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Klarna is an online payment option in expansion. It mixes e-wallet facilities with a system called Buy Now Pay Later. This option gives it credit card-like advantages. For instance, you don’t need to have funds when you make your deposit at a Klarna deposit casino. Instead, you can pay for it 30 days later. We’ll discuss this and other advantages..Show more
Klarna is an online payment option in expansion. It mixes e-wallet facilities with a system called Buy Now Pay Later. This option gives it credit card-like advantages. For instance, you don’t need to..Show more

Klarna is an online payment option in expansion. It mixes e-wallet facilities with a system called Buy Now Pay Later. This option gives it credit card-like advantages. For instance, you don’t need to have funds when you make your deposit at a Klarna deposit casino. Instead, you can pay for it 30 days later. We’ll discuss this and other advantages in this article, where we explore the new world of Klarna casinos 2024.

We’re the SmartCasinoGuide team. Our mission is to search for the best casinos out there and rank them by high standard licenses, a variety of games, and payment methods, so we can bring the hottest ones back to you. It’s crucial for us that you make your choices based on the best information available. Here, you’ll get to know the perks and liabilities of this option, as well as other comparable services.

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K. in pink backgroundQ&A of Klarna Card Casino

If you already have any questions about this fantastic payment option click below. In this section, you’ll have further information about this service, such as conditions, fees, and coverage. You’ll also compare how it performs, in contrast with a few similar options.

FAQ about Online Casino Klarna
⭐ What Is Klarna?

Klarna Bank is a Swedish financing company founded in 2005, providing small loans for online purchases. Their motto is “Buy now pay later”. Thanks to their point-of-sale loans, you can “pay later” with four instalments via your debit or credit card. Those loans are interest-free and only apply a fixed fee. They don’t display their fees on their UK website. In the US, fees are reported to be around $7 for the plan “Pay in 4”. Repayment can be made in four equal instalments every two weeks or the total amount in 30 days. There are no fees for the latter option.

⭐ Which online casino that accept Klarna?

Klarna “pay later” feature is becoming a tremendous success among online players worldwide. Thanks to this service’s convenience, Klarna online casinos are on the rise wherever Klarna operates. You can find them in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, and the US. It operates with local currencies of all those countries as well. You can find many casino websites that accept Klarna (or Sofort casinos) on our page.

⭐ What are the benefits of Klarna?
  • Klarna offers a couple of interest-free options for “pay later” services.
  • Also, there are no prepayment fees either.
  • You receive constant repayment reminders and they give you flexibility.
  • You can’t divide your casino pay with Klarna in instalments, but you can pay it 30 days later.
⭐ What are the disadvantages of Klarna?
  • Klarna will run a credit background check before offering you any service.
  • Although there are no fees for payments made in 30 days, transaction fees can be pretty high (starting at 2.95%) if compared with similar services.
  • The company charges you £1.49 for each statement sent by post and a fee of £12 if you fail to maintain minimum payments.
  • Some customers have reported problems with refunding, which can take a long time.
⭐ What are Klarna payment method alternatives?

Online gambling is an e-wallet-dominated land. Prepaid options are cheap and straightforward, but credit or “pay later” options are increasing by the day. Other companies that offer point-of-sale loans include After Pay and Affirm, among others. Those companies bear a few similarities, like having their app for online operations and low- or no-interest rates. Notice that many popular on-the-spot credit companies may not allow their services for gambling. PayPal Credit and Sezzle are two of them.

Other e-wallet (but prepaid) solutions for gamblers are the popular:

⭐ Is Klarna safe to use for casino sites?

Klarna, like other electronic payment methods, doesn’t share your banking information with any website. So you can play safely with it. You don’t need to set up an account with Klarna to fund your bankroll. It means you don’t need to share your personal information either. Other online payment methods may request you to sign at some point. It usually implies providing your full name, address, date of birth, and other sensitive information. In online casinos Klarna, you can always pay anonymously.

