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Mikado Games is one of the exciting casino games development brands in the online gambling industry today. It has continually churned out exciting games over the years, and its titles are featured at some of the most popular casinos and online gambling sites. Providing a unique brand of games, the..Show more
Mikado Games is one of the exciting casino games development brands in the online gambling industry today. It has continually churned out exciting games over the years, and its titles are..Show more

Mikado Games is one of the exciting casino games development brands in the online gambling industry today. It has continually churned out exciting games over the years, and its titles are featured at some of the most popular casinos and online gambling sites. Providing a unique brand of games, the software developer is now top-rated in the Asian gaming industry. Let’s dive into this review of Mikado, one of Asia’s top providers.

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Find out more about Mikado Games provider features, TOP rated casinosIntroduction about Mikado Games provider

Officially launched in 2010, Mikado is a Japanese online casino software development company that started in Tokyo, Japan, before expanding to Hanoi and Macau. Since the start, Mikado Games have been more arcade-style than traditional slots and table games. This has hampered its popularity among western-based online casinos. However, it has grown in the Asian space. Owned by Mikado Games Limited, the brand is looking to keep increasing its reach globally. Currently, you’ll find more Mikado Games casinos in Asia. At the start, Mikado operated under the CEZA licence (casino gaming license). They gave the brand a significant boost in terms of credibility and trustworthiness, especially among the Asian players. Continue reading to see Mikado’s awards, certifications, and various partnerships.

What do people ask about the Mikado Games casino games provider?
🔴 Which casino is the best to play Mikado slots?

You’ll find Mikado slots in several reputable online casinos in the iGaming industry. However, you need to play at the best casinos if you want to enjoy a world-class gaming experience. Some best casinos to play Mikado slots include 1xBit, 1xSlots, and Melbet. Click on the link and read more about the best Mikado Games casinos online.

🔵 When was Mikado Games launched?

Mikado Games was officially launched in 2010.

🔴 What types of games does Mikado create?

Mikado Games Company focused on creating skill, casino, and arcade-style games.

🔵 Can you play Mikado games on your mobile?

✅ Yes. Mikado Games slots can be enjoyed on all mobile platforms. These games are designed with the latest web technology – HTML5.

🔴 Are Mikado Games slots popular on online casino sites?

Yes, the developer’s online slot games are popular in some of the top online casino sites in the iGaming industry. Read more about Mikado slots on our review.

🔵 What is the Mikado Gaming news for [year]?

In the future, the Mikado gaming brand is looking to expand their operations to the west.

Awards, certifications, and partnerships

Since the brand was created, it has gathered some incredible accolades to stamp its feet in the online gambling industry. When Mikado was officially launched, games of skill in the online space were utterly new, and there were no test or launch cases. As a result, Mikado has been tagged the pioneers of Skill games in the online world. To make it better, the brand partnered with GLI to develop the first test cases of games of skill for mobile online casino regulation. Interestingly, the games are certified by RNG and GLI, meaning that they’re fair to give a try. The brand obtained a patent for an in-house game result calculation program, making sure that betting games that use different elements of any skill game are also fair.

Mikado Games’ CEO claims that the brand is looking to expand to the west, and it would love to provide more western-based casino games. With Mikado already known in Asia for its incredibly simple and easy to play portfolio, once this becomes a global brand, many players would enjoy the games all over the world.

Mikado Games online slots colorful and amazing graphics

Mikado casino games are very popular in Asia gambling marketMikado casino games popularity

Over the years, the game developer has grown in terms of popularity, especially across Asia. As we pointed out earlier, the brand started in Japan. in case, most of the games are unique compared to titles from traditional game development brands. The good thing about this provider is that the games are exciting to play even though they’re not quite conventional. To ensure authenticity and fairness, the provider uses RNG to develop its games, and each of them is certified by GLI (Gaming Labs International). With that, starting from Japan, the popularity has extended to Vietnam, including Macau and Hanoi. At most casinos in major cities in these areas, you’ll find Mikado Games featured. Also, if you’re an online casino lover, you can easily find a casino with Mikado games.

