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LuckyStreak was founded in 2014 and is operated by the GSMS Holding LTD. The physical offices are in Tel Aviv, Israel, while the LuckyStreak live casino studios are in Latvia, Uruguay and Manila. LuckyStreak casino games include online roulette (auto and dual), blackjack, and baccarat. This online..Show more
LuckyStreak was founded in 2014 and is operated by the GSMS Holding LTD. The physical offices are in Tel Aviv, Israel, while the LuckyStreak live casino studios are in Latvia, Uruguay and ..Show more

LuckyStreak was founded in 2014 and is operated by the GSMS Holding LTD. The physical offices are in Tel Aviv, Israel, while the LuckyStreak live casino studios are in Latvia, Uruguay and Manila.

LuckyStreak casino games include online roulette (auto and dual), blackjack, and baccarat. This online casino games developer also provides a small range of RNG games like animated scratch cards, fixed odds and slots.

The founders of the company have a rich history in the gambling industry (off- and online). Since 2014, LuckyStreak has provided high-quality igaming solutions and lucky casino live products for both mobile and web. Its content is designed with entertainment as the core approach, offering an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

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LuckyStreak’s mission is to launch a live casino, with a combination of style, innovation and gamification. Each game features a multilingual Lucky Streak live dealer, which provides a gaming experience that is unforgettable, unique and thrilling. The company’s platform automatically detects the type of device being used by players. It then customizes the stream accordingly..

The company has partnered with several key companies in the igaming industry like:

Luckystreak online games are certified and licenced for Curacao, Denmark, Gibraltar, UK (UKGC), Italy (AIM), and Malta (MGA).

What do people ask about the LuckyStreak?
📌 How many casinos are using LuckyStreak services?

At least 144 online casinos use LuckyStreak services, with popular brand names like Sekabet and 1XBet being on the list.

📌 Which of the live casino games is the most popular?

The most popular LuckyStreak live game is the Lucky Roulette online.

📌 Which slot machines providers have a partnership with LuckyStreak?

LuckyStreak has partnered with the following slot machine providers:

📌 Why is LuckyStreak doing aggregator services?

The LuckyStreak aggregator services merge gamification, innovation and style to create a unique gaming experience.

📌 Who is the CEO of LuckyStreak company?

The CEO of Lucky Streak gaming is Ady Totah, and he’s also one of the company’s co-founders. Visit the link and read more about Lucky Streak casino games aggregator!

📌 What is LuckyStreak news for 2021?

The following are the critical highlights of the online casino LuckyStreak news 2021:

  • A partnership with Yggdrasil Gaming, which was announced on 5th March 2021
  • The provider launched a new and improved website platform.

Enjoy Lucky Streak casino live games in most of the online casinosLuckyStreak casino games Popularity

LuckyStreak casino offers the following igaming solutions to casinos:

  • LiveCasino;
  • LuckyConnect;
  • LuckyDedicated;
  • LuckyLand Based.

Lucky Streak live casino titles use different special features to ensure gamblers enjoy an exciting gameplay experience.

Customization Options

This feature allows online casinos to offer flexible, tailor-made online casino game solutions by considering their users’ preferences and market needs.

Lucky Streak live casino features - dealer rating and chat options

Operators can make the modifications according to the limit, game, currency and table. Examples of improvements include:

  • Player Side modifications: this customisable UI is available for Live Baccarat online games. LuckyStreak Casino offers single-mode, multi-mode and customisable modes based on the clients’ preference and location.
  • Operator Side modifications: The operator can opt to load a particular client for specific localisation or digital branding.

Promotional Tools

LuckyStreak employs cutting-edge igaming promotional tools. These toolsallow operators to create jackpot promotional campaigns based on the users’ preferences and needs. LuckyStreak online casinos can use the following jackpot promotional campaigns:

  • Randomly Selected Jackpot;
  • Leaderboard Jackpot.

The Lucky Streak casino tournament box helps operators in running customised promotional leaderboards among their players. The users get to earn points by performing specific actions which the operators define. Players with the most points get to earn prizes set by the operator.

Lucky Streak gaming live casino has Leaderboard Jackpot

Management Tools

LuckyStreak has innovative and high-tech casino management software that helps operators manage, monitor, and maximize their players’ gaming experience. The all online casinos can use the following LuckyStreak management tools:

  • Configuration: allows the structuring of various features of the online games, data separation and localisation of content in numerous languages.
  • Player management: the operator can monitor the players’ gaming experience and analyse their gameplay behaviour.
  • Reporting: the tool helps the operators gain the needed insight into their players, online games, and the industry. They can make necessary improvements and adjustments.
  • Multiple Operator Support: efficiently manages multiple casino operators in an effective and intuitive interface.
  • Back office API: used by operators to connect the data back to their internal Back office systems.

Online casino operators can also access 24/7 Lucky Live Casino Support! From the support portal, any inquiries and issues are handled, ranging from specific configuration to operational needs.

LuckyStreak has wide list of live casino games and tables

Lucky Streak slots, roulette, baccarat and blackjackLuckyStreak All Types of Games

Live Blackjack

The Lucky Streak blackjack online game creates a live casino experience. You’re guaranteed exciting gameplay with enticing side bets and additional promotions, which are easily accessible. Live Blackjack special features include:

HOT or NOT Statistics

The feature allows players to access game statistics and adequately analyze the game. LuckyStreak uses a unique formula to power a detailed graphical presentation of the game statistics. From the graph, one can see the hottest and most competitive players on the table. The player can use this information to come up with the best gaming strategy.

Bet Behind

The bet behind LuckyStreak online casino features allows players to wager on a hand, which another player deals. With this feature, you end up sharing the outcome of the other player’s (wager) hand.

