Wazdan Slots and Unique features

An essential part of a player’s experience at an online casino is the quality of the games on offer. From big-name studios to smaller companies that aim to innovate, the role of the software developer is integral to the best online casino. Slots have been developing and evolving, and game studios..Show more

An essential part of a player’s experience at an online casino is the quality of the games on offer. From big-name studios to smaller companies that aim to innovate, the role of the..Show more

An essential part of a player’s experience at an online casino is the quality of the games on offer. From big-name studios to smaller companies that aim to innovate, the role of the software developer is integral to the best online casino. Slots have been developing and evolving, and game studios like to contribute to this progression. Wazdan are no different. The company is young in comparison to some studios, but they’ve spent much of their time crafting video slots and perfecting their output. Wazdan slots have high ratings in most of the online casinos.

The team has produced a large catalogue of titles already. They combine appealing concepts with immersive experiences. This article takes a closer look at how the Wazdan logo got started, what games they provide, and what features to expect from this studio. Besides, after this paragraph, you can see the table of Wazdan slots which people love the most. Press on the picture and try your favourite Wazdan slot machine DEMO version.

Of course, when you will be sure which slot machine is right for you to gamble some money, choose one of the Wazdan casinos from the list in the middle of the page.

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Server Based Solutions - Wazdan logo

Wazdan Slot game LogoHistory

In 2010, Wazdan established their Server Based Solutions, enabling casinos to host table games, slot games, and bingo. They also received a gambling license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

In the next few years, the developers continued to produce unique and feature-rich games. They created titles for different categories, including video poker, slots, and table games. They took things to the next level in 2015 when they introduced HTML5 to their productions.

Wazdan Limited History

Wazdan Holding Limited went from strength to strength. In 2017, they received their license from the UK Gambling Commission. This opened up the UK market for the distribution of their platform games. In recent years, they have continued their expansion into new markets.

In the space of a decade, the small, dedicated team expanded to over 170 experts and enthusiasts who have a passion for games in the blood. At the same time, they have been producing some top slot titles, averaging around one new game per month.

Wazdan Slot game LogoWazdan Achievements

Wazdan has made their presence felt in the industry. They get out there and meet potential clients, customers, and others in the business at large scale trade shows. The provider isn’t strangers to gaming conferences and awards either.

They won an award for “Online Casino Innovator 2018” and the Central and Eastern Europe Gaming Conference. That year they also received “Start-up of the Year” at the Malta iGaming Excellence Awards. Other accolades came their way at G2E Asia, where they were recognized in the “Hot Product” category.

Wazdan Holding Limited Award - Online Casino Innovator 2018

At ICE London in 2019, a showcase for gaming innovation, Wazdan presented their unique game features. They had several popular titles available to play, including Hot 777™ Deluxe, Lucky Reels™, Los Muertos™, and Black Hawk Deluxe slot games.

Wazdan Slot game LogoSlot Features

Wazdan packs their games full of features. It’s worth taking a closer look at some of the video slot titles in their catalogue to understand what to expect from these developers. Before that, though, there are unique Wazdan features, which make their games stand out.

The company has taken innovation seriously and used cutting-edge technology to add some distinctive features to their games.

Won Free Spins in Lucky Reels Wazdan slot game

Volatility Levels™

Most slots have a built-in volatility level. However, a unique feature of Wazdan slots is that players can modify the volatility themselves. That means they are in control of the size of the win, and the frequency.

For example, players can set their gameplay to low volatility, which means more frequent wins of lower value. Alternatively, they can opt for high volatility. This brings big wins on a less frequent basis. If neither of these appeals, then players can keep it in standard mode for an experience that sits somewhere in the middle.

Big Screen Mode

Big Screen Mode was a big hit when showcased at ICE London 2019. It offers two zoom modes, which let players get a close-up of the reels so that they fill the whole screen. This feature is designed to give players control over how the game appears on their devices.

Zooming in removes the game logo and animations at the side. The control panel is also removed but is replaced by universal buttons to the right of the reels. Players can still control the action but have a focused view of what’s happening on the reels.

Wazdan Unique features - Volatility level ant Big Screen modes

Double Screen Mode

Creating a look that is more often seen in land-based casinos, this feature gives you access to all the information you need. With Double Screen Mode, players can keep the reels on their screen while also accessing the paytable.

This means you can see the value of the symbols in the game, and the information will update when the bet size changes. For those who play on their tablet or mobile casinos, this useful feature is triggered when changing the orientation of the device.

