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Most of the people know Mikado game and not all know Mikado Games slots provider. The traditional Mikado game is easy to play. As you simply pull sticks from a pile. All the sticks are bundled in one hand, then released on a table or the ground falling in a circular jumble. Players take turns to..Show more
Most of the people know Mikado game and not all know Mikado Games slots provider. The traditional Mikado game is easy to play. As you simply pull sticks from a pile. All the sticks are..Show more

Most of the people know Mikado game and not all know Mikado Games slots provider. The traditional Mikado game is easy to play. As you simply pull sticks from a pile. All the sticks are bundled in one hand, then released on a table or the ground falling in a circular jumble. Players take turns to remove as many sticks as possible without moving or touching the rest as they make a turn. Players who pick sticks in the following order; red, blue, and green, get double scores.

The game was brought from Hungary to the United States and named pick-up sticks. The traditional name of the game had to be changed before commercializing it as Mikado was already a brand name used by a game producer.

The simplicity of the traditional Mikado game might have motivated Mikado Games to adopt the same name. The game range from Mikado Games slots do take classic favorites and creates sophisticated versions of them to play on desktop and mobile casinos online.

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Find out all information about Mikado Games company and casino contentMikado Games casino content developer

The Mikado Games Company was created in 2010 by the Japanese Game Developer team. The company was founded in Tokyo, Japan, and has since expanded to Macau and Hanoi, Vietnam. Since 2010, the company has been developing casino online games under the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) license.

The company takes a standard approach in the igaming industry. Mikado Games uses Random Number Generator (RNG) in developing amazing and fair online skill games and casual games. The games are certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), which offers world-class testing and certification in the global gaming industry.

The Mikado Games Company initially tested its games at game tournaments available online and on smartphones. The decision to become an official game provider came after competing in G2E Asia in 2016.

What do people ask about the Mikado Games slots and other games?
🔴 When did Mikado Games officially start as a game provider?

Mikado started developing online games in 2010 but only became an official game provider after competing in G2E Asia in 2016.

🔵 What unique features does Mikado Games offer?

The Mikado Games develop mobile optimized games, which are skill-based arcade-style online games. The games combine both skill and chance, hence giving players profit while playing.

🔴 How many types of games do Mikado Games offer?

The Mikado Games are grouped into five main categories:

  • Puzzle;
  • Bingo;
  • Pachinko;
  • Shooting;
  • Sport;
  • Others (online slots).
🔵 What fairness rating does Mikado Games use?

The Mikado online games are tested and certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI). Since 2010 the company has been operating under a CEZA license. The games from this developer have a high RTP, the lowest being 96.12% (Crush Bomb) and the highest being 98.14% (Destroy Monster).

🔴 What is the Mikado Games slots maximum bet?

The minimum bet in a Mikado slot game online is €1, and the maximum bet is €50. However, the provider doesn’t offer free DEMO games for the visitors.

🔵 Which are the TOP 5 Mikado Games slots?

The best Mikado slots include Temple Slot, Lucky Shooting, Destroy Monster, The Penalty Kid, and Battle of Spin. Click on the link and read more about Mikado Games slots and online games!

🔴 How many slot games does Mikado have?

There are 11 slot games in the Mikado Games range, such as Exciting Slot and Temple Slot.

🔵 How often does Mikado Games release a new slot game?

Mikado Games’ online games catalogue is very diverse. Therefore the developer is focusing on introducing new Mikado slot games annually to the ever-growing Mikado Games fan base.

🔴 How to find the best casino to play Mikado slot games?

We have recommended the best casino to play Mikado slot machines; 1xBit online casino. You can explore our review about the best Mikado Games online casinos and find your most preferred online casino.

In addition, the company was awarded patent rights for their game result calculation program. The program ensures fairness like any betting game when playing the Mikado skill games. The patent numbers are:

  • PCT/JPN2017/024321 – International Patent Application Number;
  • No.6761905 – National Patent Number in Japan.

The provider slots include Mikado Games casino, skill, and arcade-style games. During our Mikado slots review, we found the Mikado games simple and easy to play.

The Asia market demand for casino games is vast and highly competitive. The provider approach to enter the igaming market uses different gaming concepts, which lead smartphone users to try online betting games. This game developer slot online titles should start to appear in more Western-based casinos.