Klarna doesn’t need to store your personal information, so not even their staff can access it. Their online security level reaches the highest standards of the TÜV “Approved Data Protection” stamp, as well as the TÜV Saarland “Approved Payment System “certificate. They also use PIN and TAN verifications for every transaction.

⭐ Can I use Klarna in mobile casinos?

Klarna is fit for mobile casinos, as it’s a convenient and discreet payment method. It doesn’t ask for registration to effectuate payments and has a very user-friendly app. It won’t be challenging to find a Klarna pay later casino to play on your smartphone for those reasons. If you often play from your smartphone, consider other mobile casinos with more credit options, such as a mobile casino Pay by Phone or a mobile casino Pay with Phone Credit. Those options also allow you to pay later but on your phone bill.

⭐ Can I make a withdrawal from an online casino via Klarna?

Casino websites that use Klarna frequently also use it as a withdrawal method. Still, check the terms and conditions of your preferred casino because some of them won’t use it that way. In those casinos which operate with Klarna for withdrawals, they’re as simple as depositing. Typically, transfer time stays around two or three business days, but it can vary according to your country of residence.

⭐ Is Klarna like AfterPay?

In short, yes. Both offer BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) services. Both companies allow you to pay your loan in four equal instalments. However, those options aren’t available for gambling purposes. Klarna and AfterPay are equally likely to run soft credit checks before allowing you any limit. Most services of both companies are interest-free, and none of them charges any account maintenance fee.

Still, there are some crucial differences between them. While AfterPay has a borrowing limit of $2,000, Klarna has no hard limit. So many similarities lead to one inevitable question: Is Klarna better than AfterPay? There’s no straight answer; it’ll depend on your needs. Afterpay may perform better for small purchases, as the applications process is simple and not too picky. Klarna can offer you more considerable credit sums, but they also run more detailed credit checks.

⭐ Are Klarna deposits instant?

Klarna deposits are instant, which is an edge over most online banking services.

⭐ Are there any fees when paying by Klarna in casinos online?

Although Klarna won’t charge you any fee itself, your bank or the casino can charge some transaction fees. Usually, it’s free to use Klarna for gambling. Casinos with Klarna will rarely charge you for depositing, but they may for other transactions, such as withdrawals. Check the terms and conditions of your casino beforehand.

K. in pink backgroundKlarna Casinos 2024

Klarna pay casino are top-rated in Northern European countries, where the company started its activity. Since its creation in 2005, the company is expanding quite fast and now covers almost all European countries, plus the US. Casino sites that accept Klarna offer welcome bonuses and other perks for Klarna payments as well. All payments can be managed through the Klarna app in a straightforward and fast way. Although they run credit checks before allowing you to use the Pay in 30 services, the decision is made relatively fast. They also provide well-ranked customer service, which works 24/7. All of this is reflected by the company’s review scores on Trustpilot (4.3 out of 5).

K. in pink backgroundSofort Casinos

Klarna and Sofort used to be different companies. In 2013, when they first paid more than €150 million to buy the latter. Sofort coverage spanned over Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Moreover, for players who enjoy Klarna gambling features, Sofort works pretty much the same way. So, finding Sofort casinos is as easy as finding a casino with Klarna. Casinos tend to display those payment options together, as “Klarna/Sofort”.

Online casinos with Klarna vs Sofort casinos 2024 - logos, Buy Now button

Even so, they’re still not the same company, as they expanded in different ways. In 2017, Sofort Banking changed its brand name to Pay Now. The logos of both companies became the same.

K. in pink backgroundWhere Can I Play Casinos Klarna?

Klarna Bank enjoys broad acceptance in Northern European countries. It means that some of the hottest casinos that use Klarna are from there. Still, there are plenty of options wherever they operate: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, and the US.

K. in pink backgroundCasino Sites That Use Klarna

The popularity of casinos that accept Klarna is on the rise among online gamblers, and the number of Klarna casinos 2024 is increasing by the day. This payment method is accepted in Europe and the US and supports local currencies from all the countries where it operates. Searching for keywords as Klarna casinos UK or Klarna casinos Netherlands will return you plenty of results.

