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Here at, we aim to provide the best and most relevant information for all online gamblers with regards to InstaDebit casinos 2024. It is a place to find reliable information. Whether you are a newbie or frequent flyer, a novice or an advanced gamer. InstaDebit is an eWallet that works as a middleman between you and online..Show more
Here at, we aim to provide the best and most relevant information for all online gamblers with regards to InstaDebit casinos 2024. It is a place to find reliable information...Show more

Here at, we aim to provide the best and most relevant information for all online gamblers with regards to InstaDebit casinos 2024. It is a place to find reliable information. Whether you are a newbie or frequent flyer, a novice or an advanced gamer.

InstaDebit is an eWallet that works as a middleman between you and online companies. This is particularly effective when playing in online casinos or sports betting. Your information is safer, and payments are faster when you only need a username and password to log into your account. It is just so much easier to get that withdrawal from casino sites that accept InstaDebit.

Deciding what service to use among the many eWallets and payment processors is tricky, and anyone might need a bit of a hand. In this article, we look at InstaDebit as a payment method for casinos or online gambling since it started in 2003, before limiting its service to Canadian residence in 2014.

It is safer to play online casino with InstaDebit as its security is often tighter and the login less stressful. We discuss its merits and pitfalls, and we hope to answer every question you might have regarding the InstaDebit eWallet service.

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FAQ about Casinos that accept INSTADEBIT
💲 What is InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is a Canadian online payment processor that allows you to make payments directly from your bank account using a secure InstaDebit login.

💲 What are InstaDebit payment method alternatives?

Thanks to InstaDebit Canada, gambling is a lot easier and safer. However, as with most things in life, you have a choice. If you live outside of Canada, you might want to broaden your search for another alternative.

You might be playing with an international casino that doesn’t accept InstaDebit, or you are already registered with another service. You might prefer the anonymity that comes with a cryptocurrency wallet. Whatever the reason, the other options are many. They may be hard to find as InstaDebit is supported through more than a hundred casinos, but they do exist.

These include:

💲 Is InstaDebit safe to use for casino sites?

The company uses 128-bit SSL encryption software to keep your data safe. Since you aren’t typing in your credit card details or banking information, or any security information each time you do a transaction, the risk is already minimized. InstaDebit stores your transactions and your personal details completely separate on the servers and sites, making it even safer. It removes some of the worries when playing with a casino that accepts InstaDebit.

What do we do when it all goes wrong? We contact customer support. A company’s ability to assist you quickly and efficiently with a problem is vital to its success. InstaDebit is proving itself trustworthy with its customer service. You can reach them through LiveChat, email or by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Casinos with InstaDebit might not have the same customer support service, and it will help you check that as well.

💲 Can I use InstaDebit in mobile casinos?

There are many mobile casinos among the 100+ listed who accept InstaDebit. The approval methods for InstaDebit transactions are more straightforward and safer than bank transfers and entering credit card details. It makes the eWallet ideal for mobile use. All you have to do is find a mobile casino that offers InstaDebit as a payment method, just like you would when searching for a regular online casino.

As long as the casino is supported through the browser, you should be able to use the service, whether on Android or iOS. The service has no application to use, but it is unnecessary as you input everything through the mobile casino.

💲 Why do online casinos accept InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is an e-wallet facility that is accepted at almost 100 different online casinos in Canada. Through its facilities, online casino gamblers can transfer funds directly from their bank accounts and don’t have to share their personal information with any of the casinos they play at.

💲 In what countries InstaDebit deposits are allowed?

InstaDebit deposits are available in Canada and although InstaDebit is expanding to other countries, the depositing of funds is, as of yet, not readily available. Not all banks participate where it is available.

💲 What are the benefits of casino InstaDebit?

Players benefit from instant betting and work with almost all of Canada’s online casinos. Bonuses are offered when used as a payment option. No excessive fees are suffered by the players.

💲 Are InstaDebit deposits instant?

Yes. Any deposit made from your InstaDebit or linked bank account will reflect immediately in your casino credits.

💲 Can I withdraw my winnings with InstaDebit?

Yes, as long as your casino supports InstaDebit withdrawals.

💲 Are there any fees when paying by InstaDebit?

InstaDebit does not usually charge any fees on everyday transactions. However, your bank or the casino might apply fees for certain transactions.

💲 How do I verify my account?

The verification process checks your identity and bank account. All you need to do is provide proof of both and allow a small transaction on your bank account. The process takes two to three days.

💲 Can I register more than one bank account with InstaDebit?

No. You can only link one bank account to your InstaDebit account.

💲 Will I lose my welcome bonus if I make an InstaDebit deposit?

If you deposit less than the minimum amount required, you won’t receive any bonuses.

💲 What are the disadvantages of InstaDebit?

InstaDebit deposits are only available in Canada and need a Canadian bank account. The transfer from InstaDebit to your bank account might take two to three days. Those are probably the biggest failings of the payment processor.

