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We decided to start SmartCasinoGuide in 2015 to provide accurate information about casinos to gamblers. We believe that gambling is a leisure activity and should be relaxing and stress-free. To help our punters have an enjoyable experience, we provide all the information they need about Sofort casinos 2024; this includes available games,..Show more
We decided to start SmartCasinoGuide in 2015 to provide accurate information about casinos to gamblers. We believe that gambling is a leisure activity and should be relaxing and stress-free. To help..Show more

We decided to start SmartCasinoGuide in 2015 to provide accurate information about casinos to gamblers. We believe that gambling is a leisure activity and should be relaxing and stress-free. To help our punters have an enjoyable experience, we provide all the information they need about Sofort casinos 2024; this includes available games, reputation and security. We’re currently busy with a project to explain different payment methods for online casinos.

In this guide, we investigate the Sofort payment method in depth. We discuss who can use Sofort, how it works and how to find a Sofort casino. We also examine the advantages and disadvantages of using this payment method. Additionally, we include the fees and time frames you can expect when using Sofort and explain the deposit steps using this method.

Sofort isn’t an e-wallet but a payment processing service that allows you to make purchases without sharing too much personal information with the merchant. Making a payment using a third-party processing service like Sofort provides gamblers with an extra layer of safety and security. Extra security means you can play online without stress. Sofort means ‘immediately’, so let’s examine whether the method lives up to its name.

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Orange check markSofortüberweisung Payment Method

Sofort was initially formed in Germany in 2005 to take advantage of the growing number of internet transactions by providing users with a fast, secure payment method for online payments. The company’s original focus was on the German and Austrian markets. They’ve since expanded to include many other European markets. In English-speaking countries, Sofort is known as Pay Now.

The success of Sofort led to Swedish company Klarna acquiring them in 2014 for $150 million and forming the Klarna group. The deal meant that Klarna and Sofort now had a combined 10% share of the European market. If you’re using Sofort for the first time, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself on a Klarna-branded site. Since 2017, Sofort has changed the design of their site, integrating it into the Klarna product line.

FAQ about Sofort online casinos
⭐ What is Sofort?

Sofort is a payment processing method developed in Germany. The company now falls under the Klarna group and is available in many other countries in Western and Central Europe.

⭐ Which online casinos accept Sofort?

You can find a list of casinos sites that accept Sofort on SmartCasinoGuide. Typically, European casinos offer Sofort as a payment method. Sofort is known as Pay Now in English-speaking countries.

⭐ What are the benefits of Sofort?

These are the benefits of Sofort:

  • No registration needed.
  • Fast transfer.
  • You don’t need to share your banking details with the Sofort casino.
  • Sofort is free for the user.
  • Sofort has a high, maximum transfer amount of €25,000.
⭐ What are the disadvantages of Sofort?

Sofort has some disadvantages:

  • You need an existing, online banking profile.
  • Sofort doesn’t do currency conversions.
  • You need to enter the details on the Sofort form then confirm the transaction on your online banking profile.
  • You can’t withdraw using Sofort.
⭐ What are Sofort payment method alternatives?

Sofort casinos have several alternatives. A few examples of alternatives are:

⭐ Is Sofort safe to use for casino sites?

Sofort is safe to use on casino sites. The Sofort site is secure, and none of your banking information is stored or shared. The online gambling site never sees your banking details.

⭐ Do all online casinos accept Sofort?

Not all online casinos accept Sofort. Typically, casinos that cater to Western and Central European players have Sofort as a payment method. Sofort is expanding its reach to include more customers and casinos.

⭐ Are Sofort deposits instant?

In theory, Sofort deposits are instant, but sometimes they can take up to 15 minutes. A wire transfer from your bank account takes up to three full days.

⭐ Can I use Sofort in mobile casinos?

You can use Sofort in mobile casinos if your online banking is supported on a mobile browser or if you use a desktop computer to make the transfer.

⭐ Are there any fees when paying by Sofort in casinos online?

Sofort doesn’t charge you to use the service. They charge the casino 2% plus €0.25, so the casino may pass this cost to you. Check with the online gambling site whether they charge you any fees to use Sofort as a deposit method.

Sofort now has access to the security of Klarna and is the instant payment arm of the Klarna group. Klarna allows users to pay deposits in instalments, meaning that it’s unsuitable for bettors in gambling jurisdictions, like the UK. UKGC-licenced casinos can’t accept payments that could be seen as gambling on credit.

Sofort takes security and anonymity seriously; they don’t store your banking details or transmit them to the merchant. They do need your name and the reason for payment, but all other details remain anonymous, including your PIN and TAN. (The TAN, or transaction authentication number, is used to verify the online banking user and combat fraud).

Orange check markSofort Casino

You can search for casinos that accept Sofort on the internet or simply look for casino online Sofort on our SmartCasinoGuide above. Sofort (Pay Now) has operated under the Klarna banner since 2017, so a search for Klarna casinos should also reveal casinos that use Sofort as a banking method. Don’t forget to read the casino reviews and complaints before deciding whether it’s a good fit for you. Our guide provides you with information on different casinos’ security, trustworthiness, and games available.

Sofort online casinos 2024 with logos

As Sofort is still generally regarded as a regional payment method, a Sofort banking casino usually caters to German, Austrian, Swiss and Belgian gamblers. Although some may see this as a disadvantage, it’s sometimes preferable to use a payment processing service tailored to a country or region’s specific needs and banking practices.

