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Fugaso — shortening for Future Gaming Solutions — is an advanced technology company that produces immersive gaming experiences for casino players. It has produced over 60 titles to date and specializes in video slots and table games for the online casino world. Most of the online casinos have..Show more

Fugaso — shortening for Future Gaming Solutions — is an advanced technology company that produces immersive gaming experiences for casino players. It has produced over 60 titles to date and..Show more

Fugaso — shortening for Future Gaming Solutions — is an advanced technology company that produces immersive gaming experiences for casino players. It has produced over 60 titles to date and specializes in video slots and table games for the online casino world. Most of the online casinos have Fugaso games. They also boast expertise in White Label Solutions and customizable gaming.

In this article, we will cover Fugaso’s achievements and explore what type of gaming experience it provides to players. By doing this, SmartCasinoGuide team hope to give you a better understanding of why it is one of the most successful gaming developers going into 2024.

Besides, below you will see TOP of the Fugaso slots list. Of course, before gambling for real money, you can try these online slot machines in DEMO mode. Just click on the slot game, which interests you. 👌

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Future Gaming Solutions - Fugaso LogoHistory and Achievements

Fugaso Gaming has been established towards the end of 2016 with a group of highly experienced specialists in the iGaming industry. Just a year later, in 2017, this provider released its debut set of 10 casino games.

And ever since Fugaso debuted, this international game development company which has offices in Russia and Cyprus has been on a winning streak of wonderfully crafted games. These games have outstanding effects that hit the Top 10 list week after week.

People are asking these questions
❓ What is the full name of Fugaso?

Future Gaming Solutions.

❓ When Fugaso released first of the casino games?

Fugaso has been established towards the end of 【 2016 】 as an international game development company and released its debut set of 10 casino games later in 2017.

❓ Does Fugaso create games on the HTML5 platform?

Yes! All of the Fugaso games are created on the HTML5 platform, and they have Fugaso 3D animated graphics.

❓ What kind of games the provider do?

Fugaso specializes in video slots and table games for the online casino world.

❓ Do Fugaso slot games have Jackpots?

Yes, they have it. For example, Fugaso’s latest release, Divine Carnival which was brought to the market in January of 2020, boasts a Mega Jackpot win of €312K.

❓ What Features Fugaso slots have?

Fugaso slots offer many exciting features, including:

  • Gamble (Double your Win)
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Games
  • Multipliers
  • Wilds
  • Scatters
  • Collectibles

❓ What are the Top 5 of Fugaso slots nowadays?
  1. Trump It Deluxe Epicways
  2. Romance V
  3. Book of Tattoo 2
  4. Magic Spinners
  5. Stoned Joker
❓ Can you play Fugaso slots using crypto?

Yes, Fugaso games support all currencies including cryptocurrencies.

The craftsmanship, reliability, and safety of Fugaso games have made the company eligible for certification under the UK, Malta, Italy, Belarus, and Curacao licensing laws.

Slot games are Fugaso’s forte. In 2019, at the ICE exhibition in London, it proudly announced that the company had reached a milestone of achieving 1 billion bets across its slot games. This is an incredible feat for any iGaming provider. Never mind one that has only been established in this part of the gaming world for less than five years.

Fugaso prides itself on innovation. It aims to be one step ahead of its competitors by developing new and interesting nuances in game design and functionality. This has seen the company announced as finalists for two impressive awards. Team of iGaming nominated Fugaso for “Best Software Provider” and “Best Slots”.

Future Gaming Solutions - Fugaso LogoSlot Features

Fugaso is a company that focuses on the future slot games, as its name suggests. Therefore, it’s continually bringing new and innovative ways to add special features, platforms, and effects to games.

Fugaso Games characters

The company understands that to create successful video slots, you must keep some of the well-loved and ever-popular elements within the base game. But, Fugaso has also realized that the possibilities for a complex multilevel game that is still accessible to the average player are endless — as long as its team develops well-thought-out designs and high-quality seamless graphics.

Fugaso has a small library of games in comparison to other game developers. However, the brand’s quick and faultless success confirms that Fugaso focuses on quality, not quantity.

