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Playing Triple Cherry slots is a great way to have a blast and win big! Our Triple Cherry games have massive jackpots and exciting features that can lead to lucrative payouts. Win multipliers will bump up your score, so you can keep playing as long as possible! Triple Cherry slots, established in ..Show more
Playing Triple Cherry slots is a great way to have a blast and win big! Our Triple Cherry games have massive jackpots and exciting features that can lead to lucrative payouts. Win ..Show more

Playing Triple Cherry slots is a great way to have a blast and win big! Our Triple Cherry games have massive jackpots and exciting features that can lead to lucrative payouts. Win multipliers will bump up your score, so you can keep playing as long as possible!

Triple Cherry slots, established in 2018, has four years of gamification experience. The games have the most amazing graphics and gameplay features like no other.

Looking for the best free spins in casino games? Our online casino games, 3Cherry software developers, offer some of the best exciting software with free spins bonuses you’ve ever seen! Get ready to spin your way to glory—you’ve got a bunch of free spins you can use on our newest games library.

Triple Cherry slots is a classic fruit-themed slot machine available on your phone! They offer many game layouts, for example, 5×3 grid layouts, which are easy to understand. You can bet big with 25 paylines and win big. The symbols are fun and pleasant to look at, allowing you to relax while you play.

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Online casino games provider Triple Cherry features and popularityTriple Cherry games popularity and features

What sets 3Cherry slots online software apart? The games in our Triple Cherry series are some of the most popular online slots and with good reason! For starters, they come packed with amazing features. You can download Triple Cherry slots free online on any computer or mobile device.

Main questions about Triple Cherry slot games
🍒 When did Triple Cherry release the first slot game?

Triple Cherry slots were founded in 2018 to provide the most fun and cutting-edge gaming experience anywhere. After their first release, the “7’s Club” slot, they immediately gained widespread recognition for their innovative approach to gambling software.

🍒 What unique features does Triple Cherry slots have?
  • The games offer high-quality graphics;
  • Stunning games with imaginative designs;
  • Triple Cherry slot has a great game selection;
  • Offer awesome free spins, jackpots, bonuses and promotions.
🍒 How many Triple Cherry slot machines have a Jackpot feature?

They’ve got over 20 different jackpot slots, and they’re just getting started. Triple Cherry slots is all about giving its players what they want: big jackpots and winning opportunities.

🍒 What is the maximum win of Triple Cherry slot machine games?

On Triple Cherry slot machines, the maximum payout is 1,185.88x your original bet, provided that you bet maximum on every line.

🍒 Which are the TOP 5 Triple Cherry slots?
  1. Dwarf Treasures;
  2. Rebel World;
  3. Pinoccio’s Journey;
  4. Catrina: Amor Eterno;
  5. Sugar Frenzy.
🍒 How often does Triple Cherry release a new slot game?

Triple Cherry slots providers have been releasing new games every month, so you know you can count on something new real soon.

🍒 How to find the best casino to play Triple Cherry slots?

Triple Cherry slots are all the rage right now. It seems like everyone’s playing, and that’s why we created this site.

We’ve compiled information on every Triple Cherry slot out there; we list the house edge, payout percentage, number of reels and paylines, whether or not there’s a progressive jackpot, and what casino offers it.

All you have to do is check out our Triple Cherry casinos site to find the best casino for you!

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus is one of the most common bonus features in slot machines. Triple Cherry websites have some of the best slot sites that offer free spins. It’s highly popular as it gives players a chance to win money without risking their funds.

Free spins enable you to play online slots without betting your money but instead use virtual coins or points. You can use your free spins on some of the most popular online slots, including Dwarf Treasures and Rebel World, which are two of our most popular titles at 3Cherry.

With these games, you can win up to 50 free spins initially and then a further 50 every day for the next four days, giving you 300 free spins to enjoy over five days. Free spins give you plenty of chances to win big on some of the most popular slots in our collection!


Jackpots are a big draw for most casino enthusiasts and are the reason people go to casinos. They want to win big and leave the game richer than when they started. Triple Cherry slots software offers different jackpots to entice players.

A fixed jackpot is a set amount of coins paid out when you hit the correct combination on your reels. However, a progressive jackpot isn’t a set amount but accumulates over time. These jackpots are awarded at random and are triggered at any time during play.