The payouts of the bet behind feature are similar to those of ordinary bets. Players can use this feature whether they’re playing on the table and intend on playing their hand or not.

Lucky Streak Live dealer Blackjack

Side Bets

LuckyStreak has added extra fun to the game by including the famous Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bets. A single click can activate the side bets, presenting the player with two new betting chances.

Players can activate the Perfect Pair side bet by pairing the first two cards (suited or non-suited). The 21+3 side bet on the hand is activated based on live 3 card poker combinations.

Pre-decision Buttons

The pre-decision buttons allow for a quick flow of the game. The players can easily hit, stand, double down or split, without waiting for their turn. Thus much speedier gameplay and enhanced user experience.

Live Baccarat

The LuckyStreak baccarat game is a stylish high roller online title. The number of players playing simultaneously on a particular table isn’t limited, which means unlimited revenue opportunities for the operator. Many exciting activities go on during the game, chatting with the lively presenters, analysing the gaming statistics and playing the game.

LuckyStreak Live Baccarat Gameplay

Luckytreak live baccarat has the following features:

Game Stats

Players can easily read the clean and detailed breakdown of the recent baccarat gambling rounds played. With this feature, you can quickly analyse and manage your gaming risks.

Pairs Side Bets

The pair side bets are new and exciting and easily activated by the click of a button. The Live baccarat side bets present a player with six new betting opportunities. The player can place the side bets on the Banker and Player. Suited (perfect), any un-suited pairs and any other bet pairs are available in the game.

Game History

You can view the Live Baccarat gameplay history. The history is displayed in five different and interactive road maps and charts. Each roadmap shows a detailed graphical representation of the last round results. The previous round outcomes which the player can use in predicting the future results of the game.

Multiplayer View

The LuckyStreak multiplayer view feature gives a fantastic firsthand experience in a multiplayer baccarat game. When you use the multiplayer view mode, you can easily track other player’s bets and the trends derived from those bets.

LuckyStreak Live casino game Baccarat features

LuckyStreak casino live Roulette

LuckyStreak live roulette is broadcast in high quality 16:9 HD. There three main variations of LuckyStreak Casino roulettes:

  • Live European Roulette;
  • Dual Play Roulette: a live roulette game, which allows online players to sit side by side with players in a brick and mortar casino. Players can engage with other players and live presenters via the live chat feature.
  • Live Auto Roulette: this is an automatic live roulette game that doesn’t require live presenters. The game is streamed to the players’ devices, and the features are similar to those of a land-based casino’s roulette table.

The Lucky Streak roulette online games have been uniquely designed with engaging presenters. The above variations come with essential features which make the gameplay enhanced and enjoyable. LuckyStreak roulette has the following features:

Multi-Player View

Multi-view live roulette gives players a cinematic experience. The gaming tables are upgraded. The automatic live replay and multiple new angles provide a more entertaining gameplay experience.

Lucky Streak Live Roulette online

Call Bets

Enjoy French-style roulette combination bets like the Voisins du zéro, Orphelins (orphans), splits, corners, and Le tiers du cylinder (Thirds of the wheel).

Game History

Access your gaming history, which is displayed in a clean and neat live interactive graph. The graph shows the drill-down of the past 100 rounds. The hot and cold numbers of the game are broken down into percentages based on the number of times the ball hit.


When it comes to online slot games, LuckyStreak has partnered with various developers in the industry who act as LuckyConnect Suppliers. You can find a wide range of Lucky Streak slots from the LuckyConnect Suppliers.

Unfortunately, the aggregator still has not Lucky Streak Poker, but probably we will see it soon.

Lucky Streak win real moneyLuckyStreak Live Casinos

LuckyStreak has partnered with various online casinos and igaming platforms to increase its online coverage. Below is a list of the LuckyStreak online casinos.


1xBit is a very big online casino and sports betting platform. The online casino has a wide variety of games from the top igaming developers in the industry like BetSoft and Play’n GO casino games provider. Some of the top games at 1xBit online casino include baccarat, 3D slots, bingo, blackjack and poker.

Other popular casinos include:

  • Casino Superlines;
  • GunsBet casino;
  • Megapari casino;
  • TonyBet casino.

LuckyStreak partners are online casinos that are licenced and regulated by the relevant gambling regulatory bodies.

Lucky Streak still hasn't Poker, but we hope that it will be soonLucky Streak Gaming News 2024

The casino games aggregator has been busy for the past six months since the year began. Below are the key highlights of the LuckyStreak news:

  • 5th March 2021: The online casino LuckyStreak announced its partnership with Yggdrasil Gaming. Yggdrasil Gaming slots developer developer is famous for having an award-winning in-house online games portfolio. The gaming portfolio of Yggdrasil Gaming will be available to all the LuckyStreak clients through the LuckyConnect platform.
LuckyStreak has new partnership with Yggdrasil
  • 1st March 2021: Lucky Streak Casino launched a newly redesigned website. The new website features improved functionality, easy access to information, and modern design. The main goal of the new website is to offer an enhanced user experience that is designed to provide easier access to LuckyStreak ‘s information.

We hope that this Lucky Streak review was informative and interesting for YouLucky Streak review conclusion

LuckyStreak is an Israeli-based online casino gaming aggregator with a significant focus on developing live dealer casino games. The company has been operating for the past six years and has partnered with some big names in the igaming industry like BetSoft and B-Gaming.

The CEO and one of the founders, Ady Totah, has plenty of experience in the igaming industry. The brand’s focus on providing aggregator services in the igaming market makes it stand out.

Even though the target market is primarily Europe, the brand has managed to gain global popularity. There is a consistent implementation of new and innovative solutions by LuckyStreak to ensure enhanced gameplay at all times.

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