Fugaso Games Features - find out How to Play Trump It

Some of the most exciting features Fugaso has brought to the market. They plan to integrate them into all future slots:

  • 3D gameplay
  • Crypto support
  • Ability to choose your language

Fugaso offers its players a multitude of different features depending on what game they choose. For example, Fugaso’s latest release, Divine Carnival. It’s brought to the market in January of this year, boasts a Mega Jackpot win of 312500. Players can also expect modern and unique versions of Scatters, Free Spins, Wilds, and a Bonus game.

Maxi Jackpot - probably future slot games will have bigger


The Scatter symbol, when lined up across the paylines, not only rewards you with a win in Fugaso slots. These symbols are also often the contributing factor to triggering other special features and Bonus games.

Free Spins

This feature depends on gathering a certain amount of Scatters or Wilds. Usually, free spins is the most exciting part of any slot because once you reach it, you can expect to win big.


Regular Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Walking Wilds — Fugaso has integrated them all within its collection of games. So, whichever you prefer, there is a game for you. Wild symbols have the ability to change other symbols, trigger chain reactions, or help you achieve collectibles.

Deep Blue Sea slot - Wild and Bonus symbols

Bonus Games

Various bonus rounds are one of Fugaso’s favorite things to include in their games. By activating a symbol, collecting symbols, or triggering a chain reaction of events, you will enter Bonus game mode. These bonus games will bring exciting features and is some cases – huge wins.


Often in Fugaso slot games, the base game symbols such as Scatter or Wild have a multiplier attached. They are making your potential to win — and to win big — even higher.

Fugaso Games Win Multipliers and Extra Spins - Fugaso Airlines


Collectibles are a fun element of any game. It makes the players feel like they’re in control, with something to play for rather than just spinning. Collecting a certain number of symbols will award you with special features, symbol changes, Free Spins, or Multipliers.

Future Gaming Solutions - Fugaso LogoSlot Design

Fugaso is famous for 3D animated graphics that provide you with a sophisticated gameplay experience. Although the majority of games released by this producer boast complex mechanics, the focus has been aimed at simplicity for the player.

HTML5 powered platforms ensure that every game looks and flows perfectly. Whether it’s a short spin, an action-packed game, or a long, multi-controlled adventure. Intricately crafted characters, backdrops, and reel symbols captivate the audience into an atmospheric theme. Also, the interesting storylines of Fugaso slots grab your attention and keep you coming back for more.

Trump It slot created on the HTML5 platform

Two of the most talked-about games in Fugaso history prove what a powerhouse of graphic design this company is.

The Mummy, released in 2018, did not disappoint the film world fans. Featuring all of the well-known characters in stunning 3D animation, this game was proven even more popular due to its bonus features. These included collectible scarabs that trigger a chain reaction of cascading symbols and Free Spins galore.

2018 was a fantastic year for slot lovers, as Fugaso released yet another smash hit title. Wild Rodeo had players flung back into the Wild West, grabbing for their lasso as they tried to capture Re-spins and Sticky Wilds on the outlaw-themed reels.

Fugaso Games Wild Themed slots - Wild Rodeo

Fugaso is not shy when it comes to using creativity to tackle political issues. The games can sometimes be described as mildly offensive or “below the belt” in humor, which makes gameplay even more fun for those who enjoy dark humor.

Future Gaming Solutions - Fugaso LogoSlot Soundtracks

The soundtracks that Fugaso integrates into games only enhances the atmosphere that the graphics and themes create. Each sound effect and background music piece is timed, as the action unfolds on your screen, making your gameplay experience truly immersive.

romance v fugaso slot

In some instances, you will be playing along to an eerie and adventurous soundtrack or an upbeat and charismatic rhythm, depending on the theme of the game. Often, sound effects like money falling or “ker-ching” will make you jump for joy as you know you’ve won. Romance V is a great slot if you would to experience everything Fugaso has to give in the sound department.

People tend to play games in silence nowadays. But by doing this, you are missing out on masterfully designed pieces of art. Let your senses do the voting, turn up the volume, and enjoy the full experience as Fugaso intended.

Future Gaming Solutions - Fugaso LogoBet Ranges

Fugaso strives for quality and ensures that all of its games are hitting the current slots RTP (Return To Player) average to rival its competitors. Fugaso slots fluctuate in RTP and volatility, but on average, they are around 96% RTP and hold a medium-to-high volatility rating.

