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Mini Games is a really exciting trend of online casino games. It brings a different experience than regular slot games or live casino and one of the most popular games from this category is Plinko online gambling game.

What do people ask about the Plinko gambling game?
🟢 Where to play Plinko online game FREE?

If you want to try out the free online Plinko game DEMO version, click on the link and enjoy it!

🟢 What is Plinko game?

In short, Plinko is a very simple game with rules that everybody can understand. More detailed, read out online casino Plinko game review!

🟢 How to play Plinko gambling game online?

The game is very easily understandable, but you can read out our review before start playing and everything will be clear.

🟢 What is the maximum Plinko betting game bet?

The maximum Plinko game casino bet can be various depending on all online casinos. However, you can try free Plinko game with the bet limits from 0.10 to 100.

🟢 How to win Plinko gambling online game?

There is no one good strategy and you need to try out Plinko free game yourself and find out your own strategy.

🟢 What is the Plinko odds ratio?

The Plinko ball gambling game return to player (RTP) is 97.00%. It shows that odds ratio is high level.

Plinko is a very simple game with rules that everybody can understand. In this article, we will take a good look at how it works, talk about what are the chances of winning and if there are any strategies or tips to improve your game experience. So, let’s get ready and let’s take a look at another super exciting casino game.

Try out free online casino Plinko game on our pagePlinko online game – how does it work?

Rules and mechanics of this new online casino game are quite easy to understand. All the action takes place in some kind of pyramid which has dots on every level. The ball is being dropped at the top of the pyramid and then it falls down through the maze where it is being deflected by various pins.

During the time when the ball is falling it changes trajectory a lot of times and at the end it will land in one of the boxes at the bottom of the pyramid. Each of those boxes has a different payout value. Middle boxes are where the ball lands most often and they usually have the lowest payout value while corner boxes have the highest payout value.

How to play plinko gambling game? Try out Plinko casino online DEMO and find out mechanics

To summarize, a ball is being dropped at the top of the pyramid then it falls down through a maze of pins and lands in one of the boxes at the bottom of the pyramid. Players can see all this journey on the screen and it is super exciting because you can never know where the ball will land.

Plinko free ball gambling game on online casinoPlinko gambling game – what are the chances to win?

Even though Plinko was invented as a fun toy in the first place, just recently it came alive as an exciting casino game. Before the game round starts a player needs to decide how much he wants to bet on one ball.

Then, you can decide how much risk you want to take – usually there are three risk levels in this game: Low, Medium and High. Choosing low risk level will increase the payout of the middle boxes and will lower payouts of corner boxes while high risk level will do the complete opposite.

Also, a player can choose how many rows he wants to play. The more rows – the more boxes at the bottom. It is worth mentioning that choosing a high risk level and the maximum number of rows will bring you the highest potential of this game so it is definitely the most exciting way to play it.

So, what are my chances? Let’s say we are choosing to play the highest volatility version of this Spribe game which would be high risk and maximum rows:

  • You will have a 78.98% of hitting any 0.2x box which will return ⅕ of your bet;
  • 13.33% chance of hitting any 2x box;
  • 5.55% chance of hitting any 4x box;
  • 1.70% chance of hitting any 9x box;
  • 0.36% chance of hitting any 26x box;
  • 0.05% chance of hitting any 130x box;
  • 0.003% chance of hitting any 1000x box.

Since now you know the chances of you winning it is up to you to decide if this game is for you and if it is which level of volatility you want to go with.

Online Plinko ball betting game odds ratio is very high - RTP is 97%

Play Plinko online casino gambling game for free and find out your personal strategyPlinko online gambling game betting strategy

Let’s start from the fact that Plinko is a game of pure luck after all. There is no existing strategy to beat or hack this game because it works with a fair mathematical algorithm. It is the same as in slot games where the result of the spin is being determined by a RNG (Random Number Generator).

Even though this can not be beaten in the long run there are some tips that we would like to give which can improve your experience. We would really recommend to use the auto bet function and put at least 10 balls in the single round. Especially if you will decide to go with the high volatility it is better to lower the bet size and put more balls instead of putting everything on one ball.

It is a game which could require quite a big bankroll in order to hit the biggest multipliers since you saw what are the chances of hitting them in the paragraph above. And, the most important advice would be to play this game responsibly. If you play with money that you can afford to lose it will always be fun and exciting!

Try out Plinko game online gambling free website DEMO versionOnline Plinko game functions

Even though Plinko by Spribe is a simple game it usually has some innovative functions which can really make your experience better. It is important to mention that depending on the mobile casinos online you are playing at, the same Plinko game can look different since several different providers make it.

As we mentioned before, usually this game lets you pick the level of risk and the number of rows you want to play with. In addition, there is an autobet function which will let you either set a number of balls you want to play or set the amount of balls to infinite. Setting it to infinity will put the balls in the game until you stop the autoplay.

At last, usually you will be able to pick the game speed and turn on or turn off animations. Doing that will make every round end up very quickly but you will not be able to see the journey of the ball in this case.

What is Plinko game? Read out our review about Plinko by Spribe casino game

Find out the best Spribe online casino! Plinko ball game gambling site simulator work in UK tooPlinko casino game – where to play it?

This game is becoming more and more popular and as a result it can be found in many online casinos. Spribe is one of the providers that makes this game. So if the casino has Spribe, it will have Plinko as well.

Some of the casinos are using their in house technology to make this game so as we mentioned before, the same Plinko game may look different in various casinos but the rules of it are usually the same. This game can also be found in the majority of crypto casinos since it is very popular within crypto and casino enthusiasts. If you didn’t find some information about this casino game, visit the Plinko gambling website.

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