Find out everything about Triple Cherry slot machines in this review

Mini Jackpot

The mini jackpot is a great start for players who are new to jackpots and have never won one before. It’s not that they’re not trying. It’s just that they’re not sure how it all works. In this way, they can get a feel for what it’s like, and once they do, they’ll be ready to take on bigger jackpots, which is the major jackpot.

Major Jackpot

This type of jackpots are one of the most popular in Triple Cherry games and are probably the most coveted by most players. Major jackpots are where you win big and can walk away with millions in your pocket if you’re lucky enough. The only drawback of this one is that you have to have an account with real money to stand a chance of winning it.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can get quite large, and they’re a good source of income for many players. It’ll help to remember that the jackpot amount is not fixed when playing. The more people play, the higher the jackpot will go up until someone wins it.

You may be able to win a single prize or several prizes depending on how much money you have available at one time. You must understand where each prize will be placed before you start playing to know your chances of winning.

Triple Cherry slot games RTP, volatility and MAX wins are attractive - try out slots DEMO for freeTriple Cherry slot games RTP, volatility, MAX win

The biggest Triple Cherry slot machines RTP is that of the regular cherry symbol, with a total payout percentage of 97%. It’s because this game uses a progressive jackpot system; you’ll get even bigger wins if you get more than three cherries on one payline.

Volatility is a term that indicates the frequency of winning combinations during a round of spins. It doesn’t indicate in any way the size of the winnings. A slot with low volatility slots offers frequent winning combinations but small rewards. On the contrary, a highly volatile slot offers rare winning combinations with larger winnings.

Triple Cherry slots are categorised in the medium volatility category. Medium volatility means that you can have many combinations of small and large winnings, with a balance between them.

The most common feature of free slots Triple Cherry machines is they can provide you with a lot of money. Maximum wins are why it’s very important to ensure that you’re betting the maximum amount of coins when you play these machines.

If you play less than the maximum coin, you can’t win the top jackpot (the jackpot for playing max coin) or any jackpot that requires a max coin to be played.

The maximum multiplier win of slots Triple Cherry machines is dependent on the game’s paytable. The maximum multiplier win of Triple Cherry slot machines if you bet maximum is 1,000x your total bet, where the total bet is the number of lines multiplied by the line bet.

Play Triple Cherry online slots Free play DEMO versions on SmartCasinoGuideTOP 5 Triple Cherry slot machines

Let’s have a look at the best Triple Cherry slots:

Dwarf Treasures

It’s a 5×5 reel slot game with 45 paylines. You’ll get free spins when you win, which means there’s more fun than just the standard 3×5 reel setup.

The RTP is 95.66%, and the maximum win is 653.76x your initial bet, which is impressive for a game that plays out on just 45 paylines! So what are you waiting for? Play now!

Rebel World

Rebel World slot has stacked Wilds, a Free Spin bonus phase where you can earn even more free spins, and a Buy Bonus Feature that lets you use your winnings to buy special symbols. The maximum win is a hefty 388.9x of your initial bet.

That’s not all: Rebel World has 3 rows and 5 reels (3×5), and 25 paylines! It’ll be available on computers and mobile platforms soon, so check back often to learn more about it.

Pinocchio’s Journey

We have a very exciting announcement: Triple Cherry free slots: Pinocchio’s Journey is about to go live! You can look forward to the following features in this game:

Buy Bonus feature: every time you initiate a buy, you’ll see a bonus feature that can double your winnings.

Pinocchio’s creation progress in accessing Free Spins bonus phase: Depending on how far Pinocchio has progressed in his creation process, you’ll be able to access bonus rounds that offer additional free spins and multi-size symbols.

Free Spin Bonus journey with additional free spin wins and multi-size symbols: once you’ve reached the bonus phase, you’ll be able to travel on a journey through Pinocchio’s story while being able to win additional free spins and multi-size symbols.

You can win up to 709.8x your initial bet in the Free Spins bonus phase. There are three rows, five reels and 25 paylines. RTP is 95.39%, and the volatility is medium (6/10).

Pinocchio's Journey is one of the Triple Cherry slots which is full of features and has good technical parameters

Catrina: Amor Eterno

With Catrina: Amor Eterno, we’ve brought together all the best features of cherry-themed slots into one sweet game, for example, bonus rounds, Skull Roulette, and free spins.

You’ll also find wild symbols that boost your wins. The maximum win is 1,185.88x your initial bet.

