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SmartCasinoGuide was formulated in 2015 to provide accurate information about casinos, available games and educating online gamblers about the correct attitude towards gambling. We also wish to make the risks associated with gambling known, and share the methods to eliminate or mitigate these risks so that online gambling can be a pleasant..Show more
SmartCasinoGuide was formulated in 2015 to provide accurate information about casinos, available games and educating online gamblers about the correct attitude towards gambling. We also wish to make..Show more

SmartCasinoGuide was formulated in 2015 to provide accurate information about casinos, available games and educating online gamblers about the correct attitude towards gambling. We also wish to make the risks associated with gambling known, and share the methods to eliminate or mitigate these risks so that online gambling can be a pleasant experience for all. Euteller casinos 2024 is part of a project to educate online gamblers about payment options and their advantages and disadvantages.

Euteller is a private Finnish company that supplies a secure payment method for online transactions. The company is licenced and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA). Furthermore, the Euteller payment method is accepted by all the leading Finnish banks. Currently, only Finnish citizens and residents with accounts at these banks can use the Euteller service. The company is considering expanding to other countries if there is enough interest from gamblers and casinos.

We look at the service, eligible banks that allow Euteller payment, and casino sites that accept Euteller. Additionally, we investigate the fees charged, time frames using this method and the advantages and disadvantages of using Euteller Finland. The company has also recently launched a new mobile payment service, cutting out the bank’s need for consumers to confirm transactions on the bank’s website. We decided to find out how effective Siirto is.

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Euteller_logo_signEuteller Casino 2024

Many bettors prefer to use a payment option tailored to meet their own country or region’s needs and banking laws, and Finland is no exception. All Euteller casino sites cater to the Finnish market, with games preferred by players from Finland. We have a complete list of Euteller casino 2024 with tips and reviews on our site.

FAQ about Euteller Online Casinos
⭐ What is Euteller?

Euteller is a payment processing system that Finnish banking clients can use for internet transactions. All the large Finnish banks accept Euteller as a payment processing system, and it’s licenced and regulated by FIN-FSA. Security is provided by the two-factor authentication process to prevent fraud.

⭐ Which online casinos accept Euteller?

Casinos that cater to Finnish punters accept Euteller. The payment method isn’t widespread as only Finnish banks’ customers can use it. SmartCasinoGuide can help in finding reliable Euteller casinos.

⭐ What are the benefits of Euteller?
  • Finnish gamblers have a secure method to make deposits online without sharing their banking details with the casino.
  • The two-factor verification and financial authority security make using Euteller very safe.
  • Euteller is easy to use and designed for the Finnish banking system.
  • 24/7 customer support is also in your own language, so there’s no chance of miscommunication.
⭐ What are the disadvantages of Euteller?
  • Euteller only works with the big Finnish banks and is not an international system.
  • Suppose your bank is in a different country. In that case, you need to look at other payment methods like Skrill online casinos or Paysafecard casinos.
  • You also need to look at a different withdrawal method as Euteller doesn’t allow for casino withdrawals at this time. If this is a problem, you can try a credit card casino or look for a MasterCard casino online.
⭐ What are Euteller payment method alternatives?

You have many choices when looking for alternative payment methods. You could search for some of the following:

⭐ Is Euteller safe to use for casino sites?

Euteller is very safe to use for online casino sites. Euteller keeps your banking details private, and it also works with two-factor authentication. All transactions through Euteller are encrypted at the same level as banks. Euteller is licenced and regulated by the FIN-FSA.

⭐ Which countries accept Euteller?

Euteller is a Finnish payment processing system designed for Finland’s banking system. Only Finnish banks use Euteller, but payments can be accepted in any country using Euros if the casino has Euteller as a banking option.

⭐ Are Euteller deposits instant?

If you deposit with Euteller, the transaction is instant.

⭐ How much can I deposit online via Euteller?

The minimum deposit amount with any Euteller transaction is €1, and the maximum amount allowed per transaction is €20,000. You will still be subject to your bank’s own limits, so check what your bank allows.