For further information on these ranges, you will see this information displayed alongside each game.

Top Fugaso slots Bet ranges and RTP

Furthermore, Fugaso has developed games for all slot lovers’ budgets. For example, in the popular and hilarious game from the Trump slots section, Trump It Deluxe slot, the wagering minimum is set as a minuscule 0.01€. This means that everybody, from beginners to high-rollers, can enjoy the assortment of games provided by Fugaso.

Future Gaming Solutions - Fugaso LogoThe most popular Fugaso slots

Trump It Deluxe

2017 saw the sequel to the popular Trump It released to eagerly awaiting players. This version of the funny and slightly offensive Trump It slot is still sitting in the top slots position to this day. This is due to its thought-provoking theme and added benefits to potential big wins.

It is worth mentioning that all games with Donald Trump had been blocked at one period, but they are available now.

    No slots were found for your selected filters.

The deluxe version is set across 5 reels and 3 rows with a whomping of 30 pay lines in the base game. It appeals to a wide variety of playing preferences because it includes special features such as Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, and Random Wilds/Additional Wilds. This makes it a top choice for anyone that enjoys thrilling game variants.

Trump It Deluxe - this Trump game unblocked now

Join Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Vladimir Putin as they meet at the United Nations in this game full of satire with a high RTP of 96.89%.

On our website, you can find out how to play Trump It Deluxe. Try it for free in the demo version or choose a casino where to play this Trump game online for real money. Also, you can play Donald Trump slots on Android and iPhone. Find out more about that at the best mobile casinos article.

trump it deluxe epicways fugaso gaming

In addition, there was a new slot introduced to Trump It series in 2020 – Trump It Deluxe EPICWAYS. It brought everything players could want from a slot in one place – catchy theme, huge winning potential, feature to buy bonus, and great optimization. We are sure that this slot will be one of the most played Fugaso titles for a while.

Book of Tattoo

In 2017, the Book of Tattoo slot was released, wowing game players with its stunningly seductive graphics with a dark grunge feel. The ancient tradition of tattooing was brought to life in intricate detail, paired with a rocking soundtrack and tattoo sketch symbols to match its edgy theme.

book of tattoo slot game gameplay fugaso gaming

The Book of Tattoo slot is particularly popular amongst beginners as its mechanics hold some of the most sought-after variants to gameplay — the Scatter and Wild symbols. Additionally, this game sits above the rest by awarding its players with 10 Free Games, Expanding Symbols, Extra Bet features, and Progressive Jackpots.

It is worth mentioning that Book of Tattoo gained so much attention that couple of years later since it was released Fugaso decided to release a sequel to it – Book of Tattoo 2. This slot keeps the most exciting details of Book of Tattoo and adds a new layer of graphical depth which makes it even more interesting.

book of tattoo 2 slot fugaso gaming

Future Gaming Solutions - Fugaso LogoConclusion

The name says it all — Fugaso is firmly focused on the future of gaming and what the growing developments in technology could bring for the online casino world. The company’s dedication to graphic design, innovation, and attitude to client partnership, while bringing players the highest quality software, is refreshing.

The producers at Fugaso pride themselves on their creativity to find new and exciting ideas to bring to the market as well as creating games that are accessible by all. Fugaso team has not lacked an effort when it comes to releasing games that brings the full package.

They crafted all of the games beautifully. Every detail has equal attention paid to it, and the soundtracks composed for each theme bring an extra element of enjoyment to the player. The stories told through Fugaso slots are impeccably planned. You will be able to start up any game that interests you and feel satisfied by the theme.

It is worth mentioning that Fugaso is a relatively new company in the iGaming industry and it does not yet hold a vast library of games. It could be a disappointment for some but we can be sure that Fugaso will keep on improving and making their game selection greater.

Stoned Joker, Rezident and Trump game online

All in all, if you are a slot machine lover who appreciates high quality then Fugaso slots are a must-try for you. We can guarantee that you will find something interesting in their game portfolio. The modern twists on popular symbols and, of course, the surprise Bonus games will keep you entertained for hours.

Immerse yourself in a game full of graphic artistry and themes you can connect with. Fugaso games — they are the future!

    No slots were found for your selected filters.
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