Crazy Time Casino Game

Crazy Time is a comparatively new and especially interesting Live Casino game which was made by a well-known Evolution Gaming studio. Each spin at this game is full of action and players have a chance to get into one of 4 different bonus rounds.

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Just after Crazy Time was launched, it received a lot of attention from the players. In this article, you will be able to find out how does this game work, what bets are available, what strategy should be used, and where it can be played.

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crazy time logoCrazy Time Casino Game – what is that?

As we mentioned before, Crazy Time is an especially popular, action-packed Live Casino game. According to its creators, Crazy Time is the most playful and the funniest casino game in history. It is exciting to watch it even without making any bets.

TOP questions about Crazy Time Casino Game
🎡 What is Crazy Time biggest win?

On 3 September 2020, the multiplier in the Crazy Time bonus round reached 8000x and it was the highest one so far.

🎡 Where you can play Crazy Time online?

You can find this game in various online casinos including 1xBit, 888Casino, King Billy Casino, 22bet, Unibet, Nomini, 1xSlot, etc.

🎡 What is Crazy Time Evolution Gaming release date?

It was released on the 10th of June, 2020.

🎡 What is Crazy Time house edge?

The house edge of this game is 3.92% and can go up to 5.67%.

🎡 Who are Crazy Time hosts?

All Crazy Time hosts are really energetic, outgoing and fun people. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal their real names.

🎡 Can you play Crazy Time using bitcoin?

Yes, there are some casinos that offer to play Crazy Time using crypto. You can find them at bitcoin casino list.

🎡 Is there a Crazy Time demo mode available?

Demo mode is not available, however, players can spectate this game for free, without making any bets.

🎡 What is Crazy Time live tracker?

It is a tool that monitors Crazy Time statistics like how many times one or another field rolled out, when was the last time Crazy Time showed up, etc.

🎡 Is there a useful Crazy Time strategy?

An optimal strategy for this game would be to bet on each field except “1x” in a single round. In that way, you will reduce your risk and will have a chance to win big.

🎡 Crazy Time vs Monopoly Live - which one to play?

Both of these games are really exciting and fun to play so it is up to your personal taste and which theme you like better.

Find out more about Monopoly Live at Monopoly Live casino game article.

crazy time wheel hosts slot stats

Crazy Time is being broadcasted from a colorful studio, the main focus of which is the game wheel. At the beginning of each round, the host will spin it and where it stops will determine whether you win or not.It is important to mention that in this game you will be able to communicate with the host, raise questions to him, or respond to the course of the game. Crazy Time is definitely a game that is worth to be tried out.

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crazy time logoCrazy Time Casino – where you can play it?

This game is really popular and players will be able to find at the majority of the online casinos which offer games from Evolution Gaming studio. Just press on Evolution Gaming Lobby, choose the Game Shows category, and Crazy Time will be in front of your eyes.

When choosing an online casino for this game it is really important to check out several things. First of all, make sure that the casino has a license and it safe. If it is not licensed, you will be in risk of being scammed. Find out more about that at the casino gambling license article.

Furthermore, take a look if the casino has a great choice of various games, including slots, table games, etc. It is likely that after playing Crazy Time you will want to try out something else so it is nice to have a choice.

crazy time logoCrazy Time Wheel

The main element of Crazy Time is its game wheel. It consists of 54 different fields:

  • 1x – 21 fields;
  • 2x – 13 fields;
crazy time bets money wheel free spins crazy time demo mode live tracker
  • 5x – 7 fields;
  • 10x – 4 fields;
  • Coin Flip – 4 fields;
  • Cash Hunt – 2 fields;
  • Pachinko – 2 fields;
  • Crazy Time – 1 field.

At the beginning of each round, a computer can randomly roll out a multiplier for a specific field. For eg.: if 3x multiplier will be rolled out for a number 5 then if the wheel stops at that field, all the players who made a right bet will receive a 15x payout instead of 5x.