There are 1×2 reels and five paylines with an RTP of 95.22% and volatility of 7/10 add up to a fun game that’s perfect for players who love cherries!

Sugar Frenzy

Sugar Frenzy slot offers stacked Wilds, respins, free spins, and direct prizes. Most games have 5×5 reels and 40 paylines.

The maximum win is 715.45x your initial bet (5×5 reels and 40 paylines). You have a 95.22% RTP rate, a 5/10 volatility rating and a €0.25 minimum bet.

Find out all new Triple Cherry casino slot games - about one new slot every monthNew Triple Cherry online slots

We invite you to play our Triple Cherry slot games and other Triple Cherry casino games. Here are a few of our recently released new slot games:

Mega Chef: Christmas Edition

The game has 40 paylines and a wide range of food-themed symbols such as a turkey trophy and a steaming bowl of pasta. The reels are 4x4x4x4, which means you can win 16 times per spin. It offers a Free Spins bonus phase with cooked dishes.

If you complete this phase, you can win more prizes or free spins! You can also win a Re-spin bonus phase with cooked dishes. During this bonus phase, you can win extra prizes or free spins. This slot machine has 5/10 volatility and a max win of 354.375x your initial bet!

Fish & Hooks!

We’re excited to announce Fish & Hooks, new free Triple Cherry slot machines for the hard-working players. It features a fun and exciting theme that lets you catch fish (and win big) from the deep sea.

Plus, if you find coins from the deep sea, you can combine them for more chances to win big rewards. If you’re lucky enough to spin in a Free Spins bonus phase with locking Wilds columns, you could get additional free spins with more column locking Wilds!

Triple Cherry online slot machine Fish&Hooks represents them slot games as colorful and unique

The Buy Bonus feature can give you even more opportunities to lock in those Stacked Wilds! Also, did we mention there are 3×5 reels and 25 paylines?

Fish & Hooks is powered by one of our newest generation slot machines! This feature means its RTP is at 95.62%, it requires eight spins before becoming highly volatile (8/10), and it has a maximum payout of 651x your initial bet.

Clover Up

This game has everything you could want: a parallel spin panel with four power-ups, a respin, a multiplier, a column Wilds, a transformed symbol into Wilds, and—wait for it—free spins with a collect Clover symbols bonus round that gives you 150x your bet prize!

Then there’s the Clover Up buy option. You’ve got to be patient to get this one: 3×5 reels and 25 paylines. If you can wait, you can win up to 651x your bet! Clover Up has an RTP of 95.42% and has a 10/10 volatility.

The best Triple Cherry casino is 888StarzBest casino to play Triple Cherry casino games

888Starz boasts thousands of games, including more than 20 Triple Cherry slots. As a player at 888Starz, you can enjoy your favourite Triple Cherry slots in the dozens of game rooms available to you at the casino.

Choose from classic three-reel slots, multi-line slots, and even progressive jackpot Triple Cherry casino slots. You can play them on your computer, mobile device, or in a flash game room.

When you sign up for an account at 888Starz, you can receive a free Welcome Bonus of up to €1,950 + 150 free spins. Players can get 50 free spins on Book of Secrets.

888Starz has a good reputation among players for its fast cashout times. Players who request withdrawals using e-wallets tend to receive their money within an hour; those requesting withdrawals with credit cards receive their money within one to seven days.

Players who request withdrawals during peak hours may experience longer wait times than those who request them outside of peak hours.

Most of the Triple Cherry slots games have Buy Bonus Feature which give you Triple Cherry Free Spins

We hope that you liked this Triple Cherry slots review and will come back in the futureTriple Cherry slot review – conclusion

Triple Cherry slots sound like they’re a trifle, but they can amp up your bankroll. Many people think that Triple Cherry slots are just for beginners, but there are some awesome Triple Cherry slots for advanced players, too.

If you want to win big money playing Triple Cherry slots online, you need to know what game you’re dealing with in this casino. There are many different Triple Cherry slots, and some have higher RTPs than others.

Just because a slot has bigger payouts doesn’t mean it’s better for you; the volatility matters, too. So does the maximum possible win and how many coins you need to play simultaneously. Some Triple Cherry slots payout better than others, so you want to find the best casino to play them at online.

You don’t want to waste your time or cash on a shoddy casino that only gives you bad odds and pays out in pennies. We’re here to help; we’ve got all the best Triple Cherry slots right here!

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