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Digital cash (Dash) is currently listed among the top 12 digital currencies globally. Therefore, it is inevitable for this coin to be recognised by stores, online casinos and trading platforms because its popularity among crypto users demands so. If you are a crypto user and have been struggling..Show more
Digital cash (Dash) is currently listed among the top 12 digital currencies globally. Therefore, it is inevitable for this coin to be recognised by stores, online casinos and trading..Show more

Digital cash (Dash) is currently listed among the top 12 digital currencies globally. Therefore, it is inevitable for this coin to be recognised by stores, online casinos and trading platforms because its popularity among crypto users demands so.

If you are a crypto user and have been struggling to find the best Dash casinos, we’re here to help solve that problem. A good betting site has to be trustworthy, legit and deliver excellent services to casino enthusiasts.

This article will help new Dash and online casino users to learn more about the coin and betting sites that support it. Qualities of top dash casinos vary and attract different kinds of players. You can compare these qualities from the list below and find a site that ticks almost all the boxes for you. Read on and discover the advantages and disadvantages of using Dash online casinos.

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Frequently asking questions about Dash friendly casino sites
❓ Is Dash legit?

✅ Yes. Dash is legit and has been operating since 2014.

❓ Is Dash available in all countries?

✅ Dash is available to all countries where crypto is legal.

❓ What can you expect to find at Dash casinos?

Dash casinos offer extra layers of privacy, anonymity and instant payments.

❓ Who can use Dash?

Any individual or company interested in cryptocurrency and other services the Dash organisation offers.

❓ Are Dash deposits instant?

✅ Yes. The InstantSend service ensures instant transfers.

❓ How long do Dash withdrawals take?

✅ Yes. The InstantSent feature also works for withdrawals.

❓ How Secure Is Dash?

Dash is very secure because its masternodes dispatch into pieces and randomly come together to make your data untraceable, especially when making transactions.

❓ What are Dash payment method alternatives?

You can use other digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin and more.

dash logo General information about Dash

Company nameVISA Inc.
Company nameDash Core Group
FoundersEvan Duffield and Kyle Hagan
Highest price:€1,499.67 (21 December 2017)

dash logo What is Dash and how does it work?

Derived from digital cash, Dash first launched in 2014 from the Bitcoin protocol. It was initially created to be faster and more anonymous than Bitcoin; hence it was once renamed Darkcoin. However, this name made it seem like the coin supported the use of crypto in black markets. In 2015, the name was changed to what we know today, Dash. Individuals and businesses can use the coin, which is why it has gained so much popularity in such a short period.

Besides the faster transaction processing time and anonymity, Dash aims to be one of the most user-friendly platforms and to provide flexible crypto payments globally. To achieve these goals, Dash uses masternodes. These servers keep Dash services secure and help manage the organisation’s proposal system. On top of that, these servers have made it possible for this crypto to provide services that make it stand out. These include ChainLocks, PrivateSend and InstantSend. PrivateSend helps keep your anonymity intact in Dash casinos, while InstantSend makes it possible for your transfer payments to be processed in a second.

dash logo Our criteria for selecting Dash online casino sites

Finding casinos that support Dash payments is one of many factors to consider when looking for excellent services. The best Dash casinos have quality features that will attract new and keep existing players happy. Depending on the type of player you are, the qualities you are looking for on a betting site may vary from the next player. However, it’s essential that a Dash coin casino is licensed, features various games and bonuses, available in your region and is a crypto-end casino. Below, we explain why these are essential aspects to look for when picking Dash casino sites.


A licensed casino gives you the confidence that it is safe to gamble in before checking its security technologies. It shows that it has put effort into ensuring the site is safe enough for players to invest their time and money. If anything happens while on the site, you’ll have someone to hold accountable or somewhere to report the issue.

dash casino sites

Most Dash casinos are licensed under the Curacao license. Licensing will also give you an idea of where the casino is allowed to operate. Some casinos use different sites to provide the same quality of services to players in different regions they are licensed in. For fairness in game outcomes, the best Dash casinos partner with third-party auditing organisations like eCOGRA.

Games and providers

Top Dash casinos supply players with proven fair games produced by RNG machines. Games must be transparent on how they are played, RTP and volatility. We’ve picked casinos with a large game variety to accommodate most players. With many games, you will most likely find your favourite game category without joining another casino.

The software providers a casino chooses to partner with reveals a lot about its games. For a large game variety and quality games, you have to see names like NetEnt, IGT, Play n’ GO, and Evolution Gaming, to name a few. These are top providers that produce high-quality game visuals for players. So, whether you are into the live casino, card, dice, slot, sports, bingo, keno or other games, you know you are in the right casino.


There are many Dash casinos online; hence, you must select the best one for you carefully. After all, the coin is one of the most recognised in crypto. You will find that some traditional betting sites do support Dash but are dominated by fiat payment options. This means that when you deposit dash tokens to fund your casino account, it is converted to fiat and then back to crypto when you withdraw. This means that the transaction processing time can take longer than you are used to.

dash casinos

We recommend crypto-end casinos where you can deposit, place bets and withdraw your funds without converting them to euros, for instance. They guarantee faster transaction times, so even payouts instantly reflect in your crypto wallet.