Energy Saving Mode

Another feature that works really well for players on mobile devices is Energy Saving Mode. Battery saving games can be demanding on a device’s battery. This means play can be interrupted as the battery level gets low.

Turning on this feature is a way to combat that issue. It aims to extend battery life by around 40%. It reduces the game’s demand on the battery, while still delivering an enjoyable playing experience.

Energy Saving (Battery saving games) and Double Screen Modes

Ultra Fast Mode

Wazdan’s unique features are designed to put the player in control. That’s true of the Ultra Fast Mode, which gives players the option to boost their gameplay. It recognizes that there are times when the slow but attractive animations of the reel spinning aren’t what is required.

Players who want to play fast, and spin the reels at top speed can use this mode. It leads to rapid gameplay with a fun and dynamic experience. Using this feature doesn’t affect the outcome of the spin.

Ultra Lite Mode

This feature is another way Wazdan considers convenience for the player. Issues of speed and battery have already been addressed, now it’s time to look at loading times. Ultra Lite Mode takes into account the fact that some internet connections are slow.

When using this feature, players can decrease the load times for a game. Tests have shown that slot titles can be launched up to five times faster. It prevents some of the more sophisticated elements of the game from launching, such as animations. This improves the loading time but doesn’t impact the overall gameplay.

Wazdan Unique Features - Ultra lite and Ultra Fast Modes

Unique Gamble Feature

This is a fun feature to add an extra element of excitement to the game. After every win, players can get a choice. They have a 50/50 chance to double their win on the spot. Players can use this feature up to 7 times after a win, increasing their winnings each time if they succeed.

It is an expansion that is applied to many Wazdan slot games. Each version of the unique gamble feature is tailored to the theme of the game. The graphics and animations match seamlessly, taking the fun to the next level for players.

Gameplay Features

Wazdan has a diverse range of games in its catalog. To best understand what Wazdan has to offer, this article looks at a classic slot, a modern 5-reel slot, and a newer game from the developers. Try all of these features in Wazdan free slots demo versions.

Mystery Jack Deluxe

Mystery Jack Deluxe slot is an upgrade on the classic fruit machine style platform. It has 3 reels and is set in the wild west. The train carriage symbols can trigger an in-reel bonus. The train appears on the screen when you match 3 trains, offering a cash prize. There is also a Free Spin feature.

Mystery Jack - Wazdan free slots gameplay

9 Lions

9 Lions is a modern slot that has 9 fields instead of reels and paylines. Besides the stunning design, the game is brought to life by the Bonus features. Players can lock symbols on the reels in the hopes of creating a winning combination with the next spin. The Dragons Bonus gives players the chance to pick a bonus prize after they match dragon symbols.

The main feature of the 9 Lions’ game is the Lions Bonus table, which sits to the right of the reels. Whenever a lion appears on the main reels, the corresponding square in the table filled up with a lion. Once it is full, the next draw of 3 lions or more will trigger 9 Bonus Spins. The lions remain in place, and any subsequent lions get locked in until the spins are over. A prize depends on how many lions are the reels.

Power Of Gods™: The Pantheon

This modern 5 reel slot helps players activate the power of the gods for excellent Bonus features. They include Zeus Spins Bonus, 5 Free Spins that produce Wild symbols. Aphrodite Spins Bonus, 5 Free Spins where symbols are removed and replaced until no winning combinations remain. The Kraken Free Spins come from matching three Scatter symbols, which create Shifting Reels. Also, like most of the Wazdan games, Power Of Gods™: The Pantheon slot has a gambling feature. It lets players double their win up to 7 times.

Power of Gods Gamble feature - very popular Wazdan slot

Hold the Jackpot feature

How to get this feature? Every Hold the Jackpot bonus round begins with 3 Re-spins. However, their number resets every time a new symbol is drawn on the reels. It adds even more excitement to this well-designed feature.

Wazdan - find your favourite slotSlot Design

What makes Wazdan games really stand out is the combination of fun themes and stunning graphics. From lucky reels Wazdan slot games, Chinese symbols of good fortune to celestial bodies, and Greek mythology, Wazdan does it all with style.

Mystery Jack Deluxe Design

Wazdan manages to take an old school theme up a notch by using cutting edge technology. It is mobile-friendly and looks great on smartphone and tablet screens. 3D graphics enhance the symbols, making the fruit look juicy. The animated wildlife and gunfire make the game a lively and immersive experience.

9 Lions Design

It’s not hard to see why this won the Hot Product award. 9 Lions is atmospheric and visually impressive. The background of the trees and mystic mountains is incredibly detailed. The theme is well portrayed through the temple style reels, calming zen garden, gold and red color scheme, and symbols that portray deities of fortune. The animations for the Bonus Rounds add to the anticipation and excitement.

