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Pay-by-phone casinos are on the rise, and PayForIt Casinos 2024 undoubtedly stands out in the crowd. PayForIt’s popularity is increasing by the day. Not only in the UK, where it started but also in Canada and Australia. This service allows you to make instant deposits via your phone. It doesn’t ever request your credit or debit cards. We are the..Show more
Pay-by-phone casinos are on the rise, and PayForIt Casinos 2024 undoubtedly stands out in the crowd. PayForIt’s popularity is increasing by the day. Not only in the UK, where it started but also in..Show more

Pay-by-phone casinos are on the rise, and PayForIt Casinos 2024 undoubtedly stands out in the crowd. PayForIt’s popularity is increasing by the day. Not only in the UK, where it started but also in Canada and Australia. This service allows you to make instant deposits via your phone. It doesn’t ever request your credit or debit cards.

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Mobile phone in orange circle - PayForItWhat to Expect From a Casino PayForIt?

PayForIt is an online payment method, available for UK-based players since 2007. This service allows you to make instant deposits on your casino account and pay for them on your monthly telephone bill. This pay-by-phone service is made possible through several mobile companies, such as Vodafone, O2, 3, and others. Even virtual networks like Tesco Mobile and Virgin are included in this service.

PayForIt casinos UK is fantastic because you don’t need to have the money upfront. You don’t even need a registration to use this service. All you need is a mobile phone number. With every transaction you conduct you will get a confirmation SMS/ message. This option is becoming so popular that now it’s possible to use it in Canada and Australia. A quick search for PayForIt casino Canada or PayForIt mobile casino Australia in SmartCasinoGuide will result in many options.

FAQ about PayForIt Online Casinos
💲 What is PayForIt?

This service allows you to fund your bankroll now and pay for it only in your next phone bill. Alternatively, you can make deposits using your existing phone balance. In this case, you’ll be charged upfront.

PayForIt is a company created by the founders of the Spanish consortium SimPay, in 2007. This consortium aimed to provide a unified mobile payment option to Spanish buyers. In future, it should expand to a pan-European platform. The pan-European plan didn’t go further. Still, PayForIt is increasing its popularity among British online gamblers.

Nowadays, Australian and Canadian players can also enjoy PayForIt’s user-friendliness and perks.

💲 Which online casinos accept PayForIt?

Most casinos in the UK that accept mobile payment methods are likely to receive PayForIt. This option is displayed in the payment method section. It’s a prevalent option in mobile casinos since the whole service is mobile-oriented. Check our list with the best PayForIt casinos around.

💲 What are the benefits of PayForIt?

PayForIt is rounded with benefits for online players.

  • First of all, it doesn’t require debit cards, credit cards or any banking system.
  • You don’t need to have the money upfront to play because you can pay for it on your next phone bill.
  • Although, if you don’t want to leave for the next month, you can pay it on the spot with your mobile credits.
  • Players who like to keep their gambling expenses low enjoy its low transaction limit, which is £30.
  • Some casinos may have additional fees for this payment method, but most casinos have this service free of charge.
  • It’s an altogether safe system. You don’t have to share any personal information other than your mobile number. Banking and personal details are not part of this transaction.
  • This service also holds the most respectable licenses in the UK.
💲 What are the disadvantages of PayForIt?
  • This service has somewhat limited coverage.
  • So far, it’s only available in the UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • The deposit cap, which is an advantage for those who want to keep the gambling budget small, is a deal-breaker for those players who enjoy high stakes.
  • PayForIt can’t be used as a withdrawal method because it’s not attached to any banking system.
  • It means you’ll have to look for a different option for this operation, which can be a hassle. Although the system itself is secure, it gets vulnerable in case you lose your phone.
  • It’s also essential to mention PayForIt users can only make deposits using current credits.
💲 What are PayForIt payment method alternatives?

You have a few options of mobile payment methods, depending on where you live. Boku is one of the most accepted mobile payment systems currently. Boku casinos payment option is accepted in more than 60 countries and with more than 200 mobile operators globally. Pay by Phone casinos are accepted in the USA, Canada, and parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Zimpler works in a very similar way since you access it using your phone number. The difference here is that with Zimpler casinos, your online deposit generates an invoice, which you should pay within two weeks.

If you decide to use e-wallets, the options are endless, with worldwide coverage. You can find best PayPal casinos, Neteller casinos online, best Skrill online casinos, Giropay casinos, Euteller casinos, and so on. You can also choose to pay with prepaid cards in many online casinos, like the Paysafecard casinos. Now, if you prefer to use more traditional methods, you can always find a credit card casino or a MasterCard casino online to suit your needs.

💲 Is PayForIt safe to use for casino sites?

PayForIt is an exceptionally secure payment method for online casinos. It’s because you don’t have to display your banking details or any other personal data at any moment. Every transaction is confirmed via SMS, which increases the system’s safety.

💲 Can I use PayForIt in mobile casinos?

PayForIt is perfect for online mobile casinos! All you need is a mobile number, and you can use it like you would in any other casino.

💲 What is the difference between Boku and PayForIt?

Boku and PayForIt are similar services in nature but very different in details.

  • Transaction limits and payment methods are some of the crucial differences.
  • Also, both systems interact with users in different ways. While Boku asks you to answer the confirmation message with a “Y”,PayForIt doesn’t require any answer at all. With PayForIt, your confirmation SMS comes with a four-digit code, which you should insert on your casino page.
  • Another remarkable difference between both systems is the depositing limits. PayForIt has a £30 cap per transaction, although it has no restrictions on how many times you can repeat this transaction per day.
  • Boku allows you to increase your limit if you’re on good terms with your mobile provider. Yet, Boku can follow your gambling expenses and impose a limit of £30 per day.
  • Boku has comprehensive coverage as a general online payment method. However, its presence in online casinos is yet to grow.
  • Casinos that operate with mobile payments will most likely accept PayForIt, but not all will accept Boku. There’s no clear winner at the end of this comparison, and it all boils down to a matter of taste.
💲 Which online casinos accept PayForIt in the UK?