One of the things that you should know is that, as time progresses, there’s a chance that the arcade-style games from Mikado will be adopted at significant casinos in Europe. The brand is undoubtedly working hard to become a recognised online casino software developer all over the world. Currently, the major Mikado Games country is still Japan, where it all started. However, as a global brand, it won’t be surprising if it becomes a significant player in a different country with the way it’s progressing. To make it better, Mikado is looking to create more traditional games that would make the brand more appealing to other regions and countries.

Best Mikado Games:

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Once this is done, Mikado can extend to European casinos to reach more players on the continent. With this existing portfolio of gambling games, there’s no doubt that its popularity will increase even in a tough market like the UK. For now, we can only sit on the sidelines to watch how it all unfolds with Mikado Games and its growing popularity.

Mikado Games offers puzzle, bingo, slots and other logic gamesMikado Games online casino all type games

As mentioned, the brand is unique compared to other popular brands. The brand is more focused on providing arcade-style titles. However, because of its drive to expand, the brand now has a collection of interesting slots and other casino games that players can enjoy. This section will talk about all the various types of casino games in the developer’s portfolio.

Mikado Games slots

Since the provider is just starting out developing online slot machines, they’re few and far between. The interesting part is that some of these games manage to utilise many slot-type gameplay characteristics, but a large portion of them are entirely different, and they feel as if they were taken straight from the floor of a traditional arcade. With that, there’s a different kind of experience to enjoy when you play slots at most Mikado Games online casinos.

Mikado Games online casino games available on all mobile phone platforms

Interestingly, the developer’s portfolio also includes regular traditional slot titles that players can simply enjoy. The only issue with these games is that there not very original. If you’re a slot game enthusiast, you would have seen some of these game themes somewhere else. Most of them are simply classic 3 reels slots that have the traditional old-school fruit machine designs. This is to keep intact the company’s standard arcade-style games at different Mikado Games casinos.

The game developer’s portfolio is diverse, with many titles that don’t necessarily fit into the traditional categories. However, what hasn’t changed since the official launch of this brand is the developer’s unique visual style. All the games in the Mikado portfolio are heavy with brightly coloured themes, which have been inspired by various famous Japanese anime cartoons. Most of them have colourful leading characters and exciting animations. In addition to that, the brand is mobile-focused, making its games more compatible with mobile devices. Many of the games feel as if they were inspired by popular casino games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

Mikado game challenges to your IQ

Arcade and other games from Mikado Games

One thing about Mikado is that the brand knows how to make a standout portfolio. The selection is unique from what’s popular in the online gambling world. Of course, the fans of arcades will undoubtedly enjoy it without hesitation. Games such as Pick Puppets Up are based on classic arcade games, in this case it’s the claw crane machine. Aside from that, numerous games have the same feel and experience as video games, and some top examples are Destroy Monster and Zombie Shooting. One of the primary reasons for this huge focus on this kind of games is that the developer wants to capture the attention of console game fans and stamp its games as the top choice among them.

It doesn’t end there as you’ll also find sport-based games in the developer’s collection. If you’re a sports fan, titles like The Penalty Kid, Bomb Catch, and Darts Roulette are perfect choices to quench your thirst. A common thread in the majority of Mikado Games titles is that they’re more skill-based. Some games, such as Bubble Magic and Burst Puzzle seem like they were simply taken from a specific mobile game. Interestingly, the Mikado Games demo versions allow players to give the games a try for free and you can try them on our page!

Mikado Games has e-casual sports on their casino games portfolio

TOP rated Mikado Games online casinosMikado Games online casinos

With its growing popularity all over the world, the Mikado Games portfolio is getting featured at a host of online casinos. To find a casino where games from this developer are featured is quite easy as they’re large in number. The interesting part is that the number of Mikado Games online casinos is continuously increasing. Many casinos looking to offer a distinctive collection of casino games find this brand to be a perfect fit with which to partner. In that case, to get started, you can simply check out our Mikado casino list to select the one that fits your preference best.

Nowadays, it’s easy to see new Mikado Games casinos pop up from time to time as many new casinos are looking to feature exciting games. In addition to that, some of these casinos offer exclusive bonuses to players that enjoy the games. Even in some cases, you’ll find some exciting offers, such as the Mikado Games free spins no deposit bonus offer. In this case, you get to play your favorite Mikado Games titles for real money without having to risk your real money. You just need to ensure that you play at any of the proper Mikado online casinos.