Wazdan slot gameplay - 9 Lions

Power Of Gods: The Pantheon Design

This Greek mythology slot matches the excellent features on offer with superb design. The blue, white, and gray color scheme sits well with the Ancient Greek theme. The columns of the temple detailed, and the symbols fit in naturally. Even more appealing is the depiction of the gods themselves. Zeus, Aphrodite, Hades, Hera, Apollo, and Poseidon are all vivid and recognizable.

Wazdan - find your favourite slotSlot Soundtracks

Los Muertos Gameplay Win - Fun to Play Wazdan

When it comes to a good all-rounder, sound completes the package. Wazdan has understood this and not neglected the feature in their top slots catalog. For example, the popular title Wild Guns slot combines an authentic western soundtrack that builds suspense. It adds whistling wind, bells, gunshots, and rattlesnakes to the banjo sound effects.

Another great example of Wazdan’s superior soundtracks and their variety is Los Muertos™ slot game. The theme is the Mexican Day of the Dead. The celebratory mariachi style music seamlessly blends with the theme. The spinning of the reels sounds like bones rattling, which suits the cemetery setting and skull symbols.

Wazdan - find your favourite slotBet Ranges

To get an idea of the main bet information for the provider slots, it’s best to compare the titles already mentioned in this article to see the range. When picking a slot, players will want to know RTP or return to player, the maximum win, and other information about how much they can bet.

This is just a sample from a vast catalog, but it gives an idea that the slots RTP is generally good. Bet ranges and maximum win amounts are attractive too.

Wazdan Top 5 slot games bet ranges and RTP

Wazdan - find your favourite slotSpecial Effects

Wazdan has done a great job of making their slots available on mobile devices. Not only that, but they look good, function well, and run smoothly on all different devices and screen sizes. Their use of HTML5 plus their unique features that put the player in control are what makes them games memorable.

The team’s approach to slots is not formulaic. It isn’t just the themes that change. They create up to 54 paylines (Black Hawk, Black Hawk Deluxe, Valhalla) and up to 16,777,216 ways to win (Jelly Reels™) or use unique grid patterns as in 9 Lions. The Bonus features keep things fresh too. From the ability to lock in symbols and get Free Spins, to the Giant symbols found in Los Muertos™ and the Wild multipliers, each game creates a unique mix.

Wazdan - find your favourite slotTop of the Slots

There are over 140 games to choose from in Wazdan’s library. Here are some of the most popular.

Over 100 Wazdan games free in demo version

Great Book of Magic Deluxe

Wazdan does a great job of upgrading their titles, as they have done here in the deluxe version. Players can win up to 5150 times their bet in the 5 reel slot with 20 paylines. The magical theme is what draws players in, but it is the special features that keep them coming back.

Great Book of Magic Deluxe slot has all of the unique Wazdan features, which means players are in control. There are Scatter symbols that act as Wilds, Free Spins, and Expanding Bonus Symbols.

Corrida Romance Deluxe

Another excellent upgrade on the original. The Spanish bullring theme has players believing they are the brave matador looking to impress the charming senorita. Corrida Romance Deluxe slot game is beautifully detailed, and the soundtrack masterfully complements the theme.

There are Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Free Spins, and multipliers; everything a player needs to maximize their wins.

Corrida Romance Deluxe - Wazdan HTML5 platform games

Cube Mania Deluxe™

For players that are fans of retro games, the Cube Mania Deluxe™ slot ticks all the boxes. Aligning blocks to fill in the gaps has been a big hit for decades, and now it is available as a slot. The nostalgic feel brought out in the graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay.

The unique Wazdan features make this game a pleasure to play on any device. There are cascading reels, Free Spins, multipliers, Scatters, Wilds, and a Mystery Bonus.

Highway to Hell

Petrolheads attracted to the thrilling and risque theme in Highway to Hell. The slot has 5 reels and a max win of 2500 times the initial bet. The dark theme and animation that gives players a sense of movement live up to the game’s title.

Highway to Hell video slot symbols include a route 666 sign, a gas pump, and a biker girl. The Wild symbol is the main bonus feature, which expands to increase the win. There are also times 3, times 4, and times 5 wall multipliers to keep things interesting.

Highway to Hell - Wazdan popular slot

Magic of the Ring

This enchanting player-favorite brings together all of the elements of a good fantasy story. The gloomy castle backdrop is atmospheric, and the wizard character is powerful and convincing.

