Monopoly Big Baller Live Casino Game

Bingo meets monopoly in one of the most innovative and exciting live casino games created by Evolution. The Monopoly Big Baller is an interesting casino game with a live host spiced up with augmented reality.

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The Monopoly Big Baller game uses HD+ streams by default, promising a memorable visual experience. We like how the live hosts wear outfits that match the theme.

Namely, they look like seamen while the 3D character (an augmented reality version of Mr. Monopoly) is the captain. The latter often says things that make the gameplay more enjoyable. Additionally, you can listen to the upbeat background music.

TOP questions about Monopoly Big Baller
🎲 How does Monopoly Big Baller work?

Monopoly Big Baller is a mix of bingo-style and Monopoly games. Players can play a base game that works similarly to bingo games. They can also pay to activate a bonus game resembling a classic Monopoly game.

🎲 What is Monopoly Big Baller RTP?

You’re looking at a game with a relatively high RTP compared to all casino games. The Monopoly Big Baller RTP is 96.1% (95.2% or 95.8% in the bonus game).

🎲 Is a Monopoly Big Baller demo available?

Technically, a Monopoly Big Baller demo is unavailable to players, even the ones registered at online casinos. Still, you can watch the draws if you’re signed in your live casino account, even though you cannot wager virtual credits.

🎲 Can you play Monopoly Big Baller using crypto?

Yes. Players can enjoy the Monopoly Big Baller live casino game using crypto. Join a crypto-friendly online casino to ensure you can use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in this game.

🎲 When Monopoly Big Baller was released?

Evolution reveals many new games every year. The Monopoly Big Baller was released in August 2022, and it’s already seen a huge success among consumers.

🎲 Where to play Monopoly Big Baller?

Many online casinos partnered with Evolution have the Monopoly Big Baller game in their offers. To find the best place to play this game, follow our recommendations.

🎲 What is Monopoly Big Baller biggest win?

Like any other game, this title has specific limits regarding winning amounts. The Monopoly Big Baller biggest win is limited to €500,000 in a single round.

🎲 Is there a Monopoly Big Baller strategy?

No specific Monopoly Big Baller strategy can help you end every gaming session with a positive balance. Still, our game review includes tips that can help you improve your performance and handle your budget better.

Besides the thrilling gameplay in every round, players might get a chance to activate a Monopoly Big Baller bonus game. We should also note that you will find a reasonable Monopoly Big Baller RTP. Players don’t have a chance to launch a Monopoly Big Baller demo even if they are registered members of a casino where this game is available. Still, you can watch the live action anytime.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of this intriguing live casino game, follow our Monopoly Big Baller review to its end. Our live dealer game experts will use all their knowledge to analyze the gameplay, its bonus features, and more.

monopoly big baller logoMonopoly Big Baller Game Features

Without any doubt, the unique appearance and fun music, and sound effects make this release attractive. Still, these things wouldn’t mean much if the game’s features were boring. Fortunately, the Monopoly Big Baller game is not like that. In addition to the main game, lucky players can get a chance to access the bonus game. Playing this title is not difficult, but you still have to learn the basic rules to get the most out of it.

In addition to this review, you might want to check the game rules presented in the game itself to ensure that you are playing it the right way.

Now let’s analyze its features in more detail!

monopoly big baller logoMain Game

Monopoly Big Baller live is a fun live game show where every player can wager their bet on chance or free space cards in the main game. As we said, you can bet on one to four chance or free space cards. Once you wager money, the 5×5 grid on the card will be filled with randomly selected numbers. They start with 1 and end with 60.

monopoly big baller main game demo history strategy

As for the cards, the free space cards include a central cell which works as a free space meaning it serves as a drawn number. In other words, you can expect boosted odds of creating a line. On the other hand, the chance cards don’t come with free spaces, but the central cell features a multiplier. This way, your chances of a higher payout are boosted while the odds of hitting a line are lowered.

When the wagering time in the Monopoly Big Baller is finished, Mr. Monopoly will reveal the multipliers and free spaces on your cards.

Regarding multipliers, you should expect three kinds of Chance multipliers:

  • standard (10x or 20x)
  • line (20x or 50x)
  • global (2x or 3x)

The next phase in the game is the draw. The host will announce 20 out of 60 numbers from the drawing machine. The objective is to get as many matching drawn balls as the ones found on your cards. You can easily track them on the screen because the red balls are the ones that are present on at least one of your cards.

Finally, if you have a line on a card with matching drawn balls, the stake on that card wins.

Players should expect a payout of 2 to 39 times their stake per line on free space cards and 2 to 199 times their bet per line on chance cards.

monopoly big baller logoMonopoly Big Baller Bonus Game

The Monopoly Big Baller bonus game makes this release even more exciting. To get a chance to play the Bonus Game, you should wager money on 3 Rolls or 5 Rolls.

Players win that wager if all numbers for any betting spot are drawn (this means 3 original numbers for 3 rolls and 4 four 5 rolls). The Bonus Game begins once the 20 numbers are drawn.

monopoly big baller bonus game round big win

There are two active dice in the Bonus Game of Monopoly Big Baller. Players who win a bet on 3 Rolls will get three rolls with the dice. At this point, you have to watch Mr. Monopoly’s activities on the board. Simply put, he walks around and collects cash and multiplier rewards.