Mikado Games services - White Label Solutions, Game Development, Marketing

As we’ve already pointed out, there are numerous forms of Mikado games that players can enjoy at various casinos worldwide. You’ll even find some jackpot games from the developer at different online casinos, and the brand is looking to expand to the live casino section. With that, you get to play live bets with real-life vendors and against other players. Thanks to the advancement in technology and the introduction of cryptocurrencies. In case, you can play Mikado games using bitcoin to fund your casino account. You can also withdraw your wins using bitcoin as well.

Find out the best Mikado Games casinos and choose one for your leisure timeTOP 3 Mikado Games casinos

As we already pointed out, numerous online casinos feature Mikado games in their lobby. However, it’s vital to pick the best Mikado Games casino to get the best experience online casinos offer. Aside from that, you’ll also get exciting bonus offers when you play at an online casino with Mikado Games. In that case, we have highlighted some of the best Mikado Games casinos that you can decide to join. Keep reading to see why we selected these casinos.

Melbet, 1xSlots, 1xBit casinos offer Bonus and have Mikado casino games online


1xBit casino is one of the biggest cryptocurrency casino online, and it’s majorly focused on Asian players. As a result, Mikado Games remains one of its biggest partners as it’s quite popular in the Asian continent. Interestingly, 1xBit doesn’t only accept payment in bitcoin but a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Members of this casino receive bonuses in bitcoin, meaning that you can use this platform if you want to increase your crypto. Playing on this platform is beneficial to players that don’t want to get taxed on their winnings. If you want to enjoy Mikado games, you should try to join 1xBit.

Melbet casino

Another top cryptocurrency casino you should join if you want to play Mikado games is Melbet casino. It’s one of the oldest casinos to offer payment in bitcoin, and it has continued to remain a top choice for players looking to place bets with their various crypto coins. The casino accepts payments from a wide range of coins, making it easy to deposit and withdraw. From the moment you join this casino, you become eligible for different kinds of bonus offers. With that, you can earn more bitcoins if you’re lucky enough.


1xSlots casino is another cryptocurrency-leaning casino that allows players to deposit and withdraw using bitcoin and other popular crypto coins. With a license from Curacao, the casino accepts players from a host of countries worldwide. Similar to many top casinos, you’ll get to enjoy many bonuses from time to time. At this casino, you’ll have access to an extensive collection of casino games from many top developers worldwide, including Mikado Games.

Follow up Mikado Games press release on our news fieldMikado Games news 2024

A lot has been happening in the gaming world since the virus hit the world. We have seen many land-based casinos and arcades shut down for months, still waiting for directives from governments to open up. However, the opposite has been the case for online gambling sites. There has been a massive spike in the number of players coming online to place bets on games. Many online casino software developers have continued offering a new selection of games that players can easily enjoy at various online casinos. The brand is also not left behind as the brand now has some unique offerings.

The developer is looking to continue providing players with exciting games so that those looking for some entertainment can have a collection to choose from. Since the worldwide restrictions are already easing compared to when the pandemic started, we can expect that physical gaming centers will begin to open their doors to players. Before that happens, players can continue to enjoy the wide variety of Mikado slot games. In addition to that, you can also keep enjoying the various online casino bonuses that’ll boost your winning chances and reduce your risks as well. Simply go online to join any of the casinos we listed in this article.

Mikado Games release new online casino game every month

In terms of specific Mikado Games news, there isn’t much to speak about. However, if you’re looking to join the developer’s team, you can quickly go online to check the Mikado Games careers page to see available areas. Simply choose any position you believe you’re the best fit for and then you can submit your resume to start the process.

SmartCasinoGuide team hope that his Mikado Games casinos review was usefulMikado casinos review conclusion

Mikado Games is growing as an online casino software development brand, and as it stands, it’s extending its reach to the European market. As a result, you can gain access to the various arcade-style games this developer offers. Our research reveals that this is a unique kind of developer as it doesn’t have a vast collection of traditional slots but an arcade-style collection. If you’re a fan of the arcade, you’ll enjoy the different games that this developer offers to players. The games in the Mikado portfolio come with a variety of exciting features and bonuses as well.

If you want to get started with this provider, you simply need to join any of the casinos listed here. Once you do that, you can start to either play for free or real money, depending on your preference. All in all, we believe this is a top casino game developer, and you should give it a try today!

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