The simple visuals are effective, and the 96.47% RTP is attractive too. Magic of the Ring slot game has 5 reels, 20 paylines, and a max win of 5150 times the initial bet. Players can expect Scatters, Free Spins triggered by the ring symbol, and an Expanding Bonus Symbol picked at random.

Fruit Mania Deluxe

The glitz and the glamour of casinos are present in the Fruit Mania Wazdan slot game, but there is a better Deluxe version. It has a classic feel, but there is so much more to this 9 reel slot. Taking center stage are the traditional fruit symbols, cherries, plums, oranges, and watermelons, joined by bells, stars, lotto tickets, Vegas tickets, and the red diamond.

Night Club 81 slot is like popular fruit mania Wazdan slot game

Fruit Mania Deluxe slot is a slick fruit-themed game with a fun retro feel. The Diamond Bonus and the Lotto Bonus can boost the winnings.

Night Club 81

This is a neon-themed slot that brings together all of the favorite slot game features in one great package. There are traditional fruit, bell, and sevens symbols, but in a vibrant setting.

The graphics are a big part of the attraction. However, the main appeal in Night Club 81 slot is the Wild that gives the game its name. The neon cowgirl symbol acts as a Wild that turns the 7 paylines into 81.

Hot 777™ Deluxe

This reboot of a Wazdan favorite has made the game even hotter. The Wild West theme is lead by the sheriff in her trusty stetson with a pistol in hand. A bandit is on the loose, and there is loot to be discovered.

Hot 777™ Deluxe slot game has a special Hot Spins Bonus round, which collecting bullets can trigger. The hot 7 symbol then comes into play, which locks in on the reels and triggers a cash prize.

Unique Wazdan features - Passion for games result

Wazdan - find your favourite slotConclusion

Wazdan has certainly been busy since they first got running in 2010. Their catalog features over 140 titles. They might not be a big name in the business yet, but their achievements and distinct games definitely make an impression.

Wazdan has proved that they aren’t a one-trick pony, with slots that range in theme. They produce classic 3-reel titles, as well as modern 5 reel video slots, and unusual 9 square games. The Bonus features add to the fun, as well as the opportunities to win.

Slots produced by Wazdan really stand out thanks to their unique features. The energy-saving mode helps players enjoy the games for longer, whereas the double-screen mode gives access to all the necessary information. Players will enjoy the option to control the volatility of the game, depending on their own preferences.

The graphics and soundtrack make the games immersive and engaging. With so much to enjoy, it’s worth trying the different titles on offer from Wazdan. Discover and play Wazdan free slots in the demo on our website or for real money at online casinos.

Questions about Wazdan slots
❓ When started Wazdan history?

In 【 2010 】 , Wazdan established their server-based solutions, enabling casinos to host table games, slot games, and bingo.

❓ How often Wazdan releases new slot game?

It is averaging around one new game per month.

❓ Does Wazdan create games on the HTML5 platform?

Yes! They started it from2015.

❓ Does Wazdan have only slot games?

❌ No, they also create video poker, slots, and table games.

❓ Which countries gambling licenses Wazdan have?

The first gambling license Wazdan got from Malta Gaming Authority in2010.

Nowadays, they have gambling licenses of these countries:

  • MGA;
  • UKGC;
  • Romania’s ONJN;
  • The Swedish SGE;
  • New Jersey;
  • West Virginia;
  • Denmark;
  • Lithuania;
  • Latvia;
  • Estonia;
  • Spain;
  • Portugal;
  • Switzerland;
  • Colombia;
  • Italy;
  • Greece;
  • Belarus.
❓ Does Wazdan games have something different from other providers?

Yes! Only Wazdan slot games have Wazdan Limited unique features:

  • Volatility Levels;
  • Big Screen Mode;
  • Double Screen Mode;
  • Energy Saving Mode;
  • Ultra Fast Mode;
  • Ultra Lite Mode;
  • Unique Gambling Feature;
  • Hold the Jackpot Feature.

More about each of them read in this Wazdan Slots review.

❓ What is the difference of Wazdan games design?

They are using Cutting Edge Technology, which lets them manages to take an old school theme up a notch. Wazdan slot games stand out is the combination of fun themes and stunning graphics.

❓ How about the Wazdan slot games bet ranges?

Wazdan slot games bet ranges various from 0.1 €/$/£ up to 100 €/$/£.

Most of the provider slot games RTP (Return to Player) are more than 96%. And, Volatility level you can customize yourself.

❓ What are the TOP of Wazdan slot games nowadays?

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