⭐ Does Euteller allow withdrawals from online casinos?

At present, Euteller doesn’t facilitate withdrawals from online casinos. For withdrawals, you have to use a different transaction method.

⭐ What is Siirto?

Siirto is a Finnish app that allows you to make transactions on your bank account via your telephone number, similar to the mobile casino pay by phone option. With Siirto, you confirm the transaction through an in-app notification, eliminating the need to verify your deposit with your online banking profile.

⭐ Are there any fees when paying by Euteller in casinos online?

Some casinos may charge an additional fee for deposits. Still, Euteller only charges a 1.95% flat rate for any transactions through their payment processing service.

Euteller_logo_signEligible Euteller Banks

Customers from all the large Finnish banks can use Euteller. There is no need to register with Euteller; the transaction is completed on the online banking page. To be able to use Euteller gambling sites, you must be a customer with online banking services at one of these Finnish banks:

  • Danske Bank
  • Nordea
  • Handelsbanken
  • POP Pankii
  • Oma Säästöpankki
  • Aktia
  • Säästöpankki
  • Alandsbanken
  • S-Pankii

Euteller is regulated by the FIN-FSA. They secure all transactions with 256 bit SSL and two-factor authorisation, giving Euteller casinos 2024 customers extra protection layers. The company is continually looking at new ways to ensure the safety and convenience of its customers.

Eligible Euteller Banks list with logos

Euteller_logo_signFees & Time Frames Using Casino Euteller

Euteller is a payment processing service, not an e-wallet, so all deposits will be immediate as if you’re depositing straight from the bank. As soon as you confirm the transaction on the banking website, it’s processed. Siirto casinos make banking easier for Finnish gamblers. Euteller has developed an app with Finnish banks to process online payments efficiently from your mobile number using a verified device. Using Siirto eliminates the need for confirming the payment with online banking.

Euteller only works with Euros, so there is no fee structure for converting currencies. They charge a reasonable fixed fee of 1.95% per transaction with limits between €1 and €20,000.

List of fees & time frames using online casino Euteller - 2 phones making money transaction

Euteller_logo_signAdvantages of Online Casino Euteller

Using a Euteller gambling site has several advantages for Finnish customers:

  • Safe and secure online banking: Euteller uses 256 bit SSL encryption systems and a two-factor verification system, giving extra layers of security to online transactions.
  • Designed for the Finnish banking system: Euteller is a Finnish payment processing system designed to be used within the Finnish banking system.
  • Euteller customer support: Customer support is available 24/7 via email ([email protected]), telephone (+358 (0) 400 564008), or a contact form.
  • Convenient: Because Euteller is a payment processing service and not an e-wallet, there’s no lengthy registration process or need to deposit money into a separate account. Euteller facilitates the payment from your bank to the Euteller casino.
  • Easy to use: The payment processing system is straightforward and easy to use. Any communications will also be in Suomi, so there is no possibility of misunderstandings.
Advantages of Euteller casinos online 2024 - piggy bank with Finland flag

Euteller_logo_signDisadvantages of Casinos Euteller

Although Euteller is an excellent payment processing system, it also has some disadvantages:

  • A limited number of banks: Euteller only works with the nine Finnish banks mentioned and no banks outside Finland.
  • No withdrawals: Euteller currently doesn’t process withdrawals from online casinos, so you still need another method to process these transactions.
  • Not globally accepted: Only casinos that target Finnish customers have Euteller as a payment option. Euteller only works with Euros and only serves customers of Finnish banks.
Disadvantages of Casinos Euteller - compass with Finland flag

Euteller_logo_signHow to Deposit With Euteller?

Depositing with Euteller is easy. Because Euteller is a processing system and not an e-wallet, there is no registration or prior transfer of funds. The process is as follows:

  • Login at your favourite Euteller casino.
  • Select Euteller as your banking option at the cashier and hit next.
  • The casino directs you to the Euteller site, where you complete the transaction.
  • Remember that you may have to confirm the transaction on your online banking.