Mikado Games services - White label solutions, game development, marketing

The provider popularity and featuresMikado Games popularity and features

Mikado Games don’t offer typical online casino gambling sites games that are well known to gamblers. You won’t find roulette, blackjack or poker in the Mikado Games portfolio. The Mikado Games catalogue is grouped into six sections, namely:

  • All – all the 26 games developed by Mikado Games.
  • PuzzleCoins Paradise, Crush Bomb, Chain Fighter, Burst Puzzle and Bubble Magic.
  • BingoPenalty Bingo, Jewel Bingo, and Bingo of Pirate.
  • SportDream Fishing, The Penalty Kid, Darts Roulette, Bomb Catch, Darts, and Pick Puppets Up.
  • ShootingLucky Shooting, Destroy Monster, Extricated the Princess, Battle Of Spin, and Zombie Shooting.
  • OthersGolden Fever, Magic Hole, Triple Chucker, Viva Carnival, Pachinko Legend, Temple Slot and Exciting Slot.
Mikado Games slots available on mobile phones

The first category, “All”, has all the games developed by Mikado Games. The other categories have customized games or games designed for a particular skill set. In total, the Mikado Games catalogue is made up of 26 games.

It instead focuses on online games that are different and refreshing, including bingo (online bingo rules), puzzle games, pachinko, shooting, esports, and other sports-themed games such as darts, bowling and golf. These games all offer a skill element to increase the chances of winning and increase the potential to profit while playing. The more popular titles include Darts Roulette, Dream Fishing, Golden Fever and Card Spinning.

Games design

Mikado Games created the concept of skill-based games developed for online casino game lovers that offer fair play and RNG results. The games from Mikado are brightly colored and feature cartoon-style images. The thoughtfulness incorporated into every design is striking on small and larger screens. These games are highly entertaining and interactive to play. They are designed for the more casual casino players.

Games on offer from Mikado Games are straightforward to play and include Zombie Shooting, Lucky Bowling, and Monkey Golf. The theme broadly indicates broadly what the game offers. These highly addictive games are easy to jump between and keep players engaged with skill-filled fun. Players match plants to win prizes in Farm Crush, and the cartoon chipmunk helps players collect explosives in Bomb Catch. In The Penalty Kid, it’s the strength and angle at which you kick the ball that lets you score big.

Crush Bomb slot has 96.12% and Hit Rate 45.2%

Mikado Games currently has seven classic online slots in its catalog, namely: Exciting Slot, Magic Hole, Temple Slot, Pachinko Legend, Golden Fever, Triple Chucker, and Viva Carnival. A couple of classic Mikado Games slot machine type games feature 3 reels with a single pay line. The Exciting Slot offers red seven and fruit symbols, and the Temple Slot is more of an ancient Egyptian theme. When playing the Exciting Slot, you stop the reel after setting your aim. When you have 777 on the reel, you have a win.


There are different bonuses for players depending on the type of Mikado online slots they are playing. The Mikado range of offerings includes various gameplay bonuses and features, such as Mikado free spins. The Mikado mobile games enable players to enjoy the best slot games on their mobile devices. The same features available on the desktop version, are found in mobile games. Hence providing online players with various gameplay options.


Mikado slot games are designed to be played instantly and seamlessly, and players are not required to download any software or applications for the games to work. When playing from the Mikado Games’ official website, you will be required to create an account. Each online slot game is developed with HTML5. The HTML 5 protocol makes it easy for casinos to integrate Mikado Games titles into their existing ranges. The games load onto Android, Windows, or iOS devices.

Mikado Games RTP, bet limits and max bettingMikado Games RTP, bet limits and max betting

Mikado Games has been authenticated as fair and reliable by Gaming Labs International (GLI). GLI is one of the top independent certification companies.

To ensure the ultimate fairness of the games utilizing elements of a skill game as a betting game, Mikado went so far as to obtain a patent for a game results calculator program.

Before releasing any game to the public, it’s tested by GLI for compliance to ensure that the game uses approved ‘Random Number Generator software that determines the results.