Typically, welcome bonuses for new players and special offers on deposits are also available for this kind of payment. If you’re looking for a Klarna casino UK, check casinos list above.

Casino sites that use Klarna - casinos UK, Netherlands,, Norway, Finland

K. in pink backgroundFees and Time Frames Using Casino Klarna

A casino deposit Klarna is usually free of charge. The company charges the commercial operator not the customer. Some online casinos may charge this fee back from the player in the form of deposit fees. Still, the leading casino brands will rarely charge you such a fee. There are no interest rates attached either. Deposits are processed on the spot. Withdrawals, when possible, take within three working days.

K. in pink backgroundAdvantages of Klarna Online Casinos

There are many advantages to this system for online players. In this section, you’ll read more about the main ones.

Check mark in pink backgroundNo fees

The service is free to use in most Klarna afterpay casino transactions. This happens because the company charges operators rather than customers. It doesn’t charge any maintenance fee either. It means that they charge the casino instead of you. Some casinos tend to pass on the cost to the players. Yet, the most important casinos usually afford this cost themselves, so the service comes as no cost to you.

Fees and time frames of websites that use Klarna for gambling

Check mark in pink backgroundSafe and sound

The whole payment process is anonymous and secure. Any online payment requires PIN and TAN verifications. The company holds respectable safety certifications, such as TÜV “Approved Data Protection” and the TÜV Saarland “Approved Payment System”.

Check mark in pink backgroundPay anywhere

Klarna’s payment screen is designed to be 100% mobile-friendly, thus increasing its accessibility. If you play on using mobile casinos, this is a convenient payment method. Everything can be done from your smartphone. They also have an app to help you manage your account. You can also use one-time cards generated in the Klarna’s app for whatever online payment you want. You can use your Klarna card online casino for one-time payments if you wish.

Advantages of online casino pay with Klarna - Green circle with hand and money

K. in pink backgroundDisadvantages of Klarna Online Casino

This system has its drawbacks too. Here, you’ll read everything about them so that you can make a more educated decision.

Check mark in pink backgroundFew mobile casino options

Some users have reported little availability of mobile casinos accepting this payment method. It can be frustrating for many players looking for diversity.

Check mark in pink backgroundAvailability

The service is available to a limited number of countries. Even inside Europe, it doesn’t reach all the countries. The Pay Later option isn’t available for bankroll top-ups. They can run personal credit score checks before granting you any loan.

Check mark in pink backgroundWithdrawals

Withdrawals are tricky. Not all casinos will accept it as a withdrawal method. So get informed before you jump into any casino if you plan on using this service. Players often resort to e-wallets when it comes to withdrawals, where this process is more accessible. Besides, withdrawals can take from two to three days to be processed.

Disadvantages of Klarna online deposit casino

K. in pink backgroundHow to Deposit With Klarna

Depositing with Klarna is fast and secure. You don’t need to register a different account, which is already a simplifier.

  • Once you’re in the payment section of your casino, pick Klarna as a payment method.
  • There will be a window from Klarna’s system for effectuating your payment.
  • You should insert your country of residence and the bank account linked to the service.
  • Here, you should use your bank account login and PIN.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a TAN (transaction authentication number) via SMS on your phone or via email.
  • Your funds will be instantly transferred from your bank account to the casino of your choice.
  • Then you’re good to go!

K. in pink background - is klarna like afterpayConclusion of Casino Online Klarna

Klarna casinos 2021 has a clear advantage over e-wallets when it comes to online casino payments. You don’t need to pay upfront for your casino deposits, you’ll have anonymity, and you can use one-time cards for payment. Those are some of the most enticing perks. They’re not the only pay-later options on the market; it’s worth considering other options. They run credit checks, which can be disappointing for some players. Other pay-later options, such as AfterPay, or pay-by-phone services, are usually hassle-free.

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