Ashoka Slot Game Review

The Indian subcontinent was home to many kingdoms and empires, and the Mauryan Empire was among the most interesting. The Ashoka slot was inspired by the descendant of the most famous Pan-Indian Empire. The Tiger Prince and his loyal companion – the White Tiger – are here to help the nation overcome any problems it experiences.

What do people ask about Ashoka slot?
🧙 When Ashoka slot was released?

The global launch of the Ashoka slot happened on 24 April 2023.

🧙 What is Ashoka RTP?

This release has a decent theoretical Return to Player percentage. More precisely, the Ashoka RTP is 94%. This value remains unchanged even when players use some of the X-iter (Bonus Buy) game modes.

🧙 Is Ashoka a volatile slot?

From 1 to 10, we give it an 8. This means we have a medium-to-high volatility slot release promising medium-to-big wins that occur relatively frequently.

🧙 Is there Ashoka demo available?

✔ ️ Yes. An Ashoka demo is available to all players who want to try this game before wagering real money. You can try the demo version on our website.

🧙 Can you buy a bonus on Ashoka?

The good news is that there’s more than one option for buying a bonus in the Ashoka slot. In this case, ELK Studios has the branded X-iter feature. It enables users to purchase several things in this game, including access to the bonus game/free spins. They can also buy special symbols.

🧙 Is there a super bonus available on Ashoka?

✔ ️ Yes, there is a super bonus on the Ashoka slot. This term refers to the X-iter feature that lets players purchase various game modes for an extra cost. One of those modes is the super bonus, which comes with a guaranteed multiplier. This mode costs 500x your bet.

🧙 What is Ashoka potential max win?

The good news is that the maximum win limit in the Ashoka online slot is high, and players can win up to 25,000x their total bet. Since you can wager up to €100 per round, lucky players can win up to €2,500,000.

In addition to the unique theme, the Ashoka slot game by ELK Studios is equipped with various features and options that promise a smooth gaming experience. One of the many exciting things is the matrix that consists of 6 reels and 8 rows per reel. Also, this release uses the scatter pays mechanic, meaning there are no regular paylines or winning ways here.

On the visual side, there is a layout with decorations and glitzy icons in bright colors. Even though these symbols look a bit simple, they are still memorable thanks to their colorful appearance. Of course, the image in the background dominates the main screen. On top of that, we have epic-sounding instrumental music and original sound effects.

The good news is that the Ashoka ELK Studios online slot has several symbols with special properties and bonuses. With their help, you will see a different side of this game and get a chance to win substantial prizes.

But let’s not reveal everything in the intro. After all, there’s so much more to say about this beautiful video slot. As always, our SmartCasinoGuide slot experts will dedicate their full attention to the game in question.

As you probably know, we just love trying and reviewing new games. That’s how we help you choose what to play next. So, we invite you to read our Ashoka slot review for precise information about this release.

ashoka slot game logo wild symbolAshoka Game Features

It’s challenging for new slot games to stand out without good graphics and catchy music. Still, the game’s appearance is just one thing that makes for an excellent online slot. It goes without saying that the game features make the difference and set good and average slots apart.

ashoka elk studios slot game for real money

The Ashoka slot promises special and ordinary features for a memorable gaming experience. Landing winning patterns here is usually related to the basic symbols. In other words, you must land a specific number of identical icons to get paid.

Since it’s a scatter pays mechanic release, you receive prizes whenever you land eight or more icons of the same type anywhere on the gameboard. Of course, there are bonus features that can increase your winnings even more.

Regarding the number of basic symbols, the Ashoka slot features a paytable with nine icons like this. These brightly colored signs include elements from this game’s unique story. Remember that we have detailed descriptions of their appearance and payouts below.

Besides the basic symbols, there are ones with special properties that unlock bonuses and features to spice up the gameplay. Stay with our Ashoka slot review to learn more about these icons and other aspects of this title.

ashoka slot game logo wild symbolAshoka Bonus and Free Spins

We like how the creators of the Ashoka slot included more than one bonus in this game. We’re talking about a mix of unique icons that can increase your winnings and bonus rounds that can lead you to the same thing. Since there are a few of these, we will divide them into subcategories to cover them all.

Wild Symbols

Most slots have one Wild symbol, but the Ashoka slot is different. You’re looking at a game with three different Wilds. For starters, there is a normal Wild symbol in the shape of the main character’s silhouette. Its job is to substitute basic icons to help users complete winning combinations.

ashoka vip slot charged wild symbols

After that, the Charged Wild stays on the reels until you get three wins. Finally, the so-called Big Wild covers 1×1, 2×2, or 3×3 positions on the grid.

Remember that the Ashoka slot relies on cascading wins. This means that symbols contributing to winning patterns are removed, and new icons emerge. In this way, players get more chances of landing winning combos. When these cascades occur, the Wilds that participate in the wins are destroyed, too, with Charged Wilds being the only exception.

Multiplier Symbols

The second type of icon with special properties is the Multiplier symbol. It adds specific values to the win multiplier whenever there’s a winning pattern on the grid. Remember that the win multiplier boosts every win when it’s activated. The cascades remove Multiplier symbols.

