, and multipliers during the Free Spins.

Merlin’s Fortune slot RTP is 96.27% during the main game. It can be increased up to 96.49% during the features. The maximum win on this slot is up to 10,000x your bet.

Lucky Lucifer

Lucky Lucifer is a 5 reels, 40 paylines video slot. The slot is featured with three special features:

  1. Trailing Wild” – it is awarding 1-7 Wilds.
  2. Lucifer’s Luck Bonus” – three Bonus symbols trigger the bonus feature during which multipliers are accumulated, and the total multiplier value at the end of the feature is multiplied with the bet.
  3. Additional symbols during the Bonus feature” – Lucifer, Lilith, Mora, Lifelines, Treasure chest.

As you can see, the slot is full of features and has a high payouts rate. The RTP is 96.35%, with the maximum win up to 10,000x your bet! Try out Lucky Lucifer free play slot DEMO just clicked on the link.

One of the best slot game by Slotmill slots - Try out Lucky Lucifer free play slot DEMO

Thunder Wheel

Thunder Wheel is a Greek mythology themed slot. It is based on 4 reels, 4 rows, and 256 ways to win. In addition, the slot has three special features – Expanding Wild, Free Spins, and Thunder Wheel.

  • Expanding Wild feature – The base game features a random wild feature that can expand up to a maximum of 3×3 symbol size.
  • Free Spins – more than three Bonus symbols trigger this feature. Also, you can increase more free spins when you get additional bonus symbols during Free Spins.
  • Thunder Wheel – it is triggered at least 2 Thunder Wheel symbols. The Thunder Wheel consists of four rings, and four Thunder Wheel symbols are required to activate all of them. The Thunder Wheel can pay up to 9999x bet!

The base RTP of Thunder Wheel casino game is 96.08%. However, you can increase it to 96.37% during the “Buy Free Spins” feature. Also, the slot has an impressive maximum win – 10,000x your bet.

The newest slots by Slotmill you can find in Slotmill official websiteNew Slotmill slots online

Three Samurai

As a relatively new brand in the online gambling industry, there is a need to develop new titles not to fade away continuously. As a result, Slotmill has two new releases that players can decide to give a try. Slotmill Three Samurai slot is one of the latest releases that players can choose to play. This slot is a 5-reel and three rows game that also originally comes with 20 bet lines. However, in the bonus features, the rows become four, while the bet lines increase to 40. In addition to that, there is a Dragons Luck random feature in the base game that exposes the 4th row and increases the number of paylines to 40. In addition to that, a high-value symbol is then changed into a wild, which in turn maximizes win potentials.

Vegas Gold

Aside from Three Samurai, Slotmill Vegas Gold is another new release that is quite special. The game is a 15 reel slot with six of the reels unlocked during the re-spin rounds, and they hold access to the exciting bonus feature. Vegas Gold online slot is all about matching symbols while you enjoy different re-spin features often triggered by three similar symbols. Interestingly, the re-spins continue as long as there are extra matching symbols appearing. Additionally, when you land two scatter symbols, you will trigger the free spin bonus round. In this round, the wheel of free spins will determine the number of free spins you will get.

Vegas Gold is fancy casino slot game with high RTP - 96,36%

According to some Slotmill news, we expect to see some new titles added to the Slotmill collection. Among them are Thunder Wheel and Merlin’s Fortune. We believe that these slots will be quite exciting from the names, and we can’t wait to try them out.

One of the best Slotmill casinos is OnlineBingo casino - try it out!Best casino to play Slotmill casino games

Playing Slotmill slots is pretty straightforward because all you need to do is find the perfect casino that features its games. To do this, you can go online to find some of the top casino Slotmill games features. When you do that, you will get to see a list of impressive casinos that you can select. Then, if you do not already have an account, you can create one and deposit money into the account. After that, you can begin to play at the best Slotmill casino. Impressively, you can even get to enjoy some exclusive bonuses that you can use to play Slotmill games.

One of the top Slotmill casinos that you can join is the casino, which is available to players in Europe. When you decide to play Online Bingo SlotMill games, you will get to enjoy an incredible playing experience as well as interesting bonuses. You can begin by creating an account and depositing money into your Online Bingo account. However, we advise that before you proceed, you should try to claim all the available bonuses so that you can get a headstart without risking your real money immediately.

We hope that this review about Slotmill slots was interesting, and you will come backSlotmill online slots review – conclusion

Slotmill is a Swedish casino game provider that is majorly focused on developing slot games. Although the developer is relatively new and its game collection is small compared to many top brands, it is pushing to become a top gun in the industry. With its impressive gaming features like the Burst Mode, Streamlined UI, and Lightweight Games, we believe that this company can compete with the top players in years to come. Furthermore, as an Malta Gaming Authority licensed provider, you can rest assured that all the games are fair. Also, because of its easy-to-integrate systems, many casinos are beginning to feature games from Slotmill.

To sum it all up, you can decide to join any top casinos that feature games from Slotmill. Or, you can choose to play for free on the Slotmill site or any slots review site. However, we recommend that whether you are new or already familiar with playing casino games, you should Slotmill games a try. Simply pick a top casino, register, deposit, and start to play Slotmill slots!

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