Giropay Casinos 2024

Giropay is a form of payment that has become popular with online casinos. It is based in Germany and was introduced to the market in 2006, so it’s been around for some time now. Giropay is a bank transfer method of payment, which differentiates it from e-wallets, for example. Our guide today will focus primarily on the Giropay casinos 2024 and..Show more
Giropay is a form of payment that has become popular with online casinos. It is based in Germany and was introduced to the market in 2006, so it’s been around for some time now. Giropay is a bank..Show more

Giropay is a form of payment that has become popular with online casinos. It is based in Germany and was introduced to the market in 2006, so it’s been around for some time now. Giropay is a bank transfer method of payment, which differentiates it from e-wallets, for example. Our guide today will focus primarily on the Giropay casinos 2024 and how to use Giropay in a casino context.

With bank transfers, the funds from your bank account are sent directly to the casino. Players prefer the directness and speed of the transaction. Bank transfers are also one of the most secure ways to transfer funds. Giropay could be compared to iDEAL casinos in the Netherlands, the MyBank payment method, or Interac, which is common in Canada.

Giropay isn’t just popular with online casinos; it’s also used with all forms of e-commerce. We’ll cover all the main benefits and disadvantages, how to deposit with Giropay and everything else you need to know. You’ll see why online casinos Giropay is the way to go.

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Giropay-Logo_200x - what is giropayGiropay Casinos 2024

We’ll look at casino sites that accept giropay in 2024. Since Giropay is based in Germany, it’s primarily used by German and Austrian players. Casinos that accept players from these countries will typically have Giropay as a payment option. Unfortunately, it’s not used much outside of these two countries.

We compiled a list of casinos below with the best casino bonus Giropay. These are some of the top casinos that accept Giropay and have a great sign-up bonus for new players. Below we have a Q&A section for people in a hurry. We answered some common questions you might have about Giropay.

FAQ about Giropay Online Casinos
⭐ What is Giropay?

Giropay is an internet method of payment known as a bank transfer service. By using Giropay, you can transfer money from your bank account straight to another. The service has become quite popular with casino players.

⭐ Which online casinos accept Giropay?

Currently, only casinos that accept German and Austrian players will accept Giropay as a form of payment. Earlier on, we listed a few casinos that accept Giropay and have some great bonuses too.

⭐ What are the benefits of Giropay?

Giropay comes with many benefits.

  • First, transactions will happen instantly.
  • Giropay is also very safe and secure.
  • You will not be required to share your banking details with the casino itself.
  • It’s also very simple to use and doesn’t require registering another account, unlike some other payment methods.
⭐ What are the disadvantages of Giropay?

The main disadvantage is the limited availability. Giropay is only found in two countries, Germany and Austria. Players in other parts of the world will have to use an alternative payment method.

⭐ What are Giropay payment method alternatives?

There are a few other bank transfer services that operate similarly to Giropay. One of the more well-known ones is Trustly casino sites, which is based in Sweden. Another popular one is Klarna casinos, which was founded in 2005. Finally, for players in North America, such as Canada, Interac is a common method of paying from your bank account. If you live outside of Germany but still want to use bank transfers, you should consider one of these other options.

⭐ Is Giropay safe to use for casino sites?

Yes, Giropay is very safe. In fact, the safety and security that come with Giropay are some of the main advantages. When using Giropay, you can be assured that funds are transferred securely, and your banking details are never revealed.

⭐ Do all online casinos take Giropay?

Outside of a few payment methods like Visa, there isn’t anything that is accepted everywhere. Currently, Giropay is largely limited to casinos that accept German players. So, unfortunately, not all casinos accept it as a payment method.

⭐ Which countries accept Giropay?

The two main countries that use giropay are Germany and Austria. It isn’t accepted in other countries at the moment.

⭐ Are Giropay deposits instant?

Yes, when you deposit money with Giropay, it will be instant. The funds are deducted from your bank account and will immediately appear in the casino account. The same should be true when you are performing a withdrawal from the casino.

⭐ Can I use Giropay in mobile casinos?

Yes, you can use Giropay at any casino where it is accepted. This includes some mobile casinos online as well.

⭐ Are there any fees when paying by Giropay in casinos online?

Giropay does charge fees on their transactions. The fees vary between 0.8% and 1.2% of the transaction amount. The fees are lower for higher transfers.

White check in red circleBetSafe

New players at Betsafe will get a 100% match bonus of up to $100 and 100 free spins.

White check in red circleRoyal Panda Casino

Royal Panda offers new players a 100% match bonus up to $1000 and 10 free spins on your first deposit.

White check in red circleEmojino Casino

Emojino casino has excellent value, a 100% match bonus of up to $750, and 75 free spins.

White check in red circleCasino Extra

If you sign up at Casino Extra, you’ll be eligible for a 100% match bonus up to 350 EUR and 100 free spins.

White check in red circleLeo Vegas

The welcome bonus at Leo Vegas casino can total up to 1,000 Euro. Players are also treated to 50 free spins Germany.

White check in red circleJackpot City Casino

Jackpot City offers a bonus on the first four deposits you make. Altogether this can total $1,600.

Giropay online casinos 2024 with logos

White check in red circleTwin Casino

At Twin casino, you will receive a 100% match bonus of up to 400 Euro and 400 free spins.