In addition to the regular Multiplier icon, a Super Multiplier version does the same thing. The only difference is that it stays on the matrix after cascades. Once they are over, the Super Multiplier is eliminated.

Bonus/Free Spins

The Ashoka bonus is actually a round of free spins. Players can hit Skull bonus icons in any round, and they appear between the so-called blockers. The Skulls are inactive until they land on an adjacent vertical position next to a winning icon. It takes landing three active Skull bonus symbols in a single round to activate 10 Ashoka free spins.

Suppose there’s a Super Multiplier when you activate this round. In that case, it will be transferred to the bonus round and stay there until the end.

The good thing is that players can expect additional free spins/free drops when they land 2 or 3 active Bonus icons. And, this time, they can expect 5 or 10 extra free spins.

Bonus Buy Feature/X-iter

ELK Studios has a unique bonus buy feature in almost all their slots. It’s called X-iter and usually includes multiple bonus buy options. In the case of the Ashoka slot, you can purchase five game modes.

  • Paying 3x the current stake will increase the chances of activating a bonus (Bonus Hunt).
  • After that, wagering 10x the bet will trigger a round where all Wilds are turned into Charged Wilds.

ashoka slot super bonus free spins max win rtp

  • Then we have the option to wager 25, the current bet for a round with a Super Multiplier icon.
  • You’ll need 100x the current total bet to activate the bonus game/free spins.
  • Finally, those prepared to wager 500x the stake will trigger the bonus game/free spins with a guaranteed Super Multiplier.

We should also note that you can try these modes and see how they work even when you use an Ashoka slot demo. Once again, we want to remind you that any win you achieve while playing the demo version cannot be turned into real money. If you would like to play for real, feel free to head to the best real money slots casinos article.

ashoka slot game logo wild symbolAshoka ELK Studios game info

Thanks to the Ashoka slot bonuses, players can get pretty exciting moments on the grid. There’s no doubt about it. Still, before spinning the reels, you should consider the technical aspects of this game.

As noted earlier, this release has an uncommon matrix of 6 reels with 8 rows each, offering scatter pays mechanic.

When it comes to volatility level, this is a medium-to-high volatility game. More precisely, the volatility is marked as 8 of 10.

Another technical thing that we will share here is the Ashoka RTP. While the theoretical payout rate of this game is within the industry’s average, we must say that it’s on its lower end. We’re talking about an RTP of 94% which remains the same even when you use any of the Bonus Buy features mentioned above.

There is a sign with coins on the left that helps you choose the bet before pressing the play button. You can choose from twelve values, with €0.2 being the lowest and €100 being the maximum stake per round. In this sense, the game can be suitable for both low and high rollers.

ashoka slot game logo wild symbolAshoka Slot Symbols

In most cases, players will hit winning combinations and get rewarded for making combos with basic symbols. That’s why we never overlook them and their potential value.

The Ashoka slot features a payout table with nine basic symbols. Some of them promise identical rewards, while others have unique values.

ashoka slot symbols demo free play

It turns out that playing card icons can be found even in ancient Indian empires. In this case, we have four slightly stylized playing card values.

  • First, the blue Jack and green Queen can help players win between 0.1 and 3 times their total stake.
  • They are followed by an orange King and a red Ace, providing rewards worth 0.2 to 5 times the bet.

Next, there is a selection of four gemstones in specific colors and forms.

  • First, the Blue Gem can help players get 0.3 to 15 times their bet.
  • Then there is the Green Gemstone that promises 0.5 to 20 times the stake.
  • Your total wager will be multiplied by 1 to 30 times when the winning pattern includes Orange Gems.
  • We also have a Red Gemstone that delivers 2 to 50 times the player’s bet.

The top-paying icon is shaped like a White Tiger and offers 5 to 100 times your stake.

You can test and witness these payouts in Ashoka free play. Of course, in this case, the payouts are just virtual and have no real value.

The three Wilds, Multiplier, Super Multiplier, and Bonus symbols are non-paying. Of course, they can help you launch extras.

ashoka slot game logo wild symbolAshoka Big Win

Playing slots is about having fun but also about getting a chance to score big wins. Fortunately, the Ashoka slot can be pretty generous to the luckiest users. More precisely, the Ashoka slot max win is capped at 25,000x the player’s stake. Given that you can wager €100 per round, that’s a maximum win of €2,500,000 in one round. This places Ashoka among the slots with the highest potential payouts.

As for actual wins, the slot is new, so there aren’t any eye catchy reports yet. Some videos show a massive €19,053 win with a €4 bet. Another video shows a player hitting €853.50 on a €1 wager. We hope to learn about even more impressive winning stories related to this ELK Studios video slot.

ashoka slot game logo wild symbolConclusion

ELK Studios takes all its releases seriously, and the Ashoka slot is proof of that. This title was released in April 2023 and instantly grabbed players’ attention. Thanks to our test spins, we can confirm that this game has great potential.

We like how it includes bonus features with several extras, including free spins and multipliers. On top of that, it has a max win limit of 25,000 times the stake, so it’s no wonder some people call it the Ashoka VIP slot.

Besides that, there’s a decent RTP of 94% and medium-to-high volatility. ELK Studios treats us with striking visuals and unique music for an immersive gaming experience. Overall, the Ashoka slot is another must-try for all fans of unique online slots.

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