Punk Toilet slot review – Free DEMO

is becoming harder and harder to impress casinos online players since there are so many interesting games around. Fortunately, Nolimit City did an amazing job once again by creating a Punk Toilet slot game.

What do people ask about Punk Toilet video slot?
🚽 Where to play Punk Toilet slot DEMO for free?

Click on the link and enjoy Punk Toilet free play DEMO version!

🚽 How many paylines have Punk Toilet online casino game?

The slot game is based on 5 reels and it has 81 ways to win.

🚽 What is the online Nolimit City Punk Toilet slot RTP?

Talking about RTP of this game it varies depending on the way you choose to play.

  • A regular way the RTP is 96.09%;
  • P!$$ Spins feature the RTP is 96.39%;
  • $h!t Spins feature the RTP is 96.76%;
  • Lucky Draw feature the RTP is 96.71%.
🚽 What is the Punk Toilet max win?

The maximum win of this casino slot game is 33 333x your bet.

🚽 Is it easy to win on the Punk Toilet slot online?

Nope, it is not easy… Punk Toilet volatility is rated as high level. It means that you need to play longer that catch the massive payout.

🚽 Which casino is the best to play Punk Toilet slot machine?

You can find out the best Nolimit City casinos list just clicked on the link! So choose the most fitted for you and enjoy your leisure time.

If you are a fan of Nolimit City slots you should remember a slot which was released several years ago called Punk Rocker casino game. At that time it was a really popular and probably the most interesting slot so it is not a surprise why this provider decided to give a sequel to it.

In this review, we will take a deep look at the Punk Toilet slot machine, its bonuses, features and other interesting things. Hopefully this one lives up to the hype!

Read out the Punk Toilet slot machine review and find out all featuresPunk Toilet slot game features

This slot has many interesting features which might be a bit difficult to understand in the beginning. That is why we will highlight them and explain how do they work:

  • Urinals – on the bottom of reels 2, 3 and 4 there is a locked Urinal cell and in order to unlock it you will need to land a Scatter symbol. Scatter will then fall down and become a Wild Beer symbol;

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  • Glory Door – a locked Glory Door sits on reel 5 and in order to unlock it you will need to land the Loo symbol. The door then will reveal one of the 2 options: Hawk-King symbol or a special symbol and a character symbol;
  • xWays symbol – it can land on three middle reels and it will reveal 2-6 random regular symbols or a Wild symbol.

So, be prepared that there will be a lot of exciting things happening in this Nolimit City slots game. After some time playing it you should get familiar with the game and it will be easy to understand.

Online slot game Punk Toilet Free Spins, Bonus Buy, Wild symbols and other featuresPunk Toilet free spins and bonus feature

As you might expect from a slot game nowadays, Punk Toilet has several different free spins and both of them are available to buy.

Let’s from the regular free spins round which is called P!$$ Spins in this game. In order to get them you will either need to land 3 Scatter symbols or it can be bought for 67x of your bet size. During these spins Urinal cells will always be open while landing a Scatter symbol will award you with an additional spin and upgrade the Urinal cell multiplier on its reel by 1x. Landing the Loo symbol in these spins will trigger the Glory Door, give you 2 additional spins and upgrade P!$$ spins to $h!t Spins.

As you might already have realized $h!t Spins is a super bonus in this game. You can either get there by landing 3 Scatter symbols and 1 Loo symbol or it can be bought for 345x of your bet size. In these spins you will see all the features from P!$$ spins and the Glory Door will always be open.

Also, there is an option to buy a Lucky Draw feature in this game for 206x of your bet size and by doing so you will have a 50/50 chance to get either P!$$ or $h!t Spins.

New Punk Toilet casino game by Nolimit City offers to player Punk Toilet Bonus Buy feature

The slot has 4 different types of Punk Toilet slot RTP - read out morePunk Toilet slot RTP, volatility and max win

Punk Toilet was released by Nolimit City in February of 2022 and features an English pub theme. It has 5 reels and there are 81 ways to win.

Talking about RTP of this game it varies depending on the way you choose to play:

  • A regular way the RTP is 96.09%;
  • P!$$ Spins feature the RTP is 96.39%;
  • $h!t Spins feature the RTP is 96.76%;
  • Lucky Draw feature the RTP is 96.71%.

As you can see buying a feature in this slot gives you a better RTP compared to if you would be playing in a regular fashion. So, if bonus buys are something that you like, this might be an excellent game for you.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Punk Toilet is a really high volatility game which has the maximum win of 33 333x.

Read out more about the best RTP slots just clicked on the link.

Find out the best Nolimit City casinos and enjoy playing Punk Toilet casino gamePunk Toilet Nolimit City slot – symbols

This game features a really interesting English pub theme so you can expect to see some interesting symbols. The most valuable symbol in this game is How-King while other character symbols have high payout values as well.

Also, there are regular symbols, like A, K, Q, etc. which have lower payout values but can still bring some nice winnings. In addition to all of them, there is a Wild symbol available in this game which can substitute any required symbol.

Punk Toilet slot volatility is rated as high level - it makes Punk Toilet slot max win up to 33,333x

Try out Punk Toilet slot DEMO free play version and find out all features yourselfPunk Toilet slot review – summary

Nolimit City really knows the secret formula on how to make an interesting slot game. Punk Toilet lives up to the hype and it is a really interesting game with exclusive features and huge winning potential.

Also, we can not forget to mention that this game has 2 different free spins rounds which can be bought. All in all, Punk Toilet has everything you might expect from a online casino game and even more. It is a one that we can really recommend for anyone to try out.

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