3 orange squaresInstaDebit Casino Sites

Thanks to InstaDebit’s growing popularity, it is a payment option on more than 100 International and Canadian online casinos. You have to look into each to determine their reputability but it is quite simple to find a list of casinos that use InstaDebit. The payment method is often associated with fast-pay sites because of its instant reflection times. There are far too many to list but here are a few examples from the InstaDebit casino list.

  • 888casino
  • Spinia
  • KingBilly Casino
  • PartyCasino
  • N1 Casino
  • Casino Room
Best InstaDebit Casino Sites List 2024

3 orange squaresOnline Casinos that accept InstaDebit

InstaDebit might be a Canadian-based company, but the payment method isn’t limited to Canadian online casinos. For online casinos Canada, InstaDebit is probably the most popular choice. The jury is out when it comes to the best InstaDebit casino because there are more than 100 to choose from. InstaDebit has been growing its casino base for several years. Its good reputation and commitment to customer service have been vital in improving its standing on an international scale.

There is a long list of casinos that support InstaDebit casinos 2024, from famous local casinos like Spin Palace to internationally popular casinos. The list is too long to name them all, but we list them all on the InstaDebit casino list above for your convenience.

3 orange squaresFees & timeframes using InstaDebit for gambling

InstaDebit has certainly gained popularity in Canada due to its reputation for fast payouts. The eWallet grants patrons the ability to link their account to their casino bankroll and enjoy the security and ease that they provide. In doing this, you will enjoy the privilege of instant withdrawals. Although they will only appear on your statement within 3-5 days. Online casinos that take InstaDebit often favour instant deposits and payouts.

Online casinos that accept instadebit fees & timeframes

It is important to note that money will appear in your InstaDebit account from the casino, but you have to transfer it to your bank account if you want the cash in hand and it takes 4 days to clear your bank. You will be able to make payments from your InstaDebit account to other sites that accept it as a payment method.

InstaDebit prides itself on not charging any fees for its service. But the bank might also charge you some fees when making transactions to and from your eWallet. Making a withdrawal directly to your bank account comes with a CAD$2 fee that you need to be aware of when choosing withdrawal from the casino site. This fee will be different for each bank, and it is best that you check with your bank so that you are not caught off guard.

Limits for deposits and withdrawals are determined by the casino you play with. Be sure to check their terms and conditions before committing to the site. You will want to withdraw that big jackpot as soon as you can, so you don’t want to be hampered by small withdrawal limits from the casino.

3 orange squaresInstadebit online casinos advantages

No one is perfect, and every payment method out there will have advantages and disadvantages. Before listing them, we feel it is essential to state that InstaDebit would not have grown in popularity so much if the good did not outweigh the bad. The burden is on the customer to do the work and decide on the service that suits you best before signing up.

Instadebit online casinos advantages
  • Instantaneous deposits and withdrawals
  • Secure
  • Bank Verification
  • Bonuses offered by casinos
  • Great Customer Service
  • 100+ casinos that use InstaDebit

3 orange squaresInstaDebit online casino disadvantages

Casinos cannot be all good. The best thing to do as a gamer is to find disadvantages you can live with or do not care about. Some casinos have more payment options than others. This might be important to you if you need options or it might not matter to you at all if your preferred payment method is supported. Here are a few InstaDebit casino disadvantages.

  • Only available for Canucks
  • Can only link one bank account
  • Takes two to three days to transfer winnings to a bank account
Casino InstaDebit disadvantages

3 orange squaresHow to deposit to InstaDebit casinos

Unlike some other services, you don’t have to fund your InstaDebit account before depositing to another account. They are connected to your bank account during the verification process. And can take the money directly from your bank account at your request. Once you have logged into the casino, it takes just a few easy steps for you to save InstaDebit as your preferred payment method. When prompted, you log into your InstaDebit account and in seconds or maybe minutes your bankroll will be funded.

InstaDebit gives you the option of using U.S. dollars, Euros, Pounds or Canadian dollars when making a deposit or withdrawal. The currency conversion is done using the exchange rate on the transaction date.

The withdrawal process from your InstaDebit back to your bank account has to be requested. This process may take two to three days. Any withdrawals made to your InstaDebit account are added to your Balance Account. You can make payments using this money or instruct InstaDebit to credit it to your bank account. This process will take three to five days to clear and reflect in your bank account.

Instadebit online casino Canada - Instadebit logo

3 orange squares - Instadebit Canada gamblingInstadebit casino Canada

Online casino Canada InstaDebit allows players from Canada to play at their casinos using their payment method. They’ll find it very easy to access and use this payment option. Players from all other countries do not always have the option to use this method. It has not yet caught on so strongly across the world.

Most online casinos in Canada will offer it and have Canadian dollars as a primary currency, making the whole process very smooth and efficient. So what are you waiting for? Start looking at InstaDebit Canada gambling sites today and start playing.

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