The same happens with those who won a bet on 5 rolls; the only difference is that they get 5 rolls with the dice.

As you might have guessed, the Bonus Game resembles a Monopoly board with properties, railways, taxes, jails, and other fields. So, when Mr. Monopoly goes on specific positions, you can expect multipliers, boosts, reductions, and bonus game endings.

monopoly big baller logoMonopoly Big Baller Casino – Where to Play it?

As we said, players don’t have a chance to try a Monopoly Big Baller Evolution demo. Still, they can play with as little as €0.1 per turn in this game. The best part is that you can expect to find dozens of reputable Monopoly Big Baller casino options to enjoy this release. This game is in the live casino section (game shows subsection).

Those interested in joining such a casino should check our recommended gambling websites. We have a team of specialists in this area who will help you find the right place for your gaming needs and requirements.

When evaluating an online casino, we consider more than one thing. To start with, we will analyze the casino bonuses and promotions. Almost all recommended online casinos have fantastic welcome bonus deals for new players and valuable offers for existing users. We recommend the Monopoly Big Baller casinos with a long list of deposit and withdrawal solutions. These sites promise fast payouts and come without hidden fees.

Of course, the best online casinos should have professional and friendly customer care service. This is important for players interested in complex games like Monopoly Big Baller and live casino games because they have specific rules.

In any case, if you’re not sure where to play Monopoly Big Baller for real money, just pick one of the recommended casinos on this page. All these brands have been vetted and meet our high-ranking standards.

monopoly big baller logoMonopoly Big Baller Evolution Game Info and RTP

Monopoly Big Baller is a title you might want to check if you are into live casino game shows. This release is managed by live game hosts who know their job. Compared to other live casino games, this one offers excitement that goes above the average, in a way its theme is very similar to a players favorite Monopoly Live game. Players can choose from the main and bonus games, and you can pay to access both variants.

monopoly big baller rtp release date live host 3 rolls 5 rolls

In this Monopoly Big Baller how to play guide, we have already set out the basics of the game. Still, there are a few other things that every player should know before launching this title.

For instance, we should note that the RTP (Return to Player) percentage is 96.1% which is pretty high for this kind of game, and the percentage we mentioned is applied to the base game. As for the bonus games, you can expect 95.8% and 95.2% for 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls, respectively.

Another great thing about this game is that you can choose from several betting options. The lowest amount you can wager per round is €0.1. On the other hand, the maximum allowed bet at some live casinos is €4,000 (pretty mind-blowing). This gives all players, big or small, a chance to enjoy this release.

monopoly big baller logoMonopoly Big Baller Strategy

The Monopoly Big Baller live casino game employs a bingo-style caller machine and RNG (Random Number Generator) software to generate results. In other words, the results are entirely random, and determining the outcome is based on pure luck. So, coming up with a Monopoly Big Baller strategy that will turn you into a winner doesn’t make much sense.

However, users can take a few things into account if they want to become better players.

For starters, users should focus on the RTP. We already mentioned that the RTP differs in the base and bonus games. The 96.1% present in the base game is a solid one. In theory, games with an RTP of 96.1% should provide €96.1 for every €100 wagered. Of course, this is just a theoretical number that can go up or down, but it’s a good indicator.

On the other hand, the RTPs in the bonus game are 95.2% and 95.8%, which means you will have a lower chance of winning. It goes without saying that when there’s risk involved, the potential payouts in casino games are higher. The same goes for this game. We advise taking a few spins in the base game and seeing how it goes. After that, you can try your luck with the bonus game (regardless of its variant).

Every user should set a budget and stick to it before playing this game. It’s easy to forget about your money when the machine reveals new numbers, Mr. Monopoly walks around the screen, and the host begins rooting for the players.

Once again, we would like to stress the importance of learning how to play this game. The Monopoly Big Baller history is not that long, so there’s a great chance you are unfamiliar with this game. Players must check the concept and learn more about the base and bonus gameplay.

monopoly big baller logoMonopoly Big Baller Big Win

The Monopoly Big Baller live game includes a wide range of prizes for its luckiest players. Of course, you can expect more significant rewards during the bonus game, but the ones in the base game can be pretty solid. You should expect a maximum win limit here, like in any other casino title. The Monopoly Big Baller big win is limited to €500,000 in a single round.

monopoly big baller logoConclusion

When Evolution revealed the Monopoly Big Baller release date at the start of 2022, the fans of live game shows were pretty excited. When the game was finally released in August 2022, it met and exceeded their expectations.

Players are now happy to play this bingo/Monopoly hybrid with professional and friendly hosts, exciting gameplay, and visuals that include augmented reality elements. In addition to the base game, they can activate a bonus game that promises even bigger payouts. Also, the game has a solid RTP and an excellent maximum win limit (€500,000).

All in all, Monopoly Big Baller is another title from Evolution worth checking. It is worth mentioning that if you like games from Evolution, then you should like Pragmatic Play live games as well.

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