Orange check markCasino Sofort Bonus

Casinos change and update bonuses regularly, so it’s often better to check for an online casino Sofort bonus on the websites before choosing a Sofort gambling site. You can also check our reviews of Sofort casinos and compare the bonuses they usually offer. A few of the bonuses you can expect to find at a Sofort online casino include:

  • Match bonus: A casino sometimes offers a match bonus of 100% of your deposit. The match bonus is usually presented as a welcome bonus.
  • Free spins: Free spins usually apply only to selected slots, so you should read the terms and conditions to determine what games you can use them on.
  • Cash-back: Some casinos offer to refund gamblers a portion of their lost bets. Sometimes it’s a weekly bonus, and other times it may be a once-off offer.
  • No-deposit bonus: Some casinos offer a no-deposit bonus for signing up. Typically, the wagering requirement for a no-deposit bonus is higher than other bonus types.
  • Reload bonus: Often, casinos offer a daily, weekly, or monthly reload bonus to players who deposit funds at the casino. The bonus may be free spins or a percentage of your deposits.
Online casino Sofort bonus types list - PC

Always familiarise yourself with a site’s Terms and Conditions before accepting a bonus. Remember that a bonus isn’t free, and the casino needs a return on the investment. Look for things like a minimum wagering requirement, time limits and which games qualify for a particular bonus. The casino may offer complimentary spins only for certain games. Reading the terms of the bonus offer helps prevent any misunderstandings later.

Orange check markWho Can Use Sofort?

The Sofort payment method was first developed in Germany and made available to customers from all German banks. Since then, it expanded to Austria, Switzerland and, after being acquired by the Klarna group in 2014, has continued expanding.

Sofort is now available in all of these countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Poland
  • Hungary
Who can use casinos Sofort banking - Countries flags

Additionally, there’s support for merchants to receive payments via Sofort (through a third party) in the US, Scandinavian countries and many others. The Klarna group, including Sofort, is using strategic partnerships to expand their reach globally. Sofort is also known as Pay Now in English-speaking countries. If you wish to use Sofort as a payment method, it’s best to check with your bank first to ensure they allow this payment processing method.

Orange check markFees & Timeframes Using Casino Sofort

Sofort is a trusted payment provider, so generally, the money reflects immediately on your account. However, check on the casino website before making an assumption. Some transactions may even be delayed up to 15 minutes. The money from your bank account takes up to three days to reach the casino, so some providers may wait until it reflects on their bank account before crediting you.

Sofort doesn’t charge users any fees for online casino Sofort banking. Still, your bank or the casino may charge fees for a Sofort deposit. Sofort charges the casino 2% plus €0.25 per transaction. Check the website to determine whether the casino passes the charges to you. Also, check with your bank to find out if they impose extra charges for using Sofort.

Fees & Timeframes using Sofort banking casino - Bank card & keyboard

Orange check markAdvantages of Sofort Casinos

Sofort has several advantages which have made it the favoured payment method in Germany and a popular banking method in other countries:

  • No registration: You don’t need to register to use Sofort. Just select Sofort as your preferred payment method and enter your details on the form. Not having to register on the site also saves you from creating new passwords.
  • Fast transfer: A standard wire transfer can take days. Typically, a merchant or casino accepts a Sofort payment as complete and credits your balance within minutes. A fast transfer means you can continue playing with minimal interruption.
  • Anonymous: Sofort doesn’t share your banking details with the casino. Only your name and the payment reference that you add to the relevant field on their form. Sofort doesn’t save your banking details or share them with any third parties. Sofort increases your security by doing this, as your details can’t be stolen in a data breach.
  • Free: The Sofort payment method is free for users. Check with the casino and your bank to ensure they don’t charge extra fees for using Sofort. Sofort charges online gaming providers a small fee on each transaction.
  • High maximum amount: You can transfer up to €25,000 at a time using Sofort banking. (The maximum amount may be less, depending on your settings for online banking at your bank).
Advantages of online casino Sofort banking - Keyboard with Pay button

Orange check markDisadvantages of Sofort Casinos

All payment methods have some disadvantages. Knowing the negatives will help you decide whether Sofort is a suitable method for your needs.

  • Online banking: Only people with an existing online banking profile can use Sofort. If you don’t have an existing online banking facility, you need to try a different payment method.
  • No currency conversion: Sofort is only available in euro, Swiss francs and now British pounds. You can’t use Sofort to convert currency.
  • Two sites: Sofort pays the casino once they have confirmed your transaction, and you pay Sofort via your online banking. You have to log in to your online banking to complete the transaction with Sofort.
  • No withdrawal function: You can only use Sofort to make deposits. You’ll need to choose a different method to withdraw money from a casino bonus Sofort.
Disadvantages of casino online bonus Sofort - paying with card

Orange check markHow to Deposit With Sofort?

First, you need to be registered at one of the casinos Sofort has a deal with. When you want to make a Sofort deposit, select it as your preferred method at the cashier. The casino site will then direct you to the Klarna/Sofort page where you fill in their form, including your name, bank (with an online profile), reference, PIN and TAN. The Sofort website then directs you to your online banking page to confirm the transaction. Sofort also sends you an email with the transaction details as confirmation.

Orange check markVerdict of Sofort Casinos 2024

Sofort remains the favoured online payment method for German bank account users, and it’s effective. Some other payment methods have advantages over Sofort that make them worth considering. Some providers allow currency conversions, meaning that you can pay PayPal casinos in USD, even if your banking is in euros. You could also consider Zimpler casinos or iDeal casinos as alternatives.

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