Bonuses are also an essential part of a betting site. It is fun to play casino games, but it’s even better with a boost. You can look out for new Dash casinos as they look to attract new customers with big offers.

Top Dash casinos feature attractive welcome bonuses. Some have rewards so big that they have to be divided into first, second and third deposit bonuses. On top of this, a casino should offer daily, weekly or monthly bonuses. They can come in free spins, no-deposit and referral bonuses. To keep these more exciting, great dash casinos feature VIP programmes, tournaments and loyalty points.


Are the Dash casinos that have attracted your eye available to customers in your location? That can be a very disappointing factor that players sometimes discover when registering for the casino. You’d expect an online casino on Dash to be available all over the globe where online gambling and crypto investing are legal, but not all of them are.

dash coin casinos

The more geographical areas an online casino covers in accessibility, the better. The best Dash casinos are licensed to operate in many countries. An online casino accessible through a VPN is a bonus if you are a traveller. When you are in places where your favourite crypto-betting site isn’t available, you can use a VPN that further enhances your security and anonymity.

dash logo Pros of Dash

Crypto casinos come with privileges that aren’t featured in traditional ones. Dash, like most altcoins, addresses issues not addressed but Bitcoin but also takes a step further to ensure that users can use its services. This is done through altcoin’s aim to be easy to use and provide extra services like InstantSend. Dash casinos have many pros that agree with this coin’s purposes, and you’ll get nothing less than quality.

Privacy and anonymity

A Cardano casino or any other crypto payment method will guarantee privacy and anonymity. But Dash casinos take it to another level because they use masternodes. The PrivateSend feature secures your funds by making transactions untraceable. The masternodes start disintegrating into pieces when you initiate a transaction. The random pieces of these nodes then come together and make your payment completely anonymous.

Global popularity

The global popularity of Dash makes it attractive for casinos to support it as a form of payment. Most Dash casinos have to live up to these standards and accommodate as many investors of the coin as possible. Hence, you’ll find online casinos that support Dash have many players globally.

dash online casinos


The Dash platform is easy to use because it comes with guides on how to use its services and where to purchase the coin. You can access the site on the desktop or use the app conveniently. Dash casinos also come with a navigable user interface that allows new users and non-tech-savvy people to play without struggling much. The best casinos use HTML5 to be mobile-compatible for their sites and also come as an application.


Through InstantSend, funding your casino account with Dash happens instantaneously. You don’t even have to count; as soon as you finish the transaction, you can open your casino account and find the funds. You can then return to the fantastic casino games you love immediately.


When joining Dash casinos, users must ensure that it’s a licensed site, audited by a third-party organisation and has security technologies in place to secure their funds and data. The anonymity and privacy that comes with Dash should be an extra layer of security, not one that the casino primarily depends on. Otherwise, that’s the advantage of betting with crypto; it secures your online presence even further.

dash logo Cons of Dash

Cryptocurrencies have yet to reach the aim they were initially created to replace fiat currencies. Many people are sceptical about trusting digital currencies because they exist online and have no middleman involved. Most of the Dash coin and other cryptos’ disadvantages stem from this issue.

new dash casinos

Not supported in other regions

Some governments have forbidden the use of crypto in their regions. Also, if it’s not the leading coin or altcoin, most new casinos first consider those when adding cryptos to include as payment options. These are some reasons it is hard to find an excellent Dash casino to play in; which is why we’ve provided you with the list above.

dash logo A short guide to Dash playing

If you are new to online betting, follow these five steps for playing in Dash casinos:

Choose a Dash casino from our list and register

Registering in a Dash casino is easy; it requires your email and that you create a password.

Buy digital currency (Dash)

Before making the deposit, you’ll have to buy Dash tokens. Some crypto wallets have a buy option, but with some, you may have to buy the tokens in a trading platform and then transfer them to your wallet.

top dash casinos

Arrange your Dash

Once your wallet holds Dash tokens, you are ready to transfer. First, go to the casino’s cashier section, click “Deposit”, and choose Dash as a payment option. The casino will give you their crypto payment address.

No, go to the wallet and click on “Send.” Enter the casino address and confirm. When you move back to the casino, your funds should be uploaded.

Ensure you use the right deposit address

The crypto payment address issued by the casino will be a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. To ensure you have the correct copy of it, copy and paste it to your wallet instead of typing it down.

Deposit your funds and play

Your funds will be deposited instantly, and now you can explore all the games this Dash casino review promised are on your chosen betting site.

online dash casino

dash logo Conclusion of Dash casinos

Using Dash as a payment method in online casinos can benefit players in many ways. Because of its use of masternodes, this token takes privacy, anonymity and transaction speed to a higher level than when using sites like Bytecoin casino. Dash’s PrivateSend feature makes casino payments private and secure. Its masternodes keep transactions so private that they are untraceable.

The InstantSend feature then ensures that your transactions are complete in a blink. Dash casinos are thus easy and convenient to play in, especially those that cater well to customers. Our recommended sites will give you game variety, quality and quantity, plus enormous bonuses, and they are all licensed.

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