Euteller_logo_signSimpler Euteller Transactions Via Siirto Mobile App

Siirto was developed to make mobile transactions between customers and casinos Siirto even easier. Siirto is an app that allows customers to make Euteller payments without the need to confirm the transaction with their online banking account. The confirmation request is sent to your mobile as an in-app notification and works on your phone number.

All Euteller casino Finland with logotypes

The new app is accepted by all the bigger banks, and you can download it from the App Store, Google Play, or from the bank’s website. Customers from OP and Nordea bank can also enjoy withdrawals from a Siirto casino. Both deposits and withdrawals using Siirto are instant, although some casinos have reported a one to three days wait. Siirto is a completely Finnish payment method, unlike other services such as MuchBetter casinos and Apple Pay online casinos.

White check in red circleAdvantages of Siirto Casinos

Using casino Siirto has many benefits for Finnish gamblers compared to other mobile payment methods.

  • The payment is seamless because Siirto was designed to be used with Finnish banks. All large Finnish banks have used Siirto since 2017.
  • You pay no fees to Siirto directly. Siirto charges the banks a commission, not the customer. Still, you may want to check if your bank charges you a fee for using the app.
  • Customer service is available in Finnish language.
  • There’s no need to log into your online banking to confirm the transaction. Confirmation is through the app.
  • There’s no need to share your banking details with the casino. You have the extra layer of security knowing that your transaction is secured by your financial institution’s methods.
Siirto casino advantages - tablet with apps

White check in red circleDisadvantages of Siirto

Before you decide to use Siirto or look for casinos with Siirto, you should be aware of the disadvantages.

  • Siirto is only available for customers of Finnish banks.
  • Siirto casinos are not as widespread as Rapid Transfer casinos or PayPal casinos.
  • Not all of the banks allow withdrawals using Siirto.

White check in red circleSiirto Casino

If you enjoy using the Siirto app for your online transfers, finding a Siirto casino only requires a quick internet search. You can also check SmartCasinoGuide for casino Siirto. You can also check casinos where you’ve registered to see if they use Siirto as a payment option.

White check in red circleDeposit with Siirto

To deposit with Siirto, follow these few steps.

  • Register at your favourite Siirto casino.
  • Make sure you have your bank’s Siirto app.
  • Select Siirto as your payment option at the casino’s cashier.
  • Choose the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Enter your mobile number in the specified location.
  • Accept the payment in the Siirto app.
  • Your deposit reflects immediately, and you can start playing real-money games.

White check in red circleWithdraw using Siirto

Only OP and Nordea banks allow withdrawals using Siirto, so not many casinos have this withdrawal option. The process is the same as for deposits in those casinos that do allow Siirto withdrawals.

Casinos with Siirto - logos

White check in red circleFees and Time Frames for Siirto

Siirto doesn’t charge you for using their service, but standard bank charges still apply. If you use Siirto to make Euteller transfers, the standard Euteller commission of 1.95% applies. The casino may also charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals, so check their terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings.

Both deposits and withdrawals with the Siirto app should be instant. Some casinos may take extra time to transfer the money to verify your account before making the transfer. The longest a Siirto customer will wait for a withdrawal is three days. Usually, the casinos’ process requests within 12 to 24 hours. Siirto was developed to reduce transfer times for Finnish banking clients.

Only OP and Nordea banks allow casino withdrawals with Siirto at present, so if you’re with a different bank, you’ll need to find another method to withdraw funds.

Euteller_logo_signVerdict of Euteller Casinos 2024

Finnish customers love both Euteller and Siirto for the convenience and speed of the transfer methods. These payment processing methods were designed in collaboration with Finnish banks to provide their customers with a secure and fast way to do online banking. The major drawback of Euteller and Siirto is also its greatest strength: Siirto and Euteller have been designed for Finland. As a result, only Finnish customers can use them, meaning that Euteller casinos and Siirto casinos are not as widespread as Zimpler casinos or Giropay casinos. These methods surpass others like Boku casinos or Klarna casinos for Finnish gamblers and casinos that cater to Finland.

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