Almost all casinos in the UK, Canada and Australia, which accept mobile payments accept PayForIt. Check our website for the hottest PayForIt casinos around.

💲 Are PayForIt deposits instant?

PayForIt deposits are processed almost instantly, although you’re only charged on your next phone bill. If you decide to fund your deposit with your phone balance, the value will be transferred on the spot.

💲 Are there any fees when paying by PayForIt in casinos online?

The service itself is free of charge. Still, some casinos may have extra fees attached to this payment method. You should check with your preferred casino if they charge to use the PayForIt payment option.

Phone in green circleSlot Games

If you’re an avid slot player, you’ll be amazed by all the PayForIt slots options that are available. It’s an excellent payment method for this kind of game, where you can bet in small amounts. Above all, s lot sites will give free spin bonuses if you use PayForIt as a payment option. Check the hottest PayForIt slots sites of the moment!

Mobile phone in orange circle - PayForItIs it Safe to Play at a PayForIt Casino?

This payment method is very secure and confidential. You don’t need to provide banking or any other personal details. Those features protect your personal data from being stolen and speed up the whole process. Once you deposit your mobile casino PayForIt, you get an SMS to confirm the transaction. While there’s no risk of hacking or data theft with this method, you’ll become vulnerable if you lose your phone.

Fees & timeframes using PayForIt online casinos - UK, Canada, Australia flags

Mobile phone in orange circle - PayForItFees & Time Frames Using Casinos That Accept PayForIt

Simplicity is PayForIt’s surname. Payments with PayForIt are processed almost instantly. The service itself is free, although some casinos may charge for this kind of payment option. Still, most of the biggest casinos won’t charge you a penny for using PayForIt. Your deposit will be charged on your next phone bill, which means you don’t have to pay for your deposits upfront. Unfortunately, the very nature of this service is incompatible with withdrawals. So, check the terms and conditions of your casino to see what options you have available.

Mobile phone in orange circle - PayForItAdvantages of PayForIt Online Casino

PayForIt’s simplicity and convenience is changing the landscape of the online gambling world. Learn about its most vital points below.

Phone in green circleSafety and confidentiality

PayForIt is a very discreet and safe payment method. It doesn’t require any sensitive information. Casinos that accept PayForIt usually process your deposits instantly.

Advantages of PayForIt mobile casino - UK, Australia, Canada flag

You’ll only pay for your deposits on your next phone bill. You can make payments straight from your mobile device, hence no need for cash or credit/debit cards.

Phone in green circleDeposit cap

Casual players using PayForIt for gambling enjoy the low limits per transactions: £30. It’s also very user-friendly and doesn’t require registration.

Phone in green circleNo charges

On top of those benefits, you’ll also don’t have to pay any fees for using this service. However, some casinos may have additional fees if you choose the PayForIt payment method.

Phone in green circleMonthly payment/Upfront payment

You get to choose: you want to pay for your deposit on your next bill or pay with your existing phone balance.

Advantages of Mobile casino PayForIt - Slots reel

Mobile phone in orange circle - PayForItDisadvantages of PayForIt Online Casinos

Before choosing a mobile casino PayForIt, it’s crucial to understand its downsides. Read about the main ones below.

Phone in green circleSmall coverage

Unfortunately, PayForIt gambling availability is minimal. Apart from PayForIt mobile casino UK, the other available options are PayForIt casino Canada and PayForIt casino Australia. However, the pay-by-phone payment method is on the rise, so you can probably find a similar local service in your home country.

Phone in green circleLow limits

Low betting limits are convenient for those who are afraid of compulsive behaviour and don’t want to have any surprises on the next bill. Still, if you’re an experienced player and enjoy the thrill of the high stakes, this service can be disappointing. In the UK, the limit per transaction is set at £30.

Disadvantages of casinos that accept PayForIt

Phone in green circleNo Withdrawals

Because this method isn’t attached to any bank account, it’s not available for withdrawals. It means you’ll have to choose a different withdrawal method if you still want to play at Pay For It mobile casino.

Mobile phone in orange circle - PayForItHow to Deposit with PayForIt?

Depositing withPayForIt is a very straightforward process. Once you’ve done your registration on an online casino Pay For It, you should choose it as your preferred payment method. If you’re using 3G internet, the system will identify your number instantly. Alternatively, if you’re using Wi-Fi, you only need to provide your phone number. Then, you can send and receive text messages of payment confirmations. Here’s a step-by-step to guide you through the process of depositing funds using PayForIt.

  1. Pick your favourite PayForIt casino UK, create an account and log in.
  2. Go to the “Deposit” option in the cashier menu.
  3. Choose the PayForIt payment method; you’ll receive a code via SMS to confirm your payment.
  4. Once your deposit is accepted, you get another confirmation message.
  5. You’re ready to play!
6 Steps How to Deposit at online casino Pay For It - Mobile phone

Mobile phone in orange circle - PayForItConclusion of Pay for it Casino

Mobile payments in PayForIt Casinos 2024 are very convenient. It allows you to play now and pay later without having to share your personal and banking details. Some players may find the deposit cap to be too small. Other players may find it easier to control gambling expenses through it. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference.

If you’re not from the UK, Canada or Australia, but still would like to have access to this convenient payment method, you can search for similar local payment options. Options of the same kind include Boku casino sites, Siru Mobile casinos, Pay by Phone casinos, etc. Check the terms and conditions of your casino to learn about fees, bonuses and withdrawal options.

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