Below we will explain each field on the game wheel and what happens when the wheel stops at it:

  • 1x; 2x; 5x; 10x – for eg.: if you make a bet on 2x and the wheel stops at this field, you will win 2x and the same applies to other numeric value fields;
  • Coin Flip – if you make a bet on a Coin Flip and this field rolls out, then the host will go to a virtual machine, which randomly determines the multiplier and throws a coin. One side of the coin is blue and another one is red. For eg.: if the multiplier for the red side is 5x and for the blue one is 20x and the coin will land with the red side up players will win 5x;
crazy time coin flip red blue 9x

  • Cash Hunt – when the wheel stops at this field the game will be transferred to a big virtual board where all the players will be able to choose their own box to shoot at. Every box have a different multiplier so players can win different prizes;
  • Crazy Time Pachinko – if you get into this bonus round, you will be transferred to another virtual board that has different multipliers lying at the bottom of it. The maximum multiplier in this round can go up to 10,000x;
crazy time pachinko host dealer lady with a pink dress
  • Crazy Time – it is the round that rolls out very rarely, but can offer a particularly high level of action and the greatest potential for winnings. When the wheel stops at Crazy Time players will get into a huge and colorful virtual world of Crazy Time. There you will be able to choose either Green, Blue, or Yellow and this choice will determine how much you will win. The maximum multiplier in Crazy Time round can go up to 20,000x.

crazy time logoCrazy Time strategy and RTP

As soon as you launch this game, the natural question arises – can some strategies be used in it and can they help you to win? It would be difficult to give one correct answer but there are a few things worth noting.

There are 8 different bets available at Crazy Time and all of them have a different RTP. For eg.: you would get the best return when betting on 1x – 96.08% while betting on Pachinko would give you the lowest return of 94.33%. Below you will be able to see the RTP of all the bets:

  • “1” – 96.08%;
  • “2” – 95.95%;
  • “5” – 95.78%;
  • “10” – 95.73%;
  • Pachinko – 94.33%;
  • Cash Hunt – 95.27%;
  • Coin Flip – 95.70%;
  • Crazy Time – 94.41%.

It means that mathematically it is worth betting on numeric fields. However, by choosing them you probably won’t be able to win huge prizes. So, this brings a question – do you want to risk or to play safe?

crazy time strategy house edge rtp go safe or risk

If you like to risk then the best choice would be to bet on bonus rounds such as Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time, or Cash Hunt. In addition, there is one strategy that players like to use – during one round make bets on all the fields except “1x”. In that way, the risk will decrease and at the same time, you will have a chance to win the biggest prizes.

crazy time logoCrazy Time Tracker

It is really interesting to monitor all the statistics of this game – which field rolls out most often? What was the biggest win? When was the last time Crazy Time showed up? and etc.

crazy time tracker stats statistics

The game itself has some kind of tracker integrated and it shows the result of 21 latest rounds in the bottom right corner. But, if you would like to see some more statistics there is a Crazy Time Tracker tool on the Tracksino website. There you will be able to see how many times each field rolled out in a certain period of time, what was the average multiplier of bonus rounds, how long time ago one or another field showed up, and so on.

crazy time logoCrazy Time Game vs Monopoly Live

Both of these games were made by Evolution Gaming and both of them received a lot of attention from the players. Both of them are fun, full of action, and can offer huge winning potential.

The most obvious difference between these games is their theme. One of them is set in a well-known theme of Monopoly board game while the other is set in a colorful and adventurous Crazy Time world.

crazy time vs monopoly live

Another difference is the choice of bets. Numeric values such as “1”, “2”, “5” ar “10” are available in both of them while other bets are completely different.

In Monopoly Live players can make bets on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS and get into one available bonus round while in Crazy Time players can choose between 4 different bonus rounds – Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time, and Cash Hunt.

Which game you should choose? It is up to your personal taste. Both of them are of high quality and probably be liked by the majority of the players. Perhaps Crazy Time is a little more diverse and can offer more action but we suggest trying out both of them so you could form an opinion by yourselves.

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