The Best Skill Based Casino Games

When most people think about casino games, the first thing that comes to mind is games of chance. People tend to believe you need plenty of luck when playing with a casino. However, there are many skill based casino games that can keep players enthralled for hours. With technology becoming..Show more
When most people think about casino games, the first thing that comes to mind is games of chance. People tend to believe you need plenty of luck when playing with a casino. However, there..Show more

When most people think about casino games, the first thing that comes to mind is games of chance. People tend to believe you need plenty of luck when playing with a casino. However, there are many skill based casino games that can keep players enthralled for hours.

With technology becoming increasingly advanced, more people enjoy playing casino games from the comfort of their homes. This is making casino games much more popular, and many online casinos have started expanding their offerings to invite more people to play. Casino portfolios include many skill based games and other fun casino games like slots and lottery-type games.

We offer detailed reviews on various games and strategies. Our services include in-depth evaluations of online casinos and bonuses to ensure that players have as much information as possible before deciding where to play. We have a team of experts that look at each casino and game and give a detailed opinion based on decades of experience. This article aims to ensure that you know all about skill based games offered through online casinos.

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TOP questions about Skill Based Casino Games
❓ What is a skill based slot machine?

A skill-based slot machine is a game where you’re not as dependent on luck as you are with other slots. You need to use specific skills to win cash prizes. These skills can include aim and analytical skills among a range of others.

❓ What casino games require skill?

There are several casino games that require a skill. These include blackjack, roulette, poker, backgammon, craps, mahjong, and a few more. A skill based casino game takes some skill to win. These can include strategies, math, odds, or even aim.

❓ Which skills are essential for casino gambling?

You need to acquire different skills to be good at casino gambling. Some of these include money management, discipline, patience, and observation. You also need an understanding of basic math and to control your emotions. You should never make gambling decisions based on how you feel.

❓ What are the best casino skill based games?

The best casino skill based games depend on how much you enjoy the games. There’s no objective answer to the question of the best skill based games. The best skill based casino game is the one you enjoy most and are best at.

❓ Can your skill guarantee your winnings?

While you have a better chance of winning if you’re exceptionally skilled, all casino games still have an element of luck. There’s no way ever to guarantee winning a casino game. The more skills you acquire, the better your chances become.

❓ Can a casino ban you for skill based gambling?

Many online casinos offer skill based gambling, and using skills is expected with these games. Most casinos frown on actions like card counting, and brick-and-mortar casinos will definitely ban you if they catch you engaging in this practice.

❓ Where can you play skill-based casino games?

Almost every reputable online casino offers a variety of skill based gambling games. These will probably include blackjack, poker and craps. Some casinos offer backgammon and mahjong. There are also a few online casinos that offer skill based slots, which are similar to arcade casino games.

skill based casino games logoSkill Based Casino Games Explained

A skill based game is where the outcome is determined by the player’s skillset rather than chance. Generally, the higher bets you make, the more you can win, depending on your skill level.

casino skill based gambling casino games smartcasinoguide

To consistently win with skill based gambling machines, you must employ various strategies and keep track of how you perform. You must then adjust your approach according to what happens in the game.

To do well in a skill based casino game, you need to rely on your logic and knowledge of various strategies. You need to use patience and keep track of the progress you make. It’s helpful to keep notes to track how well different strategies work in various situations. It takes time and dedication to become masterful at skill based games, but it also pays off if you put in the effort.

Skill casino games are great for people who like to memorise information. These games tend to be less volatile than games of chance and usually offer higher returns on your wagers. It’s also usually more interactive than other online casino games, especially if you choose to play live games.

skill based casino games logoSkills Required for Gambling

With games of skill gambling, it becomes more of a challenge, with better rewards. While the specific skill you need will depend on the game you choose, some general skills will make for a good gambler.

  • Math: generally, you’re going to use math to work out aspects like house edge, payback percentage, and odds. Even if you’re not a math genius, you can learn these skills with some research and dedication. Many people shy away from casino skill games because it includes math, but it’s not overly complicated to understand.
  • Money management: if you’re going to play skill based casino games regularly, it’s essential that you’re able to manage your bankroll. You’ll need to learn how to set up your budget and stick to it. You’ll also have to understand how bonuses work and how to best use them to your advantage.
  • Analytical skills: regardless of which casino skill based game you choose, you must be able to gauge the situation and analyse possible outcomes to make the best decisions on what to do next. You can learn this skill, and you don’t have to be naturally analytical to become good at it.
skills required for gambling - skill based slot machines slots - casino games of skill
  • Discipline: you need to have the discipline to practice different strategies and know when to stop. As with most aspects of life, you won’t get far with skill based gambling without discipline.
  • Patience: Gambling isn’t always a fast-paced activity. Often, you have to be extremely patient to see what your opponent will do next. It also takes patience to learn all the necessary skills and strategies to become good at skill based online gambling. You won’t win significant amounts when you first start.
  • Observation: Being able to observe what’s happening in a game or match is crucial. Observation goes hand-in-hand with analytical skills, as you can’t have one without the other. While you’re playing, you need to observe as much as possible about everything happening in the game or match.
  • Research: Finding as much information as possible is key to learning the best strategies to play casino skill based games. Moreover, finding credible sources from which to learn these strategies is essential.
  • Emotional control: When playing skill based games, you must control your emotions. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to base decision-making on how you feel at any given point, especially in a casino game of skill.

skill based casino games logoCan Your Skill Increase a Chance of Winning in an Online Casino?

