Fugaso Casinos, History and Vision

Fugaso is an abbreviation of the company's ethos — Future Gaming Solutions. It is an advanced technology company that focuses on developing original ideas and turning them into immersive Fugaso casino games experiences.

In this article, we will explore the history of this powerhouse company which is taking the iGaming industry by storm. We’ll also outline what makes it so popular to clients and how it intends to progress into the future.

Fugaso - Future Gaming Solutions

This article is oriented to the Fugaso casinos, history, partners, and popularity. If you would like to find out more about Fugaso slots, feel free to read our other article - Fugaso Games.

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Fugaso Gaming LogoHistory and Background

Fugaso has an interesting and long history as a software developing company. This has seen the company expand its services to adhere to the growing market needs in technological design. Fugaso is a private company that is not on any stock market and holds its net worth close to its chest.

Who Are Fugaso?

This international game development company has been established towards the end of 2016 with a group of highly experienced professionals. Since becoming an established company, it has grown in size to cater to the advances in the iGaming industry.

Fugaso Casinos Malta Gaming Authority license

Fugaso is a 100% safe and reliable business that was initially only licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Authority in 2017. Fugaso received a second license from Malta’s Gaming Authority in 2019. These represent two of the most prominent and credible licensing authorities in the business.

In addition, this company puts a lot of effort into obtaining certificates from other countries, 2020 was the year when they presented their games for Italy and Belarus markets and as far as we know, there are many more to come in the near future.

fugaso italy license trump greek gods

Since licensing, Fugaso has pursued partnerships with big-named casino operators and signed contracts with the best in the industry. For example, Fugaso secured a partnership with GameScale, which made competitors' heads turn and proved that it’s a company to watch.

To date, Fugaso offers over 60 slot machine games, 2 table games as well as over 10 branded games for Parimatch. Their first 10 debut slot games released only in 2017. Although the company had a relatively late arrival to the online casino world, this became an advantage to them. This delay allowed the entirety of the Fugaso games portfolio to be of the highest-quality that technology can currently provide.

The company also offers the benefits of White Label Solutions and Integration services to their clients.

White Label Solutions

Fugaso has found a niche in the market that clients beg to be filled with. White Label Solutions is the name given to a plug and play service. In layman's terms, this is when the complete infrastructure of online gaming portals, like a casino, is already developed and finished. Thus, the casino operator is ready to fill with their branding.

White Label Solutions - Fugaso Plug and Play service

They offer a seamlessly finished product from the get-go. It lets clients who have a lack in time and knowledge but are eager to launch their sites to get up and running in record time. Fugaso can create, customize, and deliver new sites or integrated sites that fit with the client's existing products and services. The company also boasts expertise in integrating payment systems, metrics, and analytics.

The developers at Fugaso understand that the future is online. Plus, with the rapid growth of the online gaming world, it understands that time is of the essence for its clients.


Linked to the White Label Solutions that Fugaso provides is its Integration services. Fugaso has cornered the market in software updates by providing clients with expertise in integrating existing platforms with new software.

Fugaso Integration services - create online casino platforms

Each client may have a different goal in mind for their finished product. Fugaso works with them closely to achieve the look that they desire. Along with that, it implements any other technical requests and creates user-friendly interfaces based on the clients’ platform.

The Fugaso team prides itself in creating reliable online casino platforms that run a unified theme, including an assortment of games from big-name developers all under one roof. Fugaso understands that this is the future of gaming sites.

iGaming Custom Games

As previously mentioned, Fugaso is not just a software and game developer for other companies — the company also designs and releases games independently. The quality of games offered proves that it values quality over quantity. You can try Fugaso free slots online in demo version.

This has led the company to have a sound knowledge of what the iGaming audience is searching for when trying to find their next favorite title. Much of the company’s time and energy diverted from its own titles and aimed towards using this knowledge and skill to design for others.

Fugaso Casino games have incredible quality

Fugaso has built up a lengthy and impressive list of leading clients by offering a customizable experience. Fugaso can take on an idea from a client and supply everything the client will need for a working game. Themes, intricate graphics, soundtracks, and innovative features are all a part of the package.


Fugaso reached an incredible milestone of 1 billion bets in 2019, announcing its success at the ICE exhibition in London. This was an achievement to be proud of for any provider, especially one who is less than five years into the iGaming industry.

Furthermore, AskGamblers nominated Fugaso for the finals in the two Award categories: Best Software Provider and Best Slots. The company nominated for these prestigious awards due to its in-house technology that has driven superior growth for the entire industry.

Fugaso Gaming LogoCasino’s Fugaso Works With

Fugaso has a long and healthy list of partners and clients. Some of the leading companies in the iGaming world are working with Fugaso, and its games can be found in a variety of award-winning online casinos. At the moment, Fugaso is working with more than 750 online casinos!

Fugaso Casinos Partners - online gaming portals found in 750+ casinos

In addition, on the Fugaso website, at the bottom of the landing page, you will be able to see the media partners who are currently working with Fugaso.

1xbet casino is one of the leading online casinos in the slot machine world. It offers a whopping welcome bonus and Free Spins bonus of 1500EUR and 150 Free Spins. Also, they offer a variety of live casino games online and table game options. In this casino players will be able to find all of the most popular Fugaso slots such as Fugaso Airlines, Trump It Deluxe Epicways, Forest Ant, The Mummy etc.