The Mikado Games RTP percentage ranges from one game to another. The games also have different hit rates. Below are the RTP percentages and hit rates of the highest RTP games by this provider:

Mikado Games Destroy Monster has the highest RTP rate - 98.14%

The games also have different betting rules. The betting limit ranges between €1 and €50, other betting figures allowed are €5 and €10.

Mikado Games slots has Free Spins, Wild and Multipliers featuresYou should try these Mikado Games

Mikado Games is brilliant at implementing casual skill games into betting software; to attract more mobile phone users who enjoy playing casual games. A couple of slot Mikado Games offer basic three-reel, single-line slots. For example, Temple Slot has an ancient Egyptian vibe and offers more traditional bonuses like Mikado free spins gambling, wilds, and multipliers.

Sports-based gaming titles are also included in the provider’s collection. In Lucky Shooting, you put your slingshot skills to the test to shoot down various bugs and birds. The Penalty Kid is a simple Soccer game where the player adjusts the angle and strength of a kick to score enough to claim a win. In Destroy Monster, you need to shoot approaching monsters before they reach you.

Several bingo tiles available, such as Battle of Spin, themed around matching jewels to complete your bingo card. Monkey Golf, Lucky Bowling and Zombie Shooting offer what you would expect from the title, although some games require a closer look to discover what they offer.

Each game is different, but there is an evident style that runs through all of them. Bright pastel colours and cartoon imagery adorn most games, making them very pleasing with smooth animations.

Darts game by Mikado is one of the most popular

New Mikado Games slotsNew Mikado Games slots

Mikado Games has a well-established foothold in the online and mobile arcade games industry. It continues to introduce new Mikado slot games and other titles into more casinos. The cartoon style arcade games from Mikado Games offer a refreshing change of pace from traditional slots and other casino classics like blackjack, poker and roulette online game.

Mikado Games develops games to release into the online gambling market. The company also co-produces games with clients and assists with the games’ marketing.

The back-office services from Mikado Games include a tournament facility, reporting and player statistics. The Ranking Play option allows players to compete with each other, and the daily tournaments pay out cash prizes to winners.

Mikado Games is expected to increase the support services offered to clients and co-develop games with a broader range of customers.

1xBit is the best Mikado Games casinoBest casino to play Mikado games

You can play a range of games from Mikado Games worldwide for free. Players can easily access the games from various online casinos. The games have an instant play feature. Let’s look at the best casino to play Mikado Slots.


1xBit is an online gambling platform that provides players with a place to play online casino games and bet on sports. The online casino has been operating since 2017. The registration process is fast and straightforward; new players are only required to fill an online form. Players enjoy fast deposits and withdrawals with zero commissions. 1xBit also accepts gambling cryptocurrency as payment currency, with a welcoming bonus of up to 7BTC.

Apart from the Mikado slots, you will enjoy a wide variety of online slots from other top developers. In addition, players have access to plenty of lucrative bonuses and prizes. The cutting edge graphics of the platform ensures players enjoy the best gameplay casino.

Casino enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a chance to pit against the talented live dealers. Live casino feature gives you a Las Vegas casino atmosphere at the comfort of your home. The mobile version of 1xBit casino has the same features and cutting edge graphics present in the desktop version. The 1xBit mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can enjoy the mobile version via a browser, or you can download the 1xBit mobile app.

1xBit offer a lot of slots, live casino feature and very good bonuses

We hope that this review about Mikado Games casino games was informativeMikado Games review – Conclusion

Mikado Games is the leader in developing skill games for casinos and using RNG. The provider offers a range of games that are diverse and very entertaining. All games from Mikado Games have been authenticated as fair and reliable by Gaming Labs International (GLI).

Mikado Games design instant-play titles that don’t need players to download any additional software or applications to work. The games load onto Android, Windows, or iOS devices quickly and provide smooth animations without hassles. Each game developed in the HTML5 protocol enables casino and arcade operators to integrate Mikado Game’s titles into their existing ranges.

European players play Mikado Game’s online slots. There are no specific EU legislations guiding online and offline gambling operators. Hence it’s subject to different gambling laws from different jurisdictions and countries. Members of the European Union develop their gambling laws and regulatory bodies to ensure providers follow the gambling legislation. For instance, the UK Gambling Commission allows online games which involve both skill and chance. You can access Mikado online slots on all the licensed online casinos across Europe.

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