Alanas Ivšinas

Alanas Ivšinas

iGaming industry expert

About Alanas Ivšinas:

Alanas Ivšinas is an iGaming industry expert. He has been working very actively in the iGaming industry since 2016. He started his career with a well known company as Oddschecker global media (ex. iBus Media). At that time, it belonged to the biggest iGaming group in the world, Amaya Gaming Group Inc.

Alanas Ivšinas experience

In Oddschecker global media, Alanas Ivšinas worked with well known and one of the most significant projects in the world like:,, and

Alanas Ivšinas made hundreds of online casinos, betting sites, and poker room reviews, working as a senior affiliate manager. On his record excellent work with more than 1000 different iGaming brands. Making deals with them, reviewing them, and solving problems, so Alanas Ivšinas know how to separate the wheat from the chaff and what are the best iGaming brands in the world.

He worked closely and took the experience from such industry leaders as:

Sam Smulik (Head of Performance Marketing in iBus Media 2017-2019).

Steven Chen (Head of Digital Performance Marketing in Igaming Media 2016-2018)

Justinas Becius (European Managing Director in Ibus Media 2015-2018)

Giovanni Angioni (Head of Casino in Ibus Media 2016-2019)
————————- is one more well-known company in the iGaming industry that should be thankful to Alanas Ivšinas for its growth. Alanas Ivšinas provided excellent customer service to maintain existing iGaming partners and acquire new casino, betting, and poker rooms as partners. He worked with the management team to execute and close new affiliate deals.

During his work time in MatchingVisions company Alanas Ivšinas made an impact on these big projects in the iGaming industry

He worked closely and took the experience from such industry leaders like:

Dennis Dyhr-Hansen (Chief Executive Officer of Matching Visions and Founding Partner of SIGMA (Summit for iGaming, Malta from 2013 till nowadays)

Morten Marcussen (Managing Partner – COO at since 2013)
After all these years of working with thousands of different online casinos, betting companies, and poker rooms and taking experience from leading gambling companies’ CEOs, COOs, and marketing directors. Alanas became an expert in the iGaming industry.

He specialises in evaluating new iGaming brands from customer and business perspectives and always puts utmost trust and fairness for casino players in first place. Makes deep and wide reviews for casino, betting, and poker companies.

Alanas Ivšinas main focus

Since the 2018 crypto boom, Alanas Ivšinas has worked very closely with crypto-related iGaming brands. Checking, reviewing, and consulting hundreds of crypto casinos and crypto betting sites. Usual guest in crypto conferences like Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit Sigma AIBC; iGB Affiliate London and others.

Key notes:

  • Work experience in iBus Media (Amaya group);
  • Work experience with,,;
  • Interacted with 1000+ iGaming brands;
  • Strong focus on crypto iGaming brands;
  • In iGaming since 2016.

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