Fugaso Casinos Partner 1xbet casino

Fugaso Gaming LogoFugaso's Popularity

Fugaso’s popularity has stemmed from its innovative attitude towards the future of gaming. The company has a flexible and creative approach. No request seems to be out of Fugaso developers’ reach when it comes to the original ideas.

Aside from impressing clients with the full package of White Label Services, Fugaso ensures its partners stay ahead of the competitors by providing integration. Fugaso has also made a name for itself with its own branded titles.

The games that Fugaso releases, although sparingly, are beautifully crafted pieces of art. The 3D animation graphics that Fugaso creates has become famous and amazes the audience every time. The soundtracks and sound effects composed for the games only create a deeper immersive atmosphere.

This is the reason why Fugaso gaming fills a gap in the market when it comes to customizable gaming across all platforms. Clients and players alike can be reassured that they are receiving the best that technology can bring from Future Gaming Solutions.

Fugaso Casinos 3D animation graphic

Fugaso hasn't forgotten about the most important aspect of new online casino games when developing titles. It ensures that the percentage of RTP and volatility rating matches the high quality of the games. The average RTP of Fugaso casino games is around 96% and usually, they hold a medium-to-high volatility rating. Furthermore, Fugaso introduced the progressive Jackpots Series where prizes can go as high as six-figures.

Fugaso Casino partner - 1xBet Jackpot winner

Lastly, Fugaso offers optimal gaming experiences across all devices. Developers have ensured that all of the games they release are mobile and tablet compatible from the get-go. The company provides players with quality mobile entertainment that rivals desktop. Continuing the high standard of accessibility, Fugaso games are available in 10 languages. Fugaso is determined to make their games accessible to all with no compromises to be made.

Fugaso Gaming LogoLooking Into the Future

Fugaso works hard to be one step ahead of its competitors. The company focused firmly on the future of gaming by using the latest technology to create innovative software.

One of the latest market-shaping products from Fugaso includes the slots feature “Rich Free Spins." This feature combines multiple Free Spins into a super-valuable Free Spin. This new feature in the slots world boosts the potential for high slots payouts for players. Currently, no other game manufacturer offers such a combination. With this unique feature pulled out of the Fugaso vault, who knows what the developers will pull out next.

It can’t be denied that the innovative products that Fugaso is bringing to the market are shaping the industry as we know it. Fugaso's team is determined to use every last bit of advanced technology to their advantage.

It is also worth mentioning that Fugaso has been seen shaking hands with casinos that specialize in live casinos and sportsbooks. Will Fugaso corner the market further by stepping into the real-time world?

Fugaso Gaming LogoConclusion

It’s easy to see how Fugaso has built a strong fan base and a reputation for reliability, creativity, and quality from its clients and partners. The company offers services that keep up with the fast-paced speed of today's online world. Also, they are showcasing their independent work and capturing the attention of players and clients alike.

Fugaso White Label Solutions and Integration services provide the full package for those who want to get up and running in record speed time. They rely on the expertise of Fugaso professionals which are known for their polished and seamlessly finished products, such as Trump It Deluxe. The company's dedication to the development of future gaming solutions when creating customizable games have clients returning time and time again to work alongside Fugaso to develop a top of charts’ original title every time.

Fugaso - Future Gaming Solutions private limited

With Fugaso being relatively new to the iGaming industry, it cannot be denied that what it has achieved so far is more than impressive. In just 4 years the company made more than 60 independent games, more than 60 games for GameScale and more than 10 full branded certified games for Parimatch.

To conclude, the future of Fugaso looks exciting for the company. They are the leaders in innovative game development and are shaping the market with much-needed fresh ideas. It is fair to say that Fugaso will not be slowing down anytime soon. Possibly we should see the company nominated for even more awards in the upcoming years.

Their independent games are not an experience you should miss if you are a lover of slot machines. Next time you log into your favorite online casino, search for Fugaso casino games — you will not be disappointed!

Main questions about Future Gaming Solutions
❓ When had been Fugaso founded?

This international game development company has been established towards the end of 2016 with a group of highly experienced professionals.

❓ What services does Fugaso provide?
  • White Label Solutions
  • Integration services
  • Create slot games and table games for online casinos
❓ When did Fugaso release the first of the slot games?

Fugaso released their first 10 debut slot games in【2017】.To date, this provider offers over 60 slot machine games and 2 table games.

❓ What is White Label Solutions?

White Label Solutions is the name given to a plug and play service. In layman’s terms, this is when the complete infrastructure of online gaming portals, like a casino, is already developed and finished. Thus, the casino operator is ready to fill with their branding.

❓ What does it mean "Fugaso Integration services"?

Fugaso has cornered the market in software updates by providing clients with expertise in integrating existing platforms with new software.

❓ Does Fugaso create high quality video slot games?

✅ Yes, the quality of games offered proves that it values quality over quantity. Themes, intricate graphics, soundtracks, and innovative features are all part of the package.

For all of these features combined in slots, AskGamblers nominated Fugaso for the finals in two Award categories: Best Software Provider and Best Slots.

❓ Why are Fugaso games so popular?

Main points of Fugaso slots popularity 🎰 :

  • 3D animation graphics;
  • Soundtracks and sound effects, which create a deeper immersive atmosphere;
  • Average RTP of 96%;
  • Medium-to-high volatility rating;
  • Amazing Jackpots Series;
  • Games are available in 10 languages.
❓ How many partners Fugaso has?

Fugaso has a long and healthy list of partners and clients. Most of the provider games can be found in a variety of award-winning online casinos. For now, Fugaso is working with more than 750 casinos.

(please see partners image in this article)

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