The more skilled you are, the better you’ll do at skill based casino games. You may wonder how this will work with online casinos that often have video-based games. While these games are controlled through random number generators (RNGs) that ensure randomness, the rules of the games remain the same. Skill based casino games require the same skills and strategies as games in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Many online casinos also offer live casino sections, where you play with a live dealer and often against other players. This simulates the conditions of a brick-and-mortar casino, and you have to apply plenty of skill to win these games.

skill based casino games logoSkill Based Gambling Games

Now that we’ve looked at what skill based casino games are in general, it’s time to get more specific. You can look for any of these skill based games at online casinos. Most casinos will have various video and live casino games from which to choose.


This is probably the first game that comes to mind when you think about skill based gambling games. Poker is a popular game; you’ll find it with most online casinos, especially in their live portfolio. There are different varieties of poker, and each has a slight change in the rules and gameplay.

You’ll need math, decision-making and analytical skills, and the ability to read an opponent and make a good bluff. It’s not a challenging game to learn, and there’s still some luck involved.


When playing blackjack, you always play against the dealer, and the house always has the edge. You can use mathematical skills to increase your odds. Strategies like card counting are heavily frowned upon in brick-and-mortar casinos, but the nature of online casinos changes this fact.

stake blackjack skill casino games of skill gambling

The dealer will hand each player a card, and you need to decide whether you want a second card or not. Blackjack has a very basic strategy, where you mathematically determine whether it will be profitable to get the second card or whether you should pass.


One of the most well-known and popular casino games, roulette, offers different variations where the skills you use will change slightly. While this game is primarily based on the luck of where the ball will land, it takes some skill to decide which variations offer the best house edge for the player and which bets will offer the best odds of a successful spin.


This is one of the most challenging skill based gambling games. Craps is a fast-paced game with plenty of rules you need to know. It can be challenging to learn, and new players generally struggle to get the hang of it. The game also offers different variations, which change the game’s rules slightly. You’ll have to play a few rounds before you can confidently use your skills to start winning bets.


Backgammon relies more on skill than any other casino skill based gambling game. This is not a game many online casinos have in their portfolios, but when you can find it, you can practice your skills and win potentially massive rewards. In comparison to most other skill based gambling games, backgammon is an advanced game when it comes to skills. It may take new players a while to get used to the rules and gameplay, so when you start, ensure that you only make smaller bets.

skill based casino games logoSkill Based Slot Machines

Most slot games are based on pure luck, but there are a handful that require players to use their skills while they’re spinning the reels. Skill based slots are rare, and you won’t find them at every online casino, but with a bit of research, you should be able to easily access a list of skill based slot machines. These are often arcade casino games, which can be a lot of fun.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a skill based casino game that’s based on the classic arcade game of the same name. Coming from the studios of Scientific Games, Space Invaders is the perfect blend of skill and chance in a slot machine. The base game is a traditional five-by-four reel slot. Once you match bonus symbols, you unlock the space invaders classic game. Here you get a number of shots to destroy alien ships, and this is where the real skill comes in. It’s a fun slot that will test your skills while giving you plenty of entertainment.

space invaders slot game skill based gambling machines arcade casino games


The successful company Next Gaming has based their game on Taito’s brick-building game that’s always been popular. It’s a near-perfect interpretation with some extra features. Bounce a ball with your cylindrical ship to clear all the coloured blocks. You can get power-ups and activate a boss level in the game.

Danger Arena

This GameCo hit is the one that started the skill based slot machines craze. This game aims to chase down 3D robots using your shooting skills. Get power-ups and massive cash prizes.

skill based casino games logoWhere to Play Casino Games of Skill?

There are so many online casinos that it’s challenging to decide which are the best. Our goal is to make sure that we review as many online casinos as we can to ensure that you make the best choice for you.


This casino offers a variety of excellent games from top gaming developers. They accept cryptocurrency and offer some excellent bonuses. Customer service is available 24/7 on a live chat. If this isn’t enough, you can also participate in a VIP club that offers extra rewards while you play the best skill based casino games.


Wildz is a popular online casino that features some of the best iGaming developers. It was established in 2019 and boasts a clean and user-friendly site. You can access customer care via a live chat 24/7, and the casino offers unlimited withdrawals. You can play your favourite skill based gambling games with Wildz casino and participate in the loyalty programme.


Stake offers excellent promotions for new and existing players. You can play the best casino skill based games from highly-rated developers while enjoying the site’s excellent design. You can play live dealer games and access support 24/7 through live chat. Stake offers a VIP programme and accepts cryptocurrency.

skill based casino games logoSkill Based Gambling Conclusion

Casino games of skill are fun and exciting. There’s nothing quite like using skills acquired to win a game and get cash rewards. A bonus is that these types of games tend to have higher rewards than games of chance. Skill based gambling can be challenging, but it is definitely worth the effort you put in.

Find the best online casino to play your favorite skill based gambling games that offer excellent bonuses and promotions. On our site, you can read total reviews on all the casinos and games mentioned in this article.

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