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Sweet Bonanza is definitely one of the most popular casino games ever created. People really like the concept and the whole vibe about it. So, if you are a fan of that game, we have some amazing news for you. At the end of 2021, Pragmatic Play released a live version of this game called Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

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As you might know, live casino games are really innovative and entertaining since you can see all the live action and they usually involve a game host to which players can talk.

Some of the most popular live games are Crazy Time and Monopoly Live so let’s see if Sweet Bonanza Candyland can compare to those and bring some good moments to our gambling experience.

sweet bonanza candyland logoSweet Bonanza Candyland Pragmatic Play – what is it?

It is a wheel type live casino game where players can make bets on where the wheel is going to stop. The wheel has 54 different segments and most of them display numbers 1, 2 or 5. There are also two segments which display Candy Drop symbols, two segments with Sugar Bomb symbol, three segments with Bubble Surprise and one segment with a Sweet Spins symbol.

sweet bonanza candyland live bets rtp odds

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is super entertaining, has a colorful theme, nice sound effects and it is available to play 24/7. Also, there is a game host which makes it feel like a real TV show.

What do people ask about Sweet Bonanza Candyland?
🍭 What is Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP is 96.95%.

🍭 What are Sweet Bonanza Candyland odds?

The odds of winning in this game depends on what bets you are going to make. Let’s say you make a bet on both “1” and “2” – that would give you a 38/54 chance to win while making a bet only on “Sweet Spins” would give you a chance of 1/54.

🍭 Is there a Sweet Bonanza Candyland tracker available?

This game has a built-in tracker which shows a history of previous 500 rounds.

🍭 Is there a Sweet Bonanza Candyland demo available?

You can not really play this game in demo version but you can spectate the game absolutely for free. There is no need to make bets in order to watch it.

🍭 What is Sweet Bonanza Candyland biggest win?

The maximum win in this game is 20 000x or up to 500 000€ and there were several times when this max win was reached.

🍭 Can you play this game using crypto?

Yes, some crypto casinos has this game available. You can find some of them at the best crypto casino list 2023.

So, if you would like to try out something different than slots and do not want to play Monopoly Live or Crazy Time which have been around for a while – this game can be a really good choice.

sweet bonanza candyland logoSweet Bonanza Candyland live bonus features

As we mentioned already, the wheel of this game consists of 54 segments and there are 8 of them which display different bonus features.

Those bonus features are really entertaining and here we will highlight all of them:

  • Sugar Bomb – if a wheel lands on this segment it will reveal a multiplier from 2 to 10x. Then, the host respins the wheel and once it lands, the winnings will be boosted by the value of the multiplier. Your bet from the initial spin remains for the respin;
sweet bonanza candyland sweet spins candy drop bonus features
  • Candy Drop – here you will be able to pick one of three colors and then a pachinko style game will start. There the ball will drop from top to the bottom while collecting multipliers at the same time. At the end, those multipliers will be accumulated and you will be awarded the prize;
  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland Sweet Spins – it is the most exciting part of this game and once the wheel lands here you will be taken to a Sweet Bonanza-like slot machine. There you will have 10 free spins where every win will award a multiplier. That multiplier will be accumulated throughout all spins and at the end your bet will be multiplied by it. Also, there are Lollypop symbols available in Sweet Spins which can reward additional spins;
  • Bubble Surprise – if the wheel lands there you will be either rewarded with 5x, 10x, Candy Drop or Sweet Spins.

Also, there is an option to turn on Sugar Bomb Booster which will double the multiplier if Sugar Bomb feature lands. Enabling this feature will cost you an additional 25%.

sweet bonanza candyland logoSweet Bonanza Candyland casinos – where to play it?

If this game looks interesting to you then the next step is to choose a casino which has it so you can play it. Sweet Bonanza Candyland was created by Pragmatic Play Live studio so the most important thing when choosing a casinos is that it has games from this provider.

Above we highlighted some online casinos which has this provider available, it is safe to play, has good bonuses and many other exciting features. So, if you do not want to spend time searching on your own, feel free to use our suggestions.

sweet bonanza candyland logoSweet Bonanza Candyland stats

If you are a person who likes stats and math you will probably like this game. Unlike other similar games which only show the results of previous 10 or 20 rounds, this live game gives an option to see the results of previous 500 rounds.

sweet bonanza candyland stats strategy tracker history

That is a really good feature if you want to calculate some stats and try to decide which wheel segments are hot or cold. However, it is worth remembering that Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a game of luck and it uses a random number generator which makes sures that the result of every spin is random. It works in a very similar fashion like Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming.

Regarding where the wheel stops most often there is no secret that “1” and “2” are the fields you will see the most often in this game since those two numbers combined accounts for 38 out of 54 segments on the wheel.

sweet bonanza candyland logoSweet Bonanza Candyland strategy

You might be wondering, is there a strategy that I can use in this game to have the most profit? And the honest answer to that question is no. Nobody can guarantee that you will win or lose in this game since it is a game of luck after all.

However, probably the most exciting strategy in this game would be to bet on bonus features since they can bring the biggest winnings. Going for numbers “1”, “2” or “5” is not that exciting and we would definitely recommend betting on bonus features even though it is a more risky way to play.

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