These are just a few of the casinos that accept Giropay. Be sure to read our casino reviews for more detailed information on all the top casinos. Giropay gambling can end up having lots of great bonuses.

Giropay-Logo_200xFees & Timeframes Using Casino Giropay

Unfortunately, fees are pretty common with most online payment methods, and Giropay is no exception. Note, however, it’s not the casino that’s charging fees. Most casinos do not charge any fees for deposits, but the payment service might. The important question is how these fees compare to the competitors.

When you deposit 5000 EUR or less, there’s a flat fee of 0.08 Euro and between 0.9%-1.2% on the transaction. With higher transactions, the fees are lower. We can see the fees are quite minimal and modest. The fees should definitely not turn anyone away.

Transfers with Giropay happen instantly, whether they are deposits or withdrawals. However, it’s important to know that processing times for withdrawals can vary with casinos. Some casinos can take up to three days to approve a withdrawal. This waiting period doesn’t have anything to do with Giropay itself.

Fees & timeframes of casino bonus Giropay - logo, hand with money

Giropay-Logo_200xAdvantages of Giropay Online Casino

White check in red circleSafety

There are many reasons why players favour Giropay over other options. You’ll see casino online Giropay payments come with many advantages. Safety and security of the transactions is a major factor. When using Giropay, you can be assured your funds are safe.

White check in red circleInstant transactions

The transactions also happen instantly. Once the transfer of funds is authorised you will see the money appear in your account right away. If you are withdrawing, the money will appear in your bank account instantly.

White check in red circleSimplicity

Another reason to favour Giropay is that there is no hassle of creating an additional account. Unlike e-wallets, you don’t have to create a separate account to use Giropay. You can handle all the transactions yourself from your bank account.

Advantages of Giropay online casino

White check in red circleAnonymity

Casino players ultimately prefer payment methods where they don’t have to reveal too much information to the casino, or anyone else for that matter. After all, why would you want to share anything more than you have to? Giropay is perfect in this case for its anonymity. Your banking data will stay safe and will not be shared with anyone.

We can see Giropay comes with many advantages for players. It’s simple and straightforward to use, transactions occur instantly, and you don’t need to share any of your information with the casino.

Giropay-Logo_200xDisadvantages of Casinos Giropay

White check in red circleNot widely available

Casinos Giropay does come with a few disadvantages, which we’ll explain here. The main problem is that Giropay is not yet widely available. Currently, only German and Austrian players can use this payment method. So for people in other parts of Europe or even North America, you will have to look at something else. For players in Germany casino Giropay is still a great option.

Disadvantages of online casinos Giropay

White check in red circleFees

The next main thing to discuss is the fees which were previously mentioned. Fees always have to be considered a drawback. However, the fees with Giropay are minimal and compare favourably with other services. Overall, we don’t think the fees will be a significant reason for someone not to use Giropay. The main drawback here is just the limited availability of the service.

Giropay-Logo_200xHow to Deposit at Giropay Casino Sites

In this section, we’ll give a detailed look at how to deposit with a Giropay online casino. We understand there are probably many readers who’ve never used a bank transfer before. Ultimately, the process is not too different from other forms of payment.

The first step, of course, is finding a casino that accepts Giropay. Earlier on, we spoke of some of the best Giropay casinos 2024. Once you have found a casino, log into your account. Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the payments section of your casino account. Sometimes this is referred to as “cashier”.

Step 2: Select Giropay as your preferred method of payment. Afterwards, you’ll be required to select your bank.

Step 3: You’ll be taken to your bank’s page. Enter the required information to log in. You’ll receive a TAN number from your bank to confirm the transaction.

Step 4: Once the payment is authorised, the funds will be deducted from your bank account immediately. Afterwards, you should see your deposit appear in the casino account right away.

Step 5: Once you go back to the casino page and confirm the deposit, you can start playing your favourite casino games.

Note that with Giropay, you can deposit up to 5,000 EUR. Also, the more you deposit, the smaller the fee will be. We can see the overall process is simple to perform and not very different from what you may have previously used.

Giropay-Logo_200xHow to Withdraw Money via GiroPay at an Online Casino?

Withdrawing money with Giropay also follows a very simple process. We’ll cover all the basics that you need to know here.

Step 1: Go to the payments section of your casino account. Select the withdrawal tab.

Step 2: Select Giropay as your method of withdrawal and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Casino online Giropay withdrawal

Step 3: When the transaction is approved, you should receive the funds in your bank account right away.

While transactions will Giropay happen instantly, getting the withdrawal approved can take some time. Some casinos take less than 24 hours to approve a withdrawal. Others can take up to three days. This information can usually be found on the casino’s terms and conditions page. Be sure to read these and be familiar with them.


Players in German and Austria have long relied on Giropay as a payment method of choice, and it’s easy to see why. It comes with many benefits and advantages and minimal downsides. The only real disadvantage is it’s not available to people outside of those two countries.

With Giropay, money is transferred quickly and securely. Players also don’t have to worry about sharing any unnecessary personal details with the bank or even a third party like an e-wallet. With Giropay, you don’t even need an account to use it.

We hope our review answered the questions you may have had.

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