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In the beginning of 2022 Nolimit City, casino games provider, released Tombstone RIP slot game which has some surprises prepared for you. The first time we tried this game we were really impressed so we will share our experience with you! Hopefully after reading this review you will be able to decide whether this game is for you or not.

What do people ask about Tombstone RIP slot game?
❓ Where to play Tombstone RIP slot DEMO for free?

Click on the link and enjoy Tombstone RIP demo play version!

❓ How many paylines have Tombstone R.I.P. online casino game?

The Tombstone RIP No limit City slot machine has 108 ways to win!

❓ What is the online Tombstone RIP Nolimit City slot RTP?

Playing the slot in regular fashion will give you a 96.08% RTP, while turning on Enhanced Bet will increase the RTP up to 96.28%.

Also, this number will change if you decide to go for bonus buys. Hang’em High free spins will give you a 96.47% RTP and Boothill free spins buy RTP is equal to 97.03%.

❓ What is the Tombstone RIP max win?

If you catch the Tombstone RIP big win, you should remember that the highest is up to 300 000x your bet.

❓ What is the Tombstone RIP release date?

The slot game release date is January 11th, 2022. Find out more information in this Tombstone RIP review.

Find out everything about Tombstone R.I.P. slot machine in this reviewTombstone RIP slot by Nolimit City functions

As we already mentioned, this game has some surprises prepared for you. First of all, once you open this game you will be greeted with an interesting question and in order to access the game you will have to answer it. Don’t worry, you will have lots of chances to get it right so you should get into the game sooner or later.

Once inside the game, there are some things that need to be understood before playing. To start with, a player has a chance to turn on enhanced bet by increasing his bet size with +10%. This bet would sacrifice your base game but it would increase the chance to get free spins since a guaranteed Scatter symbol would appear on the second reel on every spin.

Then, there is a xNudge Wild symbol which is pretty easy to understand. Once it appears it will either nudge up or nudge down and fill the entire reel. Each nudge will increase the multiplier by 1x. If somehow you would manage to land 3 xNudge Wilds – prepare for some incredible winnings.

In addition to xNudge Wild there is also a Reel Split Wild symbol available in this online casino game. If it lands it will split all the symbols on that reel in half so that will double the number of symbols on that reel and increase your winnings.

And at last, there is an xRIP function available in this game. It is the least exciting one since once it appears you will get paid 0. xRIP appears when the total payout during the spin is lower than the base bet. So, it means that if you bet 1$ and the total payout of the spin would bet 0.50$ you would actually get nothing.

Tombstone RIP slot game created on HTML5 platform and available on all type of devices

Try out Tombstone RIP slot free DEMO play versionTombstone RIP bonus buy Free Spins

Like any other game from Nolimit City this one also has several free spins rounds. But, Tombstone RIP takes bonus features to the extreme since there is one which costs 70x to buy and the second one will cost you astonishing 3000x.

Let’s start from the regular free spins round which is called Hang Em High. You can get it by either landing 3 Scatters or by buying it for 70x of your bet size. The free spins round itself is pretty simple: regular wild increases win multiplier by 1x, Reel Split Wild or xSplit Wild will increase the multiplier by 2x and xNudge Wild can increase the multiplier from 1x to 3x. That means that usually you can expect the biggest wins during the end of free spins since by then you will have the highest multiplier.

Then, there is a super bonus which is called Boothill Free spins. You can get them by either landing 3 Hang’em High Scatters with a Boothill Scatter or you can buy it for 3000x of your bet size. This bonus is super exciting since any spin can bring some incredible winnings. In addition to increasing multiplier (same thing like in Hang Em High spins), on each spin a Cowboy symbol will land and it will turn all symbols of that type to Wild symbols.

Also, during each spin there will be a random multiplier from 5x to 999x drawn and applied to a random Cowboy Symbol. So, if you would manage to get a huge multiplier applied for the same Cowboy which showed up on the last reel then you can expect to see the potential this game has. Try out Tombstone RIP slot free play DEMO at the top of this page.

Tombstone RIP slot game has Bonus Buy Free Spins feature

Enjoy Tombstone RIP by No limit City freeplay DEMO at the top of this pageTombstone RIP casino game info

As we mentioned before, this game was released by Nolimit City provider in the beginning of 2022. Tombstone RIP will take you into a spooky cowboy world where rules do not exist. This game consists of 5 reels and has 108 win ways which can increase if any Split symbol appears.

RTP of this slot game depends on how you decide to play. Playing it in regular fashion will give you a 96.08% RTP, while turning on Enhanced Bet will increase the RTP up to 96.28%. Also, this number will change if you decide to go for bonus buys. Hang’em High free spins will give you a 96.47% RTP and Boothill free spins buy RTP is equal to 97.03%. Read out more about slots RTP and the highest RTP slots.

Also, it is important to mention that Tombstone RIP slot max win goes up to 300 000x. Minimum and maximum bets may vary from casino to casino but usually it starts from 0.10 and goes up to 50.

Tombstone RIP slot release date is January 11th, 2022Tombstone RIP slot symbols

This game has some incredible graphics to say the least. It is probably one of the best looking online slot games at this moment and it has several different symbols which you will meet when playing it.

First of all, there are “Low symbols” which include 10, J, Q, K and A. Then, there are “Cowboy symbols” El Gordo, Edda Star, Skinny Joe and two other which do not have a name. Cowboy symbols have high payout value and they can be incredibly valuable in free spins rounds.

Also, there are several wild symbols available in this game and scatter symbols and we explained how all of them work in the paragraph above.

Cowboy symbols - Tombstone RIP slot Max win is 300 000x your bet

Read out Tombstone RIP by Nolimit City slot reviewTombstone RIP slot review – summary

New casino slot games are becoming more and more innovative and every provider wants to present something that would catch players’ attention.

As we mentioned in the beginning, this slot has really some surprises prepared. Tombstone RIP might not be for everyone but some players will just love it. It is an incredible game for degen players which do not fear the risk.

But, even if you do not like huge risks, we would recommend you to try out Tombstone RIP freeplay version and experience its amazing graphics, unique twists and interesting features.

Tombstone RIP casino game Big Win during Free Spins

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